Sarah Jessica Parker Not Ruling Out Another Child

12/17/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Santiago Baez/Ramey

Although they only recently welcomed twin daughters Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, 5 ½ months, Sarah Jessica Parker tells USA Weekend that her family of five with husband Matthew Broderick could continue to grow.

“It doesn’t mean it’s over,” she reveals. “It doesn’t mean we won’t continue to try to have a bigger family, that we won’t continue to pursue all sorts of ways of doing it, adoption — who knows?”

The 44-year-old actress is quick to point out, however, that she is hardly going it alone. “I hear a lot of actresses pretend they don’t have help, and that can’t be true,” she says before adding,

“It’s really unfair to working women in this country who read [celebrity news] and think, Why can’t I lose weight when I’ve had a baby? Well, everyone you’re reading about has money for a trainer and a chef. That doesn’t make it realistic.”

With Sex and the City 2 poised for a May 2010 release, Sarah Jessica has been busy — but as she hits up a New York City grocery store for peas to go with the lamb chops she would be preparing for dinner, she tells the interviewer that her role at home is the most exciting of all.

“I love being a housewife,” she says. “I am dead serious.”

“There is enormous satisfaction when you’re a mother and you’ve gotten through a day. I can’t explain it. It’s different than being satisfied about your work life, which makes you worry more.”

In addition to the girls, Sarah Jessica and Matthew are parents to James Wilkie, 7.

Source: USA Weekend

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Me on

I just love her! I love how she’s so realistic and makes a point to tell us “average” people that these celebrities who claim to do it alone are liars. Gives the rest of us hope. She is so honest, I just love her! Wish we could see more pics of the twins!! I love her interviews so much!

teresa on

I’m really happy for her & Matthew to have two new babies! It seems like it’s something they’ve wanted for a while.

Gia on

i totally agree with the bit about celebs having personal trainers and chefs and its nice a celebrity has actually said it!I TOTALLY aplaud her honesty and realism to the whole subject! SJP sounds really down to earth and cool!

Lisa on

Great article! She seems like such a good mother and very honest!

Jen on

Thank you Sarah Jessica for telling it like it is!
I’m so sick of celebrity moms who pretend they only have nannies once in a while and never have any help loosing baby weight that it “just falls off by breastfeeding.” I call B.S. on that and I’m glad someone in the industry does too!

mrsh on

Love her!

marianita on

finally someone saying the truth i love her in all of her movies!! gooo sjp!! your kids by the way are gorgeous!

Jen on

Well Jen (above),
Some of us really do lose all the baby weight just by breastfeeding, so it’s not always bs.

Jessicad on

Love love love her!!

Elizabeth on

Love her honesty! Very refreshing!

Ashandra on

I appreciate her honesty, as well. However, why should celebrities tell all their diet secrets? I don’t think many would want to divulge all the details of how they lost weight, especially when others become snippy and resentful about it (“Oh, sure, she lost weight because she has a trainer”). Sometimes people ask me how I stay so slender, and they will say something rude to me. For example, I eat white baguettes three times a day and then someone will chide me for being unhealthy. I’m thinking…you just asked me about my diet, why are you being rude back?

No wonder why people don’t want to tell their diet secrets. And then people just justify their baby weight because they can easily make excuses (” I am 5’4 and X pounds after baby was born but I can’t afford the gym or a nutritionist, so I will stay this heavy and no one can blame me)”. You can get a used stroller for $15 at a thrift shop and go for an hour walk per day. You may not be 110 pounds, but you will look and feel better. It seems like some of us want to make excuses to stay fat.

Marla on

i love you SJP!! can’t wait to see more pics of the twins too. and, can’t wait for SATC 2!

Allison on

I think Sarah Jessica is great and I love that she has the twins, but I think she is getting to an age where she probably shouldn’t have any more kids. It’s not fair to a child to have a mother that is pushing 50.

