Jillian Barberie Reynolds Celebrates Her Baby Shower!

12/18/2009 at 07:00 PM ET

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Dressed in a nonmaternity Marchesa gown, Good Day LA host Jillian Barberie Reynolds celebrated the upcoming birth of her son, Rocco, with a lavish baby shower at the Montage Beverly Hills on Saturday, December 12th.

“It’s been completely different this time around,” Jillian, who has a 2-year-old daughter, Ruby Raven, with husband Grant, tells Life & Style. “I was a huge whale, but now I’m just a dolphin. I’m not as rotund!”

Guests including Sharon Osbourne and Kourtney Kardashian (who gave birth just two days later!) noshed on tea sandwiches and scones and sipped signature cocktails like the Jilliantini and Rocco Royal.

The room was decked out with beautiful white roses, tulips, hydrangeas and freesias by floral design studio Mark’s Garden.

After lunch, the group indulged in a vanilla butter-cream custom cake by Cake Divas by Joan & Leigh — Jillian’s favorite! Guests left with a LeSportsac silver tote filled with gifts valued at about $500.

“We’re probably done after this,” says Jillian, “although we thought we’d probably be done after Ruby and, boom, I got pregnant with Rocco. So who knows.”

Jillian, 42, is due with Rocco at the end of January.

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sat on

Gorgeous dress! I am loving the purple holiday dress trend!

Forever Moore on

Too funny..when she announced her pregnancy, I said to myself “she should name him Rocco”!

Nella on

She looks great! I love that color and dress 🙂

Myname on

I hope by the time she has the baby she will have changed her mind. Rocco is awful. The only way I would use the name is to show love for someone and it would be the middle name only. Rocco is just terrible.

annie on

myname I disagree with you, nothing wrong with rocco everyone has there own taste in names, I think its cute!

I♥CBB on

I think Rocco is PERFECT for Jillian and Grant. I ♥ the name. Ruby and Rocco go together. Aww! What a great big sister Ruby is going to be. 🙂

g!na on

Rocco reminds me of Madonna’s son. I don’t know any other celebs who named their kid Rocco.

Rye on

she looks fantastic.

CelebBabyLover on

annie- I agree! And she won’t be the only celeb with a Rocco, either. For example, Madonna’s older son is named Rocco as well. 🙂

Megan on

Congrats on the upcoming baby. But why a second shower ? Her other kid is only two.

Whitney on

why do celebs do 2 baby showers….. especially when the kids are so close in age?

Theresa on

It sounds lovely and she looks fabulous!

Lily on

Rocco Reynolds?! Hmm…not a fan! Yes, gorgeous dress!

Me Mama on

I think the name Rocco is cute, and goes really well with Ruby!
Jillian is so cute, I love her dress so much!
It seems like she has been pregnant FOREVER though…lol

deedee on

How come I never get invited to any baby showers where the guests leave with $500 gift bags?

JessicaC on

I was always under the impression that it was inappropriate the have a baby shower for a second baby when the pregnancies are that close.

Courtney on

I can see why people do it if the kids are different sexes but it’s when the kids are the same sex that it gets annoying

TC on

Down here where I live when you have kids that close in age instead of a traditional baby shower you get together with your friends at a restaurant and they buy you practical gifts like diapers and wipes and it’s very low key. If you happen to have a different sex than the first kid clothes might also included.

Sure I know she can do as she pleases, it’s her money and so on but imagine if she had instead donated the money she, or whoever, spent on the shower to a charity that helped new mothers in need? We have a city wide baby shower each year where people are asked to bring in baby items and they are passed out to low income families. I believe the March of dimes also does something similar to that.

n on

it’s a celebration of the new baby. even if it is the same gender, who cares? why should only the first kid get a party? besides, everyone loves shopping for babies!

Bela on

Ok, we all know she had two baby showers because she is rich. Have any of you been to a baby shower where you got a $500 goody bag? I don’t even give that much for the baby gift!! Please it,s all about money and being showy. I bet she was not even friends with some of the people there.

Rachael on

Lavish baby shower two years after the first… what happened to the days when you gathered with friends and played a few games? Everything is so over the top now… $500 bag? Just imagine what that money could’ve been used for, certainly not something to stick in a closet.

Congrats, I wish her well, but really?!

dee on

Why do people get so upset that others do things and celebrate differently than them? She had a lavish second baby shower for her first son. So? Does it make your life worse in any way?

