Roger Federer and Family: Double Take

12/23/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Tennis ace Roger Federer will undoubtedly be checking his list twice this Christmas!

The 28-year-old World No. 1 on Tuesday shared a new family photo via Facebook. Identical twins Myla Rose and Charlene Riva, 5 months today, are seen sitting contently for Roger and wife Mirka, whom he wed in April.

“Many fans have asked for an updated picture of our girls so we thought we’d post this picture for the holiday season,” Roger writes. “Our entire family wishes you a safe and happy 2010.”

Courtesy Roger Federer

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Pamela on

I am a big Federer fan! I’m glad to see a picture of the girls-they are little cuties! Glad to see they all look healthy and happy for the new year!

Jaclyn on

What pretty girls – they have their parents gorgeous darker features!

JuliP on

lovely photo! cute babies…cute dad and mom too!

Mallory on

Too cute! The parents are all happy, and both girls just look like “I’m tired of posing. Hurry up and take the dang picture already!” Haha, so adorable.

Lis on

Wow! He looks a lot older than 28! Does anyone know how old his wife is? I would assume they would be around the same age, but she looks much older than 28 too!

They are a very beautiful couple, nonetheless, with darling girls 😉

kelley on

Thank you Roger and Mirka for sharing your beautiful family photo. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

anhelo on

Mirka is two years older than Roger

Lady on

What cuties!!

lee on

Roger often gets that look after time in the Dubai sun. And his wife Mirka is 31.

martina on

The girls are very cute, and Mirka looks gorgeous.

NW Mamma on

Lis, if you have children you would know that parents always look older in the first year that their children were born, it’s all those am feedings and interupted sleep that gets you looking soooooooo tired, because you don’t want to miss a thing when your baby first arrives, unfortunately it is sleep that you miss the most of. lol

ritter on

his wife is VERY pretty

em on

Cute, cute, cute! Of all the twins happening in the world now, are these little girls possibly actually identical?

Jen on

Beautiful babies!!!

Brooklyn on

Aww! What a great family photo! The girls are adorable!

hayley on

awwww toooo sweet xxxxxxxxx i was going to say how well i thought she looks really well for some one with twins and a busy husband, her eyes sparkle to me and hos too….guess you see what you want to see

any ways suuuper cute girls xxxxxxx

Jane on

The babies are so cute! Roger and Mirka look so happy.

Sonya on

I believe that Roger has said in an interview that they are identical. I hope they are, I can’t think of any other celebrity identical twins (that are still babies).

Lou on

very cute family…

is it just me, or does Mirka look very similar to Pam from the office?

Ruthella on

Aww so cute 🙂 They look like they’re identical? Just gorgeous!

Sarah on


Totally! When i first saw the picture, I thought, “wait, I didn’t know that Jenna Fisher (Pam) was pregnant.”

urbanadventurertales on

They are adorable girls!! And I agree that it’s fun to see a set of identical twins since almost all Hollywood twins are fraternal.

Jennifer on

Oh I love that smile on Roger’s face! He looks like the happiest, most proud dad ever 🙂

Shannon on

Cute girls! They look like a perfect blend between the parents

To urbanadventurertales – awesome name !

Doris Galas on

So natural and not a fake bone in their bodies. Credit to Roger’s parents for raising such a wonderful human being. Merry Christmas, Roger and Mirka.

Jessi on

It says right in the article that they are identical 😛

So cute!

deb on

Roger and his family are gorgeous. They look very happy.
I’m glad to see the girls aren’t dressed up like little dolls.
The family looks relaxed and natural, just the way it should

Gia on

How cute! they are so lucky to have two gorgeous girls and im sure they know this! LOVE the name Myla Rose too!

Jennifer on

Congratulations to their family and thanks for sharing the pic it is very nice. I wouldn’t mind seeing a pic of them in pretty dresses. The twins are very cute.

Whitney on

at first I thought they were identical but in this pic the look a lot alike but have different noses… They could be like MK and Ashley Olsen….fraternal but still look almost the same

Kelly's Bows on

Very cute little baby girls!