Johnny Knoxville Welcomes Son Rocko Akira

12/23/2009 at 09:05 AM ET

It’s a boy for Johnny Knoxville and girlfriend Naomi Nelson!

The couple welcomed son Rocko Akira Clapp on Sunday night, December 20th in Los Angeles. The baby weighed in at 8 lbs., and measured 20 inches long. Both mother and son are doing well, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Upon announcing the pregnancy in August, the actor and former Jackass star, 38 – whose real name is Philip John Clapp – said he was “excited as hell” to meet his baby-on-the-way.

Rocko joins Madison, Johnny’s 13-year-old daughter from a previous marriage.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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Chris on

Interesting. I didn’t realize Rocko/Rocco was such a popular name.

– Madonna’s oldest son is named Rocco
– Monica’s son is nicknamed Rocko
– Jillian Barberie’s baby-on-the-way will be named Rocco
– now Johnny Knoxville’s son is named Rocco

Anyone else? πŸ™‚

Milla on

cool name πŸ™‚

shirese on

I would name my son Rocco but I like it!

electra on

Ugh, spelling it with a ‘K’ looks so uneducated to me. Am I mistaken or is this a legitimate way to spell Rocco, or are these people just taking creative license? I actually adore the name Rocco, when spelled properly.

Mallory on

Congrats to them. Not my kind of name, but it seems like it fits Johnny’s son. Haha.

Now the only big celeb impending birth I can think of is Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham’s baby girl…

Basil on

Wow, Chris, four people used it in the last decade (one of them as a nickname)! It’s popularity is right up there with Ethan. Please, it’s still barely used and therefore unique. I like that Johnny’s choice is cool without being weird so his son can be a senator or a rock star or a garbage man and never be embarrassed by his name. At least not by his first name.

shirese on

I don’t think spellings of names are set in stone. I am sure Monica can identify “Rocco” and “Rocko” as the same name, just as we can. I am sure it was a conscious spelling choice.

Larissa on

I think they wanted Rocco but thought it would be more ” kick ass ” to spell it like Rock… Rock-O anyone???? lol

kendrajoi on

Rocko Clapp! LOL! Congrats to them!

shirese on

I meant to say that I am sure Monica and Naomi made a conscious choice to spell their sons’ names’ as Rocko, not just Monica.

Shannon on

I think they wanted Rocco but thought it would be more ” kick ass ” to spell it like Rock… Rock-O anyone???? lol
By Larissa made me laugh

Rocco is a traditional Italian name. It isn’t actually unique
German and Italian origin, derived from Germanic elements rohon meaning ‘roar, battle cry’; or hrok meaning ‘rest, repose’. The English version is Roch. The modern German version is Rochus.

Going according to the name’s meaning, I’d say it is ‘kick-ass’

The name’s use in the US peaked in the 1910s. The site I listed will provide all info

Congratulations to him and his family. Strangely, his spelling of Rocko would be considered trendy, as would his daughter’s name be

Shannon on

How is an Italian name #167 in Scotland?
It is #352 in Canada (British Columbia)
#418 in United States

I’m a name geek πŸ™‚

Levinson Axelrod on

Haha… I can only imagine all of the things this little guys is going to learn from his daddy.

annie on

you can spell it with a K in some countries in europe its spelled roko!

Colleen on

Maybe he’s a fan of Rock-O’s Modern Life?

Laura on

I am not a fan of the name Rocko (or Rocco! lol) My cousin was going to be named that if she was a boy… thankfully she was a girl!!

Anyway, congrats to the couple.

Chris on

Wow Basil, take a chill pill. I was just making an observation. 😦

Courtney on

congrats to them like the name

mommaruthsays on

Anyone think they honored Johnny’s Jackass buddy Steve-O with his baby boy’s name? Just a coincidence? Maybe.

I like Rocko/Rocco (however you want to spell it – WHY does that even matter?)…it’s a good boy’s name & I agree it’s fitting for just about any walk of life.

Jane on

I like Rocco spelled this way.

JM on

how is naming him Rocko honouring Steve-O? πŸ˜€ they’re completely different names…
anyway, don#t like the name at all myself, it reminds me of a dog’s name because my friend had a dog named Rocco. but there are worse names.

Niki on

Is his girlfriend japanese? Akira is a japanese name…my son is named Akira, it just cool to see that!

Dasiy1 on

Considering that Johnny is a big geek I would say Akira comes from the anime show of the same name. Have to say, Rocko Knoxville would be that little bit cooler than Rocko Clapp lol

lana on

rocko is ok, and i guess its just me, but akira sounds too feminine, especially next to something like rocko. If someone asks johnny’s son – what’s your name? and he goes “ROCKO!” they’ll probbaly think, “Cool name.” but if he says Rocko Akira, they’ll go, “Ok. Weird.” LOL. JMO

Leah on

Actually “Rocco” is a very traditional name. Well,you can say too old fashioned, not so popular now in Italy. It sounds strange for us that it is considered a “cool name” in other countries.
As for the name “Akira”, it is very popular boy’s name among Europian-Japanese couples. Since it has made famous by the comic book of the same name, it doesn’t sound too feminine.

sat on


MC on

Shannon Says:
December 23rd, 2009 at 10:34 am
How is an Italian name #167 in Scotland?
There are a lot of Italians in Scotland. (Thank goodness or there would be eatable ice cream or pizza ;-)) We know Orlando, Vittorio, Lorenzo, among others.