Nicole Kidman and Sunday Take to the Skies!

01/06/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
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Attempting to go incognito in a hat and shades, Nicole Kidman kept a tight grip on pigtailed daughter Sunday Rose, 18 months, as they took off from the airport in Sydney Tuesday.

After spending the holidays Down Under, the actress and husband Keith Urban touched down in Los Angeles later that day.

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Sandrine on

She is just adorable.. So beautiful πŸ™‚

Rye on

it’s soooooo crazy how much she looks like Keith!!!!

crimpe on

It’s Keith! Without makeup!

shirese on

She looks like Keith.

momof4 on

Cute!! She looks exactly like Keith!

Molly on

Awwww Sunday is adorable!!!! She looks just like her daddy.

jenny on

That’s a long flight with an 18-month old, but I’m sure it makes all the difference when you’ve got a private jet, if that’s how the rich and famous do it.



They are leaving Kingsford Sydney International terminal, there are no private jets there. It’sthe Qantas terminal.

Ines on

it’s amazing when i look at Sunday. she and Levi Macconaughey are born the same day but they are so different! Levi always looks like a child who is “hungry” of new expiriences, always wants to check out what’s behind the corner. and Sunday looks like more calm kid. a little bit afraid of the world around her, thinking twice before doing step, a little shy.

Pamela on

Ines-yes, I agree, she does seem shy, but I also have to wonder if she is afraid of the cameras. Some children love being photographed and paparazzi are no different (Violet Affleck is always smiling and cheesing for the camera, for example) but some children don’t like the flash from a camera, the noise, etc. It just goes to show you that personality is there from day 1!

Sunday is a very pretty girl, I think she does look like Keith, but also a little of Nicole.

kimbrlz on

always nice to see Sunday.. my question is of curiousity not judgment.. why do we never see pictures of Nicole with her older children?? did she not see them for christmas?? i wonder why.. i know i may never get the answer, as it may be very private, but i am still curious..

Lisa on

Sunday looks different in every picture I see of her! I love Keith and Nicole as a couple and Sunday is a cutie!

KimBrlz- nobody but Tom Nicole and the Kids know the answer but it is said that Tom has the kids most of the time. I know the kids have met Sunday and I would say they see their mother when she is in town. She talks about how the kids are more interested in their friends than babies but i’m sure she wants to see them.

trish on

Nicole looks so cute, and Sunday is just too precious!! Sleepy-eyed from that long flight, where’s her handsome Daddy?!!!

Deadra on

Maybe it’s not a “private” jet, but have you seen some of the first class accomodations you can get on commercial flights now? I could live in what they provide…

Donna on

Sunday is so cute. She looks just like her Daddy. I just love this couple, it is so nice to see celebrities that enjoy being a family!

lina on

I remember seeing a picture of Isabella and Nicole in Sidney one or two years ago. they were walking hand in hand in some harbor mall; I only saw that picture printed here in my country and never quite understood why didnt make the sites online since it seems is always something ask about – her relationship with the adopted kids…

missy on

Lina, I think I remember the photos you’re talking. I beleive they were taken in 2007, while Nicole was filming “Australia”. Bella had died her hair blue the previous day. FYI, the photos actually were published on a lot of American sites, not just Australian ones

Amy on

Sunday looks just like Keith. I have never seen a picture yet of her with any animation in her face.

Luna on

Poor baby, she looks sleepy. It’s funny how Nicole had two adopted children who obviously wouldn’t look like her and then she has a biological child and Sunday looks exactly like Keith. Oh well, Keith’s a hottie. Can’t complain.

ayanna on

Sunday will grow up to be a beautiful lady just like her mom.

Emily on

MIssy, chill out. Also, Iina’s obviously not Australian, as she doesn’t use the Australian spelling of Harbour and spells Sydney with an i.

Not sure why I felt the need to point that out but I think I just found FYI to have too much, unnecessary attitude.

missy on

Emily, I don’t understand why you’re telling me to chill out. I don’t believe there was anything rude about my post. I was simply saying that I remember the photos that Lina was talking about and that they were indeed published on many sites.

I think you’re the one who needs to relax, and stop reading too much into simple statements.

