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12/23/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

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Robyn on

Well I’m glad that female troops who get pregnant won’t face jailtime like previously brought up, but I’m kinda glad they’re still telling them not to get pregnant. I hate to say it, but when you’re military, your body basically belongs to the government. If you get pregnant while deployed, what can you do? You’re not there to have sex, you’re there to get your job done.

Also, as far as the Texas thing goes, I live in Texas and gave birth to my daughter back in April here in Texas. I’m glad they’re getting rid of the blood samples they took. Like many parents, I have no problem with them taking the blood and screening for birth defects, but when it comes to keeping it, no one ever asked me if I consented. If someone asked me, or at least said “Hey we’re keeping this blood”, I could’ve at least said “Okay” but to keep it and not tell a soul? It made a lot of moms down here angry and it’s been all over the local news for a while now. The big question now is, what will they do with the information they collected FROM the blood samples?

Oh and regarding the woman who called 911 cause her son wouldn’t quit playing video games? I think that says more about her parenting skills than her child. I played Grand Theft Auto as a teenager and it didn’t cause me to run around in violent outbursts (this coming from a person raised by a single mother in a bad neighborhood). I hate that parents blame video games and other media for their kids’ bad behavior…trust me, it’s not the video games, its the parents’ lack of discipline. She should’ve unplugged the game and thrown it away, plain and simple. If he wanted to get violent, she could’ve called the cops and had him thrown in juvy for a day or two.

Basil on

I agree that the military needs to be strict with female soldiers who get pregnant. These women aren’t just sitting on their butts out there, they have vital roles and when they leave the battlefield, their spots need to be filled. It’s unfair to their fellow soldiers for them to leave because of a preventable problem. Also I read somewhere that around 3 women a week were being taken out of Bosnia back in the 90’s due to pregnancy. Some of those women were using their ability to get pregnant as a way to get out of being deployed. It’s not fair. I also like that the fathers of these babies will get in trouble. The battlefield isn’t for hooking up.

Alice on

Cute article about the Obama girls! They do seem sweet and smart.
The expression “first dog” made me laugh! 😀

About the other articles I agree with you Robyn, especially on the video games issue.