Laura on

i really like her but have you seen her in her recent interviews?she is the most fidgety person. She is constantly touching her hair or pulling on her skirt or shirt etc, etc. I wonder if she has always been like that.

mary on

she is my favorite actor and celebrity by far! love her to pieces!

Petra on

“It’s really unfair to working women in this country who read [celebrity news] and think, Why can’t I lose weight when I’ve had a baby? Well, everyone you’re reading about has money for a trainer and a chef. That doesn’t make it realistic.”

It is really unfair, but not for working women only, but for all women, housewives or employed.

merry on

Wow, she got me with this honesty. Thats really cool, what she says. Touch of reality 🙂

Shannon on

Thank you, SJP! It’s so refreshing to see a celeb being honest about the way things are, and calling out all these people in the entertainment biz who are totally full of it about how they lost the weight. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all afford that kind of help?

And Ashandra, good for you if you have the time for an hour long walk every day. But in some people’s worlds, that’s just not a possibility. Some of us have far too much to do with 2 jobs and 3 kids and no man to help out, so please don’t say everyone is “making excuses to stay fat.” I manage to get in a 20 minute DVD workout every day, and it be awesome to be able to do more, but an hour? Not gonna happen. Comments like that are just insulting.

Jenifer on

I appreciate her honesty.

Diana on

I love her! What a refreshing article. She finally said what I have been wanting celebrities to say forever!!!

Annie on

Oh, come on Allison.

I adore her interviews.

Lila on

I agree about not being able to lose the baby weight, but she should also mention that MOST moms wouldn’t be able to afford a surrogate to carry her twins or adoption also. She is lucky to be in a position to afford to be able to do that.

Morgan on

You took the words right out of my mouth,Shannon!

Mrs. R. on

Hoorah for SJP!

Mary-Helen on

Ita with the above posters who say it’s not “deciding to stay fat”. I squeeze in a half hour of Wii Fit while my two youngest nap and walk to get my oldest from school, but that’s all the free time I have! It’s not that easy for people with more than one child to walk for an hour a day.
As for the article, I think it’s great that SJP has such a healthy attitude towards life. She seems to have a real head on her shoulders. I hope she doesn’t wait too long to expand her family though, or James will be 10 years or so older than his youngest sib.

Mary-Helen on

Ita with the above posters who say it’s not “deciding to stay fat”. I squeeze in a half hour of Wii Fit while my two youngest nap and walk to get my oldest from school, but that’s all the free time I have! It’s not that easy for people with more than one child to walk for an hour a day.
As for the article, I think it’s great that SJP has such a healthy attitude towards life. She seems to have a real head on her shoulders. I hope she doesn’t wait too long to expand her family though, or James will be 10 years or so older than his youngest sib.

MammaDucky on

How refreshing!!

Ashandra, really? If you can find and hour in my day to go for a walk I would LOVE to have it! Waking up at 5:45 (or earlier) everyday, I barely have time to get myself and 3 kids ready and out the door to be ontime to work. Lunchbreak? Nope, I do laundry, dishes and start prep work for dinner. Get home from work and it’s after 5 pm and right now, it’s dark. I have to finish dinner, feed everyone, bathe everyone and get them to bed by 7-7:30. Then, I get to clean up dinner, pick up the house, shower myself and by that time its usually working on 9:30 at night. Where is my walking hour???
I do try an watch what I eat to keep some of the pounds off. I look forward to the days when the kids can do more for themselves and help out around the house so I have a little more ME time. I’m hanging on to a bit of my “baby” weight, but I’m doing what I can do. Is that an excuse? Nope, it’s the way it is. Good for you for being slender. I hope to be there with you in that category again soon!

Rachel on

I do love her honesty in this article… but I also agree with the AP Allison – I see and hear more and more about women (especially celebrities – maybe not because more of them do it, but because they’re more in the spotlight) who don’t seem to think it’s a problem to be considering more children when they are WELL into their 40’s. Don’t get me wrong, I am THRILLED for SJP and MB that they had their twins and I, TRUST ME HERE, can appreciate the effort and the amount of time it took them to go through everything they went through to have them even if it took them into their 40’s. But those twins are here now. You will already be 60 when they are 16.