Tweety on

People need to get a life. No one knows anything about how much Isabella and Connor spent with their Mom. She apparently doesn’t feel the need to go out and have pictures taken with them constantly, she prefers to have her own relationship with them out of the public eye. I am sure she has loves all of her kids! Sunday is adorable. She looks just like her Dad. They look like a really happy family.

marfmom on

KimBrlz – Nicole has always been kind of a private person, and she’s said in interviews before that her older kids have asked to be out of the spotlight, so she doesn’t talk about them in interviews and I would assume goes out of her way to not be photographed with them. Her older kids live in LA, so I assume she was on her way to go visit them. Tom has primary custody, I think b/c the kids want to be raised Scientologists. Nicole & Keith have a place in LA and I’m sure they fly Bella and Connor to where they are whenever the kids like πŸ™‚

I think Sunday looks soooo much like her daddy!!!

Ashleigh on

She’s a sweetie.

For the record, Emily, I didn’t think Missy’s comment came off as rude at all. Not sure what you read.

Blue on

Ummm, what did Missy say that needed a “chill out”? I didn’t read any negativity or hostility in her post. Geez.

Sunday is adorable and looks very sleepy in this pic. Poor girl, flying is exhausting and I can’t imagine being cooped up for that long. She’s a trooper!

missy on

I also wanted to add that there have been times in the past where I’ve seen a cute photo of a celebrity that I liked on an obscure site and hoped that the photos would be published on bigger sites so that more people could see it. So, I wasn’t trying to be rude at all. On the contrary, I just wanted to reassure Lina that the photos of Nicole and Bella had been widely published.

Anyway, Sunday is an adorable child and looks so much like Keith.

Ines on

Pamela- i think it’s not paparazzi thing. Sunday is just calm, shy child(and cute with it). i remember her pictures from the zoo a few days ago. it seemed paparazzi were far from them and Sunday looked as usual a little shy/scared in the front of animal.
and i agree, some kids just like “action” around them and some dont. my nephew never liked loud places like malls. he is 4 now but still he closes his ears in cinema when the sound is very loud. he just doesnt enjoy it.

cutie on

Nicole and Keith are crazy about this little girl, and I can see why, she sure is a cutie! Little children are a blessing from God!

Jennifer on

Aww…Sunday Rose is such a cutie! She looks so much like Daddy! πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Emily- lina never said she’s from Australia. She just said that the photo was published in her country, and she didn’t know why it wasn’t published in other countries. “My country” could mean ANY country!

Anyway, Sunday is adorable! From what I’ve read, Nicole is going to be one of the presenters at the Golden Globes, so I’m guessing that’s why she, Keith, and Sunday are in LA now (although I’m sure they’ll see Bella and Connor while they’re there as well!). πŸ™‚

Kati on

Sunday is just a cutie! She looks a lot like her dad Keith! Actually sheΒ΄s his spitting image. She looks all sleepy but itΒ΄s not a wonder. She and her parents just have a long flight from Australia back to the States. Still she looks absolutely cute. Maybe she looks a little bit shy too. Like someone said she may well be afraid of the photographers too. Violet Affleck is always smiling to the paps, Zahara Jolie-Pitt has this trademark “death stare” and Sunday seems to be shy in a very adorable way. All these children have become celebs against their own will. And their parents most certainly are trying to protect them from public eye as well as possible.

cindy on

I too have wondered about Nicole’s relationship with Bella and Conner. I’m sure Tom controls a lot of what they can do. I recall Nicole saying she spends time on webcam with them. But what I wonder about is how much Nicole and Keith went crazy when Sunday was born about not wanting any pictures and asking the razzi to stay away and needing their privacy. Now it seems they don’t worry much about that anymore because they keep popping up all the time, conveniently when Nicole has a movie to promote. Why the change? Was it all a publicity stunt ensuring that the razzi would go after them and Sunday? Another thing I wonder about is why, after all Nicole’s lamenting of wanting her own “natural” child has she been out working on film after film when everyone knows she’s got money to spare and could spend two years being at at-home mommy to her precious Sunday? Plus maybe be more with Keith on the road? And don’t tell me she needs to “be creative” and work. Being a mommy can be as creative as acting. I would be very curious to know exactly how much time Nicole spends with Sunday because I have seen quite a few pics of Sunday with a nanny. Why, for goodness sake??? And as for Nicole taking Sunday on site with movies, I’m sure the nanny is with Sunday more than Nicole. Think of all the time she has to spend working on lines, the late hours of filming, etc. I’m sorry, but I just sometimes think Sunday was a way to get back at Tom and Katie in having her own little baby to compete against Suri. I’m sure I’m going to hear some comments about all of this.

