The Stefani-Rossdales: Ab Fab

01/06/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

Splashing in the surf with 3 ½-year-old son Kingston James McGregor, Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani showed off some impressive ab muscles on Monday in St. Barts!

The No Doubt frontwoman, 40, has said that her rockin’ bod is “no miracle” and that it took her eight months to get back in shape after delivering son Zuma Nesta Rock, now 16 months, in August 2008.

The Stefani-Rossdales have been spotted around the island since arriving for a little rest and relaxation on Dec. 30th.

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Forever Moore on

She looks amazing…can’t believe she is a momma in her 40s!

Karen on

WOW — what gorgeous bodies they have! Good for them!

Jane on

I hope I look half as good as Gwen does when I’m 40. I wonder what kind of workout she does.

Devon on

That will dispel those rumors that she’s pregnant and was hiding it while in London! Yowza! I’m almost half her age and don’t look that good. This picture might go on my bathroom mirror to inspire me!

Sam and Freya's mum on

Devon, I thought the exact same thing. She looks fantastic! All these rumours re her puffy, baggy layers covering a possible bump….Think it was just to fend off the chilly English weather, no one else on board (although would be nice to see them with a little girl!), lol.

Something About Baby on

She looks AMAZING. She must work very hard to get those abs.

JMO on

I never thought she was pregnant (although if she was that would be great) but she and Gavin have said they have no plans to try again anytime soon.

Leah on

Another reason I heart Gwen (and her whole family. She’s open an honest that her body takes work to recover from birth and it doesn’t just magically happen, like some celebrities make it seem.

She is absolutely awesome and I think will be my mama role model for shaping up again after my new baby is born in a month!

Leah on

Oops – apologies for the spelling/grammar errors. Obviously mommy brain has me in its grasp!

Kay on

It is a little inappropriate for her to wear that as she is in her 40s. Anyways Gavin and Kingston look cute.

Christine on


Rachel from Boston on

wow! I have not, nor will I probably ever, get abs like that! you go, momma!!
Gwen, you’re my hero!😀

electra on

Not my preferred body type at all, but she must have a lot of dedication to reach that point of tonedness. Does anyone know where Gavin’s swim trunks are from?

Ashley on

I appreciate Gwen’s honesty. I don’t believe when celebs say their pregnancy weight just disappeared as they breastfeed or run after their children. It is true, but they don’t mention anything about grueling workout and dieting. Kudos to Gwen.

Shirese on

Gwen looks great and if she has the body to wear it her 40d, heck in her 80s, more power to her.

Claire on

Kay – Why on earth is it ‘inappropriate’ for her to wear a bikini and sarong on a beach when she is in her 40s? Fair enough if she were at the supermarket or picking her kids up from school, but on a beach and with a body like that, I think it’s entirely appropriate.

Gwen looks brilliant and as for her age, that’s nothing. Helen Mirren was photographed in a bikini looking fantastic at 60. More power to them, I say🙂

lizzielui on

What is inappropriate about a bikini? Are they only for 20 year olds now? And why would Gwen’s suit be inappropriate but not Gavin’s given that they are both in their 40s? Gwen is in impeccable physical shape and I see nothing wrong what she has on.

Luna on

Why can’t i look like that? Gwen looks fantastic, both of them do. Kingston looks adorable as usual but holy crap i want abs that flat.

Alice on

Kay, what is wrong with what she is wearing? She’s on a beach. What is she supposed to wear? Interesting that you don’t criticize Gavin – he is older than Gwen, so why is it inappropriate for her to wear a bathing suit, but not for him to go shirtless?

Lou x on

wow…gwen and gavin both look absolutely amazing! jealous!

Natasha on

Kay – inappropriate? I hope you were being sarcastic!

Sarah on

Kay – anybody who has a smokin’ hot body like Gwen should certainly feel free to show it off in a bikini, regardless of their age!

JMO on

I hope it was a sarcastic comment too cause there is no law that says once you become a mom and/or turn 40 you must wear moo moo’s and be fully covered head to toe (esp. on a beach)!! more power to her!! I hope at 40 I’m still in my bikini’s after a few kids!

Liliana on

Kay, Gwen looks fantastic not only for being 40 but any age. Saying her wearing a bikini while at the beach is inappropriate is comical. If one day she shows up to her sons’ school in such attire, then your argument would be relevant but until then, I see nothing wrong with what she’s wearing.

Sara on

I’m personally more conservative when it comes to swimsuits and all clothing, really. BUT she looks amazing!!

