Nicole, Keith and Sunday's Happy Homecoming

12/20/2009 at 02:00 PM ET


With the world premieres of Nine behind them, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban arrive in Sydney, Australia, Friday, with 17-month-old daughter Sunday Rose in tow.

The Aussies are planning to spend their holidays Down Under with their extended families.


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emma on

It does upset me to see that Isabella & Connor are almost never pictured with their mother, only Sunday. As if Nicole only has the one child.

Mari on

I like how Nicole dresses more casual and looks more relaxed now that her, and Keith, together with little Sunday, are a family.

Love the little pigtails too.

Sandra on

What a gorgeous child.. 🙂 Too cute! 🙂
And love how happy they all look! 🙂

lexi on

Cant believe how big Sunday has gotten! Where does the time go? She looks so much like dad too.

Jessicad on

What a sweet picture, they look so happy!

Can we please just enjoy a picture without negative comments, for once. Please.

bungalowbliss on

When did she get so big?? Little Sunday looks just like Keith…great looking family!

Lisa on

Sunday is super cute! I love the way she is dressed and they all look so happy together. Funny, on another website I saw a picture of Sunday from yesterday with her hair down and I thought she looked completely different. I’m going to stick up for Emma because I know somebody is going to argue with her for saying Nicole seems as though she only has one child.It’s true we never see her with Connor and Bella, but I think there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff we don’t know about and such so don’t bash Emma!

Rye on

She has gotten so big!!! She looks JUST like her father!!! How cute!

mrsh on

I sometimes wonder if people say things just to see if they can stir up an argument on here.

Anyway, I think Sunday is a really cute little girl, and I’m glad Nicole is a redhead again. She looks so good as a redhead!

Forever Moore on

It will be so cute if Sunday has an Aussie accent!

JMO on

Sunday got so big!

Courtney on

the three of them look so happy together and sunday is an adorable child

giftbox on

I am LOVING Nicole’s hair.

Susan on

Look at that smile on Sunday’s face – looking at her Dad. Precious photo!

ruby on

Conner and Isabella live with their father, not their mother. Does it bother you that you always see Suri and rarely see them with Tom?

Chris on

She is all Keith. Precious. Love her little boots!

Laura on

They look so happy together. I heard that Nicole lost custody of the kids once they divorced. i have heard that Tom Cruise is very controlling…don’t know if that is true or not. another rumor is that nicole was pregnant with someone other than tom cruises baby when they split and she lost custody of the kids due to that. obviously they have some type of agreement about their kids and we will never know the truth.

Simone on

Precious…thats what i call one happy looking family!!!

lizzielui on

Nicole spent Thanksgiving with Bella and Connor. She talked about it in a People magazine article from two weeks ago. Just because we don’t see pics of them together does not mean they are no spending time with one another.

Blondiebear on

So good to see Nicole with red hair again, it suits her so much better than the white blonde she’s been sporting so often.

As has been said already Nicole is not often seen with Bella and Connor because they do not live with her, I’m sure she’d love to spend more time with them.

Sarah K. on

It’s almost as if people want to think that Nicole abandoned her children. It’s odd and disturbing that the first thing people think is that she must be a bad mother.

She has repeatedly said that her kids want their privacy. Both Tom and Nicole have said that they share custody. She don’t owe us pictures or stories to prove that she loves her kids. She counts the Jackmans (fellow adoptive parents) among her closest friends and I doubt they would continue being friends with someone who abandoned her adopted kids.

It seems the only thing that will satisfy some of you is for her to disrespect her children’s wishes and parade them is front of the entire world.

daze on

the picture is cute!
but it just appears odd to me that a mother would choose to spend her holiday so far away from her kids…custody agreement or not.

maggie on

is it just the way Sunday is positioned makin Nics top scrunched a bit or is that a baby bump???!! fan of this family but have to say if it was me i wouldnt want to be on the other side of the world from my children. its not me,i get that but there s a huge story to be told about the situation i would think

Tiger Lily on

I’m surprised so many folks think Nicole should just supposed to hang out in LA even when she isn’t scheduled to have Bella and Connor. That makes no sense. Why would she do that when she can spend the holiday with her parents and Keith’s family?

I like her hair, too.

ritter on

don’t be upset by it Emma. they’re still in each other’s lives, but they wlive with Tom and prefer to be with him. I don’t think Nicole should sit around in LA waiting for them. I am sure they celebrate at a different time or alternate some holidays like we did with our divorced parents when we were little. my mom had custody so we saw our dad a lot less. he was still in our lives. also they might all go out together every time they see each other. maybe they stay in?

Gretchen on

Wow she is adorable! I used to think she wasn’t so cute when she was younger, I think she is getting cuter the older she gets!

Ashley on

Unlike some people, Nicole isn’t one being photographed constantly everywhere go goes, i.e. shopping, playground, b’way, or dinner. We don’t know what she does with whom in her private life, so we shouldn’t really judge whether she spends her time with other older kids or not. If Tom and Katie were as private as Nicole, we wouldn’t have known whether Bella and Connor spend time with Tom or not.

CTBmom on

Sunday is beautiful, and her smile is so sweet! She looks so much like her daddy!

Priscilla on

So So So Cute! Sunday is beautiful. She’s rocking those Baby Gap boots! Haha. Looks like Baby Gap is the place to go for celebrity babies.