I know for myself, I am 27 and my parents are just now 50. Granted they were 17 and 18 when they got married and my mom was 21 when she had her first child… I simply cannot imagine how I would feel knowing as I grew up that there would be a very STRONG possibility (considering the average life span is 78 years) that my mother and father would not be around to see me grow into an adult and have children of my own.

I honestly wonder if people ever even think of these things.

Jaz on

Ashandra, people are probably rude to you about your weight because you seem stuck up and bigoted toward heavier women. Try being nicer and maybe people will be nicer to you? After all, I treat my skinny and fat friends the same and they really seem to appreciate that and are nice to me in return. It’s the old honey/vinegar thing. Give it a try. Can’t be worse that whatever you’re doing now to get people to dislike you.

To Jen#2: I’ve lost weight breastfeeding and not lost weight breastfeeding. I think that is something all women should hear because too many think it’s an automatic weight loss trick, but the body is weird and doesn’t always cooperate. Women like you make it sound like a given. Be nice to your fellow sisters and throw in a caveat, ok?

D on

MamaDucky, you took the words right out of my mouth. Your schedule sounds exactly like mine. Up at 5 with the baby & rushing around to get to work and rushing till the kids are in bed by 7:30. Then I get to eat, shower, fold laundry, sit on the breastpump and go to bed by 10:30. Heck, I wish I had 20 min to pop on a workout DVD.

*sigh* Maybe soon I’ll figure out how to manage my time better so I can fit working out in there. 5 months later, I still have these last 15lbs.

SJP, you are awesome!

Ashandra on

@ Mammaducky- I guess it just comes down to different priorities and lifestyles. I always wanted to an attractive mother who had a good relationship with her husband and friends after baby, a good figure, and to dress stylishly. So I made choices accordingly. I was in good shape before baby, so it wasn’t so hard to lose the weight. I had some friends who were heavy before, and it was even harder for them to lose weight after. I only had one child, and did my one hour walk exercise daily during my mat leave, so I lost the weight before I went back to work. I knew that having multiple children would be too stressful for me, so I made that particular choice. I work f/t as well, but I take advantage of all opportunities. I lift weights and do yoga for 15 minutes daily. My DH watches the baby when I run for an hour on Saturday mornings. Then, as a family, we go hiking on weekends and walking for a few minutes every day after supper. So I think it is doable, it’s just a matter of priorities and time management. I learned not to make excuses, but just to do it, and I will feel better after. I also want to be a good role model for my child- that exercise is important and healthy. Good luck to you on your journey.

Kelly on

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU!!!! I know from having two kids that I often find myself feeling bad about my body even though it is very normal looking! It’s hard not to compare myself. But it’s good to hear someone say… “come on. You have a chef and a trainer! How hard could have it really been!” Thanks SJP!!!!!

Ashandra on

@ Jaz, I actually have friends of all shapes and sizes IRL. I am not a bigot, I just realize that it is ultimately good for the baby is mom is happy and healthy. For most women, I have noticed that they would like to lose the baby weight, and have challenges with it. I know it’s hard, from personal experience, but it has always been my goal to be slender and healthy, fitting in exercise here and there and eating a healthful diet. I’m not sure what the problem is. It’s a challenge sometimes, but I want to enjoy the privilege of being a mother, not martyr myself to it and give all my free time to my child instead of making myself happy. You can do both. One of my friend’s mother used to say to her “You ruined my body” (through being pregnant). I would never say such a thing to a child.

Haleiwa on

I agree with you a bit Ashandra. I have three children and I was in some pretty good shape after the first 2 because it was important to me to be be fit and look good. Then my routine started to get scrambled and I fell off. I was already 20 pounds overweight when I got pregnant with my 3rd kid and now it is super difficult to lose the weight. I’m not happy about the weight and really had to look at my schedule and say, what could I remove so that I could add some exercise. I also had to remind myself that there is another capable adult and parent in my marriage so I delegated some chores to my husband.