Colleen on

Gwen, you look absolutely amazing! And to address the bikini after 40 comment, Demi Moore wears bikinis. But, Gwen looks fab!

acidstars9 on

Kay- it’s ok for men to be completely shirtless no matter how much they weigh or how old they are, but women are not allowed to be in bikinis after 40? I hate to repeat what everyone else is saying, but that comment was ridiculous.

Jane on

Kay…What generation are you from? I just spent 7 days in Cuba in a bikini at God forbid 41 and did so after years of abusing my body with being overweight in my 20’s and early 30’s. It’s just a friggin number and not a way to judge what you can and cannot do in life. What a way to live. I thought 40 was the new 30. Get with it!!! BTW…Gwen rocks.

Hannah on

So glad a celebrity has told the truth about how they got their body back after kids!! All the celeb mums who get back to the pre-baby body within 6-8 weeks depress me! My bub is 9 weeks old and I’m no where near being back to my pre-baby self. Good work Gwen :)!

415mama on

Kay..Really!?! Gwen…Wow!!!

juliet holly on

What a beautiful family. Gwen and Gavin are so funky and cool…and Gwen’s body…is sick! Most people I know in their 20’s don’t have bodies like that. Much take a LOT of dedication (and trainers and nutrionists, must be nice ha) but she looks great. I think she’s really cute and like seeing posts of her and Gavin and the boys.

Mrs.B on

These two should keep having children.They have an amazing genes and super cute kids.

Lauren on

That bikini is inappropriate at her age? If I look like that when I’m 40, I’m going to wear my bikini every time I leave the house.

CelebBabyLover on

Ashley- Some women DO lose the baby weight just by breastfeeding. That being said, I see where you’re coming from. You don’t get a toned body like Gwen’s by just breastfeeding!🙂

Anyway, I agree that this should clear up those pregnancy rumors!

Cara on

Wow, she looks incredible, but still very feminine, Hubby is hot too !

GiannaG on

Aww, come on Kay! I’m sure if you could look like that in a bikini you would show off too.

jaQ on

“oh wow!” was the first thing that popped into my head…. holy cow, gwen looks great. i never had a six-pack to begin with, but i am pleased with the body i have, luckily– i am 34 weeks with my 3rd baby right now, and though i always gain 40-65 lb., it comes right off, and i feel great– stretch marks, pouch of extra skin, and all!🙂
here’s to women with more realistic post-baby bodies~ we are all soooo BEAUTIFUL, pregnant and post-partum!

jaQ on

oh, and personally, all it takes for me is breastfeeding (my daughter nursed for 3.5 years) and keeping up with the kids i have– some people are lucky like that, while some have to work out, others need to change their diet, etc…. we are all different, but it honestly IS possible to lose it with just nursing/not trying.

jaQ on

(though it takes me about 8 *months* to get back to my original weight, rather than 8 *weeks*)

and sorry to post over and over– wish i could just edit my first one, hehehe.

All Women Stalker on

Dang, that is one fit family. It helps to have the best trainers and equipment.

Marsha on

If Gwen is wearing something inappropriate simply because she is 40, you have some serious issues. I have seen so many pictures of celebrities that have g-string bikinis on and that at any age is gross (not necessarily inappropriate; I just find it gross that I know what that string is sliding against–EEWWW!). I think she looks just great. She is at the beach after all! I am 40 and my daughter is 3.5 years old and I didn’t look as good as she does now before I was pregnant and I worked out very hard. Some of it is genes and she is blessed. Also, she works her butt off to get that body. At least she owns up to it that she actually has to work at having a fit body. Besides, be honest, if you rocked a body like Gwen’s, you’d wear a bikini too! I know I would!

dfgdfgd on

Hannah, what is a bub?

maggie on

i love gwen and her body is sick! kay why is it wrong for her to wear a bikini, just because she’s a mom and 40 years old doesn’t mean she has to dress like a NUN! i hope they have more kids because they would have a cute (and stylish) daughter.

CelebBabyLover on

dfgdfgd- “Bub” is a term that some people affectionally use to mean “baby” or “young child”.🙂

Laura on

sure you can lose the actual weight by breastfeeding but you cannot get that tone and look of a six pack by breastfeeding…unless you are doing crunches while breastfeeding-ha

kleber on

gwen just keeps getting hotter and hotter!!! Gavin must be takin’ care of business, she’s in tip-top shape!!!

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