Forever Moore on

There are many celebrities that have high-budget showers and most of them have $$$ gift bags for the guests and almost always composed of swag provided from the companies, not bought by the celebrity.

Laura on

She is soo fake on GDLA. Sge’s giving away one of her 500 dollar bags if it makes anyone feel better.

Jeannette on

I thought you never throw a second baby shower, as that is in poor taste.

Chris on

Rocco is a cute nickname but iIs Rocco short for something more formal? Just curious.

Beverley on

Around my area, when a second (or later)child of the opposite gender is born, you get a “sprinkle”. It’s like a mini shower and everyone gives gender specific smallish items like clothes and blankets. It’s basically a way to give practical stuff the parents don’t already have from a first child. Most people don’t buy new strollers, cribs and car seats from one child to the next, so this smaller and more practical “sprinkle” is great for the purpose of getting things for a child of the opposite gender.

brannon on

A second baby shower is normal where I’m from…never heard otherwise. Just threw one for my best friend – due with her second in 2 months and a 16 month at home. Why wouldn’t this baby have its own shower? Seems sad and old-fashioned to think of them as mere practicalities. Not about the gifts – about the celebration. Second time around she got the fun things like cashmere booties and sweaters 🙂 First one was more practical stuff. To each their own…

Mary on

I didn’t want a baby shower for my second baby (kids are two years apart and different genders) because I really think it’s tacky. I had every piece of equipment and didn’t need anything as far as furniture. I knew that I would get gifts at the hospital or at home from close friends and family (which I did), why throw a shower then? It was a lot less stress for me and everyone else. it’s a rare thing around here to have two or more baby showers!

christina on

There is something so tasteless to me about this…especially at this time of year, it just seems like she could have so easily given a wonderful donation to a women’s/children cause. I’m sure her “sponsors” of the shower would gladly have done that, for the appropriate PR of course. Call me cynical, but this is just too much.

Allison on

Ummm I had 2 baby showeres and my kids are 3 years apart. My girlfriends and family arranged everything-infact, they just asked me to show up. I feel bad for you moms who didnt have a baby shower with each one of you children! If there is anything in the world to celebrate-its babies! And getting a ton of free cute things is not bad either!!

loma on

Where I come from you only have a shower for your first child, because 1 1/2 yrs later you likely still have the stroller, car seat, swing blah blah blah.

This is tacky and she looks so greedy standing in front of a mountain of presents. I agree with Christina, why not donate to women’s/children’s cause or shelter, especially at Christmastime.

shalay on

Everyone I know who has children has had a baby shower for each one. I think it would be weird not to celebrate a baby, just because there’s already an older sibling. My cousin’s son just turned 2, and I received her baby shower invitation for her next baby in the mail today. Nothing weird about that whatsoever. I have another friend who just had her 5th baby, and her friends got together and threw her a shower. It’s all in good fun, so what’s the big deal?

Oh, and I’m from southern California, if that makes any difference. I don’t know which parts of the country or world multiple baby showers becomes a “tacky” thing.

Jessi on

I see nothing wrong with having a baby shower for subsequent children after your first. I mean really alot of people will be providing alot of practical items i.e. wipes, diapers, clothes (as it is a boy). So what is the problem? By the time my children (none yet until May or so) is two they will still be rear facing, so I will have to have another carseat. Also maybe a double stroller?

And Rocco is cute.

Jessi on

But I do believe that you shouldn’t throw the second baby shower (or even the first but that is me). Your friends or family should.

cammie on

I don’t have any kids, but also don’t see anything wrong with celebrating each child. I have never heard of having a mini or no shower based on how many years the kids are born apart. Why shouldn’t she have a party for each child? It’s a fun way to look forward to seeing all her girlfriends and dishing on this pregnancy. If I had alot of money, I too would give expensive gifts to my girlfriends.

Jessicad on

We have showers for every baby! They are just as special and need just as much stuff as the first:) Although usually the moms are more interested in getting clothes if it’s a different gender than the first, or diapers because they have most of the gadgets already. Not tacky at all where I live!

Jen on

Interesting that there seems to be 2 different traditions within the US. I live in West Michigan and 1 baby shower is the norm here. (I have been to a 2nd baby shower when the babies were 10 years apart, which made sense.)

