Angelina Jolie's Littlest Fans: Zahara and Shiloh!

12/30/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
Mr. Nunez/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic

Straight from the set of her upcoming thriller Salt on the Westside of Manhattan Monday, Angelina Jolie went into mommy mode, hoisting daughter Zahara Marley, 5 next week, as Brad Pitt held daughter Shiloh Nouvel, 3.

The family was decked out like true New Yorkers — almost entirely in black — with Brad still sporting his much-discussed braided beard.

The girls wear Appaman Puffy Down Coats in Black ($90). Zahara wears Ugg’s Kids Classic Max’s Crown while Shiloh wears Superga 2750 in Silver Lame ($55).

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JMO on

ok maybe it’s my eyes but Angie looks like a wax figure in this picture…like something from Madem tousads Wax Museum lol.

LoriC on

I thought the same thing. 🙂 She definitely still has the wig on so I would think her makeup would still be on too. So I think that’s why she looks so much like a wax figure.

I love how these kids are dressed warmly. I like that they aren’t wearing skimpy sundresses or sandals when it’s winter. The kids always look like they are dressed for the weather and comfort. Sometimes the looks can be a little creative for my taste(ie the pirate look) and not always the most colorful but they are always weather appropriate.

Z is getting so tall. Look at the long legs on that girl! I just wish Shiloh was looking at the camera more so we could see her cute face. But it’s sweet to see her and dad looking to intently at each other.

And speaking of Dad, he’s got to lose that beard. I know he’s Brad Pitt and all and he can make just about anything sexy. But Dude, that beard is just nasty.

Akira on

They look so cute and look at Zahara’s cute earmuffs. Love this family!

mslewis on

Angelina is obviously still in makeup and costume. (The pants and top are the same ones she has worn in several photos from the set.) She opted to leave immediately with her family rather than go to the makeup trailer to have her makeup removed. I don’t blame her. She can remove her makeup after she gets home to see her babies.

There are other photos on other sites that show Brad and his girls arriving on the set, during daylight, and you can see Shiloh’s face.

I have to laugh at the people who say things about Brad’s beard. I think he looks just fine and apparently he’s loving it. I hope he keeps the beard for a long, long time because I love that it makes so many people so upset!!!

gargoylegurl on

Adorable – I love this family! =)

gargoylegurl on

LOL mslewis, I agree with you! =)

(LOVE- aJ ) on

I love this family.

annie on

Is Shiloh tall for her age?Because shes 2 years younger than Zahara and she looks bigger than her?

JMO on

I actually thought Angie was done filming this movie.

Well of course the family is bundled up. It was like 20 degrees teh other day in NYC! If they were walking around like Suri Angie and Brad would have to be slapped upside their heads!

Forever Moore on

Who cares about the beard…doesn’t affect his parenting, so let him be!

kim on

Accesshollywood says she has 2 weeks of reshoots apparently there was a change in the script involving her husband in the film Shiloh was born May 2006 and Zahara in Jan 2005 so they are not quite 18 months apart in age. There were some pics about 3 months ago where Pax , Zahara and Shiloh appeared about the same size maybe it was just the angle though

kandee on

Zahara is 14 months older than shiloh. It’s not that much older, I think shiloh looks fine for her age.

french gigi on

….loving zahara’s earmuffs! ❤

Liliana on

Beautiful family!

My son has that coat. Very comfy and warm.

Mona on

Shiloh has earmuffs too! Both girls were wearing them in the cafe photos last week. I love how Angie and Brad dress their kids. I also agree with the poster who said why should AJ stress about getting her make-up and costume off when she can go home to be with her family. these are re-shoots of a film she finished in June 2009 so she knows what is needed for the next day, etc. any productions has duplicate wardrobe, wigs etc.

electra on

Zahara is a star! They aren’t biological siblings so its quite possible that Zahara is smaller than Shiloh. Plus, she had a rough start as an infant so maybe that has something to do with it. I was always bigger than my sister who is 14months older than me. Today as adults she’s 5’8 and I’m 6ft.