Emily on

I didn’t find anything wrong with your post, Missy- until the FYI, which I found patronizing and juvenille. But now this seems to have gone to the point where discussing this statement any more would be in danger of that as well.

CelebBabyLover on

Cindy- I doubt Tom controls most of what Bella and Connor do, especially given their ages (both are techincally still minors, yes, but at 17 and 14 going on 15, it’s not very likely that they’d put up with their father controling most of their life). Nicole has said that it’s BELLA and CONNOR’s decison to live in LA. At their ages, they’re more than old enough to make that decision.

That being said, I believe that they see Nicole more than we realize. Remember, just because we don’t see pictures of her with them a lot doesn’t mean that they rarely see her!

As for Nicole being so protective of Sunday when she was younger….I think the reason she and Keith were so protective of Sunday when she was a newborn was because they probably just wanted some space to get to know their new baby and to just be a family. Plus, I don’t think ANY reasonable person would want a bunch of cameras shoved in their newborn’s face.

Now that Sunday is older, of course it’s harder to shield her. However, we still don’t actually see her that much. We actually often go a couple of months between Sunday sightings. Compare that to all the times we see Suri (not saying there’s anything wrong with that!).

As for Nicole doing all these movies….I honestly don’t know the reason, but I DO know that not all mothers are cut out to be stay-at-home or even work-at-home mothers. Perhaps Nicole is one of them. I also highly doubt that Nicole had Sunday just to “get back” at Tom and Katie, especially since she is obviously still on good terms with Tom, and also has nothing but kind words for Katie (which speaks volumes, considering that a lot of celebs have no problem speaking ill of their exes and their exes new partners!).

In anycase, it’s obvious that she and Keith love Sunday more than anything! πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Emily- Relax, girl! Missy was just making a simple statement. She was simply pointing out that the photos were posted in a lot of places. It may have come off “patronizing and juvenille” to you, but I doubt that’s how she meant it. We need to remember that it can be hard to tell someone’s intended “tone” over Internet!

cindy on

I get what you’re saying. I got carried away with my comment about Nicole getting back at Tom. I’m sure Nicole and Keith had their baby out of love for each other and they are loving parents. I know Nicole has said acting is her life and everyone has a right to do what they need to do for their lives. But after reading several articles while Nicole was pregnant and after the birth, I kind of got the idea that Nicole was going to revel in that special time in her life by being there with Sunday as much as she could. Instead the next thing I’m reading is that she’s off making the movie Rabbit Hole less than two months after Sunday’s birth. I would think making a movie would take an actress away from her child for long hours, especially since she was the main character in this movie (and I believe Keith was out on a road tour). Seems like a strange move for someone who acted so desperate to have a baby.

I recall Nicole once saying in a magazine interview that she made a lot of movies while married to Tom, and in looking back at that time, she realized acting was her way of dealing with an unhappy marriage. Perhaps she has cut down on the acting this past year, but it just doesn’t appear that way to me. So perhaps Nicole likes to live in a fantasy world of movie making. I know there would be times in my life when that sounds great!

In my comment about Tom controlling the kids, in reading much of the info out there (a book and various magazine articles which may or may not be the truth) when Nic and Tom divorced, there was always an intimation that Tom pretty much controlled Nic and what he said went. I guess that is why I would say Tom probably controls Isabel and Conner to some degree. I know teenagers don’t want to spend lots of time with parents but I still think it seems odd that Nicole talks on and on about Sunday and rarely about the other children. Any mother naturally shares about all her children and to rarely hear a word from Nicole about Isabel and Conner just seems odd to me. I do think there is some problem with the Scientology religion issue in the situation with these two kids and Nicole.

I realize stars don’t have to tell us anything about their lives, but people like me get interested. So, I guess those of us who are curious can get caught up in half-truths and unknowns and turn them into whatever we wish them to be. I know we who are interested in these celebrities never fully know these people. I will leave it at that. Thanks for your response.

CelebBabyLover on

cindy- Nicole has said that Bella and Connor prefer not to be talked about to the media (Tom has said the same thing, but has admitted that it’s hard for him to always remember to abide by that thing).

CelebBabyLover on

I meant for that last part to read: “….always remember to abide by that request”.