I don’t equate ‘celebrating’ each child with registering for gifts.

soon2bmomof2 on

I’m currently expecting my second child, a girl, in March and my son just turned 2. My sis-in-law and a good friend offered to throw me a shower this time which I thought was wonderful of them! I will not be registering for gifts, and quite frankly I don’t care if I actually get gifts….. but why would I not want to celebrate the impending arrival of my child with my friends and some cake!! I mean…. I do want to have baby shower pictures to put in her baby book. I didn’t expect anyone to purchase a gift for the first baby if they didn’t want to, I only registered because quite a few friends and family members requested that I do so because they didn’t want to buy a giftcard and wanted to be sure they bought something we felt we needed.

Gosh….. celebrating a baby is the whole point of the shower right?? I intend to purchase thank you gifts for the hostesses, but otherwise I could care less if anyone brings a gift with them!!

Emily on

Christina & loma: I don’t agree with 2nd baby showers either BUT…you know what I think is tacky? Thinking you know of a better way to spend SOMEONE ELSES money.

Cathy Carey on

I know it’s her money but in this struggling economy the amount of money spend on the shower – rare flowers in the winter, custom cake and $500 swag bags – would have been much better spent on donations to a food bank, homeless shelter, Toys for Tots and any number of worthy causes.

Emily on

Cathy- Why dont you donate, if you’re so concerned about it?? She could buy a 100,000 dollar pacifer if the mood strikes her. She is not responsable for the economy. She works for her money, thus giving her the right to do whatever the heck she feels like with it.

Shaya on

I think these kind of baby showers are excessive to say the least but I don’t see anything wrong with having a baby shower for your second child. I didn’t have a baby shower for my first child since my husband was stationed away from our friends and family and I went with him. I really hope I can have a baby shower when we have our second. Anyway I thought it was more about celebrating your baby with people that you love and less to do with gifts.

Cathy Carey on

Emily, I would be thrilled to donate however we can barely put food on the table and will be having no Christmas. Yes as I said it is her money to do what with she wishes. However it would be nice to hear that people who enjoy such largess think about other people than themselves.

Emily on

Cathy- I understand your plight. But here is my suggestion for your money: Give up a month of internet connection.

Cathy Carey on

Emily, brilliant suggestion. Uumm that would be about $25 a month and since we live in the middle of nowhere our internet connection is vital to our connection with our families and the world.
I’m curious as to why you’re having such a difficult time understanding the concept of my posts. Do you not feel that those who have should share with those who don’t?

We used to be able to donate to a number of charities, especially for breast cancer as I am a survivor. It’s a difficult and painful choice not to be able to support for those who have even less than us.

Life is different now. Celebraties, sports figures, etc. making obscene amounts of money while we have people literally dying on the street of hunger.

I hope you and your family are doing well and able to deal with this difficult time with ease. Of course I would wish that for every family. The sad part is it can be easily done if only a few people donated a year of their multi-million salaries to make it happen.

This is probably the wrong forum in which to carry on this conversation so if you would like to continue my email is cathybcarey@gmail.com

Happy holidays to you and yours.

seebeewrite on

I wanna know why they were drinking martinis at the baby shower! Somehow, I figured alcohol isn’t appropriate for celebrating the upcoming birth of a child.

megan on

“Gosh….. celebrating a baby is the whole point of the shower right??”

Not exactly. The point of a shower is “Oh hey, you’re having a baby & you’re not sure what to do yet. So you probably don’t have everything set up yet. Here’s some advice & baby items that will help you get started.”

shirab on

for those of you going on about the name and thinking she should change it, she has already said that is his name so you should just live with that! a while back she was asking for suggestions for middle names on twitter and names like ryan, rupert,rubin etc… were listed!! she is going for the double R names again! just like Ruby Raven Reynolds this baby will be Rocco R? Reynolds!!! bet he’ll be a cutie!! all photos on twitter posted of ruby are adorable!!!!

graciesmom on

Seebreewrite, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

There was alcohol at my shower and such has been the case at most that I attend.

TC on

People that want 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 baby showers feel free, that’s totally up to you but I don’t think it’s appropriate. My son is almost 4 and I gave away every single baby item so I have nothing when I decide to have baby number 2 but since it’s *MY* decision to have another baby it’s also *MY* responsibility to pay for the baby items it is not my friend’s responsibility.

We Americans are looked at as superficial, excessive, narcissistic and after reading some of these comments I can see why.

CelebBabyLover on

seebeewrite- It doesn’t say whether or not the cocktails were what they call “virgin cocktails” (i.e., non-alchohlic). Considering that they were obviously custom (since one was a “Jilliantini” and the other was a “Rocco Royal”), it’s very possible that they were.

