Rachel Griffiths' Littlest Blessing

01/07/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Serge Thomann for use on CBB

Darling Clementine, for sure!

Rachel Griffiths shows off her 6-month-old daughter Clementine Grace, who had just been christened at St. Kilda Sacred Heart Mission Church, wearing a gown originally made by Rachel’s great-grandmother in 1920 — and worn by the actress at her own baptism! — on Dec. 27th in Melbourne, Australia.

The Brothers & Sisters star, 41, is also mom to daughter Adelaide Rose, 4 ½, and son Banjo Patrick, 6.

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kelsey on

What a precious photo! I love her bow and dress and Rachel looks very proud!

Forever Moore on

Aw she is precious…love how their dresses match

Ashley on

She is so precious and so is her gown. Most baptismal gowns are atrocious.

I didn’t know she was already six months old.

annie on

Oh my god how cute is that,shes such a beautiful baby and that dress!

Kelli on

Cute! I love her in Brothers & Sisters!

Brooklyn on

Clementine is so cute! I think it’s great she’s wearing the same dress her mom wore for her baptism! My sister’s and I all had different gowns, but I think it’s so special to where the same gown.

debbie on

OMG what a cutie. I love the hairband.
What a gorgeous picture of baby and mommy.

Shirese on

So adorable.

Shea on

What a beautiful baby! I love the story behind the gown, I think it’s so neat when families are able to hand down things like that. So, special and so sweet!

Rye on

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!! I ADORE the baptismal gown! It’s beautiful!

Mia on

What a beautiful photo! Clementine is adorable. The baptism gown is a wonderful family tradition to have and still be able to wear after all these years.

meghan on

She looks like a little doll!

Sam and Freya's mum on

What a beautiful baby, lovely big eyes! She looks tall for 6mths to me, although Rachel’s not exactly short-statured. Haven’t seen pics of her other two kids in a while, perhaps also tall for their age? Lovely little gown. We had our daughter baptised at 9mths and had a nice little white gown, but this one is lovely and extra special in that it has sentimental value for the family.

Erin on

I love how they’re wearing the color of a clementine!! That baby is adorable.

bungalow_bliss on


UggaMugga.com on

What a gorgeous photo!

Amy on

What a beautiful baby, she looks like a doll!

millie on

Shes so cute!

Can I ask, showing my ignorance here, but is a baptism the same as a christening just different name for the same thing or are they called differently due to the denomination of the church or they are something completly different? I was just curious…

Brandi on

So beautiful! I also love how they’re both wearing clementine. I think this is the first really great picture we’ve seen of her and boy is she a cutie!!

daniela on

Clementine is so adorable!!! She looks like a little cherub!!

Dana on

GORGEOUS BABY! Wow, what a little doll, she’s beautiful and I love her name!!!!!

J-Lin on

Beautiful baby and beautiful picture.

Essi on

Rachel is getting better and better looking with every child she has!

Catey on

@Millie, in the Catholic Church, Baptism is a sacrament and signifies the absolution of original sin. The idea is that we are all born with original sin thanks to Adam and Eve eating the apple in the garden of Eden. For Catholics, there are a number of sacraments which you will recieve through you your life time – Baptism, Reconcilliation, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage/Holy Orders and Last Rights.

Christening would be more about welcoming a new person into the Christian faith. Nowadays, baptism tends to focus more on this part of the process, with people pledging to help the child on their Christian path.

I hope this helps. 13 years of Catholic education may have finally paid off! 🙂

Clia on

Super-cute picture, Mom looks awesome and I like the dress, too. But seriously, what’s with the bow on Clementine’s head? She is a baby, not a flower pot or a gift bouquet. Must certainly be bugging her moving about and turning her head on her great day. I’m not a fan of decorating kids like that.

j on

Clementine is adorable and Rachel looks stunning.

Emily on

She’s really freakin’ cute! And I love her name. I love both the girls’ names, actually, though I probably wouldn’t use them. They’re still cute!

jenny on

Beautiful mom and baby.

t. on

OMG could she be ANY more adorable????

Cheryl on

Love the kids names. They are both Beautiful!

french gigi on

her face, her gown, her hair band, her name…..all beautiful!

Lori on

They are both SO beautiful, darling little girl & what a nice tradition for the gown! I got a neutral gown for my son & used it for my daughter as well, just added some feminine touches that can be removed if we have another boy.

@Catey, great explaination, I went to Catholic school & couldn’t have said it better.

