Layla Kayleigh’s Blog: Melody Snuggles Up to Santa!

12/28/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh for use on CBB

Check out the second installment of Layla Kayleigh‘s blog below!

The America’s Best Dance Crew co-host is letting CBB readers follow along as she tackles first-time motherhood — daughter Melody Rain is now 8 weeks old. If you missed her first entry, click here to read!

Melody the Red-Nosed Reindeer Meets Santa

We decided because this was Melody’s first Christmas, we would take her to go get a picture with Santa. There’s a cool place in Los Angeles called The Grove where they have a really awesome Santa house every year.

I bought this reindeer outfit from (which is an awesome site for parents, they have absolutely everything, impeccable customer service and two day delivery!) to wear for the holidays, so I thought what better time to wear it than to meet Santa for her first time?

I must say the holidays have become so much more important to me after having a child.

I know that one day Melody will look back on her memories—and even though she’s too young to realize now what’s going on—I want her to have pictures to look back on and know how loved she was.

Who we are today is molded by our experiences as children, so I want to do everything I can to give Melody the best childhood ever, starting with her first Christmas.

As far as meeting Santa went, I doubt she’ll ever remember it; especially since she slept through the whole thing! I was trying to wake her up while we were in line, but she was in dreamland dreaming of lots of milk and boobies I’m sure!

Even the nice Santa elves were trying to wake her up with soft bells, but nothing was working. However as soon, and I mean as soon as we walked out of Santa’s house, Melody woke up and wanted to play! Go figure.

At least when she’s a little older, I will be able to show her a picture of when she met Santa as evidence. Because everyone knows Santa is a busy man and doesn’t make appearances too often! 😉

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season!

Much love,


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Brooke on

That is an adorable picture and Melody is a really cute little girl!

Mattie on

That is one of the cutest Santa pictures I have ever seen although Santa does seem a little un-jolly!

Sabrina on

how funny that melody slept through the whole thing! her reindeer suit is too adorable!

{JeLisa} on

Oh my goodness, that kid is cute!

{JeLisa} on

And P.S., love this:

“I know that one day Melody will look back on her memories—and even though she’s too young to realize now what’s going on—I want her to have pictures to look back on and know how loved she was.”

Elyse on

This is the sweetest picture! That little raindeer outfit is adorable. It could always be worse though, she could be crying instead of sleeping lol.

amandamay on

Mattie – We had our photos done with the same Santa at The Grove and he didn’t smile for our photos either – He was actually a bit rude to my son. Also, our photo wasn’t nearly as nice as that (The quality wasn’t as good and it wasn’t from a head-on angle) Hmmmm… lol

Jenna on

Very cute. She looks so tiny in his arms. And yes, I agree, Santa does not look too impressed!!

TC on

I’ve seen a picture of Santa laying down pretending to sleep with the sleeping baby on his chest. It’s just as adorable as this picture. Too bad Santa didn’t seem so jolly

Jen on

I just marvel that it seems no matter what the post, how adorable the child and picture, people STILL find something to be negative about. This time it’s poor Santa. I mean, forget the man is wearing a fur suit in California and has to have hundreds of children sit on him one after the other, not to mention deal with picky parents like yourselves scrutinizing his face. I’d just love to see how you would behave or better yet, appear in a picture like this and wonder if you would still have as much to say about your own expression.

Seriously, stop judging EVERYTHING about EVERYONE. Especially a whimsical figure who is supposed to be a symbol of happiness and joy.

holden on

Jen, why are you even commenting on this if all YOU have to say is that others should keep their mouths shut? Yeah, maybe people go overboard on the comments here, but every person who posts here with that preachy attitude, telling us all that we shouldn’t post what we really think, is just adding to the negativity instead of helping. Besides, if you’re going to say that at least say it somewhere where the bad comments aren’t true — you said yourself that Santa is a “whimsical figure who is supposed to be a symbol of happiness and joy,” and does that fella look jolly to you? Seriously? Why shouldn’t we be allowed to comment on his lack of enthusiasm? He’s playing SANTA. I’m sure he knew what the job entailed, so his serious expression is completely uncalled for and everyone here has a right to notice & comment on it. It’s not as if anyone’s insulting the baby or anything.

holden on

Oh, and on the pic — Melody is adorable :D. She looks so cute in her little reindeer outfit! That is such a beautifully taken picture, too.

FC on

Ha! Melody is adorable…and a crafty one. I bet she knew what Mom was trying to do and she showed her. She pulled the old possum trick, then was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed once the whole Santa photo was over, lol.

That’s happened plenty of times with the babies in my family, and it is hilarious.

So cute hearing about Melody Rain’s latest outing! 🙂

Jen on

Holden, How classic. Now you turn against me because I point out the fact that so many people like you come to this site to attack and ridicule versus point out anything positive at all. It’s amusing to me that you continue to pick apart a stranger (in this case a man dressed up as Santa) and decide to judge him based solely on the expression he is making in one single picture you see on the internet. Your retort to me only proves my point. You want to attack, and well surely I’m not stopping you. (not that I dreamed I ever would.) I know why I come to this board and what I get from it, and seeing a pic of a tiny baby dressed up as a reindeer sitting on Santa’s lap makes me smile. What doesn’t is people like you who have to pick apart something as sweet and adorable as that because the Santa in the pic isn’t jolly enough for you. Honestly, I find it sad. But your negative outlook on stranger’s lives surely won’t stop me from finding joy in the simplest places.

SH on

i think his expression looks like he’s humbled by the newborn baby he’s holding, not grouchy. look at it again. look at his hands and the way he’s holding the baby’s foot. that man isn’t being grouchy.

Jen DC on

Oh, this is an ovary-clenching picture.

holden on

Hahah, yeah I’M the one judging. I mean, according to your post I love to attack and ridicule little baby photos, I have a negative outlook on stranger’s lives…All this you get from one comment, but yeah, I’m the one judging YOU. You just have magical psychic powers, right?
And if you just want to smile at the picture then why don’t you post a comment that’s actually appreciative? Coming here and reading the comments and saying that people shouldn’t post what they think isn’t going to change anything. You can’t possibly think that your comments here were anything other than negative. Maybe I’m being negative in mentioning Santa’s glum expression, but you’re not even going on about the picture. Yeah, just stand there in your soapbox telling people not to mention a grumpy-looking SANTA CLAUS while you “pick apart” everyone else’s opinions. It’s not hypocritical at all.

Jen on

Holden, as you go on and on you only prove my point. Say whatever you want, as I have the right to do the same. I voiced what I thought of the picture, as I do often on this board. And I will comment on the negativity I see here daily, just as you seem hellbent to continue spewing it. You have proved with your continued pointed posts towards me (when my initial one was not personally aimed at you) that you simply want to hear yourself talk, so have at it. Talk about the glum Santa Claus and make yourself feel better, as I said, you only further prove my point.