If they weren’t, however, I just hope that Jillian and Kourtney (the post says the shower took place two days before she gave birth) didn’t drink any (although in Kourtney’s case one probably wouldn’t have hurt, as Mason was obviously way past the vital stage of organ formation/developement!).

Melissa on

In my opinion, I think the whole baby shower for a 2nd child isn’t a bad idea if your 2nd child is of the opposite sex of your first and/or your children are a few years apart. I know my mom think’s it’s tacky though so maybe it has to do with a generation gap? But we’re talking about a famous person here. I don’t think there’s no need to bash Jillian. Maybe she did give some of the stuff she received away to charity. You don’t know. Maybe she kept it all too. Who knows. Who cares? Some of the people on here are so judgmental about famous people. They shouldn’t do this, they shouldn’t do that. I can’t believe they didn’t do this or that. GO JILLIAN!

Chris on

It’s not always about bringing gifts. Sometimes people just want to get together and share stories and advice. Books or personalized items are always nice. If people want to celebrate the arrival of a baby, I say let them. If you don’t want to participate, don’t.

What are your thoughts about second weddings, etc?

Jessicad on

I’ve never known anyone to register for gifts with the 2nd baby, like I said it’s more about clothes, diapers, and getting together with friends to celebrate:)

I had alcohol at my baby shower. During the day it was all girls and kind of formal, then the friend who threw the shower got a keg and invited all the husbands or boyfriends and my guy friends. They got a cup for bringing a pack of diapers:) Of course I left early but the next day I had over 20 packs of diapers in every size!

bre on

“…it’s *MY* decision to have another baby it’s also *MY* responsibility to pay for the baby items it is not my friend’s responsibility.”

So it wasn’t your decision to have a first child and therefore your friends responsibility to pay for baby items for you?

mrsh on

I never wanted a baby shower. I didn’t want a bridal shower either. But, for me, it was only because I’m very shy and hate being the focus of attention. I don’t think there is anything wrong with multiple showers.

TC on

*Sigh* bre…I didn’t have a baby shower with the first one either. Now I did luck out and have a bunch of friends who had items they no longer needed that they loaned or gave to me but if they didn’t then my husband and I would’ve bought everything we needed.

I♥CBB on

I don’t see a problem with having multiple showers for each child. Especially if they are different sexes. I had to say something to one particular poster on this board.
@Emily-What you said to Cathy was rude and hurtful. She was only making a suggestion and I think it was a good one. Why not donate the money from the gifts and gift bags? It’s a nice thing to do. We do not know what Jillian does with her money and she very well may donate to different causes. Cathy should not be scrutinized for her post. Especially seeing as how you did it. It wasn’t right. Not in the least. @Cathy-you should not have given her your personal email. She doesn’t deserve it.

I♥CBB on

Also TC-It’s no one’s responsibility to pay for baby gifts. People do it because they love the person having the baby and they WANT to give gifts. It’s not a responsibiilty. It’s a choice.

JessicaC on

Believe it or not there’s a while book written on the etiquitte of throwing showers. Did you know it’s considered to be bad manners if ths mother or sister of the guest of honor throws the shower? I was shocked to read that too! I do think it’s tacky to register for a second child no matter the gender unless there’s a huge age gap. Really-pink or blue bouncy chairs work the same! However everyone loves to celebrate babies, it’s not so much the party that bugs me but registering a second time. As far as someone asking about second weddings…well I have a friend who had a destination wedding, at it cost about $2500 to go. In that sense, I was a little peeved that she registered. I mean she had lived with her fiancee for years and they already had everything they needed. So yeah, I thought it was very distasteful to register for an $80 knife, when she was asking us all to shell out so much to go to the wedding.

VHead on

If your friends and family want to give you a shower for every baby that you have, then let them. Those who want to come will come, and the others… well, the others can stay at home. A shower shows support, no matter how many children. If you give a shower for yourself, then it’s a party to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. The bottom line is that this is personal.

brannon on

sorry for the second post but just shocked by how many people hear “shower” and think “pricetag?” When you get invites in the mail do you immediately think “oh no, i have to buy a gift!” i personally think, “yay, another baby!” didn’t realize this was controversial. interesting but kind of sad.

soon2bmomof2 on

I also think it’s sad that people automatically think $$ when it comes to a shower!!

Like another poster said, I think the whole point of showers, whether bridal or baby or anything else, is to celebrate whatever the guest of honor is going through at that time in their life. I personally, enjoy buying baby gifts or wedding gifts when invited to a shower, however, if I wasn’t able to bring a gift for whatever reason, it wouldn’t keep me from picking up a card and wishing the couple/mother/etc well.