We make pretty good money, but I sock as much away as possible and would not hire a chef, but I did go to some nutrition sites and did a hatchet job on all the poor foods we were eating and had stocked in our kitchen and pantry. And, it was truly gosh darn awful.

I’m trying to lose 35 pounds by June and my ultimate goal is to compete in an amateur over 35 fitness contest in September. I don’t expect to win or anything but it gave me a goal to shoot for with an actual deadline and I admire the women with lives similar to mine who stay in pretty good shape.

I don’t go to a gym but I have workout dvd’s in heavy rotation that I use to work out at night in lieu of watching TV and believe me I’m a TV addict. LOL

ecl on

I think that it’s easy to enjoy doing stuff around the home when you can’t pick and choose what aspects to do and when you have the option of going back to work at any moment. It is a much more stifling experience when you have 18 years of staying at home and doing at all in front of you. She shouldn’t say that she loves being a housewife because it’s not true. She may love cooking dinner for her family, but that is not the same thing. I wish celebrities wouldn’t always work to glorify staying at home as though they wish they could, but they can’t. It also seems like they are trying to make themselves seem extra feminine and non-threatening. Just admit that you like your work! And no, I am not trying to attack either working or stay at home moms. Just saying that these people don’t face the same realities most of us face in either role.

Ashandra on

@ Haleiwa- good luck to you! It sounds like you have all your ducks in order, and are being healthy and a good role model for your little ones.

Cece on

Unless you have an extended family to help, have a very good income, and help it’s tough to have a large family. It’s nice she admits she has help. Of course she does as a working actress. There’s no shame in it.

txmom on

Ah, so now it comes out, Ashandra. Choices and priorities, indeed. You can throw judgment on those who can’t/don’t prioritize working out, many of whom have multiple children and very busy lives? But it probably wouldn’t feel good for you to hear, “Oh, so you’re depriving your only child of a SIBLING purely because you think it would disrupt your perfect little life? How selfish! You just don’t have your priorities straight.”

Or I could easily attack your “priorities” as a working mom in the first place, as a full-time at-home mom who prioritizes time with my children very, very highly. But I won’t say that – because it’s RUDE and JUDGMENTAL. I’m simply pointing out that you certainly wouldn’t want your own choices critiqued so harshly.

If I were to do so, I would say that you seem to think that your needs (to look good, dress well, etc) are more important than your child’s wants/needs/interests). It’s all about you, isn’t it? Does it bother you that much that other people actually enjoy multiple children, and relish their time with them so much that they really don’t care if they don’t look like they could go on the cover of a magazine? What does that say about you?

Becky on

Ashandra – What is DH? (I am assuming husband) I see it all the time and cannot figure out what word(s) it stands for. Thanks!

sugarhoney on

Txmom darling, I absolutely agree with you.Ashandra you seem so full of yourself that is why people are rude to you.I think you need to check your priorities.The time you spend in your doctors office getting collagen or Botox could be spent bonding with your only child.When your child gets older be sure to tell them you didn’t want another child because your body and appearance was more important to you.BTW I’m a working mom of two.I’m on the slender side,however I would never dream of telling another mom who is struggling to loose her baby weight to change her priorities.I’d offer her encouragement not judgement.Good on SJP for being so candid.

Haleiwa on

Sugarhoney those personal attacks really weren’t necessary. I believe Ashandra was speaking in general terms at least with her first post.

I can see disagreeing with a poster but your direct attack was uncalled for.

CelebBabyLover on

Becky- DH= Dear husband. 🙂

Jaz- No offense, but did you even read Jen’s comment? This is what she said: “Some of us really do lose all the baby weight just by breastfeeding, so it’s not always bs.” Note the use of the words SOME OF US and NOT ALWAYS. In otherwords, she is saying that SOME women DO lose the baby weight just by breastfeeding. Nowhere did she say or imply that that’s the case for ALL women.

