Clay Walker Welcomes Daughter Mary-Elizabeth

01/07/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Rick Diamond/Getty

Update: Baby girl’s name is Mary-Elizabeth.

Country star Clay Walker is a father of four! In a message posted to his official website on Dec. 29th, it was revealed that the 40-year-old crooner had welcomed a “new beautiful baby girl” on Sunday, Dec. 27th.

Additional information was not provided.

Baby girl is the second child for Clay’s wife Jessica, who delivered son William Clayton, 17 months, in 2008.

In addition, Clay is dad to daughters MaClay DaLayne, 14 this month, and Skylor ClayAnne, 10 ½, from a previous marriage.

Clay’s as-yet-untitled ninth studio album is due in stores later this year.

Source: Clay Walker

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babyboopie on

Bet all my life savings this baby has the name Clay incorporated into her name somewhere!

Astrid24 on

Well I’m sure the name will involve the word “Clay” somehow. I have to say, naming all your kids after yourself strikes me as narcissistic.

Lis on

Totally agree with you Astrid24. Very bizarre.

ElenaS on

Well I don’t know who he is. Anyway congrats to this family.

And also Merry Christmas to all Christians who celebrate today

marlee on

LOL about the “Clay” trend. However, nothing, in my opinion, beats the Foreman kids: George Jr., George III, George IV, George V and George VI.

Ashleigh on

True, Marlee. I’d rather see the names of this man’s children than have to think about Foreman’s poor kids. Not to mention, two of his daughters are named George, while one is Georgetta, and another has George for a middle name.

Allie-Rose on

I’m not even going to ask if the baby has the name Clay somewhere in her name. How a parent can name all their kids after themselves is beyond me. Very selfish and narcissic in my opinion.

Congrats to Clay and Jessica, though

Alexis on

Congrats to Clay and Jessica. I do love his music.
( And not that I’m a fan of the names they’ve come up with to incorporate Clay into each, but maybe it wasn’t Clay’s idea. I have a coworker who insisted on naming each of her kids after their father, so she has a Michael, a Michale (prn. miKale), and a Michaela. He was against it, but she was dead set on doing it. In either situation I still think it’s a bit much, especially when there are so many great names out there.)

Hilda on

For some odd reason, I feel the baby will have Clay in her name. Nah, maybe it’s just me! lol

Sara on

Haha … enough with the Clays, already! But it did remind me of the Forman kids, Marlee, and the Prince Michaels.

Kel on

I’m leaning toward the “Clay” coming from him based on the fact that both of his children from his previous marriage have been saddled with it too. Narcissic much?

Jessicad on

Very narcissistic!

chrlyr on

Wow, it seems like someone’s a bit of an egomaniac…

Amy in Oregon on

It’s one thing to have a “jr'” but another thing entirely to make sure each and every one of your children has your name somehow incorporated into their name. Very strange….

mom to 3 boys on

I gather he wants ‘clay’ to live long.

Brandi on

Wow, Clay Walker – Into yourself much? sheesh…

Karen on

I laugh every time I read a post about Clay Walker because of all the people ripping on him about his daughter’s names. The reason it is so funny is because his first wife named both girls and I don’t remember what her name is but it is incorporated into both names as well.

Becc on

Wow, he’s not into his own name, is he?

Tracy Lundin on

I thought the names a bit arrogant.

Missy on

his first wife’s name was lori.

Melanie on

personally, I think every kid deserves their own name…not their parents name made into a “new” name..reminds me of Deion Sanders who has Deion Sanders Jr. and Deiondra…don’t your kids deserve their own identity??

Sobi on

Marlee, you took the words right out of my mouth, so to speak. I immediately thought of the George Foreman clan of “Georges” when I saw all of the “Clays” in this family. I’m all for namesakes, but this “Clay” obsession does come across as a bit narcissistic! And, Babyboopie, I’m right there with you…I would bet my life savings, too, that this baby will be named some version of “Clay!”

bungalow_bliss on

Oh, I can’t *wait* to hear this child’s name.

Blue on

Narcissist much?

