Jennifer Lopez Explains Stance on Fertility Treatments

01/06/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy ELLE

Instead of slowing down since becoming a mom to 22-month-old twins Maximilian David and Emme Maribel, Jennifer Lopez says she’s motivated to do more.

“This is what I do — what, because I have kids and a husband now I’m not supposed to be me?” she asks in the February issue of ELLE. “I’m a more heightened me if anything.”

Calling herself “hyper J. Lo.,” the 40-year-old singer/actress says that “everything I wanted before, I want twice as much now.” She is quick to clarify, however, that she’s not referring to “material things.”

“It means to explore more, to think more. Being an artist doesn’t start because you’re 21, and it doesn’t end because you’re 51. You are who you are until the day you die.”

Accepting who she is — and her limitations — was key to Jennifer’s decision to forgo in-vitro fertilization. “When it comes to family and relationships, I’m quite traditional,” she explains. “Just because of the way I was raised.”

Citing her faith in God, Jennifer adds,

“I just felt like you don’t mess with things like that. And I guess deep down I really felt like either this is not going to happen for me or it is. You know what I mean? And if it is, it will. And if it’s not, it’s not going to.”

Max and Emme are Jennifer’s children with husband Marc Anthony.

Source: ELLE, February issue

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Natasha on

Uh oh… here come some offended moms…

Cathryn on

She is too traditional in her family in relationships for in vitro? Isn’t she on her third marriage? She’d also better hope she never develops a serious disease that requires treatment because she wouldn’t be able to turn to medicine…since it would be God’s plan for her to be sick.

My opinion of her has changed after this article and not for the better!

velouria on

I’m sorry but I don’t believe for a second that she didn’t have some help from $cience…

Jen DC on

I never understood the refusal to avail yourself of scientific advancement in the name of “allowing G*d to work.” G*d made the scientists, right? Helped them with the idea?

Luckily it worked out for her.

Blue on

I don’t believe her and sooooooo don’t agree with her regarding in-vitro.

lisa on

So she didnt use anything??..I find that hard to believe that clomid or another drug had never been used. I feel that God gave men ways to help themselves as in fertility treatments..its all in the way you look at it.

em on

Wow, then I guess she is super duper lucky to have conceived boy/girls twins at 38 or 39.

* Proud expectant mother (32 weeks) of my non-traditional IVF baby. And he or she is every bit as “meant to be” as any other baby.

Rose on

Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t believe her.

Erin on

Her opinion is her opinion. That’s fine. But when you’re being interviewed by a women’s magazine whose readers are in the prime demographic for becoming/being a mom, I think you might want to keep some things to yourself. But she has that problem a lot. Talking about every inch of her life. But I think “em” said it best – her baby on-the-way is every inch as “meant to be” as Jennifer’s.

Angela on

She sounds a bit self-righteous to me. God helps those who help themselves.

Emily on

For goodness sake, she’s expressing her personal opinion. These comments are becoming such a witch hunt these days. A celebrity can’t win, whatever they say or however they say it.

I actually admire her for conveying her own opinion in such a balanced way. She’s not saying that others shouldn’t have IVF – she’s explaining why it’s not the right choice for her, which is completely her prerogative.

As an example, I personally don’t like the idea of using the Pill. Why? I don’t quite feel comfortable in using something that changes my reproductive functions. It makes me uneasy. Don’t get me wrong, I know this is not on the same scale as IVF – but the same principle applies. It’s something that doesn’t feel right for me, my own body, my own set of principles. And that SHOULD be okay. It would be silly for somebody else who uses the Pill to be offended by that!

IVF isn’t for everybody, whether for reasons of spirituality or finance or health.

If you are having or have had IVF treatments, why on earth should you feel offended by the fact that IVF is not the preferred path for somebody else? Sheesh.

P.S. I know several people who have conceived twins at the age of 38-42 WITHOUT IVF. So yes, it does happen.

momof2 on

Actually the incidence of twins rises with maternal age, so unless any one of you performed her ivf procedure or prescribed her fertility drugs id stop speculating. I can see how mothers who’ve conceived this way would be offended, and personally I dont buy god as an excuse, but what she said is just her opinion, and purely from a scientific standpoint, you’ve got to wonder what the long term effects on the human race might be? you can’t deny that its possible that by doctors conceiving for couples who might otherwise not naturally be able to have a baby, can we be passing on unfavorable genes to our progeny? What if in a thousand years humans can’t reproduce on their own? just a thought…for the mothers who are upset about having a “nontraditional” baby, lets call a spade a spade here, no it’s not the traditional or natural way to have a baby, but why care, you’re about to have a baby, you win…

meghan on

I guess Catholics are cool with lying though. If you don’t want talk about it, don’t. It’s your life. Don’t go to the effort of lying.

Erika on

Jen DC- I totally agree with you! And also Cathryn. I don’t like her, she seems too stuck up and better than everyone else. I too think she did in vitro, and is trying to hide it, although I don’t know why she would, so maybe they are natural.

Personally (NOT trying to push my beliefs on others, just sharing my beliefs/opinions), I am a Christian, and fairly religious, but I don’t have a problem with fertilty treatment. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and any child is meant to be and is here for a reason. Especially since fertility treatment is not always successful, and if you really weren’t meant to have kids in that way, then it won’t happen. And I agree it’s not the traditional way, but I didn’t exactly think that the outfit she wore on New Years eve was traditional🙂

Again, I’m not trying to offend anyone with this, just sharing my differing beliefs. And congratulations on your baby, em!

Stephanie on

You do not have to have IVF to get twins. I have twins and did not use any type of fertility treatment.It is called “spontaneous” twinning. Women in their 30s or older are more prone to have twins. It is a scientific fact. I just wished she would have kept her opinions to herself. It doesn’t matter how you get them, it’s how you love them that counts.

chris on

This makes me so sad. One, it is obvious she is lying. Two, it is hard enough dealing with infertility and the stresses of IVF (which I am currently undergoing) without celebs telling you it’s something you shouldn’t “mess with”. Why can’t people just live and let live?

debbie on

She said if it was to happen or not for HER. Meaning, she wasnt going to start any treatments, Why does everything have to be now how she is trashing people who had IF treatments. She got pregnant the old fashion way and it is possible to have twins at that age and the older you are the higher chance you have of twins. All babies are welcomed no matter how they are made.

nikki on

For someone who is very traditional religiously, she sure has been married a few times.

The odds of a 39 year old woman, conceiving boy girl twins naturally, are very low.
So, not only is she absent minded, she is extraordinarily lucky.

De on

I heard that the likelihood of twins increases with age…

People have twins all the time without IVF and Clomid it’s not that weird.

I don’t see why she’d lie about it if she did it, what gain is there? None so…


shalay on

If she wants to deny using any fertility treatment, fine. Even though I doubt highly doubt it, none of us know whether she actually did or did not have help. But leave it at that. You don’t need to cite your relationship with God and “traditional” values as the reasons you wouldn’t use IVF. Give me a break. I believe that medical and scientific breakthroughs are a godsend.

