Chris Robinson Welcomes Daughter Cheyenne Genevieve

12/30/2009 at 07:25 PM ET
Freddie Baez/Startraks

One thing that might be hard to handle in the New Year for rocker Chris Robinson? Diaper duty!

The Black Crowes frontman and wife Allison Bridges welcomed a daughter on Saturday, a rep for the musician tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Chris Robinson and his new wife, Allison, have a healthy and beautiful baby girl,” says his rep. “Cheyenne Genevieve Robinson, 6 lbs., 3 oz., was born on Dec. 26, 2009 at the Robinsons’ home in California.”

Chris, 43, who married Allison earlier this year, confirmed in September that they were expecting their first child together.

This is the second child for the rocker, who has a son, Ryder Russell, 6 next week, with ex-wife Kate Hudson.

After a year of touring in support of the Black Crowes’ latest album, Before the Frost … Until the Freeze, Chris plans to spend some time at home with his wife and daughter before the band starts a new project and tour in 2010.

— Marisa Laudadio

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Lynn on

I love the name. It’s really pretty.

skunknuggets on

Congrats to them! Sounds like a successful home birth. I had a home birth before and I’m planning another one for this child as well.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them! I LOVE the name!

melissa on

What a BEAUTIFUL name..congrats!

Corrie on

What an absolutely beautiful name! Congratulations to Chris and Allison – I’m sure Ryder will be a great big brother.

Courtney on

congrats to the family love the name you don’t hear those names chosen very often and they flow beautifully together

Sam and Freya's mum on

Not keen on her name but in minority by looks of it! Feminine- sounding just ot my kind of name but each to their own. IMO it’s a bit of a mouthful – being a fan of shorter names – but if they’re happy then who cares of course…!

Sam and Freya's mum on

Also, congrats to the new parents & big brother Ryder! Nice for him to have a little sis, hope he enjoys it and the bond/company. Our 5 year old loves his little sis (have their moments of course, sharing issues etc as she gets older, but says he likes not being on his own). Likes the company & having someone to fight over toys with is a bonus, lol. Our little girl’s turning ‘2’ already, tomorrow here in NZ, on 1st Jan – was a different but exciting start to the year two years ago!

Didn’t realise Chris remarried, however, good for them. Was it ever publically mentioned?

selene on

I love the name Genevieve, so pretty and classic.
How is Cheyenne pronounced?
I’ve seen it written a few times but never heard it

Samantha on

selene its pronounced Shy-ann

mrsh on

Great name! Congrats to them!

electra on

I think Cheyenne is pronounced Shy-AN. I wonder if they’re going to pronounce the middle name Gen-eh-veve(how americans usually pronounce) or zhuhn-VYEHV (how the french usually pronounce it, i’m bad at phonetics).

Its a nice name regardless. I wonder if mom picked it out or dad.

jen on

So happy for them about the homebirth. How wonderful!

alice jane on

electra I was just wondering the same thing about Genevieve! I think it’s a beautiful name no matter how they pronounce it though. Congratulations to Chris, Allison, and Ryder!

Lau on

Not a huge fan of how Cheyenne and Genevieve go with one another, but cute names nontheless =)

Sophia on

How wonderful! Baby’s name is unexpected, I dunno, you just don’t hear that name very often. Is it really pronounced Shy-ANN? I always imagined it being pronounced Shuh-YENNE?
Anyway, congratulations to Chris, Allison and Ryder, who I’m sure will be a fantastic big brother to who is no doubt an absolutely gorgeous baby girl 🙂

Sarah on

The names really flow nicely together! =) It’s awesome they did a Home birth!! I am 8 months pregnant with a little one we are planning to birth at home too so that part makes me smile 😉

electra on

Well, there was a show on called Reba and there was a character on the show named Cheyenne and thats how it was pronounced. There’s also a singer Cheyenne kimball who pronounces it that way. I’m not clear on the names origin so it could be pronounced differently, but that’s how its usually said here in the states.

Emily on

I’m not crazy about the first name but it fits. That’s awesome they had a home birth!

Daniella on

It’s pronounced Shy-ann, I’ve never heard it pronounced any other way and I say this because I graduated with two Cheyenne’s and my aunt and uncle live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The word Cheyenne comes from the Native American tribe called the Cheyenne who lived on the Great Plains; thus, the namesake of the capital of Wyoming. The same goes for the name Dakota/Dakotah, which comes from the Lakota (or Sioux) tribes. I believe the Cheyenne spoke/speak a variation of Algonquian from what I’ve heard, so I guess the name would be Algonquian in origin. Overall, two very pretty names!

selene on

Thank you, I like the name Cheyenne.
Ryder looks just like Chris, I wonder if Cheyenne will too.

