Matthew McConaughey, Camila Alves Welcome Daughter Vida

01/03/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Debbie VanStory/iPhoto

It’s a girl for Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves!

Daughter Vida Alves McConaughey arrived Sunday, January 3rd at 12:13 a.m., Matthew announced on his Web site. She weighed in at 7 lbs., 7 oz and joins big brother Levi, 17 months.

“‘Vida’ is Portuguese for ‘life’ and that’s what God gave us this morning,” the actor blogged. “Camila’s recovering wonderfully and we are both truly honored to welcome this little lady into our family. Thanks for all of your well wishes and prayers along the way, another blessed day, we give thanks.”

Matthew, 40, and Camila, 26, announced the pregnancy in June, blogging, “We pulled off the greatest miracle in the world one more time. Camila and I are expecting our second child, bringing more life into the world, making more to live for. The future looks bright as the family grows.”

The couple, who have began dating in 2006, chose not to find out the sex of the baby prior to delivery, just as they did with Levi. Matthew encouraged fans to guess, however.

“Not sure if it’s a boy or girl but we have our instincts,” he wrote. “What are you thinking?”

Wonder if their instincts were correct.

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Colby on

Can’t wait to hear what the baby is!!

Alicia on


jmae on

I have a feeling it was a girl. Just a complete guess, lol. I know no more than anyone else. And I bet they name it some kind of spiritual/hippy-ish kind of name or something with latin roots. I’m excited to see what it is!

Lynn on

I’m going with girl, too.

Renee on

From day one i thought it was a girl.. then she looked to be carrying this one higher than her son, which helps confirm my thoughts of it being a GIRL!

Mo on

I hope it’s a girl!! Levi is so cute.

Mary Beth on

I’m guessing a girl and they name her Luna-

Kathy on

Matthew’s website said it was a girl named Vida Alves McConaughey

Brooke on

Congrats to them!! I have a feeling its a girl, but now since I said that it’s going to be a boy🙂

Chantal on

From the moment I read the news that they were expecting, my instinct told me it was going to me a girl.
Wonder if I;m right.

Tatyana on

Ohhh WoW!! Congratulations to them both!! I hope it’s a little girl.🙂

Isabella on

Baby girl

Marie on

Its a girl….Vida!

amsjl on

*** According to Matthew’s offical webpage it was a 7lb 7 oz baby girl named Vida. Vida means “life” in Portugeuse (apologize for spelling error if I messed that up!).

amsjl on

The baby was born at 12:13 am on January 3rd.

Liliana on

Congrats to the family on their new addition. I’m sure she’s as adorable as her big brother.

Tatyana on

We were right! Beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. Vida means life in Spanish.🙂

chrissy on

Awwwwwwwwww, Im so happy, ive been waiting for this news! This is a wonderful, pretty name! I cant wait to see her!

Kathy on

Matthew’s website says Vida was born January 3rd @ 12:13 am weighing 7 lb 7 oz.

Shirelle on

Congrats cant wait to see her! Levi is so cute!

skipsie on


is it pronouced Vee-da
or Vye-da?

Brooke on

Yay!! Is it pronounced with a long eee sound? Love it either way!!

Lynn on

Yay! I’m glad we were right. I love the name.

melissa on

Congrats! I bet she is adorable!

Livie Hart on

It is pronounced vee-duh. Love the name! Sounds great together– Levi and Vida. Congratulations!

katie on

I had the feeling they would have a little girl. Congrats!

Philippa on

Aw that is so sweet, and I love the name!😀

Brooke on

I absolutely love this name….I think it is adorable for them.