Trish on

Sunday is so beautiful, love hoe she’s smiling at her daddy!! Lovely family!

Sandy on

They look so happy, Sunday is so adorable, love her outfit, esp, those boots!

Paige on

Aw. What a beautiful family. Sunday is so cute and I can just about guarantee she’s a daddy’s girl. I think she’s going to be as pretty as Nicole when she grows up.

Electra on

Talk about sprouting over nigh! What a big girl! So cute now.

Mandy on

SOOOO happy you posted this photo! I saw it on the other day. Sunday looks soooo adorable in this picture.

Shaya on

I love Sunday’s boots. Does anyone know who makes them?

CelebBabyLover on

lizzielui- Exactly! I’m thinking Bella and Connor alternate holidays with their parents. If that is indeed the case, then it makes sense that they are, from what we can see, spending Christmas with Tom, Katie, and Suri after spending Thanksgiving with Nicole, Keith, and Sunday.

I also agree that Nicole and Keith have every right to want to celebrate the holidays with their parents and siblings!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I swear Sunday gets bigger each time we see her!

maggie- I doubt that’s a baby bump. In all the recent pictures of Nicole at the various premires of Nine and such, her stomach appears to be pretty flat. 🙂

Jane on

That is such a cute picture. Sunday is Keith’s mini-me for sure.

lori on

What a beautiful family! This picture truly captured their joy, I believe.

Don’t people get tired of the “where are Bella and Connor?” comments? Seriously, I have to agree with Ashley here. Nicole is a very private person, and seems to be extremely protective too. Plus, the Holmes-Cruises are being photographed constantly so why don’t Bella and Connor appear more often then? I mean, people argue on poor Nicole, but you can tell how private she is by counting the amount of times we’ve seen Sunday in photos (barely a handful?)…in comparison we see Suri’s every single move.

moose on

OK, I think its time to accept that Nicole is the non-custodial parent so logistically…short of her walking around with life-size cut outs of Bella nad Connor they ARE NOT GOING TO BE IN HER EVERYDAY PHOTOS and Sunday will…because she lives with her. Now as to why she does not have custody of her elder children we don’t know so its a bit harsh to slam her for it. Lets give her the benefit of the doubt. She seems like a nice enough, if very shy, person What we do know is that these two are cleraly infaturated with each other which is sort of nice, don’t you think?

Stephanie on

Does anyone know where Sunday’s boots are from? I need to get them for my daughter.

jen on

So, people who think Nicole should stay home for the holidays don’t think Sunday should visit her grandparents and other extended family just because her half siblings aren’t going to be visiting them too? This beautiful family can’t catch a break with CBB readers! Sunday is so cute.

Mary-Helen on

I think the reason Suri is photographed more is because she is the more “in demand” child. Sunday is a sweetheart, but there is more money in a Suri shot, kwim?
As for Bella & Connor, I think people question Nicole because of her own comments regarding them, like they don’t call her mom and that she didn’t know what being a mother felt like until she had Sunday. Those sorts of comments might raise a few eyebrows. Either way, Sunday is a sweet baby who is definitely daddy’s girl.

Marie on

Beautiful baby, looks like her daddy, may they enjoy the holidays with their families!!!

lizzielui on


To be clear, Nicole said the kids don’t call her mom but call her “Mum.”

DiamondGirl on

The older kids were just pictured in Spain with Tom. Isn’t that far away from Nicole? Where’s the outrage about that?

She has always avoided being photographed with her kids as they were growing up, so why would she parade them around now? She said they spent Thanksgiving together, so it’s perfectly logical that Christmas would be with Tom.

Of course Sunday will be in pics with her; she’s a baby – where else would she be?

Lil on

Tom and Kate spend a White Christmas in Telluride with the kids, not LA, and Nicole and Keith do spend plenty of time with Bella and Conner. Their privacy is more important than satisfying the fans needs for pics to prove it. Good on them.

Brianne on

Shaya and Stephanie – they are from Baby Gap. They are a nice solid boot in person too!

Shirese Franklin on

Beautiful family.

Mae on

Sarah K, thank you so much!!!! I agree with every word of that statement and I think she is a good mother. It annoys me every time someone says, “Gosh, there’s a picture of her with Sunday. That must mean she doesn’t spend time with Conner and Bella because I don’t see many pictures of them!!” I find that rude and uncalled for. It’s not like any of us know Nicole Kidman personally. I’m glad she respects Conner and Bella’s wishes for privacy.

CelebBabyLover on

lori- Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, but I, for one, certainly DO get tired of the “Where are Bella and Connor?” comments on every single Nicole, Keith, and Sunday post.

Lola Marie on

I like the red hair back as well. Its what I’m used to seeing on her 🙂

Sunday is getting so big and I finally see the resemblance between her and her daddy!

coolwebgossip on

awww…doting parents – Nicole and Keith! They look so cute.

Jessie on

I wish someone would let Nicole know the proper way to hold a child. Your hand/arm should be under their bottom not around their ribs.

CelebBabyLover on

Jessi- I think that’s mainly for infants. I think the way Sunday is being held in this picture is just fine for an 18-month-old. 🙂 Bottomline: This is Nicole’s third time being a mother. I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. 🙂