Brad and Angelina Take the Kids to Mary Poppins

01/04/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and family enjoyed a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious end to the New Year’s weekend in New York with a trip to see Mary Poppins on Broadway.

They brought along their four eldest children — Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh — for the Sunday matinee. The 17-month-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, are still a little young for a Broadway spectacle.

The family has been in town while the actress finishes work on her upcoming thriller Salt.

The Tony-winning musical, playing at the New Amsterdam Theatre, is based on the original Mary Poppins stories by P.L. Travers and the beloved Walt Disney film from 1964 starring Julie Andrews. Laura Michelle Kelly is currently in the title role on Broadway.

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— Tim Nudd

Shiloh wears Appaman Puffy Down Coat in Black ($90). Zahara wears Ugg’s Kids Classic Max’s Crown.

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Jackie on

I love the look that Z gives everytime she sees the paps when Brad is holding her. It’s like “This is MY daddy and if you touch him, I’ll hurt you!”

I don’t care what anyone says…I adore this family.

Andrea_momof2 on

CelebBabyLover – We can semi carry over the other conversation😉 Zahara looks pretty tiny here and Shiloh’s legs look longer but I still can’t tell for sure if she’s taller!

Andrea_momof2 on

Jackie, I think she’s like that with Angie too! She’s such a cutie!

Jessica on

Shiloh will probably be in the 5’7-5’9 range and Zahara will probably be in the 5’4-5’6 range. If Shiloh were to be 5’9 and Zahara 5’6 then they would currently be about the same height even though Z is 5 and Shi is 3 1/2.

But I’m pretty sure Z and Shi will be both be taller than Pax, he’s itty bitty.

P.S. Love the girls coats and Zahara has a clip in her hair for the black hair police.

FC on

I love this family, and I love what Zahara’s wearing—pretty much a similar look of her mom’s, just in different colors. They both have on the same style wool coat, similar scarf draped around the necks too. All Z is missing is some shades like Angie!🙂

Glad to see some more recent photos of them crop up! I sort of miss seeing them.🙂

(LOVE- aJ ) on

Anazing family.

Lola Marie on

The Jolie-Pitts…I’m glad they are still going strong.

Angie must have the arms of a bodybuilder🙂

Emmie on

I guess they don’t like any other colors than blacks, greys, and whites. It’s a shame that the girls never wear anything cute.

ElenaS on

This kids are so beautiful. there is a picture of Shiloh at Just Jared and she looks amaizing and so much like her mom on that picture

Meela on

Black hair police, too funny!!!!!!!! I loved that line, considering that this child was saved from a life of who knows what. And yet her hair is always a source of discussion!!!! I love to see how far she has come.

Not a fan of children wearing black because I always wear black myself, I like to see them in more cheerful colors. But to say they never dress in anything cute is simply not true!! Their beauty is enough it doesn’t matter if there were dressed in paper bags!!!

selena on

Emmie, I dislike the way they dress the girls too, but you are exagerating, nice clothes are not fundamental.

Shirese Franklin on

Love this family. My favorite celeb family.

Akira on

I love Z’s Uggs! The family’s adorable

Allison on

Love them, but this picture is sad. Looks like they really do not want to be photographed. Is Shiloh’s hat over her face? And the bright camera lights in their faces – it just makes me feel bad for them.

Of course I’m sure the benefits outweigh the negatives!

Meesh on

I for one HATE the way they dress their girls, especially Shiloh! While I don’t like parents who take it to the other extreme (i.e., high heels on a 3 year old — Suri, anyone?) I think little girls should have the chance to wear pretty colors and dresses that twirl. I also find it odd that Zahara is at least occasionally seen in a flowy dress, but for Shiloh it’s cargo pants and boys clothes from the GAP. Ugh. I think it’s one of those things where they’re trying to make a “statement” but for what purpose?? And do not say “well Shiloh’s a tomboy it’s her choice.” I seriously doubt she has a closet full girls’ wear and just chooses to wear her brothers’ clothes.

maggie on

i love this family! oh and to the person who said that “they wear too much black”, have you ever been to nyc in the winter the only colors people wear here are just black, grey and white.

Amanda on

I’m loving Zahara’s whole outfit here. So, so cute! And it’s nice to see young children dressed in a way that is appropriate for the weather. But seriously, the paparazzi need to get the hell out of those kid’s faces. They’ve got no respect, at all.

Elby on

Maybe she does Meesh, I have 2 older brothers and I always wanted to be like them. From about 2.5/3 I refused to wear any skirts, dresses, pink etc and just wore my brothers old trousers, t-shirts, jumpers etc and climbed trees, played with cars, roller-skated on the pavement, played Robin Hood/cowboys and Indians etc etc all the things you’d expect boys to do.
I think I’d have worn their old underpants if my mum had let me. Didn’t do me any harm and no-one cared as long as I was happy and healthy.

alice jane on

Meesh there are plenty of pictures out there from when Shiloh was younger, and she was wearing dresses, a little pink cardigan, and much lighter colours and girlier clothes. I don’t think it’s fair to say that Angelina and Brad have just “decided” that Shiloh is going to be a tomboy and don’t even give her the option. 3 year olds can be very assertive, and given that Shiloh, at one point, also decided that she was changing her name to either John or Peter, I think she knows what she wants and lets her parents know it too.

