Gwen Stefani and Kingston: Color Block

12/22/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Alex Jackson/WENN

Rockin’ it retro style!

Sporting a bright– and funky! — TV test pattern coat, Gwen Stefani had a tight grip on 3 ½-year-old son Kingston James McGregor as the pair kept their footing despite the icy start in London this morning.

All bundled up to brave the cold weather, the two slipped in their warm-up with a brisk walk as they headed to the gym.

Gwen, 40, and Gavin Rossdale are also parents to Zuma Nesta Rock, 16 months.

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zoe on

She looks like Elmer!

skipsie on

Gwen is so wise with that coat. It’s absolutely freezing in London right now, hurrendous snow storm yesterday.

ritter on

She does look like Elmer! I was wondering if she was pregnant again, bc she’s been wearing the hugest, bulkiest coats

Rika on

Dear Gwen,
You usually dress so fabulously funky, so I never thought you’d have Kingston’s sleeping bag made into a coat. Oh noes.

a on

I’m sorry, I love Gwen, but that coat is SO UGLY!!!!!

JMO on

haha I thought the same thing. Gwen that jacket needs to go!

crimpe on

Actually, I love the coat! It’s a love-it-or-hate-it, and I love it. They both look great to me.

R on

Hahah I LOVE it too!

Samantha on

I absolutely love Gwen. She normally dresses weird but ALWAYS shows fashion. It’s freezing in London, so I’ve heard, but that coat is U G L Y. Please, Gwen, dress in something normal. Kingston’s probably thinking ‘Mommy’s a Rainbow!’ LMAO, get your style straight, Gwen! 🙂

tina on

Forget about the coat, I love this picture of Kingston! He’s been looking so big and grown up lately, but he’s got such a cute little baby face in this pic. He’s probably only half awake, but he’s adorable!

Jennifer on

I usually love Gwen Stefani’s style, but that coat is hideous!!! The ironic thing is, it’s probably (more than likely) designer label and costs at least hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars!

Blue on

Holy Cow this coat is hideous!! It looks like something I wore to elementary school in 1986!

JessicaC on

yeah not digging the coat, lol reminds me of the fresh prince of bel air or something. I agree with those of you who think she’s preggers too…

JMO on

What’s the difference if it’s cold the jacket is still hideous lol. It’s freezing here on the east coast too but I happen to find much more fashionable (at reasonable cost) outwear here!! But hey to each their own. Gwen has never been one to care about her appearance!!

Jessicad on

Gwen strikes me as the type who wouldn’t care what people think of her clothes, she probably thinks normal dress is hideous! 🙂 I hope they do have another baby soon!

Angela on

I still say she’s pregnant.

Velvet on

Sometimes I think Gwen overdoes it when she dresses her boys. When they get older it is important for them to look good, as if they have been styled, but as toddlers it’s not that important. She should bring it down a few notches for the next couple years.

Shirese Franklin on

Love that mama’s style!

alice jane on

Velvet, these days, it takes very little effort to dress your kid “fashionably” with all the bold patterns and different styles of certain items. Kingston’s simply wearing boots, pants, and a vest. It’s not like Gwen’s got him decked out in accessories or anything.

Kingston looks adorable as always and Gwen just looks good in anything!

Kara on

I think the coat is really fun! BUT the thing that got me laughing is that Gwen is wearing white athletic sneakers! WHAT?? I never thought I’d see the day. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I don’t think Gwen is pregnant. I think she’s just wearing heavy coats lately because it’s (from what I’ve read, anyway), freezing in London. Also, didn’t Gavin say not to long ago that they aren’t going to have any more babies for awhile?

Jenna on

Looks like rainbow bright just puked on Gwen!

JMO on

I don’t think she’s preggers either I’ve seen many pics of he ron other sites and her tummy looks flat to me. And yeah she is just bundling up more cause it’s cold….after all she’s not Suri Cruise she happens to think it’s cold and wants to layer it up 🙂

Shannon on

One thing about Gwen, she is never going to be old
This woman is still going to be young , hip and current at 80!

Mrs.B on

Funky coat in a grey London day. What not to like?
She probably was wery chilly and found the warmest coat in the house.
No matter what she wears she always looks great! has almost daily pictures of the family in London.

Lola Marie on

I’ve gone back to 1987 with that coat 🙂

I like it though.

Belinda` on

Notice everyones latched unto Gwens Bright and colourful coat I was just wondering why Kingston isn’t wearing a hat and gloves, after all I am in London and it is freezing

Laura on

Her coat looks like when the tv channel goes off the air and shows those rainbow bars.

Mia on

I like the coat…it’s colorful and looks warm. Notice Gwen is holding Kingston’s hat in her hand..maybe he just didn’t want to wear it.

CelebBabyLover on

Belinda- Gwen is holding a hat in her right hand that looks very similar to the hats that Kingston sometimes wears. Therefore, I’m guessing that Kingston probably WAS wearing the hat, but then took it off. Also, if you look really close, it looks like Kingston may be holding a mitten in each hand. Like with the hat, he probably simply took the mittens off at some point. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Also, there are cars in the background of the photo, so I’m guessing they were in the parking lot, and thus were probably only outside for a minute or two at most before they entered the gym (it says in the post that they were going to the gym). 🙂

Belinda` on

thanks for pointing that out CelebBabyLover and Mia missed the hat and gloves

shannon on

Gwen is wearing the Test Pattern coat by Jeremy Scott for Adidas. It’s marketed as a men’s coat, which explains why it looks so boxy on her. Retail price is about US$600.