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12/22/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

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Sarah on

Wow, what thost EMT’s is absolutely horrid. My cousin is an EMT and every EMT makes that oath to help anyone. They should lose their jobs, they do NOT deserve to have the respect of others if they refuse to do their jobs

JessicaC on

Sarah, in their defense, the article was wrong, I looked into it more, and they WERE NOT emt’s. They were dispatchers, they had no medical equipment, no ambulance, and one of them DID call 911.

Erika on

Even if they were EMTs they weren’t on duty, they probably thought someone else was coming. Plus they didn’t have all of the equipment anyway. I feel terrible about her death, it is awful, but honestly it doesn’t sound like she would have survived even with immediate care.

Electra on

Jessica C, I think you’re mistaken. These two were paramedics even thought they worked in the dispatch center. Usually at this type of an establishment and AED and CPR kit is required at the site. I’m interested in what will happen.

About the adoption story. I find it deplorable that they’re trying to give that child back. Yes, it seems that the child has some serious emotional issues but he isn’t going to get the help he needs in foster care. He seems to have the makings of a serial killer(the killing animals, the manipulation) and they need to get him serious help. They adopted him, he’s their child, his problems are their problems now. If he was their biological child they would be forced to give him the care he needs. “Loving him means letting him go”. My foot. When letting him go puts him in a situation where he will no longer get individual attention, how is that love?

Electra on

what really disturbs me is that I live in NYC and recently had to call EMTs when I was in a takeout place because this guy was having a seizure. Dealing with the dispatch center was HELL. Did i mention I was across the street from two hospitals with ambulances sitting outside? It look a good 15mins for the ambulance to come. Luckily there was an off-duty nurse that helped the guy out till help arrived. Dealing with 911 here is like Russian roulette.

JessicaC on

Electra, check the other news sources other than huffpo and the post, the union rep released a statement, that they were only dispatchers, that they do not work on patients and they acted appropriately…none of us were there so we don’t know for sure. Im not sure what id do in that situation considering people are so sue happy. what if they helped and something happened and because they weren’t licensed emt’s they got sued? Things like that DO happen, unfortunately.

Claire on

I wish that you would leave the negative child stories out of this blog. I avoid them in the news and having to read them here, that just sucks.

Jessicad on

I’m torn on that adoption story, they need to investigate more it sounds like. If those people were lied to about his behavior and he’s that violent…I don’t know, he is their child now though, that’s hard.

Karen on

JessicaC if the dispatchers did try and help and something happened they would be protected from being sued under the good samaritan law.

Basil on

Claire, you do understand that it’s not a requirement that you read the stories, don’t you? In fact, you don’t have to read anything on here – just scroll along looking at the cute pics. I promise it’s true, so you can stop whining about how CBB is forcing you to read.

Thanks to JessicaC for following up on that “EMT” story and clarifying. Too often the media piles on before they know the facts.

Electra on

JessicaC they were certified paramedics/emts, but they’d spent the spent several years as dispatchers. Saying they weren’t completely changes the story. If they weren’t certified no one would anticipate them helping.

Kaitlyn on

Claire, then don’t click on the LINK!

Rachel on

It doesn’t matter if they were technically EMT’s or simply “dispatchers” in my opinion. A dispatcher has the job to answer phones and stay on the line with often panicking family members or friends… THAT is their job. Regardless of which of those two jobs those individuals had, they should have done SOMETHING! Even if that something was simply standing by and waiting until the EMT’s arrived. A dispatcher for 911 I am POSITIVE has to be trained in CPR and 1st Aid because there are many times over the phone that they are required to talk people through them!

And no matter who you are or what you do… I think it’s pretty low to walk out on a situation like that PERIOD. I would have felt awful walking out in that circumstance until I knew that at the very least help had arrived.

sdfds on

“If he was their biological child they would be forced to give him the care he needs.”

Actually, no they wouldn’t. You can give a child up for adoption at any time, not just at birth. So they could “send him back” even if he was their biological child. There are honestly more people who give their older children up for adoption than there are people who adopt children and then try to “return” them.

mp on

No sympathy for the adoption couple. As an official in the ABC News article says, “a parent is a parent is a parent.” That doesn’t mean returning a “broken” child.