Cam Gigandet's Sling Snoozer

12/18/2009 at 01:00 PM ET


Everleigh Ray Gigandet catches some zzz’s while parents Cam Gigandet and Dominique Geisendorff got some holiday shopping done in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday.

Everleigh, 8 months, is the first child for the 27-year-old Twilight star and his girlfriend.

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Taylor on

He’s beautiful.

Nicky on

I thought it before and I’ll say it now, Cam’s a spitting image with the sunglasses on for David Beckham.

Gorgeous Daddy, sweet baby girl.

Kayana on

He is quickly becoming one of my favorite celeb dads.

Dasche Bledsoe on

Everleigh looks so cute and very comfortably asleep. Way to go daddy.

kmb on

a good-looking man and an adorable baby. wow so cute.

jj on

the greatest sexiest man in the world being a father to a beautiful girl like everleigh just adds to his sexiness
cam is perfect

gigandet great fam

annie on

I don’t really know him but he looks gorgeous carrying his adorable baby in that cool sling.

marlee on

I love pictures of Cam and his little cutie. I love the fact that he’s seen “wearing” her so often. It’s great.

Xan on

Sigh…..Cuteness all around 🙂

Devon on

Nothing sexier than a hot man babywearing!

Brooklynn on


Brittany on

Cam is the hottest dad ever! He seems so involved with Everleigh it’s adorable! She is just precious!

kara s. on

omg! cuteness!! cuteness!!
i love daddies that ‘wear’ their babies! my hubs slings our baby girl alot!

Laurie on

Anyone know what kind of sling that is?

I♥CBB on

Cam is sooooooo HOT!!! I love what a hands on dad he is. I think he and his girlfriend make such an adorable couple. Two very attractive people procreating!! Something about that seems unfair!!! Lol! 🙂

Kate on

I think this should be titled ‘Every Woman’s Fantasy’ 🙂

alana on

OMG, that is so precious! It is SO great to see him “wearing” her all the time. I love it when men are comfortable with babywearing. Seems like a great father. 🙂

skipsie on

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
Why do men look so hot when they carry their babies?

ErykaWynter on

Everytime there is a picture of him and his daughter I could absolutely melt. Stunning in every way!

crimpe on

Oh my god this guy again. I still don’t know who he is, but MAN!!! Woah!

Jennifer on


fuzibuni on

haha. i have a feeling he is knowingly employing the “sexy man with a baby” trick to increase his hotness quotient.
but it works (:

fuzibuni on

ps. love how he color coordinated the sling. very nice.

Keltie on

So cute!

He’s wearing a ‘Little Stars’ sling, same as mine. I think it’s made in Canada and he likely picked it up in Vancouver while he was filming.

Casey on

wow!!!! love a hands on daddy!!!!!

Caitie on

Favorite celeb family ever. They’re all gorgeous.

Keltie – he wasn’t filming in Vancouver. He’s not part of the Twilight series anymore. James was only in the first book/movie. His last two movies filmed in LA.

Sarah on

*SIGH* is right. That’s just plain beautiful all around.

Becky on

I didn’t know CBB was allowed to post porn. It’s porn for woman! 😉 That’s just HOT!

A. on

Great picture. Haven’t heard of him before this site (maybe I’m living under a rock?) but had to look him up…I was surprised to see that we are both from Tacoma, WA! 🙂

Candy on

I have to agree with comment 10 from Devon… there is nothing sexier to me than a babywearing daddy!

All Women Stalker on

Aww how precious. Daddy sure is hot. 🙂


Marissa on

OMG Thats Volchok!!!!

One word: HOT

Chloe on

Wow. He makes being a dad look incredibly sexy 🙂

jen on

How HOT is this pic?! He’s quickly become THE hottest dad in Hollywood with this pic alone.

Erika on

Wow I don’t know who he is but he’s hot! And the baby is cute 🙂

Sarah on

Yeah, there is nothing sexier than a man wearing his baby. And he looks so comfortable doing it!

french gigi on

this could possibly be the sexiest picture ive ever seen!

eternalcanadian on

I think the reason so many new fathers “babywear” all the time is it is the next thing closest to actually being pregnant. By wearing the baby like that, on their chest and belly like Cam, it gives them that “weight” and feeling of “carrying” the baby and a sense of purpose (like hey, I procreated and this is my baby!) and closeness with the baby. Babies are babies for too short a time so I bet Cam is just enjoying being able to carry Everleigh like that before she gets too big and starts walking. Whoever came up with the idea of baby slings definitely had the right idea! 🙂

Pamela on

Wow, what a handsome daddy he is! Yes, when I see a daddy holding their babies or pushing their strollers, I just melt. It makes me say “Now there is a great Dad”. I don’t know, but especially daddies with their baby girls is something to see. Fantastic!

stephanie on

I wonder if he knows the effect he has on women when he walks around with his baby girl, i mean i think my ovaries just burst, this man is seriously hot!

Mommyof3 on

Alls I have to say is OHH MYY…grrrrr 🙂

Jessi on

Wow so beautiful!!

Grace on

Yum. Nothing like a slingin’ Daddy.

cassie on

looks so cute all scrunched up =)

Maddie on

This picture is so sweet (and makes Cam Gigandet 1000 times hotter) . Gorgeous daddy and beautiful baby girl. I adore her name!

FC on

Hot man babywearing his cute little baby girl. Beautiful! *melts into puddle*

lulusu on

It is just a father carrying his baby in a sling. Chill ladies. He is not a superhero! Women act like men who carry their babies or fed their babies or play with their babies are like Gods! They should be doing all that! Chill with the over the top comments.

Eliza on


Theresa on

It’s so cool when dads wear their babies in slings or carriers. What a wonderful way to bond and show they care.

Sharon on

WOW he looks hot, baby in toe and all. I dont think men in Australia do this (well i have not seen any yet)

Bella on

Devon, I agree completely.

Shannon on

*SWOON* Cam is seriously the sexiest dad in Hollywood. I love that he wears his baby girl so often! It is absolutely wonderful to see a daddy so involved. And my word, he looks damn good doing it too!

Nicole on

I love Cam and love him even more when he wears Everleigh. I always get the feeling that one of the reasons he wears her is because he’s very protective of her…I guess I get that from all of the stories you hear of the Twilight actors getting so much attention from fans. I think it’s very sweet that he takes such good care of her. Her mama is never far, too, though I’m sure she’s happy to let Cam carry her out in public since I’m sure the papparazzi and fans can get overwhelming and I’m sure Everleigh feels very safe in there. I know I’d be happy if my husband protected our family in that way.

Bren on

He is so gorgeous! I just showed my husband this and said ok when we have a baby you will be like this. Haha we plan on naming our first daughter Everleigh and he’s like yeah and I will be carrying around a little Everley too.
I just think his style is so cool and add a baby to that he just looks like a really sweet guy and nothing like a Daddy and his baby girl.

Hot news- Hot relax on

He’s handsome and a good daddy.

Zaira on

Does anyone know what brand of baby sling that is? I want to buy it for my husband and our new pot of gold!!

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