Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady Name Son Benjamin

12/18/2009 at 04:05 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

Since welcoming their first son together on December 8th, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have been struggling to choose a name for their child. But in a message posted on her Web site Friday, Gisele calls the baby “Benjamin,” telling fans:


I want to thank you all with all my heart for the immense love I have received here on the website. It is a pleasure to receive messages from each one of you here.

I am living a very special moment in my life, Benjamin is a blessing and I could not be happier.

I would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and 2010 with lots of light!

Kisses Gisele

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Dianna on

What an adorable name! I’m surprised they chose that one though.

Electra on

I’m not surprised they picked it! Its very traditional but not super common. I really like it.

Sarah on

I love it! This is one of my personal favourite names – it’s classic, yet still not overly common. (Kind of like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s beautiful choice of Charlotte).


mrsh on

Great name!

Rachel from Boston on

I love the name Benjamin! 🙂

CTBmom on

Love the name! So classic….and versatile. He can go by Benjamin, Ben, Benny or Benji. I wonder if we will get to pics of the little guy soon. I am sure he is a cutie!

marla on

I LOVE IT!!! Ben Brady…how adorable!!! Its on my short list too:)

Pamela on

aw Ben Brady is an adorable name!

Elizabeth on

What a sweet message she wrote! I love the name… and Sarah’s choice was so beautiful. I just had a hunch that her and Freddie would make it this long, from a diehard Buffy fan.

Mary-Helen on

What a nice name! Congrats to them!

Mandy on

… took that long to choose a name and they chose that? Don’t get me wrong, love the name but.. yeah.

Sarah on

YES! Thank goodness he has a normal name! I wonder if they will call him Ben. So cute!

appellationmountain on

What a nice choice! Pairs well with his older son’s name, too.

ZBP on

i love that name. i don’t like Ben just Benjamin. not surprised because of Tom’s earlier comments plus his son name is John.

All Women Stalker on

Cute! Must be one memorable Christmas for them. 🙂


Natasha on

I think someone had actually guessed that name in the birth thread haha. Congratulations, I bet Benjamin is adorable! Ben is a very adorable nickname too.

Courtney on

congrats to them I had a sneaking suspicion that they’d pick something like benjamine or paul both of which go well with his older son john [Jack}

Natasha on

Just checked and yes someone actually did predict the name Benjamin… that’s too funny!

Paula on

What a beautiful name! They can call him Benjamin and also shorten it to Ben if they feel like when calling him.
Besides, since it’s a name in Portuguese too, it’ll be good for her family to pronouce it and call him.
Very sweet!

Lu on

I love it. It’s a beautiful name!

ana on

In Brazil that’s how Gisele is. Classic, yet still not very common. Benjamin Bündchen Brady, sounds great, doesn’t it?

ana on

May i say, I knew it before People! Her website is really worthy, I felt great with this, she has no idea how happy I was that she decided to tell her fans about it first. Soooo adorable!

sarahc on

love the name!
cant wait to see little benjamin!
im sure he’ll be a beautiful baby!
much luck to the new family!

Sarah on

So refreshing to see a celebrity use a real name for once! Hopefully this is the start of a new trend.

Steph on

Great name!

Gia on

Lovely name, a classic!
Congratulations to Gisele and Tom.

Jessica on

It is so nice to see that celebrities are naming their children with normal names!

Kathy on

I love the name Benjamin. My first born, a son, born in December as well is called Benjamin and is now 14

Caroline on

Benjamin Brady? No feeling it.

415mama on

Perfect choice! I love the name 🙂

Alicia on

WOW! What an awesomely NORMAL, lovely name. I thought they were thinking something along the lines of like…LaLomo or Mulololo or something like that because they took so long to name their little boy. So cute! Love it.

Kelly on

Great name choice! It just happens to be my oldest son’s name as well.

E.D on

I KNEW it would be a traditional name!!! Stunning name. I absolutely love it.

Juanita on

Maybe he is named after Ben Roethlisberger….LOL. I also prefer Benjamin over Ben or other nicknames and Benjamin Bundchen Brady is too much of a mouthful for my liking.

Abby on

Jack Brady and Ben Brady.

Solid freaking names on Tom’s sons. Something you can go all through life with.