If you want to get really literal, you can argue the fact that she wears makeup and dyes her hair. I mean, God didn’t create her like that, right? Sorry, I know that’s not the same, but I feel like she’s being hypocritical. Especially given the fact that she claims to have “traditional family values” when she has a history of two divorces and a broken engagement. Get over yourself.

Lisa p on

So I guess it’s ok to be ignorant if you are a celebrity because no matter what ppl will listen to you.
I guess for someone who has always had everything handed to them on a platter and not want for anything it must be hard to see and understand the lengths we go to in order to become parents – and if that includes IVF or any other form of fertility treatment then so be it. And I’m sure god would have been very satisfied to see the love my husband and I had the moment we first held our artifical daughter in our arms.
Lucky you Jennifer lucky you *cough cough*

Jane on

That is such a slap in the face to women who do fertility treatments or even women who adopt. I never really liked Jennifer Lopez, something about her, i was right apparently.

christina on

Em — a big congratulations!

I also don’t believe JLo one bit…and I recall her saying that she had no interest in trying to breastfeed because it “wasn’t for her” … I’m NOT judging every woman who doesn’t breastfeed, but if you shun the most natural way of feeding your baby and then spout off arguments like this, then she deserves some backlash.

m on

I am not sure why she is still talking about this when her children are almost 2 years old? Even if a nosy reporter asks her, can’t she just say “No comment”, or something else? Why continue to go into detail about it?

tigerjen on

That high horse she has herself permantly perched on must be dying under all her hot air.

tigerjen on

excuse my mispell: permanently

Jessica on

Wow! I forsure thought she had some help.

Lauren on

Well I looked up some information online, all though im not sure how credible all the websites are it says the chances of you conceiving twins naturally increases as you age. in 2008 14,000 women over the age of 35 had twins, thats more than any other age group.

Kaela on

I’ve known several couples who choose to accept the fact that they cannot conceive naturally and decided to either adopt of forgo kids entirely. The reasons ranged from faith to lack of finances. I don’t think JLo was speaking in a manner that looked down on those that did IVF, she was just sharing her own personal beliefs. We can all have different opinions and still respect each others choices. Hopefully. *stepping away from the flames*

jmae on

LOL @ the comment about “traditional” JLo on her third marriage…Very valid point! I definitely think she had some help from science too. What are the odds of a 40 year old woman naturally conceiving fraternal twins? I know it’s possible and it has happened naturally before…but for some reason I don’t believe her one bit. Wasn’t really a huge fan of her before – definitely still not a fan. Doesn’t she have a song called, “I’m Real.” Ha!

Mina on

Dear J.Lo: WTF?! You’re “traditional” but you’re in your 3rd marriage & your 2 previous unions barely lasted a year? You have alot of nerve saying that crap. God made scientists & all that to help people so who are you to talk smack about IVF? I’m not saying you cant have boy/girl twins naturally like Em (an above commenter) said but to talk like that when so many women have used that procedure is just rude.

I’ve been a fan of yours since you struck it big in Selena, but my opinion of you just went down a notch.


Robyn on

I don’t really care if she did IVF or not, but assuming that she did undergo IVF because she had boy/girl twins at age 38/39 isn’t really a fair assessment. As women get older, the chance of having twins INCREASES with age. Women tend to release more than one egg at one time and, thus, twins occur. This is very common.

Courtney on

There are MANY people out there who feel the same way she does. My sister in law has been trying to have a baby for 12 years and is now pg with B/G twins with no fertility help. She was a deep believer that what is meant to be is meant to be. SHE didnt feel right making a baby in a petri dish. Now, for myself, I think that GOd gave us these scientists and the technology to help us. I would go thru whatever it takes to have a child. My struggle was not with getting pregnant, but staying that way. I have 4 living children, yet more never took their first breath. I don’t know if JLo is telling the truth, I frankly don’t care. I think it SUCKS royally that people just have to know…its none of our business. I can’t imagine knowing that thats a big thing people discuss about me. All she wanted was the joy of having a child…why does all the baggage of how they were or weren’t concieved have to follow her around?

lizzielui on

Some people are hesitant when when it comes to scientific/medical advancement as it relates to reproduction and think that the process is not for them. I see nothing wrong with that. That is stark contrast from being against medical treatment for diseases or life threatening issues.

Courtney on

Also, I forgot to add that there are many things other than IVF such as IUI with or without clomid that could result in twins. As I said, I don’t really care but I just want other to know there are other options.

Shaya on

It annoys me when celebs think the rest of us are stupid.

bre on

My best friend feels the same way. They’ve tried naturally for 4 years and I am sure they will keep trying, but until then they are adopting and getting their son in 2 months.

People choose all the time what medical advances are right for them and their families whether it be vaccines to cancer treatment doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong or that their decisions are a personal slight at someone else’s own beliefs.

Catca on

I believe she is catholic, and the church disagrees with IVF because of their interpretation of when life begins and with IVF you have leftover embryos. Personally, I don’t have a problem with IVF, but I certainly am not going to put someone down for their religious beliefs. I’d like to think we live in a society that is tolerant of a spectrum of opinions and beliefs. In any event, I don’t even think JLo was citing her faith in terms of the church’s position, but simply for her, she was married with a husband and if she was meant to have a child it would happen without medical intervention. She sounds as if she was content and at peace with herself. I don’t see how that’s a put down with respect to anyone else choosing scientific intervention. Her comment wasn’t about other people’s choices, it was about her choice. Goodness, for those offended, you ever hear the phrase it’s not about you????

sophie on

Ok while I am not a fan of J.Lo by any means I don’t believe that she is necessarily lying by saying she didn’t do IVF, she may not have. However that doesn’t mean she didn’t do other fertility treatments including taking Clomid or other drugs that induce ovulation which very frequently results in multiple births. Also fraternal twins are more common in older women and younger women as those ages may tend to ovulate multiple eggs. But for women over 35 having higher rates, that is very likely due to fertility treatments (not necessarily IVF). I do have to agree that I don’t understand her talking about it at this point.

Chris on

J-Lo is traditional?😉

Liliana on

I don’t think it’s an impossible concept for her to conceive twins naturally. As others have mentioned, a woman is more likely to become pregnant with twins past the age of 35.

As for her comment, I definitely don’t agree with her stance but she is entitled to it. She’s definitely not the first person to think that way and as an individual, she’s allowed to say what she wants. Perhaps she could’ve worded it differently or declined to comment.

In my own opinion, I think there are medical advancements for a reason. Just because a woman can’t become pregnant naturally does not mean that all hope is lost and she should give up on her desire to become pregnant. IVF babies are every bit as meant to be as any other children.

The only time I’ve ever thought technology crossed an ethical line through reproduction is when people use it for gender selection. I would never judge individuals who undergo such procedures but for me, personally, it’s nothing I would ever do.

dfgdfgd on

Kaela, I know many many people who choose to adopt over IVF or clomid. Taking fertility treatments isn’t exactly fun (not that adoption is easy either). Some people just prefer adoption over fertility drugs.

urbanadventurertales on

Personally, I think she’s lying about not having any fertility treatments. She may have not done IVF, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t try other medications or procedures. We know that she tried for awhile to get preg, so I’m betting she saw the BEST doctors to make sure she was successful.