I can say in response to whoever told me that showers are for people who don’t know what they are doing regarding parenthood….. um, I didn’t get any advice at my first baby shower and most of the gifts were clothes and diapers (and I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out a baby needs clothes and diapers) or cutesy things like fuzzy blankets, etc. Very very few of the gifts I received for my first born were actually “practical, I NEEDED that gifts”, but I was extremely grateful none the less. We bought 98% of the “you have to have that in the house if bringing home a newborn” items ourselves, with a few of them given by our parents.

Regardless of your financial wellbeing, I think it’s wonderful for a group of friends and family to get together to celebrate the arrival of or upcoming arrival of a new baby!! It doesn’t matter if the get together includes extravagant things, hand-me-downs, or just some snacks. Anyone who wants to think it’s tacky that I’m just as excited to be having a 2nd baby as I was my first baby and that I want to share our excitement with my close friends and family is kind of off their rocker!! I guess I’m fortunate enough to be related to and friends with people who will think my upcoming daughter is as special as my son was and who want to celebrate her arrival!!

cd on

Some of you people crack me up, you act like you have so much class and know about what is right and wrong. If someone throws a shower no matter how many children the person has the only thing you have to do is say yes or send your regrets, case closed. I dont know why you people make such a big deal about it, these people you are talking about have MONEY so they do whatever they feel like doing. Get a grip or a life.

K on

Why is she having a shower for her 2nd baby, what has happened to etiquette and taste?

LaurenC on

Man, after reading all of these judgemental comments I am feeling SOOOO BLESSED! I am expecting my 3rd child and am also having my 3rd shower and thankfully, no one has come to me with these ludicrous “rules and regulations” on shower ettiquette and what-not. Why does it matter to anyone how many showers the lady has? Each baby is an individual and should be celebrated individually. To each his own so raining on someone else’s parade isn’t necessary, just throw your once-in-a-lifetime shower and leave the rest of us alone with the corny comments. Jealousy is an awful look…

momof2 on

LaurenC, trust me it’s not jealousy, it’s that I’d be embarrassed to ask for gifts for a second time after people just threw me a beautiful shower not that long ago. You want a party to celebrate each baby?-fine, but a lot of people have no problem fishing around for gifts, im just not one of them.

LaurenC on

momof2-If you’re not jealous then the jealousy remark was not meant for you…it was meant for the posters making comments about how they can barely pay their bills or how thay wont be having a Christmas this year and they feel as though we who have no problem with numerous showers and INCOME should donate to people with their circumstances instead of celebrating how we choose to. I work hard everyday, as well as my friends and family so for someone else to dictate how we should spend or how many times we can throw a shower is rediculous to me. Fishing for gifts is not why I have showers for each of my children, I have them because they are thrown as a celebration for me and my newest addition by our loving family. Fortunately my family and friends have the means to give gifts…but never is that a requirement on my behalf. I dont see the need to register for items repeatedly but if I did, I dont think it should cause anyone any strain to simply object. Some of these posters should just keep in mind that what I eat doesnt make you go pooh so live and let live…Jillian owes nothing to anyone, not one red cent.

JessicaC on

LaurenC, I completely argree with you in that sense. I hate it when people try to dictate how others can spend their money…it’s one thing to donate to charities, but it’s quite another to embrace this whole “share the wealth” philosophy. I don’t think people should feel obligated to work hard for their money just to give it to others. We all have our problems. And I do think a party for every baby is fine, Istart to take issue with it when women register over and over. A little party with some cake and diapers or whatever is fine, you need pictures for the album, but I think it crosses into inappropriate when it becomes this huge affair with registries for big ticket items over and over…good luck with baby #3, Im starting to ache for a third but my husband and I are terrified of being outnumbered! lol

K on

Who made you guys the baby shower police…geez! So she wanted to celebrate her last birth (I am guessing) with a party, so what?!! You women are hypocrites…you giggle and tell your girlfriends about how rich that “great catch” is, but if a woman has money, you tell her how to spend it? The men have to have money, but women with money are “tacky.” If you were rich, you would buy something and you know it. She worked for her money she should be able to throw a party if she wants to! It’s not her fault the economy is in the toilet, why is it up to her to bail YOU out?

