Kendra Wilkinson Dishes on a 'Calm, Sociable' Hank IV

01/07/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy OK!

Life as a mom continues to be nothing short of bliss for Kendra Wilkinson.

In the Jan. 11th issue of OK!, the reality star says that 3 Β½-week-old Hank Randall IV is a “calm, sociable” baby — and she attributes his serene demeanor to his nine occasionally chaotic months in utero!

“When he was still in my belly, he was always surrounded by so many people and so many noises, that I think he’s just used to it,” she muses. “He actually falls asleep best when he’s surrounded by lots of noise.”

Kendra, 24, is quick to point out, however, that baby boy still has a few tricks up his sleeve!

“Don’t be fooled: When we put him in his bassinet upstairs and we want to go to bed, that’s when he’ll start to wail and cry.”

In those instances, it is often Kendra who springs into action. Husband Hank Baskett is a professional football player, and Kendra notes that “it’s the end of the season and playoff time [so] he has to focus.”

Not that she’s complaining! “I say, ‘Okay, babe. This is my job,'” she explains. “We’re doing great. We’re a team.”

The couple are making their relationship a priority — “it’s important to keep the spark going,” Kendra notes — and will fly to Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day, leaving Hank IV with his grandmother. The separation will be tough for the first time mom, however, if a recent spa day is any indication.

“At first I was fine, but after an hour I started to miss him,” she admits. “I started to wonder what he was doing.”

“I got into the car and listened to music like I used to when he was in my stomach. I looked down and he wasn’t there and I started crying. I got home, ran into the house and almost forgot to take the keys out of the car because I was in such a rush to go see the baby!”

Click below to read about Kendra’s approach to losing baby weight.

Hank IV — whom Kendra calls “my little honey” and “one of the best things that’s ever happened to me” — already knows the sound of mom’s voice, she says. “Every day I learn something different…Every day he changes a little and I find out something new.”

Of course Hank IV isn’t the only one undergoing big changes; Kendra has lost 20 of the nearly 50 pounds she gained while pregnant, and she’s motivated to build on that progress.

“I would definitely say there is pressure [to lose the baby weight] but it’s not just the pressure, it’s me,” she explains. “My whole life, I’ve been athletic. I have to be in shape. It’s my way of life, what makes me happy.” Having topped out at 163 lbs., Kendra says she will “appreciate [being active] a lot more…and I’ll have so much fun watching my body get back into shape.”

By the sound of things, not as much fun as she had during her third trimester — a time when she admittedly “went all out,” dining on fast food, ice cream and more. “I thought, ‘I’m going to eat anything I want and I’m just gonna have fun…this is the only time I’m gonna get to do this,'” she recalls. “I would order two cheeseburgers and 10-piece Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s and eat it all in 10 minutes.”

When asked about Heidi Klum‘s recent speedy return to pre-baby form, Kendra says there is no comparison to be made. “Everybody’s different,” she notes. “Heidi Klum is a lot taller.” She adds,

“I think taller women carry their baby bump differently. I’m really short, so I looked more like an Oompa Loompa.”

Still operating under the six-week exercise ban that accompanies a c-section, Kendra is limiting her weight loss regimen to diet, alone, for now — although baby boy is contributing to the cause in more ways than one! “Getting up and down in the middle of the night — feeding him, changing him and soothing him when he’s crying — is my ab workout already,” she notes.

With regard to the former, Kendra says she is “definitely” a fan of the weight loss enjoyed by many nursing moms.

“The doctor told me you can burn up to 1,000 calories each time. Every time I pump I’m like, ‘Yes! That’s a bunch of calories right there!'”

With that said, Kendra’s inspiration in reclaiming her physique rests with Hank IV himself. “My goal is to just look in the mirror and smile…it’s about feeling good about myself,” she explains. “My goal is to be healthy enough to take care of Hank and run around after him.”

“Christmas came to us on Dec. 11 – that was our Christmas. Gifts are gifts, but what we have is more than a gift. He is our Christmas.”