Anna on

If she did use IVF why would she be so obviously talking about not having it? I think she would just keep silent in that case not speak out against it. Also the chance of having twins grows as you get older, so it makes sense she had twins.

I do in a way agree with her view on IVF. Although I am not in any way religious, I do think we have gone too far in science and against nature.

Trinh on

I’m usually the first to say responses on this blog are way too over the top, jumping on everything, but GIVE ME A BREAK! How much more offensive can she be? And I hardly doubt she did not use in vitro. Is this the same article where she said she did Oscar worthy work in a film? So over her and her lack of class.

Abby on

I don’t think that religion needs to be the reason to try or not try fetility science. There are people of all religious backgrounds who can’t get pregnant, and to say that religion would tell you that science isn’t “natural” and deny yourself the opportunity to be a mother seems a bit extreme to me.

Nor should you bother to say it when you’re a cross-generational A-list star. Just saying.

Elizabeth on

She’s full of crap………..

Ellen on

First of all – I had my FIRST children – twins – naturally at 41. BUT…that was after 5 miscarriages and plenty of heartache. I would have had in vitro in a heartbeat but my doctor explained that I had problems STAYING pregnant, not GETTING pregnant. So twins without fertility treatment near or after 40 is definitely possible. Second- JLO needs to smarten up and keep her opinions to herself. ALso, I think she is lying.

Ashley on

There’s no shame in using IVF. It doesn’t make someone any less woman. I don’t know if J.Lo actually used IVF or not, but she’d look much less suspicious if she had a girl or a boy, or identical twins. Also, comment about older women having higher chance of having twins, that’s because they were assisted with conceiving, not because of their age.

SE on

Ok, I know this is kind of off topic but I have a question. How is Emme pronounced? Is it like emmy…or just another spelling for emma?

Robyn on

Ashley, your comment about older women having twins because of assistance and not because of age is inaccurate. As women get older, the body tends to accelerate ovulation–meaning more than one egg gets released from the ovaries. I don’t doubt that some women of “advanced maternal age” do use IVF that results in twins, but it’s scientific fact that the older you are, the more increased your chances are of conceiving twins, particularly fraternal twins.

Cécile on

Yes, you don’t mess with God’s intents.I’m sure she also delivered these two babies the good old fashioned way:no c-section,no anesthesia. And of course,no tummy tuck or plastic surgery ever for Ms Lopez.That would interfere with God’s plans.
Some celebrities are such a source of entertainment.

juliet holly on

love jennifer! i see what shes saying. go jlo ! she gets better with age

Jamie on

LOL @Cecile!

Tyd on

My inlaws believed it was God’s will whether or not they had children. After 14 years of trying they had my husband. God chose not to give them anymore children. Perhaps God chose to give Jennifer & Marc twins and that is all he has for them. I am not particularly religious but I think in this society of “gimme gimme gimme” it’s nice that they chose to just go with the flow and not try and control it. Perhaps they set themselves a time limit and if after a period of time there were no pregnancies they would adopt.

I am not knocking people who go through IVF as it’s a wonderful thing for those people who want to bring a gorgeous little person into this world to love. Medical science does many wonderful things such as my friend’s daughter Gabrielle🙂

Allison on

She’s full of it. She used treatments, I’m fairly certain. I know people that are like this. They struggle for years, use treatments, then lie and say it was natural. I think they don’t want to appear like they have something wrong, or they feel admitting they used treatments makes them defective or something. I personally conceived my two kids with IVF, and I am proud of the fact. It was a wonderful success, with one IVF, I had two kids (one from the cycle, and one with frozen remaining embryos). I don’t get why they can’t admit. And the fact that she still goes on about it 2 yrs later is a bit odd. I mean, do most celebrities break out saying we are glad we didn’t use IVF. I think moreso the fact she keeps trying to convince everyone she didn’t, it’s just making it more obvious that she did.

Essi on

Hah hah, Cecile, that made me laugh! As an IVF mom of two, I struggled a bit with the idea of ‘messing with’ mother nature, but as soon as I saw that positive pregnancy test and those beautiful babies, it became evident that God’s plan was at work! I wish J-Lo all the best and I hope her publicist tells that those quotes do not really help the public warm to her…true or not.

Megan on

She’s had plastic surgery since the early days of her career, yet I’m supposed to believe invitro is a no no ? Please.

Lisa on

As if! She should look up the definition of delusional.

sar on

J-Lo is traditional?😉


hayley on

ok …….this is just daft!! some of the replys here have gone way to far, wether you like it or not she has as much right as any one on this earth to state her opinions, her feelings about things even of alot of people wil disagree and like what has happend her ready to burn her at the stake!

only she knows how those 2 beautiful babies came to be so for any one to say she is making stuff up or not telling the truth is childish and to list all the resasons why she is wrong come on!

as sooooo many of you like to point out on here if its an opinion it can’t be wrong so its unfair if you can’t express one,

my thoughts….we are on a fine line…there are so many examples of humans ignoring their moral code and jumping forward into things they shouldn’t and i hope that doctors show though before jumping futher into messing to much with mother nature, but i do fear we are headed to a place where you can desgin your baby, hair, eyes, avarage height and body shape alll picked out and that IS wrong. if you want kids so badly you will exsept what your given and love him/her all the same.

excuse the spelling im full of cold and can’t sleep and its lie 4 in the mornin xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

electra on

If it has something to do with religion, the church is against shaking your butt and sexualizing yourself for the worlds eyes. So I don’t think she can be that religious. As far as traditional, I don’t see being married three times as being particular traditional. I dunno if i believe her and its irrelevant, I just like when peoples statements are consistent to who they are and how they act. Hers aren’t.

paula on

I don’t believe her for a second.
Also, yes, there is a slightly higher chance of having fraternal twins as you age, but it’s nominal. Certainly doesn’t explain all the fraternal twins born to celebrities recently. As a Catholic who had fertility treatments, I thank God every day for it.

T on

Couldn’t she be telling the truth in the quote and still used fertility treatment of some kind? I think she isn’t admitting anything about what she did or didn’t do. Or maybe it isn’t the full quote. I would be interested to read the sentences before that quote to get a better context. Maybe I am the only one that thinks that. Either way, god did help man invent fertility treatment right? There are so many ways to look at it. You can do IVF, IUI, Clomid etc.. and still look at it as “god’s plan”. JLo’s family is adorable!

Erin on

I really enjoy her answer. Too each their own and that’s her opinion. Frankly, as a non-believer, I would never put my body or my relationship through the hardship of in-vitro. Perhaps not being able to conceive is another way of life telling you your child is out there waiting to be found.

Di on

I don’t have a problem with Jennifer’s comments. Just because the technology is available does not mean you have to use it. I have seen reports about women undergoing fertility treatment and it takes a toll on the body.

Some of the treatments require women to inject themselves with hormones for the weeks leading up to the procedure and there is no guarantee that the process will be successful which is why you hear about couples undergoing rounds of IVF. Jennifer may have done the research and decided she did not want to put her body through that experience.

Furthermore, because her husband Marc already had three children, Jennifer may not have felt as much pressure to conceive her own child.

