Nicole Sullivan Says Dashel 'Mocks' and 'Mimics'

12/18/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

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Even the best laid plans have been known to go awry, and Nicole Sullivan says that’s exactly what happened when it came to naming her second son, 3 ½-month-old Beckett Edward.

“When you come up with your kids’ names, it’s hard because this is forever, they’re going to have this name,” she noted during a recent appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show. “You think of the worse-case scenario nicknames…we’ve all known a Regina in our life, or Richard, you know what I’m saying, right?”

When the 39-year-old Rita Rocks actress and her husband Jason Packham decided on Beckett, they believed they were in the clear — but their first son, 2 ½-year-old Dashel Pierce, quickly poked a hole in their theory!

“We thought, Beckett, that’s a classy name! My son comes home, and Dash — first thing — goes, ‘Heeeeey, Becky!’ Argh. I didn’t think, that’s a girl’s name!”

From the sound of things, Dash is keeping the couple on their toes in more ways than one. “He mocks me, I feel like,” Nicole admits. “I don’t even know what he’s doing. He goes, ‘Really Mom? Really?'” Like most children his age, Dash is also quick to imitate what he sees — the good and the bad. “The other day he told my husband, ‘Don’t freak out, Jason,'” Nicole recalls. “And [my husband’s] like, ‘I wonder where he heard that?'” She adds,

“I don’t like hearing myself through that mimic. It’s fun because they’ll try anything … they just want to get their way. So they’ll try anything to get that cupcake or to get to watch that cartoon, try any angle.”

With two children and seven animals in the home, Nicole says that her Christmas tree is up — but just partially decorated. “There’s only ornaments from the top half up,” she explains. “In my sleep I hear ornaments breaking.”

The boys “love it so much,” however, and like to blame their exploits on their furry friends!

“I watched my son take an ornament and throw it on the ground — I watched him break it. I pretended I didn’t, came back in and said, ‘What happened?’ and he threw that dog under the bus so fast. In a second, he didn’t even think twice! He goes [to the dog], ‘Bad Donut, bad!'”

Source: The Bonnie Hunt Show

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Myname on

The kid sounds to me needs to be taught discipline and to be truthful. A child usually lies because they are afraid of the consequences of an action. Anyway, his parents better set him straight now. In a nice way of course. Both names she gave her children are okay. Trendy but okay.

Theresa on

It can be cute and it can be conscious stabbing when our children mimic us. The good and the bad will always be mirrored in our children…the most humbling thing about parenting!

Two year olds are into everything! My son isn’t even 2 yet and keeps us constantly on our toes!

Takes alot of work and effort to train a child not to touch things. They are so naturally curious too, which makes it even harder to know what to do.

babsi on

@myname: gosh seriously she will surely normally react to bad behaviour,and children that age are learning to get out of uncomfortable situations, she was probably just amused and wanted to see how her son reacted when she didn`t scold him right away. i think it is wrong to put children down anytime they are making mistakes….they are no robots and dashiel doesn`t sound like someone who goes trough the house smashing things. nicole just has a bit of humor….we do not even know if she talked to him about it afterwards…i cannot imagine how strict some people are here….i think at that age you have to be able to laugh about some of your toddlers shenanigans, they develop a personality and if you generally set the picture righht some “outtakes” won`t make your child a criminal,violent or a bad unmannered person….

Marie on

Wow, “MyName” do you even HAVE kids? He’s 2½ for crying out loud! I highly doubt she just lets him have the run of things and let that slip by. She was just relating how he reacted to the situation. It’s not like he’s 5 or 6 and should be at the age where they know better. Like Babsi said, it’s all part of their development.

That said, thank GOD Nicole shared these stories! It’s nice to hear I’m not the only one with a strong-willed little imp of a toddler 🙂 My son is 3 and he tries to get away with everything, pushing every little button, testing those boundaries. He’s a complete mimic too, which has taught us to be very careful how we use our tone or exactly how we say something. It’s entertaining and frustrating all at once when my son turns to me and says, “settle down, Mommy!” when I’m correcting him on something. Twerp lol.

And just as much as he’s an imp, he also has great manners. He says “please” and “thank you” and “you’re welcome.” He always excuses himself if he burps or passes gas. (and calls you out if you don’t immediately excuse yourself! ha! lol) He says, “bless you” if you sneeze. Asks if you’re ok if you cough or say ouch. All without prompting. He’s learning to not speak with his mouth full and to ask to speak if interrupting a conversation. So it’s very possible to have a well-behaved child who still wants to push those buttons and have a test of boundaries. Again, part of the age and development.

Dash sounds adorable and very much a character. Of course, with such a character for his Mommy, how was he NOT to have just as much character in him?? 🙂 They sound like a family that’s grounded and fun; I’d love to have them as neighbors. And I love Beckett’s name. Both names are timeless and classy.

fuzibuni on

haha… dash sounds smart, naughty and cute. what a handful he must be. thank goodness she has a sense of humor!