I♥CBB on

I’m guessing she had a scheduled c-section seeing as Levi resulted in a c-section as well. How nice to have a boy and now a girl. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Matthew’s family is definitely growing!!!🙂

Andrea_momof2 on

Congratulations to them! I hadn’t heard of the name Vida before although isn’t it the name of Gisele Bundchen’s dog? I’m not insinuating that it’s a dog name, I just believe that’s the last place I have heard of it!🙂

amsjl on

Just FYI, now my above posts look silly. For future readers I didnt just restate what the article said, at the time it just said they had had the baby- no further info. So dont think I’m some crazy lady! lol🙂

Christine on

Very nice. I think Levi and Vida sound good together.
I wonder if she had a vbac…
She tried to go natural at home with Levi but ended up having a c section.
I bet she’s gorgeous no matter how she got here!

April on

Congratulations! I love the name. I thought for sure it would be another little boy so this is a pleasant surprise for me.

I love CBB, Sunday morning just after midnight is a strange time for a scheduled c-section so let’s just wait and see if they say anything else about it. We all know she didn’t want the c-section last time so maybe she was able to go natural.

Congrats to the family!

mrsh on

Wonderful! I love that they gave their children names that have real meaning to them. Matthew has an amazing attitude towards like, such a cool guy! Congrats to them!

skunknuggets on

Congrats to them. I am guessing it was either a VBAC or an c-section prior to a scheduled date due to being born shortly after midnight. Either way, congrats again to them.

seebeewrite on

Oooo, I love that name.🙂

Sonya on

Andrea_momof2 -yes, Gisele’s dog is named Vida. I guess since both Camila and Gisele are Brazilian that the name might be popular there.

Anyway, congrats to Matthew and Camila. Love the name and can’t wait to see little Vida:-)

cat on

Congratulations! Such a lovely, positive name.

Lo on

Congrats to the family!
I thought for sure it was going to be a boy.
Vida is a beautiful name

Shirese Franklin on

Vida is my niece’s name. So sweet and beautiful. Congrats to the family.

Chantal on

Jeeej. my instincts were correct. I love the name Vida. Beautiful and it fits Levi. Congrats to the happy family!

Paige on

Congratulations to Matthew, Camila, and big bro Levi on the birth of Vida.

I’ll bet she’s very beautiful and is going to be a little Daddy’s girl.

Bumbles on

Love the name and can’t wait to see if they’ll have a daughter as cute as their son!!

morgane on

I really doubt that a brazilian parent would name their daughter Vida.
I’m brazilian and never met anyone with this name.
Pretty name btw, i love it,

michelle on

Why would she have a c-section? Not that it matters, I am not part of THAT debate. But I don’t recall her having one the first time. Didn’t Matthew talk about how “tribal” the natural birth was. Something about getting in there with her and howling. I think there were even some joking references to bongos.

I♥CBB on

Oh yeah duh! I didn’t even bother looking at the time she was born! Lol! That would have been important. Anyway, they’ll probably let tell us since they told us last time.

Kat on

She was born 12:13am 1+2+1+3=7
Levi is 17 months old
She weighs 7lbs 7 oz
She was born on Sunday, the “seventh day”
That’s a whole lot of sevens! lucky number, congrats to them!

Hannah on

I had a feeling it would be a girl. Congrats to them!

Jessicad on

I LOVE that name, congrats to them!

sugarhoney on

Congratulations to the Alves /McConaughey family I bet this little girl is just absolutely beautiful.Today January 3rd is also my daughters birthday.I have to tell you it sucks school wise.Here in Canada where we live the cut off for school admission is December 31st.There is a kid in my daughters class with a December 30th birthday,so my daughter is almost one full year older than her.I hope the Alves /McConauhey family have as much fun with their little girl as I do with mine.And Lets not forget Levi who is too cute.

ritter on

Michelle, I think her first labor ended with c-section because labor was not progressing or something.

Kelly on

Vida is a beautiful name. With her parents, I am sure she is gorgeous!

Sarah on

January 3 is a wonderful day to be born. I should know🙂

maggie on

i knew they would have a baby girl! i think she will be a total daddy’s girl and i can’t wait to see pics of her 8)

Dana on

“Vida is Portuguese for ‘life’ and that’s what God gave us this morning”

How beautiful is that? It nearly made me cry!
Welcome little Vida! And congrats to Camila and Matthew.