Call it faith in God, fate, destiny or whatever but some people feel if they are meant to have a child they will and if they are not, they won’t.

Milo on

it wouldn’t be so suspicious if there was not so many twins born in celebrity world the last few years!!! No doubt they all take fertility drugs.

I♥CBB on

I’m appalled that people are flat out calling J. Lo a liar. I do not think she is lying. I don’t see a point in telling a nationally published magazine lies about yourself. With the way the internet is and the paparazzi it’s so easy to find out the truth. I hope for the sake of her fans that she is honest and open because I would be extremely disappointed if I did find that she is not telling the truth.

Ashleigh on

To each their own, I suppose, but I strongly disagree with her comment. Instead of contradicting herself, she could’ve said she’s traditional in some aspects of her life and not others. While the Catholic church may frown upon IVF treatments, I doubt they’re thrilled with a person having three marriages.

KatieKate on

She is ridiculous. Everyone knows she had fertility treatments. They struggled for years for her to get pregnant. I am almost positive she went to see Dr. Surrey at the Beverly Hills clinic. Is she afraid anyone will think less of her if she could not get pregnant naturally? Seriously, anyone who judges someone on whether or not they used treatments has their own set of problems.

Remember when Oprah asked Julia Roberts in her round-about way whether she used treatments for her twins and Roberts was coy and just claimed she was an “over achiever”. She said twins “run in her family.” These people are ridiculous.

Haleiwa on

I have no problem with Jennifer saying IVF was not for her. I don’t get offended when someone is speaking about their experience and their thought process. It’s very clear from these bits of the interview that she is speaking for herself and not for any other woman. Her choices are her choices and if any woman picks up one of these magazines and digest every word of a celebrity interview as gospel, particularly when speaking on medicine, without assessing if it is in line or conflicts with their way of thinking and living, then that woman probably shouldn’t procreate because they can’t reason for themselves.

If she said she spent 10s of thousands on 7 IVFs people would be skewering her, the same way they came after Brook Shields.

I know plenty of people who availed themselves of reproductive medicine, stopping short of IVF and they all have their various reasons from religious beliefs, to not wanting to push their bodies, to not wanting to destroy leftover embryos, to not feeling like medicine is the only way to build their families, to deciding to live without raising children. All are valid reasons, and all made the right choice for themselves and their family.

Melissa on

This one is hard to swallow…. It is highly unlikely that her twins were conceived naturally. Shame on her for lying…. She doesn’t have to be a poster child for infertility, but to be so righteous (especially given some of her past behavior) is just plain pathetic. She went down a few notches in my book.

Cathryn on

lizzielui, there is no “contrast” between medical treatment for infertility and medical treatment for other diseases/life threatening issues. If you are OK with one, it is hypocritical to not be OK with the other.

Infertility is a disease just like diabetes, cancer etc and patients should be treated accordingly if they need/want it. Why is this so hard for people to get? It is a MEDICAL issue, not God randomly picking people that shouldn’t perpetuate the human race. Would you not seek treatment for any OTHER disease you developed?!

People going through this really don’t need to feel judged by others. To the person who said it’s not how your baby is made but how you love it, well said!

Jane on

I agree with Jennifer. I don’t see anything wrong with a person expressing their views.

CelebBabyLover on

Robyn- I couldn’t agree more! I also remember reading somewhere that, with fraternal twins, the most likely combination is boy/girl (rather than two boys or two girls).

Milo- I doubt it’s that black and white (and this is coming from someone who tends to be a very black and white thinker). Obviously some celebs have used fertility treatments (some of them, such as Marcia Cross, are even very open about that fact). However, some probably did concieve the old-fashioned way. As other commentors have said, the chances of having fraternal twins goes up as you age.

Also, if someone on your mother’s side of the family had fraternal twins, you are more likely to have fraternal twins yourself. I also am pretty sure I’ve read in multiple places (including in the comments here on CBB) that doctors have reported an increase of naturally concieved twins being born in recent years.

Bottomline: I’d say that about 50 percent of the twins born in Hollywood were probably concieved with fertility treatments. The other 50 percent probably concieved their twins naturally. Part of that 50 percent consists of celebs with identical twins (such as Diddy and Kim Porter, and Roger Federer and his wife Mirka), which happen purely by chance (in fact, from what I’ve read, Scientists still don’t know just what it is that causes the egg to split and create identical twins).

The rest of that 50 percent consists of fraternal twins concieved the old-fashioned way (in otherwords, I’m not saying that 50 percent of the fraternal twins concieved in Hollywood were concieved au natural).

CelebBabyLover on

Cathryn- Infertility is a medical issue, that does not mean it’s a disease! I think, in this case, it boils down to personal opinion. Some people probably do consider infertiliy a disease, while others do not.

Cara on

Hehe, quite traditional about family and relationships, she sure has a warped perspective on what ‘traditional’ is !! So many of these celebrities live in their own make-believe bubble of perfection, it is laughable when they come out with their version of their wonderful perfect life.

While it is true the incidence of twins increases with maternal age, it would be for women who are fertile. JLow had spoken often about her difficulties in getting pregnant and she tried for years to conceive. It is unlikely an almost 40 year old, with fertility issues, will conceive fraternal twins on their first pregnancy without help.

She has likely convinced herself she never had medical intervention, as she has convinced herself she is very traditional about relationships. LOL, LOL,

Really cannot stand her now after that interview.

Manal on

come on people miracles do happen!

sil on

““I just felt like you don’t mess with things like that. And I guess deep down I really felt like either this is not going to happen for me or it is. You know what I mean? And if it is, it will. And if it’s not, it’s not going to.””

she says “I”, “I”, “I”….so that means is HER opinion.
I think every woman has the right to think whatever she wants and decide how to have a baby (adoption, IVF…)
My sister in law is trying to concieve for two years and she says that if she can’t get pregnant then she will not have kids, (and she is not catholic) is just that she doesn’t feel to adopt or try IVF…is HER opinion, and we respect her.

Lachesis7 on

I believe that our drive (as a species) to have children is often one of the strongest drives we possess. For those who have no drive to have children, I don’t mean you, for those who have this drive, you understand. Simply seeing a pregnant woman or a newborn baby can make us long for the same ourselves – I believe we are made this way in order to perpetuate our species.

I also think that one of the cruelest tricks of nature is that when we lose (or never have) the ability to conceive, we do not lose this drive; we still long for children – a pregnant woman or a newborn baby can evoke longing and even bereavement for what cannot be.

For some, science holds the answer – does any woman have the right to judge another for allowing science to provide that which nature cannot?

Lena on

I’m guess I’m one of the few that believe that fraternal twins occur more naturally in older women because like the poster above stated, during the end if our reproductive cycle our ovaries go into over drive and spit out our last eggs some two at a time. Also it was stated in another thread that the sperm carrying the y’s are faster so the boys are fertilized first while the slower bigger x sperms get there later and fertilized any egg that may be there and make a girl. In this instance of older mother jlo, another egg from her multi egg shooting ovary. This ovary in overdrive is probably connected to why women of that age have a stronger sex drive. I think jlo is lucky she concieved but who’s to say this was her first time getting pregnant in her life. She could have miscarried or just not been ready in the past. Who knows.

