Sarah Jessica Parker Dishes on Her 'Divided House'

12/16/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
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A womb is just about all twins Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, 5 ½ months, have ever had in common, according to mom Sarah Jessica Parker.

The 44-year-old actress proclaimed the girls “about as un-identical as twins can be” during a Tuesday visit to the Late Show with David Letterman, citing their differences “physically, intellectually, spiritually, geographically, politically, ideologically and religiously.” Sarah Jessica went on to joke,

“One of them is a Republican, which is weird. But we have Mets and Yankees fans in our house too, so we’re used to a divided house.”

There isn’t much division between son James Wilkie, 7, and the twins thus far. Describing her firstborn as “very hospitable” to his new baby sisters, Sarah Jessica says that James has at times been both “amused” and “annoyed” by Loretta and Tabitha — but the former usually wins out over the latter.

That much was evident recently when Sarah Jessica was wondering aloud about whether the girls would someday attend the same school as their big brother. “James Wilkie was gobsmacked,” Sarah Jessica recalled. “He said, ‘They have to come — I have to know they’re downstairs…if I’m in the 9s they’ll be in the 2s.'”

“I said, ‘So you like them?’ And he concurred. Then he said he would be very upset if he ever heard anyone making fun of them, that it was his right to make fun of them. And I said, ‘Remember that about your mother.'”

The affection James feels for the girls is mutual. Tabitha, according to Sarah Jessica, thinks that her big brother “hung the moon.” She adds,

“Her head can turn literally 360 degrees to follow him anywhere….she’s really, really smitten.”

However, it is his other sister that James shows the most affinity for. “He named her Marion because he really wanted a Marion and I really wanted a Loretta and I wanted to respect his wishes,” Sarah Jessica explains.

“In the hospital, he said to me, ‘I want to see it on the legal document.’ He calls her Marion (whispers) but nobody else does. But he likes her best and I think it’s because she looks like him.”

Loretta, Tabitha and James are Sarah Jessica’s children with husband Matthew Broderick.

Source: Late Show with David Letterman

Click below to watch Sarah Jessica Parker share a new photo of Loretta (l) and Tabitha (r).

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L on

What beautiful babies, she seems so in love with them. I hate how people always bring politics into everything though, cute story nonetheless.

Jessica on

She sounds so intelligent. Who talks like that? I’d be so intimidated by her. But, her children are gorgeous, and James Wilkie sounds like quite the little man 🙂

alice jane on

I love the way she talks about her kids. Lots of jokes and humor, but she is obviously so in love with them.

skipsie on

Loretta and Tabitha are GORGEOUS!

marlee on

So, I’m confused. What are they calling these two little cuties?

Loretta and Tabitha, but James calls Loretta Marion.

– CBB Staff

All Women Stalker on

I always love it when she talks about her family during interviews. She is smart and obviously very happy. 🙂


Laura on

“I hate how people always bring politics into everything though, cute story nonetheless.”

L, that was just a joke. I don’t consider that bringing politics into the conversation when it was that quick and just to give an idea of how different the girls are.

Jane on

Cute!! Loretta and Tabitha are nice names.

Natasha on

Loretta and Tabitha look just like James, I’m thinking this settles the questions about them being biological or not?

Carrie Jo on


Bancie1031 on

Oh my gosh …. they are so adorable …….. and SJ is funny 😀

Whitney on

I love James Wilke calling her Marion because I like that name over Loretta! They are beautiful girls but I also love SJP so she could show me a dressed up turnip and i’d say she was cute

Rye on

How cute! Tabitha doesn’t look like either Matthew or Sarah! Loretta looks a lot like James though! How adorable! I love SJP-She seems soooooooooooo nice and fun! 🙂

dickie on

what cute babies! the one on the left looks like James so I assume that is Marion?

g!na on

aaw how cute! Tabitha has some beautiful features 🙂

Brooklyn on

They sure are adorable! So Marion goes by Loretta by most then. I like it. (better than Marion)

Brooke on

She is so obviously completely in love with her girls. Did you see Loretta?? She is the spitting image of James Wilkie at that age…..

mrsh on

She interviews so well! Her children are all lovely.

ritter on

Jessica, I wouldn’t be intimidated by her! I think this is how a lot of actors and actresses talk, it’s just sort of who they are, or who they’ve become from living this life. kwim? on a side note I know a young-ish Loretta who goes by Loey, and an older Loretta who goes by just Loretta.

Sam and Freya's mum on

Tabitha is such a cutie, beautiful little girl – and Loretta, too. I prefer the name Loretta to Marion anyday…

Sarah on

Ah, cute, the little one on the left is the spitting image of my little Gabrielle.
Love SJP … And James Wilkie sounds like such a nice little guy. Very cute and endearing.

Jenifer on

Cute kids!