Lisa on

so many babies with Kourtney Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson, Gisele and Tom Brady welcoming babies within the past month… finally a girl! Can’t wait to see what she looks like! Levi is such a cutie! I find it funny that she looked much bigger with Levi yet Levi weighed less than Vida!

Cam on

Vida is NOT a commum name in Brazil at all.
That’s so nice they have a girl. Levi is cute.

Corrie on

I sense I’m probably in the minority here, but I really love the name Vida! Congratulations to Matthew, Camila and Levi on the new addition to their family.

Stephany on

Congrats! I love the name!

electra on

Levi and Vida…cute! I wonder if they’ll ever get married? I only say that because Matthew always makes god references and seems to be somewhat religious.

CelebBabyLover on

electra- They’ve said repteadly that they have no plans to get married. Anyway, I was hoping it would be a girl! I also see I was right about her second name being Alves, just like Levi. That being said, can someone who’s from Brazil or an area with similar traditions help me out?

I know it’s Brazillian tradition to give babies the mother’s surname as one of their names….but would, for example, Alves be considered to be Vita’s and Levi’s middle name, or a second surname (I’m thinking it might be the latter due to the fact tht CBB never lists a middle name for Levi. Although that might just be to avoid getting ten million comments asking: “Why does he have his mother’s last name?”).

Anyway, all this makes me think that maybe Tom and Gisele’s son’s full name is Benjamin Bundchen Brady after all.🙂 And speaking of Gisele….I guess I know the gender of her dog now. Seems it must be a girl, since it’s name is also Vida.🙂

I also hope, for Camila’s sake, that she was able to have a VBAC. I remember her expressing how dissapointed she was that she had to have a C-Section with Levi. She seemed to feel like her body let her down, and I felt awful for her!

CTBmom on

Awww…congrats to them! I am sure that Vida will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Can’t wait to see pics of her.

Mia on

I knew it was a girl, congrats to them!

Kaitlin on

I agree with Sarah above! January 3rd is a WONDERFUL day! I should know as well! Hope you had a great birthday Sarah! =D

Happy Birthday, Vida! I look forward to sharing a birthday with you from now on!

Sandra on

I knew it was going to be a girl! Well, I was maybe hoping it was going to be a girl! LOL. Congratulations to them all. She is going to have daddy Matthew wrapped around her little tiny finger. Congratulations again on this new little bundle of joy. One of each! Awesome!

marina on

Ok, I’m brazilian so I can say that Vida is NOT a popular name here. Actually, it’s not even a name.

Dierna on

Vida is a beautiful name!

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! Vida is a beautiful name!

Luna on

Oh yay i am sooooo happy for them! I had a hunch it would be a girl! I adore the name Vida and it sounds so good with her other two names and her big brother’s name. Congratulations Matthew, Camila, and Levi on a new beautiful baby girl. Can’t wait to see pictures.

On another note: anyone know why they don’t plan to marry? Just curious because i know they don’t want to marry but they seem to religious…

Neide on

I am Brazilian VIDA(life) is not a given name, but some people use it as nickname for their spouses.
ALVES is a family name, the tradition in Brazil is the child to have both parents family names.

sat on

congrats! welcome baby girl!

Marilyn on

I knew it was a girl!

Lily on

I knew it was a girl and I just LOVE the name ‘Vida’. It means ‘life’ in Spanish also. What a beautiful and unique choice. I’m so sick of the Vivienne’s and Vivian’s out there. I’m sure Matthew and Camila must be overjoyed.