Lena on

I am also convinced that some of the posters above don’t know how exactly twins are formed. Identical twins are formed through one egg spliting. Fraternal twins are when two seperate eggs are fertilized at the same time are a few days apart. The one fertilized at the same time are usually the same sex while the ones a few days apart are usually boy/girl. This is becuase y sperm swim faster and die faster, while x sperm swim just as fast but live longer. So if both sperm get there but the y fertilizes first, then youll have a boy, if the x sperm get there and hang out and another egg drops out of your ovary, then itll get fertilized as a girl.

Jessicad on

Tigerjen-misspell:) I’ve done that before!

I agree with those of you who said she went too far with this one. I don’t think what she said was that bad, but her being married 3 times makes her sound ridiculous.

momof2 on

I think when it comes to topics like these, people tend to think with their hearts and not their heads…just because she had an opinion and you dont like it doesnt make it ok to attack her and call her a liar…we’re you standing over her shoulder when she conceived? it seems like half of all pregnancies i know of are done through fertility treatments, what’s going on?! I just have to point out though, it makes my skin crawl when I hear a woman who’s on her 3rd ivf baby complaining about overpopulation, it’s like are you kidding me, you think maybe nature is trying to control that? I just think hey you got your baby, now dont complain about the rest of us, geez…

Diana on

Why would she lie about it??? If she had fertility treatment and didn’t want people to know why wouldn’t she just not saying anything? I just don’t believe their is any reason for her to lie about it; especially now that its been 2 years isn’t not like its something people are really wondering about.

As for her saying she wouldn’t do in vitro because it wasn’t right for her; so what??? I don’t think she is really making judgments on any one else’s choices.

Valerie on

Beautifully stated, em! Congratulations!!!

kasey on

I think it’s easy to pass judgement when one is fully capable of conceiving naturally. Unless they must walk in other people’s shoes, they will never understand one’s desire to become pregnant.

crimpe on

Guess CBB didn’t publish my post because I questioned J Lo’s intelligence and agreed with #48 (Elizabeth). Clearly she’s not thinking through her what she’s saying, as her actions betray them. Oh and I don’t believe her either. And I think she is being offensive to women who make different choices.

Ash on

I think some of the people in this thread need to educate themselves a little more about conception because it seems that many of you don’t understand the difference between monozygotic and dizygotic twins as it relates to age. Some of you also don’t seem to understand that there are other options besides IVF such as clomid which also increases the chance of having twins (happened to one of my friends). I’m not a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez because she has said some hypocritical things in the past, but there’s no solid evidence that she’s flat out lying.

Amy on

I don’t believe J.Lo. She very obviously wanted to get pregnant for a few years, then suddenly she ends up with twins. Just like half of Hollywood. And I also don’t believe that 50% of those Hollywood moms conceived twins naturally-no way! Maybe 15% of them! Most of them are 37 or older and I know twins are more common as you age BUT…in the real world, still, how many sets of twins have you seen born in the last few years, personally? I know ONE set-identical girls-and the mom was 37 when they were born (didn’t find out until her third ultrasound if you can believe it!). So in a small little place like Hollywood it sure is interesting that there about 20 sets of twins. Hmmm…not buying it, sorry. And they ALL say twins “run in their family”-ha! J. Lo would definitely not want to admit to being defective in some way, that’s all. I don’t care for her or her husband.

rachael on

Not going to get into the whole IVF controversy except to say that based on her history, JLO is not very credible when it comes to telling the truth. Heck, she flat out denied she was pregnant when she was several months along with her twins!!! Remember this –

When asked about being pregnant
she told Us Weekly, “No, no! We get this every week!”

amy on

I think the woman doth protest too much, otherwise she wouldn’t keep bringing it up.

urbanadventurertales on

I think KatieKate had it exactly right when she pointed out how Julia Roberts and many many other celebs that have fraternal twins play “coy” about it. Though it is more common to have fraternal twins than identical, it still is NOT nearly has common for twins to occur naturally as it seems to happen in Hollywood. Think of all the celeb moms out there that have twins. It’s definitely not “natural”. And yet none of them will admit that they used help (whether with IVF or fertility meds)…

Personally, I have PCOS and had trouble tracking my cycle to get preg. I went on clomid for 3 months and did not respond to the treatment. The next step would be IUI for us and then IVF. After prayer, we decided that we didn’t feel comfortable with those next steps, so we stopped trying. I ended up conceiving my twins after that with no medications. So, I suppose it’s possible that the same happened for J.Lo. But I somehow highly doubt it.

And several people asked why should would blatantly lie about it. Well, perhaps the interviewer for the magazine asked her point-blank and she did not want to answer fully, so she just made the statement about IVF.

Ash on


I personally know quite a few people that have had twins so, in my circle at least, it’s not at all unusual. When I was in college, my western civ professor’s wife gave birth to triplets that were conceived naturally and totally spontaneous; even though most people these days when they see triplets, they probably assume they were products of fertility drugs which is obviously a rush to judgement. Multiple births in general seem to be getting more and more common, and I personally believe it’s something in the environment causing it (like too many hormones in our food perhaps).

So yes, J.Lo is probably not the most honest person out there, but there’s no reason for people to jump on her and assume she’s lying when she could very well be telling the truth.

Ellen Smith on

This the same woman who was so obsessed with her training for a triathalon that she couldn’t understand why anyone was interested in Michael Phelps (when he was in the midst of winning 8 gold medals). She is entirely self-absorbed and believes her own hype. I don’t believe her opinion on reproduction and think she is disingenuous. Why anyone would turn to her for guidance is beyond me, and I certainly think her words don’t mean much since she may very well be lying about her situation.

rina on

While she very well may have not done IVF, I’ve never heard her say she didn’t use fertility drugs or other measures, such as IUI. Twins are more common from those measures than from IVF.

As a mom of an IVF miracle, I support her decision to not undergo IVF. It’s certainly not an easy road to travel. But as a Christian, it seems very judgemental to say that IVF is “messing around” with God’s will/plan. How can any of us truly know God’s will? She can believe that, of course, just as I can believe that God was very much at work in the room when the reproductive endocrinologist, the embryologist and the nurse helped my husband and me conceive.

Cathryn on

CelebBabyLover: just to clarify, I believe it is a disease. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine states that, “Infertility is a disease of the reproductive system that impairs one of the body’s most basic functions: the conception of children…”

fuzibuni on

Infertility in and of itself is not a disease.
Some things that can CAUSE infertility, such as endometriosis and fibroids, ARE diseases.
However, aging of the female reproductive system is NORMAL, not a disease.

pia on

the last thing i posted wasn’t put up on this thread..
i just want to say that i believe that the lord helps those who helps themselves… ivf isn’t something easy or nice or even 100% effective.. those who do ivf are brave and obviously want a baby badly. she has no right, this woman who has EVERYTHING, to say it is against god’s plan.. who is she to say she knows what god wants? it’s just ill informed and offensive and surely she wasn’t raise THAT way?

