Sarah Jessica Parker Considers Doll Shopping 'Very Exciting'

12/24/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
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As she looks forward to her first Christmas as a mom-of-three, actress Sarah Jessica Parker says that her new twin daughters Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, 6 months, have forever changed her shopping patterns.

“I bought dolls for the first time in my life, it was very exciting,” the 44-year-old Sex and the City star tells the Associated Press.

Don’t look to Sarah Jessica to consult with a gift list, however. “Like all women across the globe,” she says while gesturing to her head, “it’s all here.”

“We don’t need to write down things. We don’t need to make lists!”

That said, there were definite plans in place for how her family — which includes husband Matthew Broderick and son James Wilkie, 7 — would be spending the holiday. “I can’t wait and get the house ready,” she confessed.

“We’re going to buy our tree on the 19th. It will stand naked until Christmas Eve, and we’ll put the children to bed and we’ll decorate the tree when the children are in bed. We’ll leave cookies and milk for Santa, and oats for the reindeer, and wake up Christmas morning and they’ll start ripping through presents.”

Sarah Jessica’s new film Did You Hear About the Morgans? is in theaters now.

Source: Associated Press

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cris on

everyone does things a little bit different, but I really enjoyed helping my parents decorate the Christmas tree!

Court on

she bought dolls for 6-month olds?

Terri on

That’s a different tradition, but it sounds like fun waking up to a magically decorated tree!

marfmom on

me too, cris, but i can imagine it must be very magical for her to wake up and see everything transformed! i love hearing other ppl’s traditions. we got our early in dec. and decorated the next day after our son went to bed. he’s just a baby so no helping for a couple years yet.

Christina on

When I was a child, St. Nicholas brought the Christmas tree with the gifts on Christmas Eve. It was so magical to wake up on Christmas morning and see the Christmas tree with the gifts! This is a tradition that we continue in our family, too. I’m not sure if this is a Danish tradition my family brought with them to the U.s. or not.

Lacey on

everyone has different traditions, I think kids should be included when decorating the tree.

kris on

My boys LOVE decorating the tree. But if it’s all their son knows he probably doesn’t even think to ask.

Rebecca on

That’s really a cute tradition.

Court, there are plenty of dolls out there for babies.

JM on

a lot of my friends didn’t help decorate the tree rather it was the baby Jesus who came and decorated it. but in my house we all decorated the tree together and i loved it. but i don’t believe in criticising other people’s xmas traditions as it is always special to them everyone just does things differently.

TC on

I wonder if that’s a new tradition she and Matthew decided to do or if it’s something carried over from one or both of their childhoods?

When it came to the tree we never had a set day we put the tree up, it mostly depended on when we had time and we always helped decorate. My mom and dad set the tree up and my dad put the lights on it and every other year I got to put the angel at the top, the other years my brother did. Another tradition we had was we got to open one present right before we left for Christmas Eve service. My mom got to pick which one we opened because she didn’t want us opening the ‘big’ item first.

Natasha on

I never thought of that Christina! We always helped my parents decorate but I do see how that could be really sweet too.

Ashley on

I thought she was Jewish. I guess I still celebrates X-mas.

Rebecca on

Yes there are dolls out there for babies. Carter’s makes one called My First Doll it is really cute. It’s soft and plush and has a rattle inside. Very adorable!

Allison on

I don’t know about anybody else but…I gotta make lists. 75% of things would never get accomplished if I didnt have lists to check off.

Jessicad on

I bought dolls before I even gave birth! 🙂

That sounds like a fun tradition!

Annalee on

I guess I differ from Sarah in that I HAVE to have lists when I go shopping. Once I get into a store I can’t remember even 2 things that I need!

Erika on

Court- it was probably a doll like this:

Some of them make noises just like other toys, or some are for teething.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone (well it’s Christmas here- 12:55am)!

Erika on

Christina- I have never heard of that, but it sounds really fun!

I have german ancestors, but as a child we did the more American tradition- presents on Christmas morning, but some of my relatives took the more German tradition and gave all of the presents Christmas Eve, so I have heard of that one. My Aunt and Uncle would have the kids go to Christmas Eve mass (the parents would go the next day and they had to stay home to cook Christmas Eve dinner lol)with the grandparents, and then when they returned their presents were there.

Mary on

Aawwww! I remember buying girl clothes for my daughter for the first time and it was so exciting! Not to discount that boys are any less fun to buy for. I love buying my son Legos and Star Wars t-shirts, etc, I love have one of each!!

Sam and Freya's mum on

Mary, am with you there, is fun with one of each!

All Women Stalker on

While I like the idea of kids helping, I think it’s also quite an experience to wake up to a decorated tree. 😀


Juanita on

Christina, my parents did that also and all seven of us girls continue the tradition as does the next generation. That was the best part of Christmas…..seeing the tree and the decorations aside from the gifts of course!!! LOL

Gayla on

I got a doll for my 5 month old granddaugther, Alexis. Like someone said, the doll is about 15-17 inches long and is very soft although it looks like a doll. It has a blanket with it which I wouldn’t dare leave her alone with it since she is teething. I also collect the reborn dolls that are available on E-bay. They have gotten really expensive since I quit buying in 2008 but they are still great. But I will give these dolls to my two daughters and my two granddaughters later on. She must not have gotten into tea sets yet. I collect them as well.