Doreen on

Oh yea, oh yea it’s a GIRL!!!🙂 Wooooohoooo!!!!

katarina on

Ooh, lovely lovely name!🙂 I guess it is more popular in slavic countries, I know quite a lot of women named Vida here🙂

Eliana on

Vida Guerra, the Cuban model made this name pretty popular. The first time I’d ever heard of it, it was because of her. When I saw Vida Guerra on t.v. and seen her name in the magazines I thought it was beautiful name. Jane Fonda has a grandaughter named ‘Viva’ which has the same meaning, ‘life’.

JMO on

yay I was hoping for a baby girl!!!!

And a beautiful name. I bet she’s just as cute as Levi!!! congrats!

sarah on

Kat – she was born on 1/3/2010 = 1+3+2+1 = 7! 🙂

electra – don’t we wish! Seems like someone who is all into God would want to at least marry his love and show the world that God only made her for him. But alas, maybe he has a different God than I.

I can’t wait to see pics! Congrats to them!

nettrice on

SIGH. It’s the same God and it is still their choice NOT to marry. I don’t believe in marriage, either. Too many have dropped the ball for me to worry about it.

Vida is a nice name.

lina on

Probably Camila has no clue about it, but Vida Alves is the name of the first actress in radio and television to kiss in brazilian television. I dont think the name is a homage, because Alves is her family name.. but still a coincidence..

She is still alive

lina on

And the name I think was more common in the old time. nowadays as someone pointed is not a common name.

urbanadventurertales on

I adore Camilla and absolutely LOVE their name choice! Can’t wait to see this gorgeous little lady!

Dania on

Vida is a ‘word’ name like Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor or Nicole Kidman’s daughter, Sunday. It may not be an actual name in any one country or language but it has been used as a name. Much like the words ‘Reina’ (which means queen in Spanish), ‘Amor’ which means love, ‘Brisa’ (fog), Lluvia (rain) or even ‘Paloma’ (dove). They are words in Spanish and/or Portuguese but people choose them as names for their daughters. Vida’s a beautiful name.

Natasha on

I’m brazilian and Vida it’s not a comum name here. The most popular names are Isabella, Maria, Ana, Julia…

J.J. on

HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO MATTHEW, CAMILA, BIG BROTHER LEVI AND THE ALVES-MCCONAUGHEY FAMILY ON THE BIRTH OF BABY VIDA!!!!!! I knew it was a girl!!!! And she’s the first CBB baby of 2010!!!! Can’t wait to see pics…Levi is such a cutie, no doubt his little sis will be too!!

Milla on

thats so awesome! yay matthew and camila!🙂

Alex on

love the name congrats to them. todays my birthday! great day.

Shaunie on

Congrats to them, and I LOVE the name!

And it would make sense that it’s not a common name in Spanish/ Portuguese speaking countries being that Vida is an ACTUAL word. That would be equivalent to here in the U.S. they had LITERALLY named her LIFE.

Mel on


Lau on

I agree with morgane (#44), marina (#66) and others… I know for a fact that this isn’t a common choice for a name in Portuguese and Spanish speaking people. Think about how weird it would sound if her name was “Life”. Maybe most of you don’t notice because in English the name has no meaning other than being a name, but to me personally it doesn’t feel like a great name choice.
That being said, it’s their kid, so as long as everyone’s happy with it I have nothing more to say.

Shelly on

My husbnad and I were talking tonight about this….I said I bet she has a girl. They have that kind of luck. I have three boys.7,3, just turned 1 day after Christmas. I want a girl soooooo badly! I was the first one born into the family in almost 75 years. Then I meet the love of my life who makes all boys!=) I am so girly.!!! Matthew will be so protective of her has he his the rest of their family! They are truly blessed! Shelly B

Rye on

How exciting!!! CONGRATS TO THEM!!!🙂 I was soooo wrong-I thought she was having another boy! So happy to be proven wrong!!🙂

As to the marriage issue…who cares if someone is married or not…as long as they are adults who are responsible and have the welfare of there children at heart first and foremost, then that is all that matters to me. I think marriage isn’t for everyone and I respect people whether they choose to make that leap and tie the knot, or if they don’t. It’s nobody’s business!