B on

I think it’s really a shame that she isn’t using her position as a celebrity to raise awareness about infertility. Hello, as women get older it gets harder to get pregnant. That’s totally normal, so I don’t understand why she would hide the fact that she went through IVF to get pregnant. I’m not saying everyone thinks it, but maybe some of her fans look at her conceiving “naturally” and think that they will be able to put it off, and do it naturally when they are her age.

dickie on

For those of you saying that it is impossible that she had twins without medical intervention, saying she is a liar, you are passing judgment in the same fashion for which you are condemning Jennifer Lopez. Hypocrisy is not pretty.

I am about to be a first time mom at the age of 42, with a singleton, by natural means, so these things can happen. Yeah, perhaps they fall under the category of (blessed) miracle, but they do happen. My husband and I tried for years with no results. We consulted with a fertility specialist, but when they told us there was an increased chance of ovarian or reproductive cancers with the use of clomid and IVF, we decided not to take the chance.

That being said, I think Ms. Lopez could have thought things through a little better when speaking on this issue. My guess is that she is bending over backwards to make sure that people know that these children were conceived naturally, instead of focusing on her blessings. But really people, consider the source – she is the same person who thinks she should have won an Oscar for her role in El Cantante! She is a bit delusional. And “traditional” is not the word most of us would use to describe her!

paula on

When I say that I don’t believe her, I’m not passing judgment. I just don’t believe that someone who is so driven in every other aspect of her life would just give up when it comes to starting a family. Celebrities lie All.The.Time. About Everything. It’s almost part of their job. No judgment…they do what they feel is best for them, their families and their careers.
And I agree with those who say that there is no way that most of the celebrity fraternal twins are natural. As a previous poster said, probably only about 15% are natural, maybe even less. Talk to a reproductive endocrinologist and I’m sure they would agree.

jerryca on

why are you guys bashing J-LO for HER opinion? I actually agree with her. I have said so many times if I cannot have babies the natural way, I would not do the scientific method. God does everything thing for a reason. I don’t bash anybody who chooses to do IVF nor do I read in the mag where she’s bashing people or telling them not to do IVF either. everyone CAN have an OPINION.

Monique on

Can’t stand her.

marie on

I SMELL A BIG LIE…………..and yet she didn’t want to be traditional and breast feed?? Come on Missy!!

Jessica on

I personally see nothing wrong with what she said. It was just her opinion. This subject hits close to home as my brother and sister in-law went through years of trying conceive and never did. My sister in law felt this was something that shouldn’t be tampered with (again, her personal opinion) and they decided adoption was the route they needed to take in their quest to become parents. They adopted two beautiful little girls and couldn’t be happier. On the otherhand, my dear college friend did IVF to conceive both of her baby girls and she saw nothing wrong with the help of science to conceive her children. I would never shoot my sister in law down for having a personal opinion about fertility treatments and I would never shoot my friend down for having her own opinion about fertility treatments. We are all different and have different opinions especially when it comes to science.

Natasha on

Wow, a lot of you must know her personally. You all must’ve been there when she got pregnant. Wow, I feel so blessed to be in the presence of people who know Jennifer and Marc personally. This is AWESOME!

Bella Mama on

liar, liar, pants on fire lol..

Sobi on

I’m not passing judgment to say that I don’t believe her. That is my perogative. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong. But, you can make a sound decision based on someone’s track record. She has always come across as pretentious, persnickety and pompous, in MY opinion, and has made false statements to the press before. It just SEEMS like it would be a fate worse than death to her to admit she needed help with ANYTHING. I also believe that, being a Catholic, she might NEED to make those statements because IVF might not be “acceptable” options in her Church. But, I don’t think the three marriages are “acceptable” either, but she got around that issue by having them “annulled” which means the Church recognizes the marriages never existed. She apparently does and says whatever will get her through the day and will assist in preserving her opinion of self, as well as displaying “perfection” (in her mind) to the public. She doesn’t owe us the details of her life. But, if she’s going to go “on record” with statements such as hers or talk about her children of her own accord, it would be nice to hear a bit of honesty. I think statements like hers can be akin to adding insult to injury to women who are struggling with infertility and feeling very alone.

Suzanne on

It’s interesting that it was reported in September 2006 that she was reportedly undergoing IVF at Cedars Sinai in LA and then on some fertility boards people reported seeing her at Cornell’s IVF office in NY. As someone who dealt with infertility and did IVF, I have to say that a 38 year old woman having twins a few years after expressing her desire to have children just smells a little too much like IVF than not.

Stella Bella on

I wouldn’t be surprised if she took a little Clomid, which is a far cry from IVF. Regardless, I think some of you people have your backs up over nothing.

jeanne on

total bs I bet the twins were not conceived without some medical intervention (be it drugs or ivf) !!! Please why can”t these hollywood people admit they have fertility problems–would help other so much with same issues

jeanne on

I am the mother of 6 the last two were identical twins conceived at the age of 42 naturally–and unplanned. so i have read alot on twins–and twins only occur natuarally in older women if they already have had MANY KIDS.
It is not more likely for a first time older mom to conceive twins that is just simply untrue

Sobi on

Stella Bella, I think it’s just that she goes out of her way to talk about herself and then gives the public a crock of, well, whatever. Dishonesty tends to make people a little cranky, especially from prominent figures who go out of their way to put their statements on record.

millie on

SE @ 51: I thought Emme was said “Em” and Emmy or Emmee would be said “EM-EE”.

Usually with Emme if its spelt like that and has an accent on the last E that can be “Emma” because the accent changes the second E into an A. But that gets a bit confusing for everyone specifically English speaking people who don’t really deal in accents! So I’d say Emme is just “Em” like the begining of “Emma” without the “MA” part!

Ash on

I’m pretty sure that they said Emme was pronounced like Emmy.

christine on

In my opinion, the most offensive thing about the coverage is the grossly distorted (photoshopped) photo that they put on the cover.

I know that all pictures in fashion magazines are “touched up” to some extent, but this one looks surreal. Compare the size of her head with the circumference of her chest!!

Jennifer is known for her curves, and I think it’s awful that the media thinks it’s necessary to turn her body into this emaciated form in order to sell more copies.

Luna on

Personally, i believe that no matter which way Emme and Max were conceived (IVF or naturally) that her children are here now so they were meant to be. Personally, i don’t believe that she naturally conceived. She calls herself traditional but yet she chooses not to breast feed which is traditional (no disrespect to mothers who did not breast feed just making a point) she’s dyed her hair, wears makeup, and has had multiple marriages. I don’t mean to seem rude but i really don’t believe that those are things a quote quote traditional end quote person would do. If she did have IVF that’s nothing to be ashamed of. If she wanted children, no one would have judged her for it.

Lauren on

“Infertility is a disease just like diabetes, cancer etc and patients should be treated accordingly if they need/want it. Why is this so hard for people to get? It is a MEDICAL issue, not God randomly picking people that shouldn’t perpetuate the human race.”

Diabetes, cancer, etc. kill. Infertility does not. Devastating as all three are, making one into something it’s not to prove your point is offensive to those who are dying from actual diseases. Period.

Julie on

Sobi, my sentiments exactly!

Michelle on

Hey J-Lo…it’s your lie. Tell it how you want. She is not being truthful, but whatev.