Source: OK!, January 11th issue

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Anna on

I love Kendra. Her honesty is refreshing. She doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. I might not agree with everything she does, but I totally respect her.

melissa on

She has a great attitude about the baby weight. she seems very happy πŸ™‚

Katie on

I find Kendra so sweet and endearing. Whatever life throws her way, she just goes with it! She clearly is madly in love with her husband and son, and is loving motherhood. As the show’s song says, Go Kendra! Go Kendra!

Brandi on

So there you go, she is breastfeeding, or at least pumping milk for him.

I like her too, although her laugh still scares the daylights out of me. πŸ™‚

debbie on

Good for her. She is realistic and honest.
She is happy. God Bless.

Dana on

Awwwww I love Kendra! She has really grown on me, I think her & Hank are a great couple & I wish her all the best with little Hank πŸ™‚ Beautiful family!!

Jen DC on

OK, I didn’t really like Kendra from what I saw of her on her show, but thus far, she’s a cute Mom. Good luck, Kendra and congrats on your baby boy.

Doreen on

I love Kendra’s show!! πŸ™‚ I never really watched the Girls Next Door but her show I just love and it’s sooo funny!! Her laugh is just like her Mama’s!!!!

urbanadventurertales on

I didn’t realize Kendra was breastfeeding. She said she was pumping, but is also on a diet? You really need to make sure you eat enough if you’re nursing and not limit your calories so you can lose weight!

Miranda on

If this is true she is certainly a good mom and in love with her baby. It would be great if all new moms felt that way. I had post-partum and actually resented my son for many months after childbirth. Kendra is lucky.

ecl on

It doesn’t say she’s on a diet, it says she’s limiting her weight loss, for now, to changing her diet. Not the same thing.

Karla on

I imagine that when it said she’s limiting her weight loss to diet only, that it means she’s simply eating healthy. She sounds quite sensibile in her approach to losing weight, I wouldn’t think she’d be on a strict diet. When breast feeding it’s important to eat healthy, nutritious food, rather than fatty and sugary type foods. I like her and Hank, they sound very sincere and seem very sweet.

Lorus on

1000 calories each time a baby nurses/you pump? I think she was given incorrect information.

RIP Michael on

Kendra show us more pictures of baby Hank.

Aw I love that quote…”I looked down and he wasn’t there and I started crying.”

I have always liked Kendra but even more so in the last year. Also I LOVE her crazy laugh.

Estella on

I’m really impressed with the woman Kendra has become. She seems really intent on being a great mom. I’m curious how breastfeeding or pumping works with breast implants though. Nothing against her choices, just curious. Any insights?

acidstars9 on

I’m pretty sure it’s 1000 calories per day…if you burned that many each time you would have to eat a ton of calories! And you can breastfeed with implants as long as the nerves are not damaged or something like that…but the implants don’t harm the milk ducts.

CelebBabyLover on

RIP Michael- There are some in the issue of OK this article is in (I know because I happened to see the cover while waiting in line at the Supermarket one day, and saw a photo of baby Hank in the upper right-hand corner, with a caption saying there were more inside the magazine).

I imagine you can also find them on OK’s website, or at least will be able to once the magazine has been out for awhile (and thus they don’t really need to worry about getting people to buy that particular issue!). πŸ™‚

Lorus- She said her doctor told her you can burn UP TO that many calories each time you nurse or pump. That means you can also burn less than that. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m glad to hear that Kendra is breastfeeding, or at least pumping for baby Hank. Way to go, Kendra! πŸ™‚

shalay on

Estella, many women with breast implants are able to nurse with no problems. As long as their milk ducts weren’t damaged in the process, it makes no difference. My friend had two babies one year apart and has been breastfeeding for two years straight. Her babies are quite plump and healthy, so her implants haven’t interfered one bit.

Liliana on

Estella, in most situations, women who have had breast augmentations can successfully nurse and/or pump.