Liliana on

Congrats to Chris, Allison, and Ryder. I’m sure she’s beautiful.

I♥CBB on

When did they get married? CONGRATULATIONS TO CHRIS AND ALLISON! I ♥ the name. Ryder will be a great big brother!! 🙂

dee on

Whenever I hear the names Cheyenne, Destiny, or Amber I can’t help but think “stripper name.”

Milla on

awwe! i love that name! it reminds me of rebas daughter, cheyenne on reba 🙂

Micheley on

I adore the name Genevieve. I think it is so beautiful!

Jessica on

I wonder if they pronounce Genevieve as Jahn-Vee-Ev. I think that flows really nicely with Cheyenne.

Mariasha on

Love the name Cheyenne. Not so fond of Génevieve though. My mother nearly named me like that, but I got lucky. 😉 I am not too fond of names for kids, where the majority of people in the country where you live in have no idea how to pronounce or spell the name.

Elby on

Congrats to them, I wanted a home birth both times I was pregnant but twins are considered ‘at risk’ and I could never be bothered to fight with the midwife about it. I’m always happy to hear about successful ones though because they’re not always very mainstream.
I’m not a fan of the name Cheyenne, I had a Cheyenne in one of my seminar groups a few years ago and she hated it, she said people always expected her to be blonde and stupid and treated her accordingly. She was a petit brunette with a brain the size of a planet – her phd thesis landed on my desk just before Christmas actually and all I can say is she does not live up to people’s expectations!

Miclette on

Congrats to them! Genevieve is a very old fashion name in France. There is no more baby called Genevieve, only old people. But added to Cheyenne, Genevieve is more fun !

Basil on

How funny Dee! I know a stripper named Dee. It’s her stage name, not her real name, of course.

I think Cheyenne is beautiful. Very Western, earthy, American sounding. It goes well with Ryder too. Just because they’re step siblings doesn’t mean their names shouldn’t feel similar like Benjamin Brady and John “Jack” Brady. I have a friend who had a daughter on her own named Willow then got married and had kids with names like Hannah, Olivia and James. Even if you didn’t know their history, it was kinda obvious that Willow was from a different relationship.

Tiger Lily on

that name has a ton of vowels! As someone with a 7-letter first name and a whopping 12-letter middle name, I always prefer pairing a longish first name with a one-syllable middle name (or vice versa). It makes filling out forms much easier.

But anyway, congrats to the parents and Ryder.

JMO on

I have a cousin named Cheyenne and yes it’s pronounced Shy-anne. I like the name but I don’t like it combined with Genevieve. I wasn’t expecting something so …well “normal” lol

I bet Ryder is going to be smitten with his little baby sis! Congrats to them all.

Mary on

I have to say this is a really gorgeous name. Congrats to the new family.

kel on

Very cool; bet Chris was behind the Native American inspired Cheyenne…just to add: Yes, Native Americans are still alive, we still live among the “Great Plains”, and we still speak our Algonquian languages fluently!

ritter on

lol, the NEW wife, not the old one 😉

Tierah on

I absolutely love this name!! Cheyenne is very American and rustic sounding.

I also know a stripper named Dee!! So Dee maybe you should change your name to Cheyenne!! I don’t know if you intended for your comment to come off the way it did but I think it was rude.

L. on

Basil, actually it’s John “Jack” Moynahan and Benjamin Brady. Though, Benjamin’s surname being Brady is an assumption, too. The only name we’ve seen confirmed for him is his first name. I’m still hoping for Benjamin Brady-Bundchen or the reverse. I know most don’t agree with me, but I think mothers are just as important as fathers and should be honored equally.

L. on

Oh, and Cheyenne has been popular since Kathie Lee named her kid Cody. Genevieve is refreshing though.

Alex on

Congrats to the whole family! I’ve only ever heard Cheyenne pronounced as Shay-Ann, but I guess they can do what they like for their baby lol. Genevieve is cute too. Not a bad name at all as they go!

Amy in Oregon on

Funny I am seeing double! I was just on our local hospital website and on December 20th a local couple used the SAME name pairing! I was shocked to see this name again, it was like Dejavue! check it out!

Juanita on

Since I have a daughter named Cheyanne Noel, I love the name. I put the “a” because I wanted it pronounced “ann” and not “enn”, which is the proper pronunciation.