Elizabeth on

She’s lying and insulting the decisions of others. She should really keep her mouth shut.

molly on

i am sure as well she did some fertility treatments. I also dont like that she used “don’t mess up with these things”. I dont like the word “mess” in getting pregnant. Doesn’t sound right.

SHe is of course entitled to her own opinion and she doesnt have to tell us us, but for god’s sake, jennifer, don’t lie. Instead, you dont have to say anything, its better then lying and denying.

marie on

J-It is not more likely for a first time older mom to conceive twins that is just simply untrue

Very true..I’m 43 and expecting our 4th. First time older mom have a harder time getting pregnant. I would have prefer that she (JL) not make any comment about how she concieved. Especially since I think that she is being less than truthful. However, It has done wonders for the community struggling with infertility issues, when a famous person is willing to admit they are having problems. It gives the needed exposure to this growing population of people.
And to the person that said they would only have a child natural……….Famous Last Words………often said….Hope that you won’t need any help.

Christina on

Ha! Love it-I dont really care either way but when I was undergoing fertility treatments here in Los Angeles I ran into Marc Anthony in my office-so we can take that how we want…But on a side note a big fan of fertility treatments as its how I conceived…..why lie??

Mary-Helen on

I see nothing wrong with her statement. OCD wasn’t right for HER so SHE didn’t have it done. She didn’t say “and no one should do it” just that it wasn’t right for her. However, perhaps she wouldn’t need to say such “offensive” things if people like some above posters didn’t insist she come out and talk about her alleged infertility. My best friend has been trying for three years and refuses to do IVF, citing the costs and lack of guarentee that she will have a child. She also finds talking about it humiliating and painful. Imagine constantly being asked everytime you talk about your children “but how did you get pregnant?” Maybe Jen is just sick of talking about her reproductive organs and put out a definitive statement.

Sarah K. on

I don’t really have an opinion about her conceiving naturally – for all we know, she did

BUT, I do have an opinion about Jennifer being traditional. As others have pointed out, she had been married three times, engaged twice, had cosmetic surgery, etc. These are not traditional Catholic values. It seems disingenuous to ignore some traditions like not divorcing and then claim to be traditional enough not to use IVF.

Also, JLo may want to know her audience. A lot of women have used IVF and her comments are pretty harsh, even if that is her opinion.

Cathryn on

Lauren, I’m confused by your statement. Does something need to be able to kill you to be classified as a disease? Is that your point? I don’t believe I took away from the impact of terminal diseases at all. I simply stated that all are diseases and deserve treatment IF people want it.

annalee on

Wow… I’m surprised so many people are assuming that she’s lying. Why not give her the benefit of the doubt?

I too found the “traditional” comment odd as I’m fairly traditional, Christian, conservative, etc myself and I’m not against IVF. Though personally, I wouldn’t do it since the “extra” embryos are eventually thrown out. I’m extremely pro-life and I don’t love the idea of “life” (what I consider to be life, or potential life at least) being tossed around like that.

sgtmian on

man, there are some sensitive people up in here. why are you all so insecure? even if she lied about the twins, which i highly doubt she did, what she said was not offensive in the slightest. she wasn’t talking about YOU, she was talking about herself. that’s like me getting offended because someone said they thought sex with women is gross. i don’t give a shit, ’cause i think it’s awesome.

to those of you who say IVF isn’t messing with nature, were you sleeping in biology or what?

okay, so i’m not one of those people with the baby crazies, and i “don’t understand”. but if i ever do want children, i wouldn’t do IVF, just like i won’t use fake hormones as birthcontrol. i’m also one of those bitches who thinks it’s selfish when people need to procreate by any means possible. why does it have to be new and shiny and look like you? maybe your body is telling you there’s somebody out there for you to mother, somebody who already has a life, one that isn’t so great.

Mia on

I don’t think its a matter of just she had twins, because boy/girl twins are actually the most common set of twins, but the thing that just seems strange is that if they were having problems conceiving, that means something was off course (or not working), and then randomly things are working and she became pregnant, so it would seem some kind of assistance took place to help things coordinate.

Regardless, happy for her. She has the marriage/kids she always wanted. And people are going to believe what they want to believe, it’s a catch 22.

kasey on

Sgtmian, you have absolutely no idea why people go through fertility treatments. I don’t give a damn if you don’t; that’s your perogative but just like no one has the right to judge you, please don’t assume you know the reasons why people would go through various procedures to become pregnant.

Saying “why does it have to be new and shiny and look like you?” is ignorant when, as I said, many women have numerous reasons for wanting to get pregnant and none of which concern you.

mp on

I believe Jennifer Lopez is lying.

kmb on

I have lost all respect for Jennifer Lopez (not that I had much to begin with) after this sideways and obtuse attack on IVF treatments and how women chose to conceive a child, when sometimes IVF is the only option after years of trying naturally. Every woman deserves to be a mother, and simply because she is reproductively-challenged, this doesn’t make her any less of a possible mother in God’s eyes. And last time I checked, J-lo isn’t God, although she probably thinks she is.

“When it comes to family and relationships, I’m quite traditional,” — really, J-lo? What are you on now, marriage number 3?

preggers on

I’m 41 and having twins…conceived with no assistance. Older women do have twins “naturally” more than younger women. I don’t know how J-Lo conceived, and I don’t care. But I do think she’s an arrogant, self-absorbed bore…but she always has been. Oh, did I mention talentless? I have to admit, I loved when she fell on her self-important a$$ during that awards show. She really needs to get off that high horse. She isn’t all that, isn’t traditional, and is insensitive to individuals with fertility issues. She needs to get out of that delusion she lives in.

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- I think you said it best of all. We can all argue with each other about whether or not J-Lo’s lying about having concieved the twins naturally until we’re blue in the face, but at the end of the day, we aren’t going to change each other’s opinions. We’re all going to believe what we want believe.🙂

The same goes for the discussion of whether or not she’s being hypocritical by saying she’s traditional. I personally think you can be traditional in some ways, but not others. I don’t think it needs to be all one way or the other.

That being said, I think at this point we all need to agree to disagree!

Kir on

I don’t have a problem with JLo feeling that IVF isn’t right for her.
I DO have a problem with her opinion being that “you don’t mess with things like that”.
Her statement doesn’t come across that SHE personally doesn’t just believe in it’; but it comes across as that she just doesn’t believe anyone should.
But then again maybe if I was blessed with two babies (or just one!) I’d think differently too.

jeanne on

again as i stated older women only have more chances of conceiving twins naturally if they have already had MANY kids before–its natures way of realizing these women are running out of time and trying to squeeze out an extra one!! Google it and do the research!!

m-dot on

OMG! The woman gave her opinion on how SHE felt about fertility treatments FOR HER. She felt confident enough in her own skin to either become a parent naturally, or to simply enjoy her life without children if pregnancy never occurred. I think that’s a great attitude to have. If I weren’t able to have children biologically, I’d either adopt or go without kids. I’m not pumping myself with artificial anything voluntarily. For those willing to do so, that is certainly your choice…but that walk would not be for me.

