The Stefani-Rossdales Take a Winter Walk

12/29/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Rex Features/Startraks

A California girl at heart, Gwen Stefani gets bundled up for a brisk winter walk on Saturday in London with husband Gavin Rossdale and sons Zuma Nesta Rock, 16 months, and Kingston James McGregor (not pictured) who hopped and skipped ahead of his parents.

The family was enjoying a day out at Hampstead Heath, a popular city park, while they spend the month in Gavin’s native UK.

Zuma rides in a Mylo in Black Jack (£695).

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Audrey on

How many strollers does she have? I swear I must have counted at least 20 over the years. I understand that companies send them to her for free just to say she used them, but rather than use them all a few times, i would think she might donate them to babies whose moms can’t afford a stroller, or who are in foster care or whatever. I hope she is auctioning them after the usage (as “used by Gwen Stefani”) and then giving that money to charity (which could then buy 2-3 of the same stroller, I’d imagine).

As a new mom of a 6 m/o dd, I’m just so saddened to hear of babies who don’t have the things that my daughter has, and we’re not nearly as well off as the Stefani-Rossdales. I’ve donated so many items we could not use, items we have used, and brand new items(including a crib and mattress) in the past 6 months. I can’t imagine getting that many free strollers and feeling compelled to keep and use them rather than donate them or auction them and donate the money to other babies.

Kristin on

I wonder where Zuma gets his hair from. Gwen had dark blonde hair when she was a kid and so does Kingston. Maybe Gavin had the white blonde hair. Anyways, Zuma is so adorable! I think he looks similar to Kingston, but is starting to get his own look as he gets older.

Erika on

The boys are so cute! I hope they eventually have a girl! You know they had one in ’06, one in ’08, maybe another in 2010?

Audrey I wouldn’t be too concerned, they probably just bought them with their money- they are rich. Also because they travel so much they might just leave one in each place instead of lugging them from place to place.

mrsh on

I think this is the same stroller she’s been using the entire time she’s been in the UK. They probably do have at least one stroller at each place. I figure, it’s great if people want to make donations, but you can’t force them and shouldn’t try to guilt them into it. I’m planning to donate a butt-ton of stuff soon, because there is just so much my daughter’s outgrown, or we couldn’t use, or didn’t use… But not everyone wants to donate their used or unwanted items, and there’s nothing any one of us can really do about that.

Lorus on

Companies donate items to celebrities so that people will see them using them and want them as well. It’s like free advertising. A friend of mine isn’t a millionaire and had a stroller collection. I think at one point she had about 20 different kinds and has slowly sold them off since her youngest is 4.

Gwen donates a lot of the kids older items to charity auctions so she does give back.

Simone on

Why didnt the child wear a hat if it was so cold….iam sure they can afford a few….my 2 yr old alone has 10 winter hats

t on

gavin actually has reddish brown hair, gwen is a brunette, so the blonde on the kids is confusing. the one stroller gwen has is a dorky one, it doesn’t allow her to stand up straight and she’s like hunched over, i would send that one back. zuma is the cutest.

Anna on

Simone, maybe he doesn’t like hats, maybe he wasn’t cold?

I would never spend this kind of money on tons of strollers, but it is their money they can spend it how they like. They aren’t obligated to give to charity just because they are rich.

seebeewrite on

I wonder how I would feel if there was always someone criticizing my decisions as a parent?

I haven’t seen Gwen do anything I find truly worthy of critiquing. She appears to be a great mom. Her boys are always happy and there are pictures of her getting down to their level to play.

Zuma looks just like his brother in this photo.

Rebecka on

@Simone: There are other pictures where Zuma is wearing a hat, and also some pictures where he’s taking it off himself, so I guess he doesn’t want to wear one, lol.


this couple look the same .. same smile and face no? jeje

CelebBabyLover on

Simone- You’ll notice Gwen and Gavin aren’t wearing hats, either. 🙂

Tams on

I wouldn’t worry about Zuma not wearing a hat. I lived in the UK a while back and the winters there are about +5…not that cold. I pretty much wore a thick hoodie all winter but I’m from Canada and some of my mates thought I was nuts.

CelebBabyLover on

Before anyone argues with Tams that 5 degrees is not that cold, I’m guessing she’s referring to celsius degrees, not farhenheit degrees! 🙂

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