A friend of mine, who got implants about five years before the birth of her daughter, was able to nurse. If I remember correctly, it varies from woman to woman since the type of incision made correlates with the likelihood or not of having complications while breastfeeding. Today, most incisions made are done around the areola and this may or may not cause damage to nerves.

Chan on

Breast implants doesnt effect nursing, my good friend has breast implants and she nurses her son just fine..when i had my son i couldnt breast feed due to an infection and i was so upset and i couldnt even pump either..but as far as i know and have seen breast feeding with implants is perfectly okay.

fay on

my girl is 9 months old, and i STILL feel sad when i look down at my lap and see she’s not there anymore… or when i rub my belly and it’s (as close to) flat…

awww kendra…

hayley on

love that all the negative comments that showed up on almost all of kendras pergnant post of gone!! yay!! can’t beat postive enegry !!!!

i think she speaks like most younger mothers do, i can remember saying some of the things she has lol and maybe all of it wasn’t quite correct but still it had good heart behind it, i hope she carries on with what ever she is doing now because its sound healthy for her, and most important she sounds happy.

Lady on

I absolutely love her, shes so cute!! They are such a great family & Kendra is always such a positive person…can’t wait for the next season of her show!!

PS…Glad all the haters have gone astray…ciao!

Chelsea on

Isn’t baby Hank’s actual first name Henry? Henry Randall Baskett IV? I’ve seen conflicting reports so I wasn’t sure.

Just K on

Jen DC- I totally agree, never was a huge fan before, but she seems to have really changed since the baby, and I find myself thinking “awww… she’s going to be a good mom” more now. Congrats to her!

melissa on

Yes, his name is Henry but they call him by his nickname Hank like his dad

mmh on

Not to knock her at all because I think she is being very sensible and a good role model about losing baby weight, but don’t you usually leave the hospital at least 20 lbs. lighter?? What is the average? (Maybe I was just retaining a ton of fluids or something????)

momof2 on

heyley, just wondering, what is she saying that’s not correct and what does that have to do with her age? Kendra seems like she’s doing a fantastic job! I too am glad all the haters are gone!

sil on

love Kendra, she’s funny, her show makes me laugh πŸ™‚ she’s too sweet and Hank is a loving husband (and little Hank is adorable!!!)

daniela on

β€œI thought, β€˜I’m going to eat anything I want and I’m just gonna have fun…this is the only time I’m gonna get to do this,’” she recalls. β€œI would order two cheeseburgers and 10-piece Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s and eat it all in 10 minutes.”

HA! I did the SAME thing! But didn’t look half as good as her a few weeks after having baby. I gained 75 lbs and it took me years to take it off – lots of hard work but it was worth it!! If I ever do it again I will NOT go all out again! πŸ™‚

daniela on

And I forgot to mention that Baby Hank is absolutely adorable!!!

spunkystork on

She looks so beautiful in the picture. It’s the best I have seen her look… so relaxed.

Rye on

I’m gonna knock a negative one out there for ya…I don’t like her. LOL. Cute baby though!

JMO on

1000 calories a day! Well damn guess that sealed the deal I’m so breastfeeding! LOL

VenusNYC on

Baby is barely out of the womb and Kendra has loads of time for photo shootS and interviewS, not to mention blogging. What is wrong with this picture?

Hea on

VenusNYC – Eh, nothing?

I think Kendra sounds very happy and very much in love with her child who, by the way, is the cutest little boy ever. I am so happy for them.

Ske7 on

Aw! Great family, can’t wait to see more from then as lil hank grows up.

RIP Michael on

Thanks CelebBabyLover! πŸ™‚

Stella on

VenusNYC, Kendra has time for blogging and photo shoots because that’s her job. It’s not a traditional job, but it’s hers and she can do it from almost anywhere. I’m a writer and I was back to work two days after having my son because I could do it from home.

melissa on

She looks great in that pic and Lil Hank is adorable!