Anna on

She is super cute and great that they have a family heirloom.
I don’t like bows on baby’s heads though.

stepho on

Catey sorry but a Christening and Baptism are the same thing! Its the first sacrament of a Christian’s life (at least a Catholic). Either name still means the same rituals and symbols and both include water!
Also, I know this is a bit picky, but there is no ‘apple’ in the story of Creation. Genesis mentions the ‘fruit of the tree of wisdom’ but not an apple 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Since this gown was orginally worn by Rachel, I wonder if Adelaide wore it for her christening as well?

skipsie on

What a cutie.
For my christening (19 years ago) my auntie made my dress out of my Mother’s wedding dress.
Since then, every baby in the family has been baptised in it, including cousins of cousins and even neighbours.
And Catey, I agree with Lori, you couldn’t of explained that any better. Whenever my non catholic friends ask me what a christening is I say, “oh it’s just, you know, a thing.”

Liliana on

Clementime is adorable! I love that her gown is an heirloom piece.

Rachel looks fantastic, as well.

dfgdfgd on

Anna, I don’t like them either! And I thought it was just me. It just seems out of place considering they don’t have hair.

ruby on

She is an absolutely beautiful baby!

fuzibuni on

normally i loathe it when people put big bows on bald little babies, but in this case i think i LOVE it. clementine looks adorable from head to toe. the bow completes the outfit and seems right for the occasion. plus, it’s the color of her name 🙂

Maria Luisa on

That’s a beautiful gown and I love that it’s been passed down.

Shannon on

Love this! It is so womderful to have something like that to pass on. My late great-grandmother hand made my baptism gown, and I then used it for both my son and my daughter. Brought tears to my eyes to see my babies dressed in the same gown I wore!

Rachel looks amazing, I love her in the show. Little Clementine is an absolute doll, one of the prettiest ceeb babies I’ve ever seen! I love all 3 names Rachel chose for her kids. Excellent photo!!!!

dickie on

I love the tradition of all the babies in the family sharing the gown! Skipsie, yours is a beautiful story too – made from your mother’s wedding dress. That is so romantic!

sarawara on

Clementine is a real doll. She is way cuter than a lot of other celeb babies. And I love Rachel. I loved her in The Rookie, and I’m a total Brothers & Sisters junkie.

Deborah on

Simply precious!!! What a beauty

Ellen Smith on

Love the name Clementine; love the outfit.

janie on

They both look beautiful. Love the color! I love Rachel’s character on Brothers and Sisters.

Kristi on

She is so cute!!! I love the tradition of handing down the dress throughout the family. My Grandma made my sisters and I bonnets that we wore to our baptism that came with this cute little poem explaining how you can take a few stitches out of the bonnet and it will be come a handkerchief for you to carry on your wedding day. Can’t wait to get to use mine! = )

Mrs. R. on

SO ADORABLE! And she looks so much like Rachel!

niman israel on

OMG !! what a cutie!!!! i could mach her with my baby son!! he is 4 month and cute too!!

Jennifer on

Aww…what a beautiful baby! Clementine is such a cutie! 🙂

Shannon on

Talk about too cute for words!

christina on


CelebBabyLover on

stepho- I agree about the apple. From what I’ve heard and read, most biblical scholars think it’s actually more likely that it was a pomegranate. 🙂

Laura on

What a cutie!

Julie on

Clementine is absolutely adorable. I love the names Rachel has picked out for her children- they are unique but not overly crazy. I love the dress and bow. What a cute pic. Wish the best of luck to this family! 🙂

Luna on

Clementine is very cute and i love the idea of having a Baptismal gown passed down. I kind of like the name Clementine but like how do you nickname that child? Clem? That sounds like Phlegm. Anyway, she’s adorable and looks like a little angel. That picture cracked me up.

BtR on

What a cutie!

I like the bow — it’s not a cutesy wootsy bow, but a substantial fashion statement.

@Luna(#57) — why does Clementine need a nickname? In my family no one uses a nickname. And I’m counting my siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents. No. One. The name you are given is the name you use. I don’t think that’s so uncommon.

angelina on

Gorgeous picture ! Clementine’s outfit is breathtaking. Both Mother and daughter look fabulous !

Gerianne on

I thought she was a porcelain doll at first! What a cutie-patootie! Love the dress and its history.

Kim on

The dress is from the 1920s or something, very old fashioned and in great condition I’d be so scared to use something so old though! The bow I think is cute and kind of matches with the 1920s dress, Adelaide also had a bow around her hair. I read the article in the magazine Womans Day or New idea, cant recall what. But the whole ceremony/occasion was clementine coloured which is so sweet from food to clothes 🙂

Benigna Marko on

Beyond adorable. Lovely.