Sabrina on

wow, i can’t believe zahara is going to be five already! she is looking as cute as ever! 🙂

Sarah M. on

I have friends who have an 18 month old daughter (Kait) & 5 month old son (Jadon). So, doing the math, they’re 13 months apart. Jadon weighs more than Kait & they both wear size 3 diapers. (They’re big on Kait & small on Jadon!) Mom was saying the other day that she though Kait would be potty trained from size 3 diapers!! Whether biological siblings or adopted siblings, each kid is still individually different. So some will naturally be tall & thin & others will naturally be short & stocky.

I kind-of like Brad’s beard, probably because Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite movie and Capt. Sparrow’s beard is braided in it! And I can understand why Angie would rather stay in costume & make-up longer in order to spend more time with the kids.

Erika on

I don’t like Brad’s beard! Both kids are cute though…

As for their height, according to imdb, Brad is 5’11” and Angelina is 5’8″ so Shiloh will probably be average or a little talll while for all we know Zahara’s biological parents could have been less than 5′. I don’t think either is too tall or too short, their probably both just on different sides of average.

CelebBabyLover on

Erika- I agree. Shi’s probably going to be a tall girl.

kandee- Techincally, Zahara is almost 17 months older than Shiloh (Zee was born on January 8th, 2005, and Shi on May 27th, 2006). 🙂

Anyway, Shi and Zee are so cute! 🙂

Kati on

OMG! Both of the girls look absolutely adorable! Zahara has grown a lot lately and looks very tall for her age. She had a rough start for her young life but I think that she has developed quite normally for being a five-year-old. Shi looks just cute in that winter coat. She obvíously is a daddy´s little girl. That look between father and daughter tells a lot. These two seem to be quite close. Naturally Brad loves his two other daughters Zahara and Vivienne a lot too but he seems to have a weak spot for Shi. All those girls sure have wrapped their dad around their little fingers including Viv. She may be only 17 months old but she sure knows how to get what she wants from her dad. Angie must have been thrilled when she saw Brad, Zee and Shi arriving to pick her up from the set. This family looks soooo normal. I wish the paparazzis would leave them alone. This was a private moment and should have not been pictured. I don´t blame Shi for not looking straight into the cameras. She seems to be a little bit shy of cameras. Still sometimes she looks straight into the camera but not this time. Maybe she was tired and just wanted to get back to the hotel with mummy,daddy and big sis Zee.

Jenna on

How cute are those earmuffs on Zahara? They are each the size of her little face. Very adorable!

Andrea_momof2 on

They look so cute! Shiloh is definitely taller than Zahara at this point, her head would go higher and legs go longer if they were both being held by the same person!

All Women Stalker on

They are so cute. 🙂 I love Zahara’s facial expression. Hahaha

FC on

Love seeing the girls again! And can I have Angie’s coat? Looks stylish and warm: works for me. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Andrea_momof2- Actually, I don’t think Shi is taller than Zee. It looks like Brad is holding her higher up than Angie is holding Zee in these photos, giving the illusion that Shi is taller than Zee. 🙂

All Women Stalker- I love Zee’s facial expression, too! She looks like she’s thinking: “I’ve got my eye on you guys!” I also love how, even when she’s in winter gear, she still has to have some girly pink. 🙂

Andrea_momof2 on

CelebBabyLover – you may be right but I do think that even if Brad carried Shiloh lower she’d still seem taller. I remember Shiloh was only an inch or two shorter than Zahara a few months back so it wouldn’t surprise me if she was taller than her by now!

I think it’s so cute how Zahara is looking like a little lady and Shiloh definitely still has her toddler look to her. They (along with Viv) are the cutest sisters!

mazzie on

despite the fact they aren’t biologically related and shiloh may very well be gaining height on zahara, i reckon zee’s always had a touch of angie and shi to her looks. she’s got similar features to them and growing up as a family, they are only becoming more pronounced to me. as she grows older it’s clear that she takes after her mother’s graceful and elegant way of holding herself.

momto3boysillbe on

I don’t ever like what these girls are wearing. They’re girls for goodness sake and they’re wearing black puffy coats?? Not cute!! I wouldn’t even put that ugly thing on my sons.

Ashleigh on

It’s a black coat. Just because a child is a girl does not mean her entire wardrobe must consist of pink and purple. The way you overreacted to the coat makes it sound like Brad and Angelina are harming there daughters by putting them in black. There are more important things to worry about than the color of their jackets.