Emma Thompson and Gaia Are Ballet Bound!

12/22/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Two-time Academy Award-winner Emma Thompson and daughter Gaia Romilly, 10, are in the Christmas spirit while attending  a VIP reception at the St. Martins Lane Hotel in London on December 16th.

The event celebrated opening night of the English National Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker, with twice-daily showings at the London Coliseum now through January 3rd.

Emma, 50, is also mom to Tindyebwa Agaba with husband Greg Wise.

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emmaH on

I can still remember when Gaia was born, those 10 years have flown by!

gaias mom on

Another gaia! That’s so cool, she named her daughter gaia romilly, I named mine gaia raphael, I guess ‘r’ was the most obvious choice! Cute kid too

Tam on

Lol you choose a picuture where Gaia’s skirt is blown up by the wind. On a site where people freak out about Suri not wearing a dress, that’s daring!

Electra on

What is her daughter wearing??

Laura on

Where are these names from? They sound like African origin to me? Is Tindyebwa her biological daughter too or is she adopted?

Electra on

I’m not freaking out because her dress looks short, I just thought there was wire in the hem like a certain ballet costumes.

Electra on

and Gaia is a greek name.

Kat on

For Laura (from Wikipedia):

“In 2003, Thompson and Wise informally adopted a 16-year-old Rwandan refugee named Tindyebwa Agaba. They are currently fighting his deportation back to Rwanda where it is thought all his family were killed in the genocide.”

Blue on

I completely forgot about her being married to Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility! One of my all time favorite movies! Their daughter is very cute.

Niko on

Tindyebwa Agaba? Oh dear. How do you pronounce that? I hope she goes by just “Tindy”

dani on

Tindyebwa is a boy.

Gretchen on

WOW. Make-up and a short short skirt on a ten year old. Not sure I like blue eye-shadow on a tween. I started wearing foundation at age ten, but my mom always taught me to keep my make-up natural looking. As a celebrity I would want my kids in Turtlenecks and Overalls to keep them covered after knowing first hand what creeps there are out there!

Rachel-Jane on

Tindyebwa is a BOY (well, man I suppose, he’s what, 22 now? Same age as me!). How unfortunate that Gaia’s dress has blown up!

pia on

some of the comments on here are just a bit too ignorant for my taste.
this kid is a sweetheart.. just look at her! her parents keep her out of the spotlight most of the time and this time.. it was a dress-up event! and i think she looks really adorable (and her mum is fabulous).. she got the best features from both of her gorgeous parents.
and gaia is a gorgeous name. so there

Karen on

Niko, you are ignorant. “Tindyebwa Agaba? Oh dear. How do you pronounce that? I hope she goes by just “Tindy””

One pronounces it by having the courtesy to make an effort, apply yourself, break it down syllable by syllable and understand that you and your narrow circle are but a spot in the world’s population and it doesn’t revolve around you.
Stay in your house and your closed life and don’t bother me.

Liliana on

Seeing as Tindyebwa was adopted from Rwanda, the name showcases his origin. Besides, the boy (now man) was 16 when adopted. Emma and her husband wouldn’t alter his name because some people couldn’t pronounce it.

meghan on

Emma had a quirky sense of style in her younger days. Maybe she wants Gaia to be free to express herself as well. Besides they went out for the evening, I doubt she would wear makeup at school. I think she’s precious

JM on

some strange comments here. but mainly i think people need to remember that emma thomspon’s family is british and generally speaking in britain isn’t as uptight about what kids where as america, perhaps partly because it is a more secular nation and there doesn’t seem to be this overt fear that children will be “sexualised” too young. of course there are some british people who worry about it just as much as some americans, but i live a large part of the year in britain and am partly british myself and what Gaia is wearing is really not unusual here for girls her age. i see girls wearing far more revealing things. and this was clearly an event that she just got dressed up for.

Laura on

How do you pronounce Gaia?

Rosy on

Looks like they had a lovely time 🙂 Only thing I have to say about what Gaia’s wearing is I hope she wasn’t cold! Isn’t it freezing in London currently? At least her leather jacket will be keeping the heat in x

Laura- Gaia is pronounced “Guy-uh”

Anna on

Tindyebwa was never adopted by them, so he is not their son although he may feel like part of the family to them. This is also why he could be deported because he has no official family ties to them.

I think her daughter looks cute, the outfit is a bit costumy for what we can see of it.