Seal and Lou Sulola: Adorable in Aspen

12/23/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

In Colorado for Christmas, Seal on Tuesday was spotted cradling a bundled-up Lou Sulola, 10 ½ weeks, while walking the snowy streets of Aspen. Just ahead of the daddy-daughter duo was wife Heidi Klum and the couple’s oldest child, 5 ½-year-old Leni.

The family of six — together, Heidi and Seal are also parents to Henry, 4, and Johan, 3 — have much to be grateful for this holiday season. The 46-year-old musician acknowledged as much in a recent interview.

“The harder you work … and visualize something, the luckier you get,” Seal noted. “The luck comes in the fact that Heidi and I have healthy children and we are relatively healthy, too.”

Click below for a second photo!


Leni wears Burton Minishred Rocker One-Piece Snowsuit ($170).

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mommaruthsays on

I love this family! They are blended and unique and always so strong and supportive of one another. It just goes to show that family is made from love above all else.

And I love Leni’s snowsuit – so cute!

Robin on

That picture of Seal with Lou in her lil’ pink snowsuit just melts my heart! I LOVE this family! Leni’s snowsuit reminds me of Gwen Steffani’s coat! Work it girl! LOL!

alana on

at first I thought in the first picture they were meaning that was Leni! I thought the short hair looked good on her! 🙂
But I love Leni’s snowsuit for sure. Looks very warm. Wish I could wear that around and look as cute. 😉
Nice peek of Lou, too!

June on

Are his fingernails painted black? That surprises me!

Gina Nicole on

Look how warmly bundled up she is! Tom and Katie? Please take note!

Simone on

Cute pictures….whats on his nails ….polish???

Brooklyn on

Love Leni’s snowsuit! How cool.

Forever Moore on

Are Seal’s nails painted or just that dark naturally? Weird question but I just noticed.

Heidi K. on

Oh my goodness gracious, how cute is that little pink bundle?!? Crazy adorable!

Meesh on

LoL@Gina Nicole. I don’t think we’ll ever be seeing the Cruise family in Aspen. It’s kind of a given now that Suri won’t wear a coat. I doubt the authorities in CO would overlook that one in single digit temps/wind chills and feet of snow!

On to the family at hand…I LOVE the Samuels. They are THE best celeb family out there. So down to earth and blended perfectly. This family is so full of love and when that shows on the outside that’s a glorious thing!

Viv on

I think his finger nails are naturally that color, weird but I love this family!

ElenaS on

The nails look painted. Maybe Leni did that. My cousin does that with every member of the family no mater male or female

Meesh on

Seal’s nails do not look painted. They look highly buffed and manicured. His cuticles appear lighter, making the nails look darker.

Ann on

Seal’s toenails have also been painted in other photos posted here.

not surprising to see his nails would be done either.

electra on

He paints his nails on his toes too. I think the lupus may have damaged them? but who knows.

janie on

It is a known fact that Seal does were nail polish on his hands and toes.

Tazina on

I love this family. I can see why Heidi fell for Seal….she must have known what a good dad he would be!

Viv on

I think a lot of African-American’s have dark nails.

Tasha on

Yes, Seal always wears black nail polish on his fingers and his toes…I’m african and I can assure you that no one has nails that dark, natural nails for us are sometimes dark brown, but never black not even with a blood clot!

acidstars9 on

Viv…seal is not African American…

kaitlyn on

So adorable! Meesh, actually Tom has a house in Telluride.

sarawara on

Seal is the dad I can’t get enough of in 2009.

Chicki on

Jeez, I can’t believe the level of ignorance on this site sometimes! How can anyone in their right mind suggest that Seal’s nail beds are actually that black?! Has anyone EVER seen anyone with nails that dark? No. If you follow this couple even in the slightest, you would know that he often wears dark polish on both his hands and feet!

Shaunie on

No alot of African or African-Americans do NOT have dark nails.

The skin under the nails is the same color as there palms which usually are the same color as every other race’s.

His nails are probably painted or he let the kids color them w/ a marker (I can’t tell you how many times I have resorted to that just to keep the busy/give kids something to do).

Terri on

There’s nothing to get that excited about. It’s an honest mistake and I’m sure a lot of people don’t keep up with other people’s manicure habits. Honest mistake.

Forever Moore on

Woah Chicki, relax…it doesn’t reflect ignorance, just simply being curious.

Steffie on

@Viv, I hardly ever comment but that was a very ignorant comment. I’m African American and my finger nails are not black. My goodness! Maybe his fingernails are discolored from his Lupus or maybe he’s a trendsetter and likes to wear black fingernail polish. And they are such a beautiful family.

FC on

Seal and that little pink bundle of joy that is Lou are the cutestdaddy-daughter duo at that ski slope, if you ask me. 😉 I adore Leni’s snowsuit. 🙂

Electra on

Uhh I’m black grew up around blacks and I can assure you black people have pinkish nail beds like everyone else.

alice jane on

Chicki, even though I am aware that Seal paints his nails sometimes, and that was the first thing that I figured about these pictures (actually, I didn’t even notice until others pointed it out), but I HAVE seen nail beds that dark naturally on some people before. Maybe it’s not common, but that is just the way some people’s nails are.

Anyway… How cute is Leni in that snowsuit???

marfmom on

i had no idea that it was a “known fact” that he paints his nails or that he has lupus.

CelebBabyLover on

electra- Seal has lupus?

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I love the pictures! 🙂

Shannon on

Leni is a little fashionista in that outfit!
You work it girl 🙂

Chris on

CelebBabyLover –
Yes, Seal’s facial scars are from lupus…discoid lupus erythematosus to be exact. This type of lupus causes scarring.

Jessi on

How cute is this family?

Lil on

Geeze, why is everyone so focused on his nails? This is CELEBIRTY BABY BLOG…not “What color are his nails today?” Who cares?

On another note, this family amazes me. You can feel the love from every photo taken of them. I pray when I have a family we’re very much like them. Kudos to both parents for their amazing family…and cute kids 🙂

electra on

side note, i’m glad to know that full length bubble coats aren’t flattering on anyone. Not even a supermodel.

Erika on

“The harder you work … and visualize something, the luckier you get,” Seal noted. “The luck comes in the fact that Heidi and I have healthy children and we are relatively healthy, too.”

I wonder if Seal’s quote is taken out of context? That sounds extremely arrogant to say that because of his “visualization” everyone is healthy. Um….as a mom who has had two stillborn babies, I can tell you that even though I am healthy, had excellent prenatal care, and I visualized only positive things in my pregnancy, sometimes death/disease happens. Look at Patrick Swayze- he was healthy, pure, a light…and he died from cancer. No…being positive does not mean you get healthy kids. Sorry. But hopefully he continues to be “lucky”- which is really what it is.

Terri on

Just saying…I have seen people with nail beds that dark. Usually elderly people, but it’s not impossible.

kris on

Erika I think he’s just saying they are lucky because their kids are healthy.

acidstars9 on

erika- you just stated exactly what he said. He actually used the words “the luckier you get.” He didn’t say visualize and be positive and your babies will be healthy, he said you will get more lucky.