Angela Kinsey Jokes About Her 'High Class Problems'

01/03/2010 at 08:00 PM ET

Despite logging long hours as an actress alongside her costars, Angela Kinsey could never truly relate to the parents on set who felt torn by the demands of children and a career. That is, of course, until she became a mother herself to Isabel Ruby, 19 months.

“I remember a friend of mine was a working parent and we were filming something together,” Angela recalls in the winter issue of Mom. “She was really quiet and I said, ‘What’s the matter?’ She said, ‘I’m missing bath time.’ I didn’t have children yet, but I get it now.”

The separation from Isabel is most painful when Angela finds herself alone during her downtime on the set of her hit show The Office. “I never knew I could love anything the way I love Isabel,” she admits. “And when I’m not with her, I ache for her.” It is then, she notes, that the feelings of loneliness set in. “I was literally sitting there amongst her things holding her Elmo doll and had a little cry,” she says. “I tear up just thinking about it.”

And although her guilty feelings of working motherhood are no less than any other mom, Angela — with the help of her family! —  realizes her situation is unique.

“My very sassy, older southern sister is very quick to point out that it’s a luxury that my daughter gets to come to work with me. She does, and I have lunch with her every single day. My mom says I have ‘high class problems.'”

While Angela continues to boast that Isabel is nothing short of a genius — she “was playing her little, tiny guitar and sang ‘Baby, baby, baby,’ and then my neighbor’s dog barked and she went ‘doggie, doggie doggie'” — outsiders help the proud mama stay grounded!

“My grandmother, who is 91, says to me, ‘Now Angela, every old crow thinks theirs is the blackest.’ And I say, ‘No grandmother, she is exceptional!'” Angela jokes.

Click below for Angela’s thoughts on becoming a single mom.

Family is clearly important to Angela, however with her mom and sisters living in Texas, the California-based star — estranged from her husband Warren Lieberstein —  is learning to juggle the challenges of solo parenthood. “I can’t call my sister or mom and be like, ‘Hey, can you come over and watch Isabel for an hour so I can do some laundry?'” she muses.

“You just sort of figure out how to do laundry with your toddler. And as soon as I’m putting clothes in the dryer, she’s taking them out and it’s all fun and games.”

Quick to point out that her life is made easier with a nanny and “extra help,” Angela insists that her time spent not working is strictly reserved for the mother-daughter duo.

“Being a parent is amazing,” she raves. “On our walks, we literally stop and smell the flowers. I’m sure, to many people, my life is not that exciting, but to me every day is an adventure.”

Not even two years into the journey and Angela jokes that becoming a mother has already left her with a whole new attitude toward life.

“Now that I’m a mom I’m way more laid back. If you come into my house, don’t look for a coaster. Forget it. There is not a piece of furniture in my house now that is too precious.”

Source: Mom; Winter issue

— Anya

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christina on

She sounds like a great mom. I can’t help but wonder what happened with her husband…has she ever spoken publicly about it?

CelebBabyLover on

christina- I wonder, too. Whatever the reason they split, I hope Isabel still gets to see her daddy!🙂

awalsh32 on

She has a nanny & “extra help” and she can’t find an hour to do laundry? We should all be so lucky to have as much help as she has.

Anders on

awalsh32, who said that her nanny and extra help are around 24/7 Angela mentioned in the interview that when she isn’t working that her time is spent with her daughter. Maybe the nanny is only around while Angela is on set, which would make sense since she said that Isabel comes to work with her a lot. There might be more to it then Angela feels like sharing.

Becky Holland on

Lighten up awalsh32. Jeez. She sounds like a great Mom. Grounded and funny. And she’s juggling life like we all do. I don’t have family in town either. I work from home and while I have a babysitter that comes three times a week I still feel like I never get a moment to myself. Motherhood is a 24/7 job no matter what your perks. She was just pointing out that she wishes she had a family support system.

awalsh32 on

I never said she was not a great mom Becky. I am simply saying that wow…she is lucky to have a lot of extra help in her life. I also work and have a young child and yes, while there is never enough time in the day to do everything, I manage without the help of a nanny or extra help. Things are not as well taken care of as I would like but they are done. I just don’t buy the fact that she can’t get things done with multiple avenues of help.

I have also worked as a nanny for various families for over 13 years. Some were working mothers, others were not. But I can tell you that when the children were napping I was not sitting around. I was doing laundry and cleaning up after the children and others, and that was expected.

traxie on

I feel for Angela – I couldn’t handle being a single working mother, it’s so hard even being a working mother with a helpful partner! I know that children are an absolute blessing, but the sheer logistics of getting through your day when you have to combine being an effective mother and a breadwinner can just be so exhausting. Good on her for getting extra support. She seems to be in very gracious, good spirits about her marriage breakup and this new phase of her life.

Moore on

I have to agree with you there awalsh32. Extra help is always nice but I guess after raising kids without it, some things just crack me up like needing a hand for laundry. As a nanny, you are the help with the wide awake toddler(s) while doing the laundry and not having a moment to yourself all day. It becomes the norm so its just funny to me the way its phrased as if its more than tossing clothes into machines.

Of course extra family support would be nice for her and having the ability to call them right over is what she’s primarily talking about. Laundry was probably just her example as its often used.

Jane on

cbb is there anything written about what happened with her and her husband?

lizzielui on

I think the point that is being missed here is that Angela said she is LEARNING to juggle everything in her newfound status of being a solo parent. So clearly she has a lot going on and is trying to make adjust and make things work.

Jessica on

Being a married and full-time working mom to a child who’s a week away from turning 1, I can understand her comment about sometimes needing help just to do the laundry. My washer and dryer are in the basement, so changing loads means finding a safe place to confine my daughter where she won’t find something to choke on or get into something she shouldn’t. And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do laundry in one shot? Put it in, take it out, fold it, put it away. That NEVER happens! It gets washed, three hours later it gets moved along to the dryer, and then next week it gets folded and maybe it gets put away. More often than not though, the clothes sit in the basket and we dig through it to find something to wear. That’s our reality and I really have to strive to stay on top of things, to push it to get things done. I have to work at a break-neck pace sometimes to get things fitted into her nap schedule. And sometimes, I just don’t care! Just put the basket in the bedroom and shut the door so no one can see the mess. Help or not, being a Mom is hard.

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