Adorable family, but I always feel bad when I see the look on Zahara’s face, since Brad has said multiple times that she’s scared of the paparazzi.

Rebekah on

Brad needs to shave that goatee/beard thing. Makes him look like he is 20 years older.

Natasha on

I don’t understand why clothing is such a big deal to some people. Why do you CARE what they’re wearing? Like why do you wish they looked “cuter” for their appearance in a paparazzi picture? I’m confused!

Meesh on

Alice jane, I think it may be a “which came first, the chicken or the egg” thing. If they buy her nothing but boys’ clothes, then maybe that influenced the tomboy ideas and her saying she would change her name to Peter or John. Yes, I realize not every girl is a girly girl, but its just odd that she is in boys’ clothes ALL the time. If it’s really her personality, then fine. But if they don’t buy her anything but boys’ clothes, that’s not fair. She and Z both have those black puffy jackets. Why not blue, or purple, etc.?? I do recall that she used to wear bonpoint clothes.

Georgina on

Sorry, but how can you say you don’t like what the kids are wearing when all you can see is their coats? Its freezing out, why would either girl be in a little floaty dress? Most parents buy their kids a coat in a darker shade because 1. it goes with a lot more stuff and 2. it doesn’t show dirt as quickly. And it looks like Zahara has leggings on so she could have a dress on under her coat, whilst Shi has what looks like black jeans on, which go with ANYTHING, so she could have any type of top on.

And what purpose would it serve to make Shiloh a tomboy?

Meela on

It’s funny that no one has mentioned that may be the girls want to be like their mom because she always black. Maybe Angelina doesn’t discourage that idea and allows them to pick what they want. Neverless they are not walking around naked so that’s a PLUS!!!!!

Nina on

Meesh, I must disagree with you.

I have four daughters and each is completely different. My second eldest refuses to wear dresses, skirts, or any item that is pink, purple, has flowers, or princesses on it. This has been the case for the past two years. I just dress her in the most gender neutral items I can find. Family and friends often buy her items from the boys section and she couldn’t be happier. I don’t think it’s worth the fight to have her dress in feminine clothing because I’m afraid of what people will think about my parenting style. My eldest is the exact opposite and would enjoy nothing more than to wear a dress every day of the year. Her sister, on the otherhand, would eat, sleep, and bathe in her football uniform, if I allowed it.

They are who they are and I have no qualms about it. Perhaps it’s the same for Shiloh and Zahara. I never made one of my daughters into a tomboy just like I never forced another daughter to be a “girly” girl.

This isn’t the 1950’s where gender stereotypes are rampant and little girls must play with dolls while little boys must enjoy sports.

Micheley on

I don’t think there is anything wrong with how the kids are dressed. And when I was a kid I refused to wear anything I didn’t pick out myself. I think its ridiculous to think that Angie is forcing Shiloh to dress a cetain way, am I the only one us to recal when Angelina was pregnant and Shiloh was often seen in dresses (I remember a certain black on and white one very well). From what I can guess is that as she has gotten older Shiloh has become more independent in dressing.
Also if I remember right Angelina has said that Shiloh and Maddox are pretty close, I wouldnt be surprised if Shiloh is just immulating her brother/brothers.

JM on

Meesh, you say that you feel that little girls should “have the chance” to wear pretty clothes etc. do you believe that more than you believe that they should be allowed to express who they really are and wear what makes them happy. zahara in particular often wears more girly clothes so it is obvious that angie and brad don’t force their girls to wear more masculine clothes. but, shock horror, they understand that not all girls are the same and the shiloh is perhaps more of a tomboy. if i was their child i sure know that i would rather have parents who aren’t so insecure to think that there is something wrong with girls who don’t want to wear frills and twirly dresses. it’s a shame that society has come so far and yet when we see little girls in black coats we still revert back to some caveman idea of gender specifics thinking that surely as GIRLS they simply MUST want to wear something that is cutesy and pink.

and FYI try saying that to my youngest daughter, she loves her football (soccer) shirts and faded jeans and her favourite colour is blue and she doesn’t really like to wear dresses. and no, i wasn’t a horrible mother who only ever gave her the option of “tomboy” clothes. her older sister wears pink, and frills and dresses all the time and she likes that sort of thing. i am glad that they both feel comfortable with me that they can express their preferences and know that i accept them however they are.