Anyway, I agree with her comment. I’m sure there are a good number of celebs that lie or stretch the truth a bit about how they loose the weight, but there are probably some celebs out there who ARE being truthful when they say that they lost the baby weight just by breastfeeding.

Theresa on

What a “real” thing for her to say! I really appreciate her honesty in mentioning personal trainers. And it tickles me to hear that just because they have their boy and girl(s) that it doesn’t mean they are done having children.

It sounds like she has found true contentment in being a wife and mother, in addition to her work outside her home. Nice things to read about.

Stephany on

I really don’t see anything wrong with Ashandra’s point of view. For her, fitness is important. She wants to be fit and healthy and, in the long run, this is going to be very helpful for her child. I lived with a mother who didn’t take care of herself and in turn, took on her unhealthy eating habits. It is SO HARD to change your life when this is the only life you’ve known.

I agree it’s hard to find time to exercise when you’re busy with children, working full-time, and have no extra helping hands around. And maybe you don’t have an hour to devote to working out. Not many people do. But popping in a DVD for 20 minutes before the kids wake up or you go to bed? Taking the kids for a walk around the neighborhood? It’s important for kids to understand the essentials of exercise and eating right and it’s hard to do that when parents aren’t showing that in their own lives. (This isn’t to say previous posters aren’t doing this, but from my personal experience.)

I get it, though. IT’S HARD! Especially when you’ve been running around all day, going going going. All you want to do is collapse into bed and have a little “me” time before turning out the light. It’s all about priorities and where they lie.

acidstars9 on

Just out of curiosity, for the women who are saying they get up in the morning, get the kids ready, go to work, etc. and don’t have any time to exercise, are you a single parent? If you are, I certainly feel for you, it must be difficult to come up with time to do much of anything for yourself. For those of you who are married though, does your husband do anything with the kids? If you are both working, it doesn’t make sense for you to have to constantly take care of the children and have no time for yourself.
Personally, I am the type of person that doesn’t like to blame anyone else for anything, I like to take full responsibility for myself, including my body. For those women who don’t have partners to help them, I would suggest working out on the weekends, going on walks or riding bikes with the kids, or even just working out for 15 minutes at a time when you get the chance. There are a lot of books out there to help people that want to lose weight but don’t want to have a whole exercise routine, such as “The Step Diet,” where you learn that just walking a certain amount every day is enough to stay in shape. I think that when a person really wants something they will work hard to get it. Women who have this idea in their heads that pregnancy ruins your body, or when you have a baby you automatically are going have extra weight, are the ones who end up staying overweight and using pregnancy as an excuse. But the ones who believe pregnancy doesn’t have to make you fat or ruin your body and don’t let themselves make any excuses are the ones that take the weight off. There is a famous quote that says something like, whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, they’re both true.
On a side note, I think the whole country has a problem coming up with excuses and blaming everyone else for their problems. People complain that they can’t lose weight or they don’t have enough time, but the average American watches 3 hours of TV a day.

mammaducky on

No, I am not a single parent. My husband is usually up and leaving around the same time the kids are getting up. He gets home later than we do, and often times it’s close to their bedtime when he gets home. On weekends, we do choose outdoor play. We throw the football, rollerskate and we’re all getting bikes for Christmas. Some weekends, my hubs and I get a sitter and kayak for several hours.
I used to be a trainer at a gym. I used to be a “brick house” lol. I still get cat calls and stares, but I do have extra weight that I am slowly getting rid of. I also had a set of twins, so the “twin skin” is something I’ll just have to live with, lol.

@Ashandra, I too have a good (amazing, actually) relationship with my husband, a good set of friends, I take care in my appearance (dress/hair), etc. Right now, the most important thing in my life, is my family. Spending quality time with my kids and husband, in the limited time we have together is what I choose.

**I take no offense from any comments on this thread! I think everyone is different. I appreciated the fact that SJP called out the fact that, for MOST women, being photoshoot ready a few weeks after baby, is not realistic.