Jerry and Rebecca Take Their Babies to Breakfast!

01/06/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Perhaps it was a birthday brunch? Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell brought fraternal twin daughters Charlie Tamara Tulip (l), and Dolly Rebecca Rose (r), along as they enjoyed a meal in Los Angeles, Calif. The girls turned one year old on Dec. 28th!


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shirese on

How cute. Are the girls identical?

Amy on

What a cute family! Dolly and Charlie are adorable.

lisette on

does anyone else think they look like the young harlow? Sweet family though! Really down to earth😀

sad on

shirese – – the article says that they are fraternal, although just from their profiles, they look like they could be identical.
Cute babies! Cute couple! Cute family!

shirese on

I need to start reading, instead of just looking at pics. LOL! It is hard when you at work.

Sandra from Copenhagen on

Wauw, they have gotten SO big, since the last time I saw a picture. AND they are already 1!!!

Just K on

Oh my gosh, they’re 1, I feel like I was just reading that she had them. They’re adorable though, such a great family!

colleen on

You know what I love about this pic? It’s real. It’s not a staged photo opp, Rebecca and Jerry aren’t giving these big smiles. They’re in a situation I find myself in, managing a table out with little ones making sure everyone has what she needs. I can see myself in this situation – and I like that!

Mrs. R. on

already?! They are 1 already?!
Wow! Time flies!
My favorite celeb baby picture of ALL time is the one of Jerry with the girl’s footprints coming out of the hospital. He looked SO beat up and exhausted, but was walking on air and so excited! It was genuinely the most darling picture of a new dad I’ve ever seen.

Bitty Bows on

What sweet little girls. Goodness, they are hardly babies any more!

Hea on

Are they really fraternal?

Xan on

Cuteness overload!!! They are precious! Their hair has lightened up since they were infants. Funny how both have the same shade even though they’re fraternal. Most fraternal twins I’ve seen have different colored hair from one another.

I wish they were mine🙂

Michelle on

Love them. Super cute. I love the messy mommy hair. No nanny in the pic. They look like a regular happy little family.

Tessie on

They look identical.

Forever Moore on

Even just rolling out of bed, Rebecca looks gorgeous! What a beautiful fam

Chris on

OMG They are just darling in their little jeans and sweaters.

Fraternal twins can actually look quite similar…they are siblings, after all. Look at Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. They’re fraternal even though a lot of people still can’t tell them apart. Also think about how some siblings look just like an older siblings “at that age” – well fraternal twins just happen to be the same age at the same time so sometimes they look just alike.

Chris on

Also Charlie’s hair still seems to be a little bit darker than her sister’s.

Mia on

Cute, I think they both look like their daddy. 1 year flies by!

Alice on

Charlie and Dolly are so cute!

Chris, I’ve read forever that the Olsen twins are fraternal, but I still think they are identical. It is highly unlikely that fraternal twins would look that much alike. My mother was told my twin and I were fraternal due to two placentas and we look as much alike as the Olsens. Needless to say, a DNA test as adults confirmed what we thought all along, that we are identical/ monozygotic twins.

Liliana on

They’re adorable! I can’t believe they’re one, already.

Brooklyn on

I can’t believe they’re already 1! Anyways, they are both adorable!

Kat on

The Olsen twins appear to me very obviously faternal twins. There is a degree of similiarity between them but there is a lot more that is different. Even as a little kid I could tell them apart without any difficulty and it’s the same now.

Charlie and Dolly do look very alike although it is hard to know how much because there are different profiles of both girls. However, Charlie’s hair appears a few shades darker than Dolly’s.

Very cute looking girls though. I can’t believe they are one though.

daniela on

Adorable! I think they kinda look identical too, but at this angle, distance and their age it’s kinda hard to really tell.

Alice – that is an amazing story about you and your twin! I never really thought there would be a question about that, but I guess it can happen, huh? 🙂

luciana on

If you see close ups of the girls, you can tell they are not identical. they do look a lot alike, but not identical. rebecca is pretty, and so are her girls.

Luna on

On the subject of twins; i think the opposite can be true too. Dylan and Cole Sprouse are identical twins and yet they look different enough in facial features that i would assume they’re fraternal by looking at them. Anyway, Charlie and Dolly are too cute and Jerry and Rebecca are so blessed.

Nicole on

Alice, your story makes me want to have my cousins get tested, because all along they were told they were fraternal, but they look so much alike even some family members can’t tell them apart!

t. on

twins or not some siblings just look very much the same even years apart

bre on

The Olsen’s have a younger sister who could have been their triplet when she was a small child. It’s just like that sometime, some siblings look very much alike, and others you wouldn’t even think they were from the same family.

Shannon on

I can always tell Mary-Kate and Ashley apart. Ashley has a thinner longer face shape than Mary-Kate. MK has a wider nose tip than Ashley, and Ashley’s nose is longer. Also, I think Ashley’s eye shape is a little larger than MK’s. Ashley also has thicker brows and better posture!

Jerry and Rebecca are so lucky to have 2 such sweet little darlings! The girls are so adorable and I can’t believe they’re already 1! This is a great picture of them.

MammaDucky on

I often wonder if the Olsen twins were deemed “fraternal” based on the old thinking that two placentas meant fraternals. My MIL, an OB nurse, insisted that my twins HAD to be fraternal due to seperate sacs, but alas, DNA said differently.

I love this family!

Shirese on

They say the Mowry twins are identical, but they don’t look identical to me.

Alice on

Nicole, here’s the company we used for our DNA testing. ( They send you the testing materials (swabs) and the packaging materials to return them.

Janna on

Dylan and Cole Sprouse have already revealed in interviews that they are not identical.

Natasha on

I think Dylan & Cole Sprouse are genetically identical. They don’t look the same now obviously but as little kids they looked SO similar.

Ashleigh on

I don’t think they’re identical. In this picture they look very similar but, as someone mentioned, from what I recall of pictures of their faces, you could tell who was who.

My aunt has four year old twin sons who look astonishingly alike. Although this is true, DNA testing revealed they’re fraternal.

Katie on

Oh my, what a sweet family! Dolly & Charlie are so beautiful, Rebecca looks awesome as well.

As for me, the only time I could tell Mary-Kate & Ashley apart was when MK had brown hair and Ashley had light blonde! Haha😉

Christina Greece on

I’m a fraternal twin but my sister and I look exactly the same!People can never tell who is who although we don’t dress the same!And we know a lot of identical twins, who don’t look so much alike(one is shorter than the other, different hair colour etc). However, I had never thought of doing a DNA test, you amazed me Alison!I will think about it, it’s very very interesting!

Anyway, the twin girls are so beautiful!And as all twins they appear to be lost in their own world of 2!

All Women Stalker on

What a cute photo! The little girls are growing up so fast.🙂

Alex on

Cute kids!
We share a bday.
I’m still upset that ABC canceled Eastwick😦. Rebecca was so good in that show!

Elizabeth on

They are the cutest family!

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