Lol, I’m actually excited to see how ‘Clay’ is incorporated into this baby’s name. William Clayton seems a lot more traditional than MaClay and Skylor which are more yoonek and tryndee(no offense meant)…so maybe Clay and Jessica will give this baby a more classic, beautiful name that somehow keeps the ‘Clay’ trend going.

Sobi on

If he’s so into his own name, I could suggest that he combine it with his wife’s name and they could have a Jessiclay or JessieClay. (That’s too awful to even contemplate, so I had better not give him any ideas! LOL!)

Hannah on

I looked him up on google, and apparently Clay is his middle name, so that makes it a little more understandable. However, I do think it’s a bit much to incorporate Clay into all the childrens names.

marfmom on

If I remember right, when this pregnancy was announced, the 2 daughters’ names was the WIFE’s (now ex wife) idea and her names are in their names as well. So, you shouldn’t be so quick to judge HIM as the narcissist.

Sobi on

Does Mary-Elizabeth have a middle name?

sidney on

Her names are in their names as well. MaClay DaLayne, Skylor ClayAnne. Where is his ex wife name in there because all I see is his name CLAY. I don’t know anything about him or his ex wife but as some pointed it out her name is Lori. I don’t see the name Lori in maclay dalayne or skylor clayann. His name is in all his children name so that makes him a little narcissist.

Sobi on

Clay’s name is Ernest Clayton Walker, so I understand naming his son Clayton. Marfmom, his ex-wife’s name is Lori Lampson, so I don’t see any part of that name in any of the children’s names. I did find out that Clay is battling MS. He went public with that information in 1996, the same year his first child was born…so maybe he does want his name to live on in his children, and understandably so.

Kari on

The way Skylor is spelled was probably meant to incorporate his ex wife’s name. I read somewhere her name is Lori so the ending of skylor I’m guessing is the way they incorporated it.

bungalow_bliss on

Love it, sobi! Jessiclay–eek.

Meesh on

William Clayton is alright, but ClayAnne and MaClay??? Yikes! Say what you will about his MS diagnosis, but it sounds like a large ego to me. Which is odd because I have never even heard of this guy. Just sayin’.

dfgdfgd on

Haha, Meesh, I though the same thing!

marfmom on

Sidney and Sobi, I went back to one of the older posts to see where I had that thought from, and this is the comment Loralie left:

Both girls have both parents names (Clay and Lori) somehow incorportated in with their names. I posted on it in a previous post — MaClay (Ma-mama, Clay is for her dad) DaLayne (Da-daddy. L- Lori, ayne-Jayne, which is mama Lori’s middle name), Skylor ClayAnne (Lor- mama Lori, Clay is for her dad)- Clay joked about wanting a Sky Walker, lol.

Courtney on

He is actuallya really great guy, i think it sucks all these people are all over him and assuming he is full of himself..etc. His wife came up with the names. Out of my 4 kids all of them have a part of my husband and my names in them….its a nice way of honoring family and the names are more than jsut something we picked out of a book…We are hardly full of ourselves.

Loralie on

Congrats to Clay and Jessica! Mary-Elizabeth is a precious name!

Thanks marfmom for finding my earlier post so I didn’t have to re-post about Clay’s children’s names. Clay has said in interviews that it was his ex-wife who thought of the names.

I’m not sure about Will’s name, but I know Clay has said before that he isn’t (or rather maybe “wasn’t”) fond of his own name, so (IMO) I figured there wasn’t going to be a Ernest Clayton Walker, III.

Mary-Elizabeth could have “Clay” in her middle name — it would be interesting to know — but my guess was that Will got the middle name Clayton because he was the first born son if in fact Clay wanted to somewhat keep the family tradition without giving him the name he himself wasn’t too fond of.

And Clay does not have an ego. He’s very down to earth and genuine. I think a family friend posted on this one when Will’s birth or Jessica’s first pregnancy was announced. Found it:

Courtney on

oh and most people here probably havent heard of him, before his MS diagnoses he was a chart topping country singer. He does alot of work for MS and was involved with St. Jude. His songs were on the charts probably about 12-15 years ago. I remember when he married Lori and when the 1st 2 were born.