Shelly on

what is the 1+2+1+3=7 am confused on that one….I haven’t slept in days because our three boys have the flu ,but help me out here. 1 =January+2?+1?+3 = seven get that …help a gal out with a fever of 103. Dedicated to Cbb=)!!

Shelly on

got it # 47. sorry the fever brain!!!=)

Ari on

I knew it was a girl! Congrats to them, and I also can’t wait to see pix.

Patricia on


Actually Brisa means ” breeze” in both Portuguese and Spanish.🙂

Growing up I’ve known 3 women named Vida. And actually it’s also a pet name like ” honey.” My parents always called each other “vida” growing up. I think it’s a beautiful name. Congratulations to Camila, Matthew, and Levi!!😀

Modern Chic Tots on

So exciting! They are such a cute family!!!

Mariel on

Im from Mexico, and here also “vida” means “life” (in spanish)… also honestly, i have never, ever, heard about somebody named Vida. But, cmon, we have to admit it, that was a wonderful choice!! Im just lovin that name!

meghan on

hmm – the time makes me think she had a vbac. i had one a month ago – it was awesome. but i guess she could have just had an oddly scheduled c/s to avoid paps.

Jane on

aww! I bet she will be beautiful like her Mother.

Bancie1031 on

YAY I was right she was a girl! Congratulations to Matthew and Camila (not to mention Levi) … Not sure how I feel about the name yet …… can’t wait to see if she looks like Levi but with Matthew and Camila as parents, we know that she’s beautiful.

Olivia on

To Lau: There are a lot of English names that are objects and things. Take for example, River (Phoenix), Rock (Hudson), Tuesday (Weld), Stone (Phillips) and Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter, Apple Martin. Even first names like Summer, Autumn, Liberty, Lyric, Justice, Chastity, Pearl, etc..are used in English speaking countries and they still keep their literal translation. I don’t think the name Vida is any more strange than the above mentioned. In fact, I think it’s a lot nicer.

Karm on

LOVE the name!!!

Kati on

Congratulations to Matt and Camila! And naturally to Levi, too! Vida is a beautiful name. She sure is a beauty. Can´t wait to see her photo. Levi must be thrilled about having a baby sister. I´m sure that he´s gonna be a very loving big bro to his precious little sister. And Matt must be over the moon for having a daughter. He loves both his children and Camila a lot and certainly doesn´t miss his bachelor days at all. It doesn´t matter that he and Camila aren´t married – or are they? I don´t know exactly. He certainly can´t imagine his life without his family anymore.

Nancy on

Congrats to the pair! :o) So glad mother and daughter are well up!

Shannon on

I KNEW it was going to be a girl! I love her name, it seems to fit the family perfectly!!!! Many, many congrats to Matt, Camila and big brother Levi on thier new arrival!

Basil on

To all those who worry about whether they get married, don’t. These are Hollywood types. He’d leave her just as easily married as not. I personally think marriage is such a beautiful concept -the joining of two separate people. Too many people think it’ll be “fun” to be married and then get bored and walk away. They make marriage look bad. Not to mention all those married people who need to be “happy” so they cheat to make themselves feel good. Again that’s not the fault of marriage, that’s the fault of the people. And as I said, if guys like Matthew want to leave, they’ll leave whether they have ten kids and a marriage license or not. He’s even said in interviews if he doesn’t feel like a priority to Camilla, he can walk away but they’ll still love the kids. To think he’d be more committed to her if they married is silly.

And why all the negative talk about Vida? It’s a pretty and unique name. It’s not unique as in weird, just ethnic, which is nice since this is America and we shouldn’t be carbon copies of each other.

It’s too bad Camilla’s attempted VBAC failed. Clearly they tried to go natural again and it didn’t work, but luckly they live in a country where they have access to medical intervention when things go wrong.

