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12/18/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

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marfmom on

I do NOT understand how drawing Christ on the cross, or even drawing himself on a cross, is cause to send a little boy home from school. Whatever happened to the teacher giving a parent a call after school if they’re concerned about the child?

BKM on

Unfortunately that article is is not very accurate. NPR seemed to only report the father’s side of the story. According to the school’s press release (which they had to release due to the poor reporting by NPR) the students were never asked to draw a Christmas scene and this child claimed it was HIM hanging on the cross, not Jesus. Here is the link: .

I think the school was just erring on the side of caution and following protocol. Unfortunately it was been blown way out of proportion.

marfmom on

BKM the NPR article does mention that the boy initially said it was himself. But good to know the school’s side, thanks. I still don’t see why the child would need to be removed from school though. I mean, he wasn’t threatening anyone. If the teacher was worried he was thinking of hurting himself, doesn’t it make more sense to just send the child to the school counselor or call the parent instead of sending him home?

Alice on

Well that’s a bit “strange” but I have to agree with marfmom, it’s hardly serious enough to send a child home or to counselling.

eternalcanadian on

I found it disturbing that new father took the time to Google how to deliver a baby on his cell phone but not call 911?????

Momto3 on

My Husband delivered our Baby at home last year on his own with No google, Just good ol’ instincts I guess!!! Luckily Our Son to came out perfectly, with no complications and as he came out he turned himself and just plopped into Daddy’s hands and was crying his sweet little heart out! My Hubby laid him on my chest, we wrapped him in towels and waited for the midwives which arrived about 3 minutes later, It was a Beautiful very memorable moment in both of our lives, something that we will never forget!!
I would have a homebirth again in a second!! Only I would maybe make sure a Midwife was present so I wouldn’t have to put my husband through that kind of panic again!lol

Susan on

Good for him! I’m pregnant with our third child, and I would hope that my husband would be apt enough to do what her husband did after seeing his two children born. And eternalcanadian maybe 911 wasn’t an option, maybe the baby was crowning?!