Natalie Morales Raves About Age Difference Between Boys

12/23/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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When it comes to infertility, Natalie Morales has a message: Trust your instincts!

The Today Show co-anchor, 37, notes in a new interview with the premiere issue of Mom that it took 2 Ā½ years to become pregnant with her second child, 15-month-old Luke Hudson, and even then it was only after undergoing intrauterine insemination.

“I think the key is, if you feel it is taking too long and you are in your mid-30s, as I was, go talk to somebody,” she advises. “Don’t wait.”

“Sometimes doctors say, ‘Oh don’t worry, just wait.’ But if it’s been about a year and you are having trouble, go and see a doctor and find out what’s wrong or what’s happening with your body.”

Baby boy was worth the wait, of course, especially for new big brother Josh, 5 Ā½.

“I think the age difference has actually worked to my benefit, because from day one Josh was so excited,” she notes. “He always wants to kiss and hold the baby.”

Life as a mom-of-two is “the most amazing thing,” Natalie says.

“You think you can’t love a child anymore than you do, but seeing how much [Josh] loves his younger brother, that love intensifies.”

Click below to read about Natalie’s tips for potty training, and Josh’s emerging sense of humor.

The smooth transition isn’t only attributable to the age difference between her sons, however. “Parenting experts on [the Today Show] told me: ‘Just make sure you make your first child feel so special the day when the newborn comes,'” Natalie reveals.

Josh is coming into his own, developing a sense of humor on par with many of the adults in his life. “We were staying at a hotel and Josh said he wanted to use the bathroom and he was taking quite a long time, so my husband [Joe Rhodes] called out and asked ‘Are you OK in here? Are you making a poopy?'” Natalie recalls. “And Josh answered, ‘No, Daddy, I’m in here playing the tambourine!’ Where does he come up with that sarcasm at the age of 5?”

That Josh was on the potty at all is something Natalie says is no small feat; When asked whether he was easy to potty train, she answers with a resounding: “No!”

“Any parent who goes through it knows it’s not easy. We had accidents up until he was 4-years-old.”

What ultimately worked for the couple was employing the “naked weekend” approach, whereby Josh went without clothes. “Whenever he had to go to the bathroom, [we made] sure he knew how to communicate that, or spotting the signs and putting him on the potty,” Natalie explains.

Crediting her “great support system” for her ability to balance work and family, Natalie feels that — at the same time — it’s important for women to “accept our limitations,” and give credit where credit is due. When told she is a “hot mom,” she expresses gratitude, but is quick to point out, “I think all moms are hot, and I think what we do is in itself pretty amazing.”

“There’s no question that moms today are [doing] more: We are the caregivers, the providers in the workforce…we do it all. I think every mom out there right now is a Hot Mom!”

Source: Mom, Winter issue

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Casey on

that is so great. i stuggled for 2 years to get pregnant also and just relized i needed to gain some weight and change my meds. should have asked sooner but then i wouldnt have my perfect little girl!!!!

martina on

So good to hear a celebrity talk about the subject! We tried to get pregnant for 6 months, and my friends suggested seeing a fertility specialist. Turned out my tubes were blocked. A quick procedure fixed the problem, and I was pregnant 2 months later. I am so grateful I didn’t wait longer. My chances of getting pregnant were… well, none. And it literally took an hour to resolve the problem.

allie on

When does this magazine come out?

Andrea on

I agree with her. Pregnancy and infertility affect so many women all over the world. If you have the money and/or insurance then you should definitely talk to a specialist if you don’t become pregnant after a year of trying. Time is precious and we’re not getting any younger.

Mia on

I was just going to add how cute baby Luke is. I think he looks like a male version of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt…same nose/full lips šŸ™‚

Picture here: March 2007 (on the set of Benjamin Button)

Shannon on

She seems like a very friendly lady.
Absolutely ADORE this
No, Daddy, Iā€™m in here playing the tambourine!ā€™

Her sons are gorgeous ! Especially Josh

marla on

I am all about the 4 or 5 year age gap between kids. I am looking forward to a “smooth” transition as well:)

lisa on

I am glad she is so honest as well.Seems like many celebs want to hide the fact they had infertility issues.I had problems getting pregnant with my third and had help.I find it a neat topic of interst now that should be more openly discussed and not so hush hush.

jaQ on

i am looking forward to having a four year age difference between my ounger two kids, upon the birth of #3, this winter. šŸ™‚ Child #2 (girl) has been so trying for me, after having a “perfect angel” for #1. so, it’s really nice to have my girl a little bit older now, rather than still a toddler– she wants to helkp out with everything baby-related, and comes and kisses/pats “her” baby every ten minutes, it seems. šŸ˜€ she’s in love already, telling me (we don’t know the sex, but she feels it’s a girl) that she will “still love duckie, even if he’s a boy.” lol

anyway, she was tougher to train, too. both of my kids used the “taking away of the diapers” approach. my son was 2 months shy of his 4th b-day, and my daughter just trained this month– she’ll be four in april. my son was quick to get the peeing and pooping part down. my daughter, we spent a year trying to get her to pee, and once she got that down, it was another couple weeks before she started using the potty for pooping. *cheer* it’s still new for us, so we– esp. she– are all still very proud right now!

bonnie on

the magazine should hit all newstands this week… check out borders, newstands, your OB/pediatrician and or wallmart!!

Kerri Schroeder on

I have 2 boys that are 4 years apart that ended up with this age gap because of many miscarriages between the two. The 4-5 yr gap is perfect. My boys never fought and as young children they played together all the time. The older one had so much fun making the younger one laugh all the time and helping me when necessary. The older one always watched out for the younger one. Now 18 and 14 tho they are not close and I think this comes from the difference in interests. I do think tho that they will become close again when older because then they will be adults.

Third Wife on

I had a child development class in college that stated 5+ years between children was optimal. It was like raising ‘two only children’, with all the social, economic advantages. I had 6 years between mine, they are now 27 and 33 years old and it has been great. I was 22 and 28 years old when they were born, I’m a homemaker. No sibling rivalry, no hectic schedules, wonderful.