Aline on

CelebBabyLover i’m brazilian, let me try to expain it to you:
The “alves” in their names is consider a surname not a midle name, people here don’t usually have midle names, just first name + mom’s surname + dad’s surname.
But when you give your name to someone, or someone speaks about you it’s comon to use just the first and the last, so to say Levi McConaughey is perfectly fine, you don’t have to say the hole name every time.
Another question people always have is when a girl gets married. For exemple if little Vida decides to marry little Benjamin Brady, and they want to folow the brazilian tradition, she would take off her mom’s surname and add the husband’s at the end like this: Vida McConaughey Brady. And when the have babies they will all be: Something McConaughey Brady
Get it? I’m sorry my english is not that good…

Jennifer on

Yay, my instincts were right LOL!🙂 I’m so happy for them!! I can’t wait to see pics..this little girl is going to be just gorgeous. I love the name too. Vida is SO pretty!

Lady on

Yay congrats to the family, i’m so happy they had a little girl. I’m sure shes absolutely gorgeous!

Samantha on

maybe this year will be the year of the girl…last year seemed like the year of the boy,I work at a daycar/preschool and all the babies born this year have been boys and the parents pregnant and due 2010 are having girls… its funny too bc the last few celebrity births of 2009 were boys and now one of the first in 2010 is a girl

jaQ on

okay, congrats to them– but i have to admit that i am sooo flippin’ jealous! can’t wait for my own little surprise to arrive, late this month! everyone is going to have their babes before i do, i think.😛
what a lovely name for a sure-to-be lovely little girl. having a boy then girl is awesome, in my experience!

LL65 on

Congratulations to Matthew, Camila & Levi! Love the name Vida…its Vaa Vaa boom!

jaQ on

#91 shelly–
my ex-husband had 3 boys before i met him, and then our first was a boy. i thought i would never get a girl (though his brother had only girls, four in a row!). our second child was a surprise, and when SHE came out, nobody in my room (ex-hus, mom, and BFF) said a word, just stared. finally my girlfriend announced, in shock, “it’s a…. GIRL.” i laughed, and said, “REALLY?” couldn’t believe it…. so, i kind of knew then, how you felt, and i hope that if you have more babes one day, you do get yourself a daughter– it’s priceless to have healthy children, but wonderful to experience both genders.🙂

GiannaG on

I LOVE the name! Vida is such a pretty name, and I’m sure she’s as adorable as little Levi.

My goodness, who cares if they’re married or not? Camilla knows how he feels about her so why should Matthew have to ‘show the world’ anything? Why is it anyone else’s business? If you get married just to ‘show the world’ something, that’s really sad.

Congrats to Matthew and Camilla! And Matthew, if you guys get pregnant again, please don’t ask people to look at Camilla’s belly and guess the gender, lol. It’s kind of embarrassing that it’s 2010 and people are still believing this is possible.

Kelly on

Congrats to the family! Love the name. Vida almost shares my birthday. I was born on January 2nd and just celebrated my 19th b-day😀 Can’t wait to see the baby and big brother Levi together!

Olia on

Here in Greece where I live most names have a meaning. Mine for example means “pureness”. We have also name Zoi(in english Zoe) what exactly means “life”.
As for them having girl, well I am happy for them …but since begining I was sure she will have second boy! I am usually right predicting sex of the baby. Somehow I feel it.
I could feel “boy” from Camila. I also though Gisele Bundchen would have a girl. When Gisele gave birth I remember I said “a boy? how? now Camila Alves has to give birth to a girl an my instinct is gone”!;)

Ines on

great news!
i dont know about 7 but reading the informations i found it interesting. my birthday is the 27th of january, one day before Camila’s birthday(the 28th of january). i was born at 12.10am and Vida at 12.13am, the 3rd of january is my nephew’s birthday! funny coincidents. anyway all the best for Macconaughey-Alves family!