Loralie on

And as far as his MS goes, Clay is still in really good health. He is mobile and runs and cycles, so he is one of the lucky ones. I saw him last month. He looks and sounds great. 🙂

Loralie on

Clay’s songs are still on the charts– he has one out right now, in fact –even though he hasn’t had the success as he did ten years ago. The main post does mention a new album coming out later this year.

His MS doesn’t seem to slow him down (at least not much). He still tours and does work for his own MS charity, not to mention he works with horses and has a ranch. Like I said in a previous post, I just saw him in Vegas in early December and he sounded great and was very active on stage.

I’ve been out of the loop though. He didn’t mention the baby, so I wasn’t sure when she would make her arrival. Hopefully they will do what they did with William and put a picture of Mary-Elizabeth up soon. 🙂

Anna on

I don’t know who this guy is but those names are awful. The latest daughter came of very lucky!
For those saying his wife picked the names, that doesn’t release his responsibility. He should have put a veto on those names.

CelebBabyLover on

melanie- While I think it IS a bit much to name ALL of your kids after one or both of the parents, I actually think it’s kind of cute when parents give one of their children (usually the first born) a first name that is a combination of there names. I once knew a couple that did that (they never said they did, nor did I ask them, but it was very obvious to me that their first child’s name is a combination of her parents’ first names!).

That being said….Seems I missed a pregnancy announcement! I don’t remember ever reading that they were expecting another baby. Maybe they kept this pregnancy quite, though.

Anyway, I LOVE the name! Mary is one of my favorite names, and Elizabeth is a nice name, too. I wonder if she does have a middle name that has Clay incorpated into it, and they don’t want to share it. After all the backlash Clay has recieved over Clay being part of his other children’s names, I don’t blame them a bit!

Ruthella on

Sorry but I’m laughing at all the Clay-esque names 😀

Especially as my husband has lots of friends in the plumbing business (here in Northern England) and they all call a certain part of a bathroom fitting the ‘clay pipe’…

I love the name Mary Elizabeth though, and Clay sounds like a great guy from the comments above 🙂

Taryn on

Wow…I’ve never heard such awful kids names. And marfmom, if someone has to explain the meaning behind their kids names THAT much, maybe they should have gone with something simpler. I know I wouldn’t want to be breaking down my kids names to explain them. What happened to, “She’s named after my grandmother” Not…”Well, the ‘ma’ means mama and the ‘lor’ means lori…” Give me a break. And don’t even get me started on the spelling of the first two’s names…Mary-Elizabeth, you are a lucky little girl!! Simple and classic, love it.

Jennifer on

Congratulations to the family! Mary-Elizabeth is such a pretty, classic name…love it! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- Why? Just so they could please the public?

Summer on

Congrats to the Walker family!! I love Clay!!!

Jennifer on

Wow people grow up! Clay is a very sweet guy and with his health problems I don’t blame them from naming his kids the way they did!

Loralie on

According to Country Weekly, Mary-Elizabeth was named after Clay’s beloved grandmother who passed away. The name choice was Jessica’s. He was on Martha Stewart’s show not too long ago and showed a photo of Clay holding her (as was the photo in the CW interview). She’s adorable and has lots of dark hair.

Carrie on

Clay is one of the sweetest and nicest people I’ve ever met. He does not have a big ego. If ya’ll want to make fun of some names how about Gwyneth Paltrow naming her kid Apple? Or Michael Jacksons kid Blanket? I’d rather have one of Clays kids names rather than Blanket. Either way I don’t think any of them named their kids to please the public.

Dana on

You people need to grow up and get a life! Stop hating on Clay and his kids names. Clay isn’t stuck on himself both Lori and Jessica had a hand in naming the kids.

Lisa on

I guess my question would just be, did any of you send out surveys or get everyones input before you named your children? I know I didn’t and wether everyone else likes what I named my kids doesn’t make one bit of difference to me. I think he is a wonderful artist and I have been a fan since day one. Just like your “average joe” he should be able to name his children however he chooses.

Haley on

I dont think the names are narcissistic…they are his decision not everyone elses.

Shane on

Its like this folks. Clay has the right to name his children whatever he would like to name them. Where in the world do you folks get that he is narcissistic? Do you actually know him personally? I mean really. And what may I ask you judgemental people are your kids names? I mean really. Its not like he has named them to impress or please any of us.