Luna on

Fist of i love Kendra and Hank sepreately and as a couple. Baby Hank is adorable and i love that he was named after daddy. Next i want to say that i applaud her for not being obsessed about when she can exercise and drop all the weight. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I love her show btw.

electra on

Did Kendras nose spread?

sat on

Great photo of a new mom!!! What a sweet little bundle! Huge congrats to them, I am wishing them the very best!

Becky on

Some women cannot breastfeed with implants but not all. Actually most can. Kourtney Kardashian is breastfeeding just fine and she has implants. She talked about it in her interview.

I love Kendra and love that everyone seems to have changed their tune about her and are not so quick to hate her! When she got pregnant, 99% of the posts about her were soooo negative, now they’re all positive, which I think is great! She wore the haters down! Her laugh bugs me too, but hey, that’s Kendra! I love everything else about her. Beautiful family and I think her husband is awesome! Such an amazing guy, husband and father! That’s one lucky little boy!

beth on

i’m a graphic designer and i do photo touchups all the time… and one thing that kind of bothers me about this pic is that her stomache is photoshopped. there are uneven blurred lines on her stomach… not well done for someone who knows this stuff and is looking for it.

All Women Stalker on

Cute baby! That photo is making me giggle silly πŸ™‚

Amber on

Love…her. I watch the baby special on my DVR every other day! LOL!!!

TwinMommy2006 on

I think Kendra is proving to be a pretty hands on Mommy.
Glad to hear she is able to breastfeed w/ implants, The only
mothers I know of who had any issues were those that were placed via the nipples.
I do not want to clarify that you DO NOT burn 1000 calories per feeding. It’s around 500 PER DAY!
This is what my lactation nurse told me several times.

I have breastfeed 4 kids (incl twins) with my twins I did
burn more calories and lost the weight even faster.
When my twins were 4 months I weighed 115!
I did not pig out and eat large un-healthy meals during my
pregnancy or after. Watching Kendras show I can easily see how she gained 50+ pounds. Naturally after having a 10+lb baby she is going to lose 20 pounds when you add the extra fluid and placenta.

brannon on

wow that baby is cute! cute interview πŸ™‚

deb on

she will be a great wife and mother to hank and hankJr they are lucky to have found each other I wantch the show

CelebBabyLover on

TwinMommy2006- Actually, little Hank was UNDER 10 pounds at birth. Per his birth announcement post here on CBB, he weighed 9lbs 5ozs at birth. πŸ™‚

As for the calories….I’m starting to think she may have been exaggerating a bit.

Hea on

Well she did say UP TO a 1000 calories… And I’m thinking maybe she said 100 but there was a typo?

cassie on

so cute..

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- Good point! She did say UP TO 1000 calories, and it could have easily been that she actually said 100 but the magazine added an extra 0 by mistake. πŸ™‚

FLMom on

VenusNYC, you can have a baby and still have time to shower, wash your hair, run to the grocery store and *gasp* blog or take photos. Sheesh. It reminds me of the saying…”If you LOOK for the bad in people you will find it. If you LOOK for the good, you will find that, too.” A good attitude would go a long way in your perspective.

hadyn on

He is so cute! i want a baby just like him!

bella mama on

love, love, love Kendra!

blessedwithboys on

ummm, yeah, no way does bf and/or pumping burn anywhere near “up to 1000 cal each time”

its up to 500 cal PER DAY, therefore 1 lb per week. πŸ™‚

her doc was dead wrong

CelebBabyLover on

blessedwithboys- Like some of us has said earlier, it’s possible that what Kendra actually said was “up to 100 calories” (although that’s techinally wrong as well, but at least not as far off base as 1000!), and the magazine just added an extra 0 by mistake.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and another possibility is that Kendra was exaggerating. The way that comment was worded makes me think that she was trying to be funny! πŸ™‚

Laura on

I get so annoyed when people say they are fat like an “oompa loompa”. Were oompa loompa’s ever fat? I think everyone is confusing Violet that got fat, and blew up into a blueberry.