Abby on

nevermind, Jack’s is a Moynahan. my bad.

cat on

I love the name Benjamin. Lovely and classic.

Brooke on

Ben Brady is a great name. Good choice!

Roe on

Benjamin is a beautiful, and strong name. “Benjamin Brady” Classic. I’m always amazed when a couple chooses a name we can pronounce, is not to long or is some off the wall name, such as Moon Rain, Sunday ????, Honor. I really feel for the kids.

Shera on

Congrats to the happy couple. A baby is a wonderful blessing. And I’ll always remember Benjamin’s birthday cause it’s also mine too.

Brie on

okay that was worth the wait 🙂 I love that name.

lina on

I think is an interesting choice because it doesnt change much from english to portuguese… so everyone in both sides of the family will probably call him the same.

Shirelle on

Finally! I like it but it’s kinda plain!

Danielle on

Its a nice name, but I was hoping for something a bit edgier.

Lauren on

I think that it is wonderful that Tom would honor Ben Roethlisberger by naming his son after him. What a guy! So I guess they’ll call him Big Ben Brady! LOL!

Natasha on

Ana, I’m not saying it isn’t but nobody has said anything about his middle name being Bundchen.

Jon on

I like the name Benjamin!

marie moore on

my son name is benjamin alexander. So I just love it.

Chris on

Benjamin Brady is an adorable name!

JMO on

A nice normal name…And Benjamin Brady flows nicely!

happymom on

My oldest son’s name too-just love it!

Jennifer on

I like the name Ben, too. It’s strong but down-to-earth. Very good choice!

O on

Like the name Benjamin -not Ben which is what he will most likely be called. At least they gave him a normal name. Celebrities today seem to crave fame so much that they will name give their kids the most ridiculous names in the world. Kids should not be punished because mommy and daddy don’t have enough talent to stay in the spotlight and therefore turn to “exotic” names for their kids. Good for the Bundchen- Brady clan

Momof3 on

Nice name!!!

Jessica on

Love the name! But I have a Benjamin too! … Didn’t really see them as choosing it, but I’m glad they did. We now have a kinship. 😉

Moi on

Congrats!!! Great name, peace joy happiness and love to all!!!

Julia on

Benjamin = kiss me , I love it Gisele perfect for your parents to pronounce. Boa Sorte como tudo.

Kris on

So glad they picked a normal name and a nice one too! I can’t imagine how attractive this kid is going to be when he grows up! Perfect genes from both parents!

April on

Not that I don’t like the name Benjamin, because it’s cute, but it seriously took them more than a week to come up with that?

mrsh on

Lauren – That was fantastic! I didn’t even think of Ben Roethlisberger, and as a Pittsburgher, I feel ashamed about that 😦

Brooklyn on

What a great name! Love it =)

eternalcanadian on

Lovely name! And I can actually spell it correctly the first time! Like they didn’t replace the i with a y (i.e., Benjamyn or the j with a g (i.e., Bengamin) or something like that to try and be cool or different.

I’m so tired of all these celebrities trying to one-up each other with the most outlandish names or different spellings for otherwise nice and “normal” names. I myself am a product of such a thing because I have spent all my life correcting the spelling in my name because my parents were trying to be cool and different in the mid-70s with all the flower child and peace stuff.

Kudos to Tom and Giselle for choosing a strong and smooth-sounding name, Benjamin Bundchen Brady. Could even nickname him BB Brady! 🙂

Margie O on

Cute! Congrats to them!

Natasha on

eternalcanadian, where are you seeing this Benjamin Bundchen Brady stuff?! You’re the second person to say it and I’m confused? haha I haven’t seen anything saying Bundchen’s his middle name!

skl on

love the name..super super cute!!!
As for Sarah and Freddie…totally love their daughters name…my daughter is 2 1/2 and she has the exact same name…charlotte grace!!! Nice pick Sarah and Freddie!

Mari on

The funny thing is,unlike in North America, in Brazil, celebrities and people from upper classes are known for picking really classic, old fashioned names, so I always expected her to go for something like this. Love the name, Benjamin is really sweet, yet strong.

Jane on

Nice name!Benjamin Brady sounds great!

Amy on

I love the name Benjamin thats my son’s name!!