Alex on

I still think she did fertility treatments…

alicia on

She can’t be a true catholic, can she? I mean, for true catholics, there is no such a thing as divorce. For the catholic church the only way to get out of marriage is annulement, which is hard to get. The common divorce which is granted by civil authority is not regognized by catholic church, means nothing for them.
If she ever married in the church as a catholic, she’s still married to his then husband. And the same to Mr.Mark Anthony. But if she just married out of the church, she’s still single. And if this is the case, she’s a sinner, having pre-marital sex!!
I don’t mean I share at all this view, not at all, but I know about this quite well, I was raised a catholic (though I don’t see myself as one anymore).

Mary-Helen on

Suzanne – For Jennifer to have gotten IVF in September 2006 and Max and Emme to be born @ the end of February 2008, she would have been pregnant for 17 months. Unless she is an elephant, that item would have been false.

IMO Jennifer’s statements are consistent with someone who is prally sick and tired of discussing her ovaries. I mean, let’s be frank, she’s a mother and loving it, but everyone seems to want her to jump on this “I had fertility treatments” bandwagon. What if she didn’t have them done? Should she lie to appease the masses? Maybe, just maybe she got her miracle. I remember when she did an interview right after the twins were born and she mentioned giving up because it just wasn’t happening and that’s when she got pregnant, that happens for alot of women. I think if people kept asking me about how my kids were “really” conceived, I might get a little grumpy and say something a little harsh too!

But the fact is, she didn’t condemn treatments, just that she feels it’s messing with nature and not right for HER. There are alot of women out there who feel IVF is not right for them. I understand I have no opinion on the idea of fertility treatments as I was fortunate enough to get pregnant fairly easily with my daughters, but I have watched my best friend go through infertility struggles for three years and she still doesn’t think IVF is right for her because it’s a lot of money and no guarentee you will have a child in the end anyway. I think it’s an extremely personal decision and Jennifer made hers and explained her reasoning, just like people on here explain their reasoning for their opinion regarding Suri Cruise’s shoes, Angelina Jolie’s twins, Jayden Federline’s soother, etc. I have always admired Jennifer Lopez for marching to the beat of her own drum and saying how she feels, popular or not. She doesn’t just say the “right” things and I admire her for that. I don’t agree with everything she says but I give her props for not playing the Hollywood game. She was proud of her role in El Cantante and felt it was Oscar worthy and she said so, she doesn’t think IVF is right for her so she said so, she admitted her marriages didn’t work because neither party was willing to fight for them and she said so. I admire her candor.

Ash on


I believe her two previous marriages were annulled. They’re not that hard to get (my mother’s marriage to her first husband was annulled).

samersova on

I know 100% she had IVF

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- Very well said!🙂

Sarah M. on

Mia (#131) – I met a woman recently who tried for many years to get pregnant with her husband. They tried naturally, IVF and other treatments. After about 10 years, they decided to adopt a little boy (Townsend) from Guatamala. When they got there to pick him up, they met a little girl (Ellery) in the same orphanage and decided they wanted to adopt her, also. They took Townsend home and waited for the referal for Ellery. While they were waiting for her referal, they got pregnant naturally with their daughter, Maren. Now they have 3 kids under the age of 3, none of the 3 are biologically related, 2 different ethnicities between them. I’ve heard many more stories similar to this. Sometimes, when you concentrate so hard on getting pregnant for so long, it doesn’t happen. As soon as you stop concentrating so hard, it happens naturally and takes you by surprise.

Children are a blessing and just because you can’t get pregnant, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the child you deserve. No matter how you decide to go about making your family, go for it. If someone has a problem with it, it’s their problem and not yours!

Gigohead on

Essi is right, JLo needs a publicist to sit in with her during these interviews and interrupt when she sticks her foot in her mouth, which seems to be a constant thing with this chick. What comes out of her mouth is completely off putting. It’s a flick about the desire of wanting a family and yet she manages to turn it about her morals and herself. What a class act!

There is nothing in IVF. It’s only a way of uniting the egg and the sperm and placing it where it belongs. Sometimes God’s work needs a little help and he created man with the wisdom to do it. i do believe it’s folks like Octomom that give the process a bad name.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- “No matter how you decide to go about making your family, go for it. If someone has a problem with it, it’s their problem and not yours!” Beautifully written! There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to having a family (and, just for the record, I don’t believe you have to have kids in order to be a family. Families come in all shapes and sizes!).

Some people only want to have kids biologically, and will do whatever it takes to have them; others may choose to adopt if they can’t get pregnant; some may adopt WITHOUT trying to have biological kids first; some might adopt AND have biological kids; and some may (and I apologize in advance if I offend anyone who’s not religious) let God choose whether or not they have kids (in otherwords, if they concieve the old-fashioned way, great, but if not, they’ll accept that kids were not in God’s plan for them, and not use fertility treatments.).

And, of course, there are couples who are perfectly content NOT to have kids at all (i.e., they decide from the beginning that they simply don’t want kids). Bottomline: Everyone needs to choose what works for them.🙂

Candice on

I think the frustration with celebrities is that we repeatedly see women over 35 having babies, especially twins, and then being interviewed and saying things to either put down or deny the use of fertility drugs and/or procedures. It is so unlikely that all these women are getting pregnant at their age with no problem and also having twins at that rate. 1 out of 6 couples have some type of fertility issues and that rate increases with age. Even if she didn’t do in vitro, which is very possible, she is not denying the use of drugs. It is just annoying to represent this to the general public, b/c then ‘regular’ women mass miss their oppurtunity to be proactive and have a baby with some medical intervention, b/c if she waited and had twins maybe I can too.

Kate on

More likely than not, she was at least on fertility drugs. And then how would she explain the whole “if it happens, it will. and if it doesn’t, it won’t”. I don’t believe for one second these are natural twins.

alicia on

Annulement you can get for the first time….but not the second. Catholic church doesn’t grant annulements at will, it’s quite difficult to get one, and you must forget to have a second, there is not such a thing.

Karen JaneF on

Jennifer Lopez is a real piece of work to criticize women who use fertility treatments.

Tara on

Ok, first off, twins are pretty rare. so maybe she only used clomid and got twins. I think there’s a strong moral cases against ivf. I havent figured out how religious people can justify it. but we all make choices. some people are comfortable with ivf, some not. some in the middle. personally i dont care about ivf but what I do think is gross is a)using ivf at a late age. its called biology. respect it. not having a kid at 43 is NOT being infertile. its biology. b)implanting more than one embryo. It is not fair to the babies. It is less healthy to have twins and there’s a reasonable risk of complication. c)selecting for things like gender. its NOT a disease to be a boy or a girl. Just my opinion.
Personally I cant stand J Lo. I think she’s a decent dancer, cant sing for crap, talks like an idiot and while quite attractive, has clearly illustrated better than prob any other celeb what tasteful surgery, makeup and things like fair hair can do for your appearance. maybe Im an outlier but do you ALWAYS have to be glam. Yes it does put pressure on other ladies. But whatever. I liked her better when she was jennifer lopez anyway. And does she even speak fluent spanish?

Aimee on

I truly believe she had a surrogate for those twins. No one can say or do anything to convince me otherwise…

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