Salma Hayek and Girls Hit the Shops

12/30/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Salma Hayek stepped out with the ladies in her life — daughter Valentina Paloma, 2, step-daughter Mathilde, 9, and mother Diana (not pictured) — on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Calif.

The group were spotted strolling around The Grove hand-in-hand before stopping for ice cream cones.

Dad is the actress’ husband, François-Henri Pinault.

Salma pushes the Maclaren’s Limited Edition Juicy Couture Buggy ($450).

In the bottom of the stroller is a Fleurville Re-Run Messenger in Ogo Print ($80).

Valentina wears Primigi Andes in Bronze ($64.50).

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kelsey on

I’m trying to figure out who’s mother she is with but either way how sweet they are all shopping together. Valentina probably can’t get enough of her big sister!

I want to get a Juicy Couture stoller for my baby girl.

Cassandra on

Talk about adorable!!!

Xan on

Cute sisters! Mathilde looks like she’s going to be a tall young lady!

melissa on

Kelsey- Diana is Salma’s mother…Beautiful Girls!

Alice on

I find it really cute that Valentina seems to have a great bond with her siblings. In most recent pics she’s holding Mathilde’s hand.

Erika on

So cute! I love the stroller! Pink and brown are my favorite colors, and I love Juicy!

Just out of curiosity how many kids does her husband have?

luciana on

Erika salma’s hubby has 3 kids altogether. from his first wife he has an 11 yr old son francois and 9 yr old matlida, and than he has valentina with salma. I wish more pics from this outing were posting, valentina’s outfit is adorable and she has 2 cute pigtails and is walking and laughing with an ice cream cone in some pics. There’s also pics from the last 2 days of valentina out with her dad and 2 siblings for a walk and of the whole family at lax airport. Salma’s hubby seems like a nice down to earth guy,and his son is very handsome. Valentina def favors salma’s side more, has her mom’s dark hair, eyes, complexion, I think her button nose is from her dad though. His older two kids especially matilda look a lot like him. They live in france and are visiting for the holidays. Valentina is a beautiful child, I remember people on this site saying she looks a bit like natalie wood, and she really does. they always have her dressed nice, and her hair is getting so long. I love the name valentina too, and that juicy stroller.

agnes on

Valentina is so adorable and she is always wearing something cute. The two girls look the cutest when they are holding hands. What a loving picture that was.

Elizabeth on

Cute! Salma’s stepdaughter looks like a pretty girl; I haven’t seen her before.

Sarah on

Luciana – where did you see those other pictures?

Erika on

Thanks Luciana! I was just curious since I didn’t even know he had other kids!

mrsh on

I think it’s just too cute that the girls are holding hands!

jen on

Yes, sisters holding hands is the sweetest!

electra on

Ahh she does look like Natalie wood! Very cute. I can appreciate the children of a billionaire being dressed down. I love malthilde’s jacket and mary janes! So childish, which is rare for a celeb kids who always seem to dress like mini-adults.

momofmany on

The pictures are on justjared.

g!na on

girls are so cute holding hands. CBB i think Mathilde was born 2001, so she would be 8 yrs old.

JMO on

popsugar also has a bunch more photos.

jacquelyn on

Did Salma chop off her hair!? I have always loved Salma. Adorable children too. But, Lord, did she really chop off her hair?!

All Women Stalker on

That is an adorable photo of the girls. 🙂 Salma is looking great these days.

elisabeth on

Wow! I am SO impressed at the older sister’s outfit. Mary Jane shoes and tights are totally appropriate for a 9 yr old girl, but we usually see some sort of awful “tween” outfit.

Mathilde is a beautiful girl with a very classy look. I applaud her parents (and step parents).

This is a very sweet picture. Beautiful girls, all of them!

h on

mathilde is a very common name in France, i’m supprised that François Henri named his daughter that.
In my opnion Mathilda is way cuter and certainly more classic than Mathilde.
So does Mathilde speak english or does Valentina speaks French, English And Spanish??!

christina on

One of my favorite pictures of the year! Seriously…I just love this one for some reason.

Sarah K. on

h, I think Salma has said that Valentina does speak a little French. But I’m sure Mathilde knows at least basic English.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah K.- Indeed. Salma has said mutliple times that Valentina is multi-lingual. 🙂 Also, does anyone know how Mathilde is pronuced? Is it like Matilda with an E on the end? Or is pronouced “Math-illdee” or “Mat-hilldee”?

Mathilde on

h, Mathilde is a classic traditional name for a french girl, like François or Valentine. Celebrity babies and kids in France don’t have weird names like some anglo-saxon celebrity kids (Sparrow Midnight for example). Actually, kids with original or invented names are often kids coming from lower social classes (also goes for anglo-saxon names in France or French names in Germany). In France, one’s first name is still very linked to the social background you’re belonging to. Mathilde is mostly given for middle-class and upper-class girls. Same with François for boys.
And Matilda isn’t a French name, that’s the english version of Mathilde. (always with a silent h btw) Like Valentina would be Valentine in French.

CelebBabyLover, it is pronounced Mah-teeld. 😉 The e in the end of a name/word is silent.