Nah on

Natasha of course Benjamin’s name is Benjamin Bundchen Brady. In Brazil we have a tradition when you have your baby you always keep the mom’s lastname then the dad’s lastname. Of course some dont do it, but it’s very usual here.

Jessi on

So adorable! I love the name Benjamin. However I can’t help but think about Days of Our Lives with Brady as the last name! lol sorry it is what comes to my mind!

But I still love the name!

Marissa on

Jack and Ben, very cute 🙂

Bugs on

I love it. I’m glad they didn’t go for the crazy names that celebs usually choose.

Myname on

Wow A normal name. Yay. Though I find Benjamin a little plain, at least it is a nice name and goes well with Tom’s other son John. Perfect.

Melissa on

I gave birth to my son on November 23rd, he is also a Benjamin. Love the name.

Shirese Franklin on

Nice name but not because it so-called “normal.”

BtR on

Yea! A nice name! A nice NORMAL name! On the child of a celebrity! This truly is a Christmas miracle!

crg on

It’s a good, classic name. But, for those who said that it’s not overly common, almost every other little boy I know is named Ben. My 2.5 year old son already has three close friends named Ben.

Laura on

Good name. I wish the beautiful family nothing but the best.

Daniel on

Benjamin is the name of my second son and despite the fact that I am a Dolphins fan I approve. Benjamin is a great name for a boy.

CelebBabyLover on

Am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that people seem to assume that the reason celebs often give their kids “wacky” names is to one-up each other? For a few celebs, I’m sure that is probably the case. However, a lot of celebs have explained that they chose the names they did for the kids because *gasp* the name had a lot of meaning to them.

Just a few examples that I can remember: Sunday Urban’s grandparents suggested her first name, Pax Jolie-Pitt’s name was actually picked by his late maternal grandmother (per Angelina, Pax was one of the names on a list of suggested names that Marcheline gave her and Brad when they were expecting Shiloh), Knox Jolie-Pitt’s first name is after Brad’s grandfather (Hal Knox Hillhouse), and Blakesly Sutter’s (Trista and Ryan’s little girl) name was chosen because it’s a family name.

It just irks me that some people seem to think that the only reason celebs name their kids names that are a little more “out there” is for publicity.

Getting back on topic….Gisele and Tom made a great choice! 🙂

Lily on

Sorry, but I don’t like it. Benjamin Bunchden Brady sounds like a tongue twister. Too many B’s. Even Brazil starts with a ‘B’. Might as well have named him Peter Piper Pizza. BTW, in Brazil, wouldn’t it be pronounced BEN-HA-MEEN like it’s pronounced in Spanish?

Theresa on

Benjamin is a fine name!

sil on

Beautiful name!

Jay on

UGH. Benjamin itself is a nice name, but if he’s called “Ben Brady”, how silly can you get? Never have liked it when parents choose to give their kid a first name beginning with the same letter as the last. Corny. Kids will probably call him, “Benny Brady”, pretty silly name if you ask me. But glad everyone is healthy.

Lily on

Eh, just an average name. Nice, but average. I agree w/ April. It took them a week to come up w/ Benjamin?!

Tuchi on

Benjamin is a very common name. I know soooo many Benjamin’s (2 in my family alone). I cant believe it took them that long to pick this name! It is cute, but wow, took forever!

Sandra on

LOVE the name Benjamin

Momto5 on

Hats off to them for a great name choice. Way to go! Whoot, whoot for a celeb that chooses a “normal” name!

Congrats to Daddy & Mommy! Wishing nothing but continued health, happniess, and the utmost best for baby Benjamin and big bro Jack!

Cricket on

Love it…my son’s name is Benjamin and Benjamin Franklin is my favorite historical figure. I saw Franklin’s gravesite recently in Philadelphia as well as Independence Hall…thrilling. Love those $100 dollar bills!

brannon on

Hate when people automatically shorten names to Ben. His name is Benjamin. Just think parents should be the only ones to give nicknames 🙂 that being said, adorable name and I hope Jack is super excited to have a baby brother.

rose on

Love the name, my sons name is Benjamin, but we call him Ben and he was born in December as well. He is a big fan of the Patriots and loves to watch Tom play, congrats to the new parents, and hope to see pics of the baby.