Shannon on

Love the name, congrats to them!! My daughter’s name is Cheyenne. It’s something you don’t see very often. And to Dee, I am not sure what you ment by your “stripper” comment, but to me Dee sounds like and old lady name, so there you go.

pam on

My stepdaughter is in her mid 20’s and is named Shyanne. Her mom thought it was an original name and she had no clue about Cheyenne, WY…..and as far as I know, Cheyenne is pronounced – Shy Ann – I’ve never heard it any other way – but they again, I’ve never been to another country (other than Canada). Love the name, it’s not too trendy, nor too “out there” either.

Stephanie on

Cheyenne is not my style, but it’s still a good name. My older daughter’s name is Genevieve, and we pronounce it the American way (we are such rubes! Seriously, though…people ought to read the history of words to see how radically language morphs over time, and that includes proper nouns.) Both of my daughters have old fashioned names (Genevieve Adele and Vivianne Irene) because we thought they were beautiful and uncommon, but not unfamiliar (Viv was almost Mireille, which I read somewhere was also an old fashioned name in France; however, since my grandmother was Vivian and hubby’s grandmother was Irene, and since Mireille–to American eyes and ears–doesn’t look like it sounds or sound like it looks, we decided to honor our grandmothers instead. And I’m glad, because a new friend I’ve met since has a daughter Mireilla the same age as Viv and their names fit them 100%.)

Anyway, congrats to the parents and Happy New Year to everyone!

Bancie1031 on

I love the name Cheyenne …. congratulations to them 🙂

alguien on


In Spain we do have 2 surnames (our father and mother first surnames) and when women get married they DON’T change their surnames to their husbands’ ones (that’ll be confusing to me and sexist). Only having your father’s last name or changing it to your husband when you get married sounds so SEXIST to me.

Cat on

Alguien, It’s not sexist to take your husband’s last name when you get married. I was very proud and happy to take my husband’s name when we got married. It doesn’t mean that you are the man’s property because you take his last name. It’s more of a tradition and starting your new family or life together. That’s crazy to say it’s sexist.

Luna on

Yay! I’m so happy for Chris Robinson. Ryder and Cheyenne have the same age difference as me and my big brother! Congratulations Chris, Allison, and Ryder and welcome to the world Cheyenne Genevieve.
I don’t think taking your husband’s last name is sexist at all. When i married my husband, it felt natural to take his last name. However, for business reasons, my older sister kept her maiden name and hyphenated it. She has no children though so…

Pencils on

I hope he’s cleaned himself up for his wife & new baby’s sake. I saw him on the street in Greenwich Village a few years ago. Didn’t recognize him at first, at first I thought he was a particularly scary looking junkie walking towards me, and I seriously thought about crossing the street, but it was broad daylight on a well-traveled street. Then he passed me, glaring at me with that “I’m a celebrity, how dare you look at me” look and I realized “That’s Chris Robinson!” He was wearing gross sweatpants that were so long they had holes worn in the back from his shoes, a dirty shirt and dirty jacket, with long hair and a long beard, neither of which had seen soap or shampoo in a long, long time. And he smelled. I couldn’t believe that Kate Hudson slept in the same room with him. In the same house! Ick.

CelebBabyLover on

Pencils- Kate has nothing but nice things to say about him as both a person and a father, so I’m guessing we don’t need to worry about him being a good father to this baby. 🙂

mazzie on

it’s only my opinion and i know it might sound not-nice but it’s meant with no malice. cheyenne has always sounded like a brand of 4×4, rather than a baby name to me.
but i like genevieve.

Marlene on

I had to put a comment about the babies name one because my daughters name in Genevieve and two she was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They will have there hands full both name sakes carry more joy the you can believe and in the same moment you can see the mischief.

Cheyenne on

My name is also Cheyenne. Congrats to them!

Petra on

The Spanish model is maybe gender correct, but very impractical one (all mother, father and child in family actually have different surnames)and in practise only one surname is used anyway (from father). When children get surnames from their parents, so not all four, fortunately, but from male line from both parents (father´s father and mother´s father)anyway.
So all this arrangement with the names is only formal, written in documents, but not used in daily life.
The traditional way is much more practical and better arranged.

brannon on

Agree with some of you – kept my name and gave our son my last name. Our next child will share her fathers name. To each their own but it always seemed silly to assume women would automatically change their name – anyway, congrats!

Deadra on

Geez…poor Dee. She just gave her “opinion”. I actually think she was trying to be humorous! Lighten up everyone.

My “opinion” is that both names are very beautiful. I also think that saying the ENTIRE name is a mouthful, but most people don’t walk around doing that so it’s not really an issue. In many cultures…(Hispanic, Filipino) the mothers surname is used as a middle name so those kids usually have a mouthful. My husband being one of them. He just tends to use his middle initial whenever necessary, rather than writing out the entire name…