Travis Barker and His Disneyland Darling

12/24/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
Ahmad Elatab/Saleem Elatab/NPG

There was plenty of ink — and paint! — to go ’round at Disneyland in Anaheim, California on Monday, where Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker was spotted toting daughter Alabama Luella, 4. Not pictured but also present was Alabama’s big brother Landon Asher, 6.

In between rides, dad and kids made time for a quick chat with Santa and even visited with real-life reindeer. The festivities are part of an annual tradition in the Frontierland portion of the park, where visitors can also decorate Christmas cookies and take part in holiday sing-a-longs.

Alabama and Landon are Travis’ children with ex-wife Shanna Moakler.

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urbanadventurertales on

Their kids are so cute. I always think it’s funny to see him carrying them, though, b/c he looks so skinny and their kids are a little chunky (I’m not saying their fat, so no bashing!) Just healthy bigger kids 🙂

Milla on

i love her name! shes so cute! 🙂

ObamaRocks on

Its Bamas birthday…

He tweeted this – My Alabama’s B-Day cake!!!!!!!!

Chris on

He seems like a great dad.

natalie on

He’s ALL about his kids….what a great dad!!

Jackie on

That little girl has gorgeous hair! She also looks very happy to be in her Daddy’s arms. Travis seems to be a very doting father. Happy birthday to Alabama!

Jesse on

Alabama is so cute, her face paint is adorable. I always see them at Disneyland. Travis is a great father.

Shirese Franklin on

Love Travis and his adorable kids!

Jessicad on

It melts me to see tough guys with tattoos with everywhere then holding their little girls! Love it.

I was about her size at that age too, some of us take longer to lose the baby chunk:) thin as a rail now! She’s perfectly healthy looking to me.

Allison on

cool face painting alabama had done. i think they look cute, however i agree her weight doesn’t look all that healthy for her age.

kris on

Nice Daddy/daughter picture. Commenter #1 – I always think that with certain celebs. Tori carrying Liam comes to mind. Travis really seems to try to give his kids some normalcy which is so nice.

Sara on

He always looks happy when he’s with his kids. What lucky kids to have such a wonderful daddy.

Mary on

He’s a great dad, he’s proved it over and over again!

angela on

this girl is very cute. She seems really large compared too my niece who is to my niece who is only a few hours older then her. But my niece is quite little for her age.

Jesse on


g!na on

Bama is adorable and she looks very healthy!

ashley_anne on

why are we discussing a 4 year old’s weight? she has her entire life to feel insecure about it. please stop commenting on her being “really large”

Nancy on

Cutest kids and best Dad ever ever ever ever ever!

Caitlyn on

I think it is positively DISGRACEFUL that people are discussing the weight of a FOUR YEAR OLD. You should be ashamed; in our society where weight and appearance is such a cause for emotional stress, you should feel embarrassed that you’ve said anything about a four year old. I’m embarrassed for you. That’s a horrible, horrible thing to say. She’s a little girl, a beautiful little girl. And being that have never seen her in person, you should keep your cruel and mean-spirited comments about her weight to yourself.

jes on

adorable! sweet little girl & doting daddy!

Gavsmom1999 on

ARE YOU PEOPLE OK IN THE HEAD???? I think NOT. DO any of you that made comments about his daughters weight even have children???? What a disgrace that you look at a beautiful picture of a Father and his Daughter and all you comment on is YOUR opinion of what her weight she should be? DISGUSTING! Something is really lacking in your moral compass to judge a child to begin with. Having a child myself she looks like a beautiful little girl at a PERFECT weight for her age. Seriously people get it together.

moose on

Umm, not wanting to flog the weight issue like a dead horse but I am like Jessicad “rail thin” and ALL my kids have been chunksters…to the point where people would ask if I was the nanny! Then starting around 3-4 they slowly slimmed down till now my current 6 year old is easliy on the skinny side of athletic. Honestly I see fat mothers with skinny children all the time…but most of my friends who are skinny like me have healthy chubby kids that slowly and NATURALLY in THEIR OWN TIME grow into themselves. Research suggests that basically the body gets the message that food (ie nutritious good food not rubbish) is plentiful and thus there is no need to store fat reserves. Really skinny kids can often put on lots of weight as they age because their metabloism has been set at a far lower rate. just some ideas…