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01/06/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

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fuzibuni on

i haven’t got the stomach to read the article about the chop-stick incident. just reading the headline makes me wince!

Erika on

That dog is amazing! She seems like such a sweetie and I’m glad she will make a full recovery. I felt so bad for her, but I’m so glad the little boy is okay, and the dog will be. It’s an unfortunate, yet completely inspirational story.

I’ll admit when I first saw the chopstick incident, I thought how funny until I saw that it pierced his brain. He’s also lucky that he’s okay. That must have hurt.

Lena on

After reading about the mom of 9 who was sterilized against her will, I lost all sympathy for her case. She sued previously for buying expired spermacide and therefore having an unwanted child, but gets upset when she is finally sterile? I know it wasn’t her choice when she was sterilized but she is unmarried and can’t take care of the kids she has. She doesn’t even have custody of all of them, not counting the older two. I know it’s a touchy subject but there should be some regulations for people who can’t afford to care for their children.

eva on

I think it is terrible when people say that it is ok to regulate on the rights,health and family of the poor and the uneducated.It makes me sick to read from middle class women saying that action must be taken against poor mothers with too many kids and brag about their ability to support families of 5 or more.

I too wish the mother of 9 had thought things through before having nine children and losing custody of some of them.I too think education and healthy choices must be encouraged so these things happen less and less often.I also think it is a shared responsability to prevent social problems from affecting our communities,instead of simply punishing those who were not given the same starting opportunities as us for being unable to live up to our morality and standards.To say “let them be sterilized” sounds like dumb-ass Marie Antoinette saying “let them eat cake” (I know she didn’t actually say this).Either deny everyone the right to plan a family,even upper and middle class families, or let it be a personal thing and yes,run the risk of bad things happening.

electra on

I agree with Eva~

momof2 on

while i agree that doctors/govt shouldnt have the right to steralize someone, it is a huge pet peeve of mine when people say “they weren’t given the same opportunities or starting standards” Most people aren’t “given” their lives. My husband and I both grew up poor, I was born to a teenage mother and father…I worked my butt off and made my own opportunities and things happen, i didnt rely on others to take care of me. That said I believe EVERYONE can better themselves, so I dont feel bad for her. Yes it is society’s responsibility to support social causes, public education, safety, etc, but it shouldnt be society’s responsibility to take care of women like this who clearly can’t take care of herself let alone 9 kids. She should have to suffer the consequences for her actions not the taxpayers, education is the number one important thing we should be providing for our youth, and funding is suffering, because there are so many lazy, excuse making, burdens (and no im not saying everyone who receives assistance is, some people actually do need help for a short time, it shouldnt be allowed to be a lifestyle)

eva on

I also grew up poor and worked myself to get education and a career,as well as stay away from the trouble making crowd.My family and I stuggled a lot to raise above poverty but we were not living in an island detached from a community and neither were you and your husband momof2.Even if you decide to deny that along the way you had support and tools that were created by others,no matter how minimal they were,it doesn’t change the fact that it is through collaboration that poverty can be overcomed.Otherwise you and your husband are super-extraordinary-one in a life time cases.I feel bad for her and eveyrone who struggles.The least I can offer, and I think the perpetually victimized taxpaer should too,is compassion to someone in need.Of course,it is easy to get high and mighty and say:if I did all by “myself” you should too, and kick those who are already down.I am ashamed to live in a community and a society where those who fall are immediately turned into worthless problems.It is even more troubling to find people who struggled with poverty,inequality and lack of opportunity to turn their back on those who were once their equals.

momof2 on

eva, first off im not saying that public assistance is all bad, im saying it’s bad when people like this woman make it their lifestyle. There are things that are totally in our control, like wearing a condom, or taking out a student loan to go to college, even community college is free to poor people. I do not feel bad for those who do not help themselves. I highly doubt she accidentally got pregnant 9 times. She made her bed, now she has to sleep in it, taxpayers shouldnt be guilted into taking care of those who wont help themselves. And no, no one helped me overcome my struggles, I took out a student loan,worked as a waitress, went to college and got a job, it WAS that simple. “inequality and lack of opportunity” are just excuses, so no im not a once in a lifetime case…my husband didnt become an engineer because of anyones help but his own, sorry. EVERYONE can become something, it’s just easier to live off of assistance.

mp on

I agree with Lena.

Sylvia on

I also agree with eva.

On a side note, poor little guy! I’m glad he avoided those major injuries. (chopstick)

Lauren on

“The least I can offer, and I think the perpetually victimized taxpaer should too,is compassion to someone in need.”

If by “compassion to someone in need” you mean compassion for the poor children who are being innocently brought into the world one by one by a completely inept parent against their will, then yes, this taxpayer for one has loads of compassion. Somehow, I don’t believe that’s who you feel is the victim here. And I will not be guilted into finding compassion for a woman who began having children at 17, has never been married to the fathers of any of her nine kids, doesn’t even have custody of all nine kids, and holds zero jobs while living off solely the government. As long as you can support them yourself, have as many children as you like. When you want the rest of the country to support your kids with zero support from yourself, I say the rest of the country gets to have an opinion on the matter. They’re the ones supporting these kids; why shouldn’t they have the last word?

shellbell78 on

“When you want the rest of the country to support your kids with zero support from yourself, I say the rest of the country gets to have an opinion on the matter.”

Well said Laren.

Lena on

i think the article stated she started having kids at 13. I don’t have sympathy becuase people don’t get pregnant that many time with kids they can’t afford, accidently. In new york when they started making people work for welfare, i noticed when i lived in a poorer community while i grew up in foster care, the amount of children being born decreased. i grew up with girls who knew that the free ride that maybe their parents had when they concieved them was over so that made choices so that wouldn’t have to struggle with any kids they may have. I believe in Georgia they only cover a certain number of children on state benefits. I also agree that if I am paying for someone children with my tax money, I should have a say in how many children are going to be covered. It is not fair and irresponsible to allow people to have as many children as they want especially if they aren’t financially taking care of any of them. I

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