Leelee Sobieski Welcomes Daughter Louisanna Ray

12/18/2009 at 03:35 PM ET
Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Update: Baby’s name is Louisanna Ray Kimmel, Leelee’s rep confirms.

Originally posted December 17th: It’s the perfect present — Leelee Sobieski and her fashion designer fiancé Adam Kimmel have welcomed a baby girl.

The Emmy-nominated actress delivered a daughter late Wednesday evening in New York City, Leelee’s rep confirms to PEOPLE. Further details, including a name, have not yet been released.

The couple — who became engaged in June and announced the pregnancy in September — are still planning to wed.

“We have pushed that back,” the actress said about her nuptials. “We are going to maybe do it in the spring.”

Joan of Arc star Leelee, 27, most recently appeared in this summer’s Public Enemies alongside Johnny Depp; She can next be seen in The Mad Cow opposite Jeffrey Tambor.

— Kristen Mascia

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Mandy on

Awwww yay! We needed a little girl to balance out the recent baby boys.

I can’t wait to hear a name and see a picture.

Courtney on

same here Mandy it seems like it’s been a boom of boys of late though there’s been a few girls for Example Arianna Zucker just had a baby girl last week congrats to leelee and adam on the birth of their little angel can’t wait to here what they named her and see a picture

Shelly on

I have three boys..can’t probably have anymore kids as I have ms,but would love a girl!!! love all the girls being born..little jealous though=)

Alycia on

Wow I forgot that she was pregnant!! Congrats

maryjane on

Yes i forgot too that she was preg, anyways congrats and i bet the baby is a beautiful girl, cant wait to hear her name, i think its gonna be cute.

Cece on

Wow, I remember Leelee as a teenager in “Eyes Wide Shut.” Now she’s a Mom! I hope she and her fiancee have have much joy with their baby daughter.

Dana on

Congrats and welcome little girl!
Can´t wait to her the name. I´m sure she´s beautiful and has a great name.

KayLee on

I LOVE the name! Fabulous!!!

Jessi on

Congratulations to her!

Louisanna Ray…I am not too sure about the first name. But it is adorable! Maybe they will call her Lou?

Sobi on

How do you pronounce her name? Lewis-anna? Louise-anna? I know it’s not pronounced like the state Louisiana. Congrats on a healthy baby girl. Leelee looked so beautiful pregnant.

Sheri on

How is this pronounced? It looks awfully close to the state of Louisiana to me! Maybe they’ll call her Anna for short … God bless her new baby and family! What a perfect Christmas gift …

Juanita on

Like the state or Lew-is-anna or Lew-ee-anna. Anyway not a fan and prefer Rae for a girl.

Kimberlee Chrisman on

Lee lee had a Lou lou.

K on

To be pronounced like that state it would have to be spelled like the state. My guess is Louise-anna.

jessica on

Kimberlee that was hilarious!!!!!!

Erin on

Shelly, I bet you have three beautiful boys! Best of luck with your journey – I hope you have a peaceful holiday and new year (if that’s possible with three boys!). And Kimberlee, I ditto what Jessica said! lol!

Electra on

What a weird name. No flow at all.

Elle on

It sounds like she kind of named her daughter after herself. Her real name is Liliane.

I would pronounce this maybe Louie-anna? Or Louie-ana? Some people say Louis as Louie. I know she comes from a very cultural family. Just a thought.


Theresa on

She looks like she’s glowing in that picture, doesn’t she?

Lily on

Kind of pretty?! Yes, Lou for short is adorable!

Sarah M. on

K (#14) – That’s not necessarily true. People change the spelling of names all the time but still pronounce them the same way. The name Sarah, for instance. The usual Sarah/Sara, I also know a Saraha, pronounced the same as the other 2. Christy/Krysti/Kristy/Chrysti/etc. Megan/Meagan/Meghan/Meaghan. Tara/Tarah. Kristen/Kristin/Krysten/etc. Mark/Marc, I also know a Marque, pronounced the same. And MANY other names. Sometimes the pronunciation changes, but I’ve found that the majority of the time it doesn’t.

Kimberlee (#13) – Love it! My middle name is Louise and I get called Lou Lou by much of my family!!

Cute name and congrats to the whole family!

Bancie1031 on

Dang …. I forgot that she was even pregnant! I know that LeeLee isn’t a A list celebrity but I have always loved her as a actress ….. congratulations to her and her hubby …. hope we get to see the baby 😀 but have to admit not so sure about the name 😦

Jennifer on

I like the name and I bet she will be a pretty girl. Congratulations to her family

JMO on

I wonder how that’s being pronounced. Does it sound like the state Louisiana?? or does is it sound like something else!

Mary on

Growing up I actually knew a girl who had this name! We pronounced it Lewey-Sana. Don’t know if that’s how they are pronouncing it, though. Gorgeous name.

Jessicad on

I’m curious how you say it too, either way it would be pretty. I’ve always thought she was a good actress, and I think someone mentioned on here before how she looks like Helen Hunt, it’s almost creepy how much they look alike! Congrats to them!

fay on

as a native new orleanian… I LOVE HER BABY’S NAME!!!!

RIP Michael on

If it is pronounced Louie-Anna or Louise-Anna I think that is a cute alternate spelling. Certainly unique in its own right.

sarah on

name is beautiful. I would call her Lou or Loui pronounced lewi. Lou lou is fun.

sarawara on

Is it pronounced Lewis-ah-nah? Or Loo-ee-ah-nah? “Louis” can be Lewis or Lewie…

I do not like it when anyone (celeb or not) gives their kid a name that makes people hesitate before they say it, and then feel bad when they say it wrong, you know?

People are going to read it Louisiana at first glance her WHOLE life. Even if it is pronounced Louise-Anna (which I think is stunning) they’re still going to say Louise-ee-anna.

Ashlee on

I agree with those who think it is pronounced: Loo-ee-ah-nah

Niko on

Its pronounced Loo-wee-sah-nah. Its a unique, interesting name. Don’t think I’ve ever heard it before,

Maren G on

yikes – not loving that name

Benni on

the name… WTH? we can only hope they call her Anna.

Terri on

Well that’s an interesting name. Congrats to the family.

Cece on

Oh dear, I see someone else thought it was the name of the state “Louisiana.” When naming their daughter Louisanna do you think it might have just possibly come up in conversation that everyone will say and spell their daughter’s name “Louisiana???” Sigh….

crimpe on

Huh – no idea how I missed this. Maybe because it was posted on my daughter Louisiana’s birthday! Yes, my daughter’s name is spelled the same as the state, and her nickname is Lou or Louie. My husband grew up there and it is a conflation of my grandmother, mother, and sister in law’s names (Louise + Anne/Anna). I immediately read the name as Louisiana, but the last post might be onto something with the place in France. It’s a headscratcher as to how to pronounce.