Mandy on

Awww getting big! Lori could be a nickname for Loretta too when she gets a little older.

Names always come back around. I like Myra but I dunno if that will or not.

Sobi on

They are beautiful baby girls! Yes, Marion/Loretta looks like James Wilkie, but Tabitha doesn’t really look like Matthew or SJP, yet. I have a question and it’s just purely curiosity…I know that Matthew is biologically the father of the two girls, but is SJP biologically the mother? To ask more clearly, were SJP’s fertilized eggs implanted into the surrogate or was the surrogate artificially inseminated? It doesn’t matter, as they ARE SJP’s daughters either way, but I was just wondering. Anyone know?

kezie on

re sobi
I have wondered that too
I am guessing that it’s more than likely that due to her age.. (eggs have a used by date .. sperm doesn’t.) SJP used a donor egg that was then implanted into the surrogate..
but either way it doesn’t matter
she is obviously really in love with her girls. “)

mary on

I love SJP!

Rye on

SJP has some distinct features, and I’m sure once the kids are a bit older we will be seeing more of her in them (or not) but either way, she is obviously a doting mother and loves those little girls immensely.

Mia on

Yes, those babies are hers biologically. Her eggs/his sperm, carried by someone else. Cute babies. I’m very happy for all of them!

Alex on

I love the name James. Tabitha is okay. Cute story.

CelebBabyLover on

Sobi- I’m guessing that SJP is the twins’ biological mother, as, if I remember correctly, they used IVF to concieve James. Therefore, I’m guessing they had some embryos frozen from when they had James that they had put into the surrogate. 🙂

Eliza on

Gorgeous little girls… SJP looks gorgeous… love love love the dress

carys on

i always hear people say “SJP isn’t pretty, she looks like a horse” or some such thing (apparently you have to look like charlize theron or cameron diaz to qualify as pretty to the average man in the street). ANYHOO my point is that what people forget is that a person who is beautiful frozen (still photography) can be UGLY in real life and a person who is odd looking in a single shot can be stunning in real life…. and i would say that david beckham and SJP personify this. DB looks so hot in photos but is deeply unattractive in interviews and SJP has an odd beauty in photos but just explodes in real life – smart, funny, attractive, stylish….

nothing to do with babies i grant but this clip just reminded me how damn sexy smart can look.

Ruthella on

Mandy; I think Myra is quite a nice name too, but here in the UK I definitely don’t think it will come back… Or at least not for a few generations until the connotations are less easily remembered 😦

Mrs. R. on

Darling babies! I LOVE SJP!

Ellen Smith on

SJP never confirmed nor denied whether the twins are her biological children. Please list sources where this is confirmed by her in an interview.

Jessi on

What conotations does Myra have with it?

And Loretta and Tabitha are adorable!

Lau on

They’re really cute girls!
Though I’m still kind of annoyed by the fact that they let James pick the name Marion, and put it as her first name but then don’t call her that. They could have just used it as a middle name… Oh well, to each their own. Just my opinion.

Sophie on

Jessi, the women involved in the moors murders was called Myra.

That was such a cute interview, James Wilkie sounds like an adorable big brother. As for the names- I like them all, their nice and classic without being boring.

Ruthella on

Jessi; Myra Hindley, one of the Moors Murderers as Sophie said. She killed lots of children 😦

Krystal on

I agree with Lau. I think it’s silly that they picked Marion as the first name out of respect for James if they’re not going to call her by it. They should’ve left it for the middle name slot. I guess that’s also why Marion/Loretta has two middle names as opposed to Tabitha’s one middle name.

alexa on

Aww so beautiful. I can’t get over, “I want to see it on the legal document.”–haha. I agree, James seems like an awesome little guy. I love how honest SJP was about the reality btwn working women and celebrity actresses. Loved the line about the twins too.

Jess on

Cute girls and SJP looked pretty but her “Oh my God! Oh my God! Look at them!!” in the beginning kind of made me cringe. It was weird.

CelebBabyLover on

Jess- What’s weird about it? Obviously she was just proud to show off her babies, like any mother would be! 🙂

Shelley on

Umm, wow. If how she was talking is cause enough to call her intellectual and people are “intimidated” that makes really sad. That’s just how a decently educated and well-read person speaks. You don’t have to be an actress to use “big” words. Oh geez.

Baby Carriers Backpacks on

I love SJP! She’s so funny and witty – I’d like to hang out with her. And those babies are too cute for words! What a lucky woman!

Angie on

Awe! They are adorable! So is SJP! I’d hang out with her too! It would fun!

Debra Rincon Lopez on

Sarah had twins, how very lovely. I have alway’s love Sarah Jessica Parker since her ealier day’s in movies. I loved them all, the parts with brown hair and teen parts mostly. She’s alway’s been a good actress in my books. Good Luck and keep the movies coming in the future, and I love her HUBBY Too!