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01/05/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

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Erika on

The tattoo people should be charged! I can’t believe this is actually controversial, who in their right mind would tattoo a child? It’s not good for their skin, and chances are most 10 year olds will not like the tattoo in 20-30 years. These people should lose custody.

mary on

I can think of better words to describe the tattoo parents but they won’t publish them here. Stupid parents!!!!!
Man that had to hurt. And did I read this article right? The woman is not even the biological parent. I would have been PISSED off if my husband didn’t concur with me what his and his current wife’s plans were!!!!! Stupid
I work in the health department. Anything can happen with your homemade tats. Hell even doing your own ears has consequences, in my state once you pierce your own ears or body parts you can never donate blood. If you get it done professionally you are allowed to donate blood. There are reasons for that, a lot of reasons, with hepatitis probably being the biggest, Along with numerous other reasons. I hope these kids get checked out.

Mrs. R. on

I’m so glad to see 2 other comments about the tattoo link.
It’s so jarring to read a news item like that!
What’s SO awful is that the couple REALLY doesn’t get why they are arrested and are so defiant about it!

hk on

I think this is ridiculous. They might be stupid for doing it, but If they are arrested, then every parent who circumcises their kid should be thrown in jail too. It’s essentially the same thing: medically unnecessary, painful, permanent alteration to the body. The difference of course being that the kids with the tattoos actually consented to it. Seriously, think about families in other cultures who tattoo their children, like Egyptian Christians or many Pacific Islanders who start tattooing at 12 or 13. Like I said, these parents may be stupid, but this is not horrifying. The should not lose their children just for this.

JM on

hk, very interesting point. i had never thought about it in that way, but you are absolutely right. i wonder why it makes such a difference to our society… and yes it would be an extreme reaction to take their child away.

Jessicad on

I agree hk!

mary on

Ok put all the dangers on doing your own tattoos aside. This American couple broke the law. Plain and simple. Now they must suffer those consequences. How hard is that for some of you to understand? Those other countries who practice that on children, IT’S legal to do it there. IT’S NOT LEGAL TO DO ANY TATTOOING here in the USA on children especially a 10 year old, nor is it legal to have someone do tattoo’s who is not licensed! So go ahead agree with the couple that they are being punished for something they feel is “a parents” right, BUT THEY BROKE THE LAW!!!!! Now they must pay that price. And unfortunately so must their kids.

Kristen on

While the 10 yr old is too young, in Georgia a 15 yrold can get a tattoo with their parent’s consent (I like in Augusta and know this because my daughter got a tattoo when she was 16½….I made the decision to allow her to get it and take her to a nice place to have it done, instead of her getting it done by someone at a house or something…she was headstong and knew what she wanted…she is BTW now 25, married has a child and has 4 other tattoos). So, if some of them were 15 or older (it states one was 17) they shouldn’t be charged for that, only for tattooing without a license. Tattooing a 10 or 11 yr old is wrong, they are way too young.

Kristen on

OOps, type-o, I live in Augusta, GA (well I like it too, but that’s not what I meant to say. LOL)

Lorus on

I would have no words for the anger I would feel if my children came home from their Father’s house with a tattoo. That poor Mother!

dfgdfgd on

Hk, there are health benefits to being circumsized, while tattoos are purely for vanity.

Natasha on

I agree with dfgdfgd, people don’t circumsize for no reason.

Becks on

I’d be interested to see any research you have on these supposed “health benefits” of circumcision. I’m pretty sure that’s an archaic urban legend. I think the modern medical community is pretty unanimous that there are no proven health benefits at all. I’d be interested to see proof otherwise.

Erika on

I agree Mary. Circumcision is perfectly legal in the United States, and is mostly done safely by a doctor.

Whether you agree with it or not, it is not the same thing. One is legal, one is not. Circumcision may be painful for baby boys, but it won’t kill them. An infection from the needle of the tattoo could cause an infection and kill them. Also, there are health benefits to circumcision, but I’ve never heard of any from tattoos. I don’t have any sons, so I’m not debating this, but I’m just saying, there IS a difference.

electra on

Those kids aren’t Polynesian.

mp on

Becks, my 81-year-old father no longer has a penis because he wasn’t circumcised as a child and refused it as an adult (after his brother chose it because of problems). He developed penile cancer — very rare and found only amongst the uncircumcized — and lost his penis seven years ago.

There are health benefits to circumcision. Ask my father.

Becks on

I’m sorry to hear about your father. That must have been very difficult.
All I was asking for, though, was a legitimate study that shows that circumcision confers any health benefits. Of course, if you don’t have an organ, you have no chance of getting cancer in it, but does that mean we should cut off organs at birth that we *could* live without, simply to avoid illnesses that *might* occur?

becks on

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