CandyCane on

I simply do not understand why these sill rules are in place regarding subsequent baby showers. Each child/pregnancy is a different experience and should be celebrated. Must people wouldn”t be tacky enough to consistently keep registering for big ticket items. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but other than insurances and the IRS, not to many people and make me but them something that will cause me finacial hardship or ill feelings. I think that celebrities are in their own world and sometimes people falsely think that just because you are that you do not work hard or have stresses. I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want with their own money. Trustme. I know plenty of “hardworking” non celebrity people that could better spend their money and they do not have ant to spare. People only want to make a huge deal about it of it’s a celebrity or someone in a certain upper tax bracket. Besides, how do some of you know which celebrities donate to what causes. Many donate their time,autographs, and or money without the need for spotlight. Unfortunately once they do donate, the charities come out like blood thirsty vultures and the are constantly hounded which is why many do it anonymously. Trust me charities are not all warm and fuzzy like 99% of us think they are and certainly not the people running them. I know this from personal involvement and can assure you that egos and power plays after keep many more people from donating money as they do not want to get caught up in the politics that dominate this circle. In closure, this is probably Jillians’ last baby as they seemed happy with one and she was an older first time mother. I wish her nothing but happiness. Besides, the are lots of old rules that no longer have a place, Civil Rights Movement or Jim Crowe laws anyone! Happy Holidays

Hayley on

RIDICULOUS to say it is “tacky” or “selfish” to have a second baby shower, I don’t care HOW close in age they are! My kids are 18 months apart, and my family and friends threw me beautiful showers for each. What is NOT to celebrate about a new baby? It isn’t the 50’s people! Congrats Jillian, and I love the name Rocco!

soon2bmomof2 on

I hope those of you who find it TACKY or AWFUL etc etc to have a second baby shower find peace, joy, and love during this Christmas Season, because it certainly sounds as though things in your life must be pretty bad if you’d deny a new mother even a simple celebration in honor of the life of their new child, whether it’s the first child in the family or the 20th, every child is special and for crying out loud can at least have a CAKE made in their honor!

Megan on

“Besides, the are lots of old rules that no longer have a place, Civil Rights Movement or Jim Crowe laws anyone!”

Candy Cane, that comparison was tacky & irrelevant. And it’s disrespectful to people who actually did suffered.

Alex on

Rocco is a terrible name. She looks like she’s ready to pop.

mikesmom on

i can not stand her but every child should be celebrated with a baby shower/ and yes they were drinking as she stated on the show with her friends drinking is a given. and No no one owes any one else anything. take care of your own family

bonnie on

I think she should be able to have a 2nd shower… but seriously people don’t you read enough to know that if the name of the flowers, cake and the mention of le sport sac with a $500 price tag then jillian did not pay for it. they were sponsors looking for you to come to them for cake, flowers and goodies!

Cindy Wellock on

First of all, I must ask whos business is it other than Jillians how many showers she has? Correct me if I’m wrong, but she doesn’t need the gifts to begin with. She can afford to purchase anything she wants. So that definately is not the issue. I think people need to mind there own business and let people do what they want as long as it doesn’t negatively affect you then stay out of it. TO EACH’S OWN.

CandyCane on

As a woman of color, I can assure you that I completely understand the gravity of the comment I was making when I stated that some rules and social mores that were once the norm and the standard never should have been even though large numbers of people felt they should have existed until others fought for the right to simply live as everyone else does. The second point is that often people do not think about why a “rule” is, they just remember hearing it and acting in accordance no matter whom they hurt,disrespect, or dehumanize. This entire commentary is about a social event and a social norms. The Civil Rights Movement and Jim Crowe laws were also about social norms, so maybe you do not understand Megan. Reread it the initial post and try it again and maybe it will then make sense to you. Like I said congrats to Jillian and Grant!

Brandi on

I am not sure why we would say she should or should not have a shower for her 2nd child remember all customs are different. I personally think every baby born should be celebrated with people that you love and people that love you. If you look at the names mentioned from Rubys shower alot are the same as Roccos. They came because they are her friends and want to share this day with her. I think we should all be more accepting and understanding of others…. It doesnt affect us that she had 2 showers and wouldnt if she had 2 million.

melody mercadante on

Just to let you all know that when celebrities do baby showers they do get a lot of really nice gifts. They usually don’t keep them either. They are donated to charities. So what is wrong with celebrating the birth of her second child and then helping out people less fortunate in the meantime? I think it’s wonderful and I wish the Reynolds family well. Congratulations on the little boy and Ruby is absolutely goergous! God Bless!