Candace Cameron Bure and Natasha: Girls' Night Out!

12/21/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

LuMar Jr./ JPegFoto/PictureGroup

Actress Candace Cameron Bure and daughter Natasha, 11, enjoy a mommy-daughter date on Tuesday as they attended JCPenney’s “Joy of Giving” event, which benefited Friends of El Faro and raised money for the Tijuana Casa Hogar Sion orphanage.

The Make It or Break It star and husband Valeri Bure are also parents to sons Lev, 9 ½, and Maksim, 7 ½, but it’s their little girl that leaves Candace feeling her age!

“[It] is a little freaky because I don’t feel old enough to have a middle school child,” says the actress, 33. “She’s still a mommy’s girl and I have her in my protective bubble as much as I possibly can. She’s okay with that.”

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Kel on

Oh my stars, I love the shirt Candace is wearing.

Ava on

While only 33, Candace will be advised to stay out of the sun. Her skin is looking a little too mature for someone in their early 30s.

Hurley on

Adorable mom and daughter photo!

Y on

I don’t think her skin looks bad at all. She looks like a really young mom!

Ashley on

Candace looks a little crazy-faced in this picture.
She also looks a lot older than 33.

Ava on

No, I don’t think her skin looks bad, only more mature than her mere 33 years. It is not unusual for young people who live in temperate/warm climates who spend some time in the sun. I am much older than her and her skin seems so much more than mine.

Kelly on

What a nice mother daughter picture!

m-dot on

I think she looks great! Her daughter looks so much like her! So cute =). I love that she has maintained a marriage and kids at such length, being so young. Good for her!

Mira on

I agree. She looks 43, rather than 33.

martina on

Guys. She is wearing a cap. The front of it creates a shadow on her face. This is why she is looking “older”. You will get exactly the same effect if you are photographed in a cap inside. Trust me on this.

terra on

Natasha looks like DJ Tanner 2.0
Loves it.

txgal on

I don’t think it is the cap or the the skin I think it is all the make up she is wearing.

“[It] is a little freaky because I don’t feel old enough to have a middle school child,” funny! That’s what happens when you have a kid when you are barely in your twenties. And before anyone gets bent out of shape I am not saying it is bad or good to have a kid at 22 I am just saying they’ll be in their teens and you’ll still be relatively young.

ritter on

I think Candace looks great, except her eye make-up creates an odd look for her face. I agree it’s just the cap. I don’t see alot of wrinkles. I think she’s gorgeous naturally, I just don’t like all the eye make-up (on anyone really).

Jennifer on

I think she looks fantastic! I don’t think she looks older than 33…she’s just wearing heavy rims of black eyeliner. When I do that I have to be careful about it (I’m 32), and sometimes it has that effect on my face, making it appear a little rougher or shadowier around my eyes. But it gives you kind of a rocker edge, and I like it! I would not have pegged her for being older than her age, 33.

Her daughter is gorgeous too, and they looks so close. Cute picture!

Mira on

It has nothing to do with the cap or the makeup. She has really deep wrinkles running down her cheeks. I’m 34 and I don’t look like that in pictures, cap or no cap. And I look exactly my age.

Me on

I agree that it’s a combination of the cap and heavy makeup. I’ve seen other recent pictures of her and she looks great.

Jane on

Candace is beautiful and looks her age imo.

Jessicad on

Man, how mean and catty to talk about a woman’s wrinkles! I think she looks great.

Sabrina on

Apparently I’m in the minority because I think Candace looks really young and pretty fabulous here!

Cat on

Mira, that’s just silly lol…She’s SMILING widely…I dare anyone to smile like that and NOT have indentations…it’s not a wrinkle LOL…If you look at the rest of her face, it’s quite smooth. Wow. And I love how ppl try to make themselves look “better” than the celebrity by always saying something along the lines of “I look like this…and I look better” blah blah blah

camilla on

Bancie1031 on

I think Candace looks great! Natasha is mommy’s mini-me for sure …. Candace and Valeri have beautiful children and seem to be very hands on 😀 I do wish Candace would do more movies, I miss seeing her on screen.

Dazzle on

natasha looks like candace she is gorgeous.

Jill on

IMO I think she looks awesome. She, and her daughter, are adorable.

Kate on

Man, some of you guys are harsh! I think it just isn’t the best pic of Candace. I’ve seen other pics from this event and she looks young and fab. There is another pic on CBB from 2 weeks ago with her whole family at an elf event with Jenny McCarthy. Go look at that and tell me she doesn’t look amazing!! We can’t take a great picture EVERY time. Give the girl a break.

ritter on

Mira, that’s silly. Have you ever seen her family? They have dimples or the ‘deep lines’ on the sides of their mouths. those aren’t wrinkles