Forever Moore on

A friend’s little girl is obsessed with Batman and just today had on BM socks AND underwear…she is happy and healthy, so who cares!

crimpe on

Ugh, what an unhappy photo. Not worth the post on CBB, as the ones you can see look rather unhappy with the paps. As for the clothes, come on people, the kids have coats on! Who knows what those girls are wearing! And I have one girl wedged between three boys. People assume she is my “princess”. Well hey, sometimes she wears girly stuff, which is great. But I say she has bypassed queen and is the king of the house. Of course she wants some hand-me-downs. Why not? Just because she’s my only girl I have to drown her in pink lace? Let the kids be kids.

infer much? on

I always find it funny that people think they know what these kids wear everyday, 24/7, from seeing one or two paparazzi photos a week…if that.

CelebBabyLover on

Emmie- Clearly you have not seen all the pictures of the J-Ps from last Spring and Summer, 95 percent of which show Zahara wearing purple dresses/blouses. In fact, prior to all these recent photos of them in NYC, I honestly can’t remember the last time Zee was seen in something that wasn’t girly and colorful. :)Also, for most of 2008, Zahara appeared to be going through a “pink” phase, and was spotted wearing pink a lot (one example is the photos of her, Pax, Shi, and Angie in New Orleans in November of 2008).

And, as other commentors have seen, Shi was seen wearing a few pink cardigans back in Fall 2007. So it is not at all accurate to say that the kids are only dressed in blacks, whites, and grays.

Nina and Micheley- I agree completely! I didn’t mind dressing girly as a kid, but I also enjoyed wearing my brother’s hand-me-downs. Not only that, but I liked playing with his legos, Star Wars action figures, and running around in the backyard with him as much as I liked playing with my dolls and other “girly” toys.

Not every girl is super “girly”, and there’s absoutely nothing wrong with letting girls dress in “boyish” clothes. Getting back to Shiloh, I also want to point out that, the last time we saw Vivienne, she was wearing a clearly “girly” outfit and was sporting a bracelet and pierced ears. Therefore, Angie and Brad obviously have no problem with “girly” girls, and I HIGHLY doubt they force Shi to dress like a boy!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I also meant to say that I love Zee’s hair bows.🙂

Kati on

OMG! Lovely pictures of this beautiful family. I don´t understand why people are making such a big deal of it what these children are wearing. Shiloh sure wears girly clothes at home but wants to dress up like a tomboy when they go out. And who on earth would be wearing frilly clothes when it´s freezing outside? I love Zahara´s expression when she´s carried by her dad. Like you said Jackie it seems like she´s saying: “This is MY daddy!” All those children are just adorable and should be left alone by the paps. Brad and Angie want to give their children as normal childhood as possible and that doesn´t include being haunted by the paps 24/7. I can very well understand why they´re keeping the twins out of public eye. Miss those two cuties but still hope that we´ll see them soon!

Alice on

When I was little, I refused to wear trousers for more than a whole year. I wore dresses and skirts every single day. I flat out refused to wear anything else, because it seemed boyish to me. Even if my mother bought me girly shirts or trousers, they stayed in the cupboard never worn and we had to give them away when I outgrew them. So even if I’d love to see the girls in cute colorful dresses sometimes, I guess maybe that’s not what they like. And if they’re anything like I was, I wouldn’t want to be the one to try to force it on them!

Yoco on

There are pics of Shiloh in LI last Spring w/ a peasant dress on coming out a grocery store. I remember her in a black dress and tights when Angie was pregnant in France. Do you honestly believe Angie woke up one day last summer and said Shiloh “no more dresses for you” . Stay away from Zahara’ s dresses and go to the boys’ closet to find something to wear. GMAB. Someone who saw Shiloh and Angie at the Gap recently said Shiloh was picking out her on clothes.

Lorus on

Considering Shiloh insisted on being called John for the longest time it doesn’t surprize me that she isn’t in frilly dresses like Suri. I personally like the way this family dresses. I’ve seen the girls in dresses during the warmer months and I’ve also seem them in colours other than neutral ones.

Each child is different and not all little girls want to wear pink dresses. My older daughter wanted nothing to do with dresses and my younger one is a little fashionista!

Lady on

I’m sure they set out to “MAKE” Shiloh a tomboy…absolutely ridiculous. Obviously they let their children have freedom of imagination & dress themselves or whatever the case may be. Who cares if they are loved, well behaved & cared for immensely!?

I love this family & Z is such a beauty!

Yoco on

Btw I have never seen a pic of the kids having a tantrum.I’m not saying they never have tantrums but they seem to be well behaved. The tabloids would love a pic of them acting up I’m sure

Natasha on

Yoco, I think there was a picture of Shiloh having a bit of a tantrum a long time ago. Maybe I’m wrong but for some reason I think I saw some.

Rayan on

Love this family!!!

Natasha–You might be thinking of the picture where Angelina is holding Shiloh while she is crying and the other kids are following behind?? If so, if you look on Shiloh’s knee she fell down, wasn’t a tantrum.

Natasha on

Ohhh Rayan maybe that’s what I’m thinking of! Shiloh’s in a white dress I think? I can’t remember the exact pictures lol. Thanks!

CelebBabyLover on

Natasha- Shi was in a white dress indeed in those photos! To help refresh your memory further, the photos were taken shortly after Angie “announced” her pregnancy with Knox and Viv.🙂

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