Kendra Wilkinson Cuddles With Her 'Best Gift'

12/29/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Kendra Wilkinson

Too cute!

Sharing a snapshot of herself and 2-week-old son Hank Randall, Kendra Wilkinson posted a holiday message on her Twitter feed this week, adding,

“lil man n i r jammin to some stevie wonder. Hope yall had a great xmas. the best gift i got is in my arms bout u?”

Hank is the first child for the reality star, 24, and husband Hank Baskett.

See our gallery of Kendra’s top ten pregnancy blog photos here!

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Ronda on

Very cute family. At first I thought another reality show…yikes! I watched it though and must admit they seem like a normal, fun, goofy family. The baby is a cutie IMO.

Lila on

She has changed so much since she first started on the Girls Next Door. She seems so grounded and happy now! I hope they have a blessed 2010.

Andrea on

Aaaah, her newborn son is so cute. I remember the first couple of weeks before the exhaustion took over the nuance. But I still loved every minue of it. Babies are such a precious gift. That picture makes me want to get pregnant again.

Lola Marie on

Cute, cute, cute!

Show us his face Kendra!

Liliana on

Hank is such a cutie and both mom and dad seem so in love with their little boy.

Baby Carriers Backpacks on

So precious! Congratulations!

Sarah on

She looks tired!

Saoradh on

Ka-yoot! You just know these two are going to be wonderful parents!

mrsh on

How precious! I agree, she has changed a lot. She’s not the same ditsy girl she was a few years ago.

KC on

I actually watched the baby special on E! and it made me cry on several occasions! She seems to have grown so much since she met Hank, and they appear to be just your normal couple. Congrats to them on their precious blessing – he is adorable!

Jennifer on

Their new little one is so cute and I got to see the special on E also it was nice. Little Hank is so cute! Also their family is in my hometown of Indianapolis for the Colts. Im so exited!

Shannon on

Sarah- of course she looks tired! She has a newborn! LOL

Jessicad on

She looks exhausted and happy, like all new moms do:) They are a cute family and seem so down to earth and in love. I cried watching their special too, especially when Hank gave her those gifts hidden in the baby clothes!

Sarah on

Shannon – I know, my baby girl is 11 months and I still look tired.

JMO on

I watched the baby episode too. Didn’t phase me. Just another reality show to waste away my brain cells ๐Ÿ™‚

shirese on

Never saw her on Girl Next Door, but saw the special and she seems like she will be a great mom.

Jen on

Awwwww! So cute!! She looks so content and happy. Baby Hank is precious! I watched their E! special too, and I also cried more than once. When Grandma surprised them at the door I lost it! The whole time I just kept thinking, “She’s gotta be there!” haha! They seem very well grounded and so in love with each other and their baby, and I am thrilled for them!

Kristin on

Aw! I love the onesie! I wish we could see little Hank’s face.

Amy in Oregon on

I also watched the special and cried about Grandma and baby! I love Kendra and am so glad to see her so happy. How could you not be happy with that sweet little baby in your arms though? I do agree though… us his little face!

Janna on

I hate that I can’t hate her!

I never watched the show with her allegedly dating that old guy, don’t watch her new show, don’t even read that much about her actually. Until today, I pretty much just thought of her as a whore and a ditz.

But she is just busting with maternal pride and love and happiness and (dare I say it?) maturity! She seems so likable now, I’m completey surprised!

Lau on

Really cute picture!

Iโ™ฅCBB on

Okay how adorable is this family! I love the updates we get via twitter. Hank is sooo cute! Kendra and Hank seem so in love. ♥ you guys and little Baskett! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jennifer on

I can’t get over how long he is! He’s gonna be tall like his daddy. I think he’s just precious. And the little onsie with “Baskett” on it is too cute!!! I like that she keeps updated with Twitter, too.

Gotta say, I love Kendra’s nail color, too. Her manicure looks fantastic!

Just Saying on

Cute.I have not watched her since Girls Next Door, not even the first season of her reality show but i must say she has grown a lot since. I just saw the episode where she gives birth and it was truly beautiful, not what i expected at all. I was truly happy for her while watching especially when she was due to deliver the baby. Beautiful, happy, and healthy family and baby. It was so nice that her entire family and his were there to support and experience it as well. I wish them much happiness in 2010 and beyond.

Kimberly on

I watched it an I loved it! Her grandma is so cute!! I think she will be fine and you can defiantly tell she has matured a lot. If anyone missed the special, you can find it at my site and watch it. I have the whole 1 hr uploaded that I recorded. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lara on

“I dont watch her shows or know anything about her but I think she’s a wh*re.”

How sad, but it’s nice to see immature judgemental people growing up and not judging her for silly reasons now.

And to the other person, why watch the show if it does nothing for you and wastes brain cells.

Hea on

Janna – Do you always judge people that you absolutely have no clue about? Do you like to hate just because you don’t agree or understand? Are you aware of how truly dumb and evil that seems? I’m glad you’ve changed your mind a bit about Kendra. An open mind shall set you free. Or something like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

The baby looks adorable. Makes my ovaries ache.

Janna on

Hea & Lara: Judging her?? For silly reasons?? That is hysterical!! LOL

This woman slept with (or at least *pretends* to have slept with) a man old enough to be her leacherous, promiscuous great-grandfather, who kept her around because she is young and cute and the flavor-of-the-week… and she openly does it for publicity, money, exposure, fame, etc.

That’s like saying I was “judging” an Asian woman by calling her an Asian woman!!

I’m not sure how calling someone what they are/were is “judging”.

Lara on

Janna it’s silly, although not “hysterical!! LOL” since you admit to not knowing much about her yet you made your mind up without really knowing her. If you don’t know all that much about her than why call her names? Like when we teach our children not to be ignorant toward people we don’t know because we don’t know the whole story. I’m sure Kendra has been called much worse by better people though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hea is right though, it’s nice that you opened your mind and heart a little.

Goodbye and grow up.

Lady on

They are such a precious family, you can tell the love between the whole family has grown & all are immensely happy! Be blessed in 2010 Baskett family!!

Hea on

Janna – Oh, so you’re NOT judging her or are you saying that it’s OK to judge her?

“Thatโ€™s like saying I was โ€œjudgingโ€ an Asian woman by calling her an Asian woman!!”

No, it’s not.

ashleyns1 on

love how she has her nails did ๐Ÿ˜‰

Debra Rincon Lopez on

Yeah I alway’s watch “Kendra” her spin-off show from the “Girl Next Door”. I love her new husband and baby. She has certainly gone through alot of changes this past year. Let’s see if she continue’s her modeling and other photo shoot’s and etc. in the future. Maybe her baby boy will be a model, Hank Jr. I just love her show and I can’t wait to see more.

Liz on

I just love Kendra! She seems to be so down to earth, humble, and very easy to please. I think Hank picked a winner, they are a gorgeous family!

Sarah on

Congrats to the family–they are so cute together! I hope Kendra continues with this path and doesn’t get steered in the wrong direction. No more nude posing or stripper poles please!!