Shirese on

CelebBabyLover it irks me too. It also irks me that people keep calling it a normal name name. Just because something is not your taste, does not make it bad. I prefer many of the so-called unnormal choices to Benjamin (which is ok).

kendrajoi on

These people cannot win…even “traditional” names get trashed on here. As for naming him Benjamin and calling him Ben, it will be much easier for him to learn how to write his name! I like it, and it goes well with his big brother’s traditional name.

Bela on

I was really expecting something more Brazilian. Tom had said she wanted a cultural name, and Benjamin does not fit the bill.
Noy very many Benjamins in Brazil. It is more of an American name.

elisa on

@Lily – Benjamin in portuguese pronounces just like in english, but it’s not a common name here (in Brazil).

I thought he would have a name that’s are traditional all over the world, like Gabriel, not a traditional north american name.

Lu on

Bela, I am brazilian and I know two Benjamins here in Brazil. It’s not very common but it’s also a brazilian name.

Nicole on

We waited 10 days for Benjamin Brady?? Wow, not at all what I thought they’d pick.

Rita on

Actually, the Portuguese form of Benjamin is Benjamim, pronounced [ben-zha-MEEN] (the final syllable is nasal, sort of like the ‘in’ in pink). But it would be quite easy to pronounce it Brazil.

Anyway, a very solid, classic name that matches perfectly with John. Welcome to the world, Benjamin Bündchen Brady!

Shirese on

I have seen posts saying that it is traditional for Gisele and Tom to name him Benjamin Bundchen Brady. Did they say they were going that route? Not all people do the traditional thing.

Alex509 on

I just did a little research on the name. In 2008, it was #25 in popularity and has been on the top 50 since 1974. I had a feeling they would go with a Biblical name, seeing as they both claim to be devout Roman Catholics and John is a Biblical name as well.

Li on

Why all the celeb-baby-name negativity? There are plenty of celebrities that use “normal” baby names for their kids, and there are plenty of “normal” people who use “weird” names for their kids. I don’t think it’s celebs trying to “one-up” each other with names, either. Celebs are creative people to begin with, they’re a little kooky and unique and I’m sure they genuinely love their kids names. My kids all have unique names that are not even in the top 200 and I absolutely adore their names.

Benjamin is a lovely name, congrats to them.

Louise on

Hurrah for a nice, normal, international name!

sinclair on

Welcome, Benjamin Bundchen Brady!

I’d love to hear my Brazilian friend pronounce it. And I cannot wait to see Gis with her little boy!!!! Wow, she seemed to sail through this pregnancy.

I don’t understand why some ppl are up in arms about the baby’s naming being Bundchen Brady. Is there a problem since her name is his middle name? Imagine if he were Benjamin Brady Bundchen, I guess heads would explode!

tim on

While I like the name Benjamin, I’m not too wild about it being alliterative, especially if the middle name is actually Bundchen .

Terri on

Benjamin is okay. Not one of my favorites, but I certainly don’t dislike it. I like the triple B initials though. Pretty cool.

I like common and uncommon names. People should name their kids what they want to without being criticized for it.

DrBeeMe on

I’m from Brazil and my son’s name is Benjamin too. It’s an easy name for us to pronounce… here and there. Ben is an awesome name!
Parabens Gisele!

Eliana on

Ben…Benny…Benji the dog. I don’t like any of the nicknames for this name. As a matter of fact, I don’t know what’s so Brazilian about this name either. When I hear ‘Benjamin Brady’ or ‘Ben Brady’, my image is totally all-American. Gisele and Tom should’ve stuck with the name Gabriel. Gabriel is pretty universal, goes with all cultures, it’s even Biblical and flows better a lot nicer with their last name.

anonymous on

Where did this whole naming him “Gabriel” thing come from? It was a totally made up story by the National Inquirer (or some equally unreliable magazine). The article said that Gisele had told her friends that it was a boy and they were going to name him Gabriel but we know from both Tom and Gisele that she didn’t know the sex of the baby until the birth. Clearly it was all a fabrication so why does everyone think they actually even considered the name Gabriel?

Kristen on

Love the name Benjamin…in fact that is what I just named my son that was just born on Dec 14th.

Kristina on

Thank god its a normal name, good choice!

Josephine on

Relax folks, it’s just a name. A child is born every second of the day so this is nothing new. Just because they’re public figures. Sheesh, get a life.