Anna on

Me and Matthew McConaughey are 3 weeks apart in age. We’re both from 1969. He had his child in July 2008 and I got pregnant in July 2008. He had a boy and I had a boy. His 2nd child was born in Jan. 2010 and I just found out yesterday (again, Jan. 2010) that I’m pregnant from my 2nd child too. So, both our kids will be 17 months apart (Levi and Vida…my son and my 2nd one due later this year). Let’s see if I have a girl next time around like Matthew and Camila. It seems that we (strangely) tend to be on the same page about things the last couple of years! haha. Best of luck to the new family.

BKM on

I like that her name means something in her mother’s country, even though it might not be a traditional Brazilian name. My sister’s name is Colleen, which is a pretty common American-Irish name…but our cousins over in Ireland think its hysterical that’s her name since to them it literally means “girl.” It’s like saying, “Hi, my name is Girl.” But we still like it! I like when names have family or traditional meanings.

FC on

Vida’s a nice name. Congrats to Matthew and Camila on their little girl, and to Levi gaining a little sister.🙂

nosoupforyou on

I was wrong..thought the baby was going to be another boy. Congrats.

l's mom on

Vida is my grandma’s name (and my soon to be born daughter’s name). I am happy to see it used somewhere else!

Lau on

Olivia, yes I know that there are names in every language that are objects and things. Maybe more in English than in Spanish, but that’s just an assumption.
Anyway, I was just aiming to the fact that Vida isn’t one of the regularly (or at all) used ones. To me it feels as if I just picked a word that I like and made it a name. Which is fine, nothing wrong with it, only for most people it’s still just a word and not a name, hence it feels weird.

Joanna on

Another Brazilian weighing in… Yes, Vida is uncommon, but so is Levi, and what else could you expect from a celebrity anyway? I do think it sounds better to an American’s ears Than it does to a Brazilian’s, but it’s perfectly passable.

Brianne on

Another precious little baby to love and cherish forever! Congratulations Matthew, Camila, and little Levi on your new bundle of joy!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Basil- Where does it say that Camila attempted a VBAC, let alone that it failed? Camila and Matthew have not said a word about what type of birth she had. People are merely guessing that she might have had a VBAC going by the time of birth.

That being said, it’s also possible that she had a C-section scheduled….but went into labor before that date (that’s exactly what happened with my mom when she had me! She had a C-section scheduled to me being breech….but I had other ideas and was born exactly one week before the scheduled date!), hence the odd for a scheduled C-section birth time.

Mia on

I think the names sound good together, LeVi and Vida, both have the “V” and “long ee sound” Lee-vi and Vee-da.

Barbi on

Congratulations to the parents! I’m sure the baby is adorable. I’m Cuban and find it odd that someone would use a common word such as “vida” as a name. I mean…they have named her “life.” Anyways, Matthew/Camila, congratulations on your precious new baby. What a wonderful way for you to start the new year! Give her a hug and a kiss for me.

Ines on

how do you pronaounc Vida and Levi in english? i prefer Vida, not V-a-i-d-a. as well i like more Levi but i think it is Lev-a-i.

CelebBabyLover on

Ines- Vida, I’m guessing, is pronounced “Vee-dah”. Levi can be pronouced in two different ways: “Lev-i” (rhyming with heavy) or “Lee-vy” like the jeans. I’ve never heard it pronounced Lev-a-i here in the states.🙂

CelebBabyLover on

It’s possibly Levi could be prounouced like “Lev-eye” (i.e., long I sound at the end instead of short).

Sophia on

I think Vida is a gorgeous name for what is no doubt an absolutely stunning little girl. I can’t wait to see photos!
I was actually thinking another boy for them. I still can’t imagine them with a girl! Anyway, welcome to little Vida, and congratulations to Matthew, Camila and big brother Levi!

Mia on

Just a note, most commonly the first name Levi is pronounced Lee-vi like the Jeans, and the last name Levi/Levy is pronounced Lev-ee.

Linda on


God bless this lovely family….
❤ Camila.. she is so pretty and nice!

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