Brad Pitt and Pax: City Slickers

12/31/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
GSI Media

Like father, like son! Brad Pitt and son Pax Thien, 6, don similar knit caps and cool shades while leaving their New York City hotel on Wednesday.

The entire Jolie-Pitt brood is in the blustery Big Apple while mom Angelina Jolie continues to film re-shoots on Salt — we spotted them out earlier this week!

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Yoco on

Cute Pax is wearing the hat Shiloh was wearing at the coffee shop last week. I watched the video of Brad, Pax, Maddox, Brad’s bother Doug and Doug’s son at Dave and Buster on X17. Very scary large and loud crowd when they were leaving

All Women Stalker on

Pax looks so cool. 🙂 I will check that video you mentioned, YoCo.

Kaley on

Why is Brad wearing a jacket and Pax is not? hmmm…

FC on

Pax is such a cool little dude. I love them shades on him.

And, technically, Pax is wearing a jacket—well, a puffer vest, anyway.

Shirese Franklin on

So cute!

Natasha on

Pax is so cute!

Bancie1031 on

I wish Brad would shave that BEARD!! I hope it’s for a roll in a movie …. Pax is getting so big! His little arms had to be cold though 😦 But I’m sure they weren’t out for long in the weather.

halfdozen4me on

OMGosh – call social services…. it is darn cold in NY and that little boy is wearing short sleeves… he is not appropriately dressed!

Penelope on

I have seen many pics of Brad and that crazy looking beard of his. I wish he would finally shave it off. It sure does make him look older. It actually looks sill with it all braided.

CelebBabyLover on

I don’t really like Brad’s beard, either, but it’s possible that it’s for a movie role and he actually CAN’T shave it off right now. As for the braiding…It DOES look a bit silly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Zahara’s doing (from what we’ve seen, Shi is quite the tomboy, whereas Zee is a very girly girl, so I’m guessing it’s more likely that, if either of the girls is responsible for the beard, it’s Zee. :)). 🙂

Kati on

pax looks so cute! He has grown a lot. He seems to be dressed up very warmly. Those shades are just cool. He seems to be taking after his very cool dad. That video in x17 is really great but shows one thing. Why on earth do these paps always have to follow this family wherever they go? This was supposed to be a private moment between Brad, his two older sons, his brother and nephew. Wonder what Brad´s nephew thought of this craziness his uncle and cousins go through a lot. To him Brad is just like any other person: his uncle, not a celebrity. Although he´s a teenager he must have been scared by all those paps since he isn´t used to them. Hopefully he won´t be too traumatized by this.

Heather on

I can’t believe there was such an uproar on this board in the fall when Suri Cruise was seen without a coat on but not much about Pax without a coat in the freezing winter! A puffer vest is not a jacket!

happy2010 on

You guys realize that they probably just walk a few feet in the cold straight to their car, right? He’s smiling; they are fine; no one will go home with hypothermia.

Yoco on

If not mistaken they are inside the hotel.Their car is probably a few feet from the door . He is not walking around the city w/ no coat.

Akira on

Aww they both look handsome!

michelle on

Is Pax wearing a New Orleans Saints football jersey? I love it!

CelebBabyLover on

Yoco- Exactly! It says right in the post that they were leaving their hotel, plus the elevators in the background and the vinyl/carpeted floor (it’s hard to tell from this picture whether it’s vinyl flooring or carpeting that’s meant to look similar to a vinyl floor) are pretty much a dead give-away that they are inside the hotel.

Also, there have been other pictures of the J-Ps in NYC this week, when they clearly WERE outdoors, and the kids are very well bundled in all of them. Therefore, I’m inclined to believe that it was indeed a case of the car being about two feet from the door, or possibly even in an enclosed parking area. I’m sure if Pax was going to be outside for any length of time, he would have had a jacket on!

Anyway, all of that being said, I think the big difference between him and Suri is that he is clearly indoors in this picture, whereas Suri is usually clearly outdoors when she’s pictured coatless AND she’s usually in sleeveless dresses to boot (although I don’t think people need to get upset every time she’s pictured without a coat, either. It’s very doubtful that her parents are going to let her freeze to death!).

Kati on

Pax is clearly his dad´s little boy. He and Brad sure has this very special father-son bond which they sure created very soon after Pax became a part of this family sooon 3 years ago. That New Orleans Cardinals football jerswey he´s wearing is just cool. Maybe he is their fan. Wonder when the Jolie-Pitts will go back to New Orleans again. Hopefully soon. There they can have some peace and quiet just like in France.

Shannon on

Since it’s obvious the pic was taken in the hotel, who’s to say they didn’t toss a jacket on him before actually walking out? I’m sure there was a bodyguard or handler there who could have been carrying his coat!

Shannon on

Oh, and as for Brad’s beard, I’m fairly certain I read recently that it is in fact for a movie, so I”m sure he won’t be sporting it forever!