Blah Blah on

I don’t like it, when the first and the last name start with the same letter but i really like the Name Benjamin, it’s such a nice, but “normal” Name.

Denise on

Beautiful name for a baby boy. They make a gorgeaous family, best of luck to them and their new miracle.

Ammie on

what a cute normal name!! we wanna see a pic!!!

Jessicad on

I LOVE the name, it’s one of my top boy names! I think it’s a good strong name and it flows well with Brady. Congrats to them!

Rebeca on

How ironic, my son just had his 7th birthday on 8 Dec, and his name is…Benjamin! It’s funny when I told my son about Giselle baby boy, my son asked “does that mean we are twins?” 🙂

Jessi on

How ironice that someone said that we want to see pictures and there was a huge debate over Kendra showing off Hank…

TV on

Love the name Benjamin. I just think its a bit funny though that Gisele took that name off the table when the baby was born and then they end up using it anyways.

CelebBabyLover on

TV- As far as I know, neither Gisele nor Tom has actually said what the name was that they had initally decided on.

sinclair- I don’t think anyone’s up in arms about it. It’s just that some people have pointed out that we don’t actually know if Benjamin’s full name is, in fact, Benjamin Bundchen Brady. That IS apparently tradition in Brazil, but like another commentor said, not everybody does things the traditional way.

Basically, I think all everyone’s saying is that we shouldn’t just automatically assume that Bundchen is Benjamin’s middle name. 🙂

Speaking of Brazillian tradition, though, here’s something I’m curious about it: Is it tradition in Brazil for couples to give ALL of their babies the mother’s maiden name as the middle name? I’m asking because I know Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves (who’s Brazillian) gave Levi Camila’s last name as his middle name, so I’m wondering if they’ll do the same for their new baby. 🙂

Mil on

Whoever said anything about Pax Jolie-Pitts name… well he already had a name so don’t use him as an example.

Love the name. I bet half the people who have said it is common have sons named Braden or Aiden and think it is unique.

Danielle on


I’d say the Brazilian naming formula is like this:

[‘given name(s)’] and [‘maternal family surname(s)’ and/or ‘paternal family surname(s)’]

Usually the baby will get one of each (name+surname+surname) but is not really uncommom to give the baby two given names and/or one or three of the family surnames (yes, it can get long… :))

Anyway, when the mothers maiden surname is thrown into the mix, its considered a inherited family surname and not a given middle name, and usually all of their children get the same ‘surname mix’. So, in Brazil, all of Matt and Camila’s children would most likely have “Alves McConaughey” as their surname. They could reference this tradition by giving their new baby the same middle name as Levi, Alves. But the Brazilian tradition is not really to give the mothers maiden surname as a middle name, it is to inherited it.

LOL, I hope you understand my rambles 🙂

Linda Williams on

Awesome name. Love. Congrats. to a both of you. Happy Holidays.

mari on

Sorry for asking this, since I am not American… I was reading that people were saying that Benjamin is an American name… REally? I thought it was Boblical, just like the other name mentioned, Gabriel. Both appear in the Bible. I know that there are a few famous “BEnjamins” in the history or the culture of the USa, but still it does not sound an American name and just that.

One name that I feel more “American” is “Jason” and even then, it come from Greek mythology, I guess.
Congrats to Gisele, the name is not difficult, nor uncommon.

CelebBabyLover on

Danielle- Thanks! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Mil- That was me, and I all I was saying is that Pax’s parents chose the name they gave him because it had meaning to them (because his grandmother suggested that name when they were expecting Shiloh), and not because they were trying to one-up other celebs and/or get publicity (my post was about how it irks me that everyone seems to assume that a lot of celebs give their children “weird” names just to compete with each-other and/or get publicity). 🙂

steffi on

I think his name is only Benjamin Brady

monica on

It ‘ s such a charming name Benjamin , and his fullname will be adorable Benjamin Budchen Brady ,very harmonic.
Congratulations to both .

L.J. on

The name. . .what a breath of fresh air 🙂 Congrats!

Linda on

Fantastic, a normal name!

Elizabeth on

Huh, Ben is the name of my favorite QB, Ben Roethlisberger!

lidia on

I love the name Benjamin. Is a classic and strong name. Gisele and Tom made a great choice, congratulations!