Meet Hank Randall Baskett IV!

12/16/2009 at 08:30 AM ET
Andrew Southam for OK! for use on CBB

Hank Randall Baskett IV is making his big debut! Kendra Wilkinson introduces her first child with Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Hank Baskett in the latest issue of OK!, on newsstands Thursday.

Photographed in the hospital at two days old, baby Hank “has so much hair,” Kendra, 24, exclaims.

“He definitely takes after me with that.Β  And he has Hank’s lips. He looks like both of us.”

For additional photos and the full interview, pick up the latest issue of OK!, available in major cities today.

Check out a few interview excerpts in the extended post.

Congratulations! How are you feeling?

Kendra Wilkinson: Thanks. I have labor brain. I forgot everything that happened.

Hank Baskett: I am in straight awe, trust me.

How did you prepare for coming to the hospital?

KW: The good thing about being induced is that it’s like planning a trip, just very calm. We ate a huge dinner before we came to the hospital. I ate a whole batch of brownies because I was nervous. No wonder he’s 9 pounds!

What happened at the hospital?

KW: I was induced early in the morning; then it was wait, wait, wait. I was experiencing contractions throughout the day, and I was anxious. I kept checking the monitor every second, like, “Is it happening yet?”

Everything was going perfectly. Everything I ever dreamed of: snow for his birthday, all the family was here. I was set on having him [vaginally], but after hours of waiting, nothing. Finally, the doctor said, “We’re going to have to do a c-section.” I just started crying. Then my whole family cheered me up. I was like, “All right. Let’s just get this done.”

Hank, how did you handle the news?

HB: It was rough. I know how bad Kendra wanted to deliver naturally, and it hit her hard. But she knew that whatever the doctor said was best for her and the baby. Once she realized that, she was like, “Let’s move it up. Let’s get it over with.”

How did the actual delivery go?

KW: Every second I was like, “Is he okay? Is he okay?” And finally I hear Hank go, “Here he comes! I see his head!” That was the best thing I’ve ever heard. He comes out, and I hear his little cry, and the doctor’s like, “Nine pounds, 5 ounces. He’s a linebacker! This boy’s a linebacker!”

How was holding him for the first time?

KW: I just started crying. I was like, “Oh my God, it’s the happiest day of my life!” I was just in heaven.

HB: I was as nervous as I could be holding him, because I’ve never really held a newborn before.

What were your first words to him?

KW: Happy birthday, Hank.

HB: I just said, “I love you so much.” I couldn’t stop saying, “I love you.”

How are you recovering?

KW: I’m still really sore and healing from the c-section. That’s the only thing that stinks: I can’t really do my mama things — changing him, getting the bottle ready. I need help because I can’t go that fast.

Source: OK!; December 28 issue

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Natasha on

Congrats to Kendra, Hank and baby Hank. They make such a beautiful family β™₯

crystail on

Congrats to them hes very cute,has lots of hair and very healthy lol

melissa on

what a big baby! πŸ™‚ From what i can see he is adorable, i can’t wait to read the article. Congrats!

Mallory on

He’s a cutie. Congrats to them…

But I just have one “mean” thing to say. The kid was born last week and she’s already posing for the magazines? WOW. Some people will do anything for attention, even if it means exploiting newborns. *sigh*

And I would say that about anyone who would choose to do this, not just Kendra, for all you “Why do post if you hate Kendra so much?!” people.

jm on

congrats to them!

i do find it strange however, that the baby is only 5 days old and already he’s in a magazine….

Bancie1031 on

OMG that was fast! Didn’t she just have him???

Adorable baby …. can’t wait to see better pictures of him.

Beverley on

The baby is really cute.

But there is something extremely tacky about pimping your baby out at 5 days old.

Lacey on

They still have the bracelets on. Awww!! Hank Jr is adorable!! Kendra is going to be a wonderful mother!

Lacey on

Kendra is not the first person to pictures to a magazine of their new-newborn. Get off yourself, ladies!

mrsh on

That’s fast! I’m interesting in reading the rest of the interview, though.

Lis on

I agree with it being a bit too soon to “introduce” him, but whatever…

I wonder why she was induced? I could be totally off the mark, but it just seems like so many people want to “schedule” their childrens’ births these days. It seems so unnatural. Obviously there are legitimate reasons, but for the most part it’s just done out of convenience. Maybe that’s why she ended up having a C-section? Baby wasn’t ready yet… Just my personal thoughts on the matter…let nature take it’s course (and only intervene if absolutely necessary)

Jessicad on

He is a cutie! I can see why they would introduce him so soon, just to keep paps away possibly. I can’t wait to read the article!

Pamela on

Yes, it is a little early for a cover shoot, but at the opposite end, one could argue that Kendra and Hank want to control the setting and environment of the baby’s ‘debut’ and not have to worry about any paparazzi vying for the first shot…and we all realize how imposing paparazzi can be! Either way, a beautiful little baby! I wish them nothing but health and happiness for the holidays and new year!

Ash on

Well she might of been getting newborn images that day nd used them or had them come that day too. All of the newborns I shoot are 4-8 days old. Alot 5 days.

Allie-Rose on

Again, congratulations to Kendra and Hank. Baby Hank is adorable.

However, I too am a bit bothered Kendra and Hank chose to have the pictures so soon. They all still have the hospital bracelets on. It gives me the impression the pictures were taken at the hospital.

Trinh on

omg he’s huge! congrats to them

acorrado on

Their life is part of the public eye and instead of being hounded down by paparatzi, they decided to have the pics done themselves. SJP stood outside the hospital with James. Gwen Paltrow did the same. If they are comfortable with it, what should it matter to you? Just enjoy the pictures.

Moore on

Lacey, it’s just as tacky when anyone else does it so soon too.
I can understand being so excited and wanting show off your child but it really gives off an air of attention seeking in most cases.

OnyxJones on

Well the next time you see a new mom outside with her days old baby please tell her how tacky she is to her face. If Kendra and Hank didn’t do the shoot some would have nothing to gripe about. Their kid, their world, their life.

Hank IV is a pure butterball and absolutely adorable. I love Kendra and Hank. Thank you for sharing your most precious gift with all of us….even the shocked, appalled, offended and parent police.

Mandy on

I see she chose to exploit…I mean introduce her son pretty quickly. Lol. Then again she might have done that to keep the paps at bay so they could enjoy this special time with their son. Either way, he’s very cute and they all look happy.

Dawn on

Maybe she’s just excited to share him with the world! I sent my son’s birth announcements out within a week for that reason. It’s not fair to judge why she’s sharing pics. If she feels up to it already, good for her! I wouldn’t have wanted to be on a magazine cover 9 months after.

I think it’s great that some celebs are willing to share such a private part of their lives with everyone. What’s weird is our society’s obsession with starts personal lives (I know I love my CBB and “smut” magazines!) πŸ™‚

Lady on

I love Kendra, I really do. But I do think this is a bit soon, she could of at least waited a few weeks. But hey, If I were being offered thousands of $$ to take 4 pictures or so…why not..for ur child!? Oh well, beautiful family nonetheless!

Kristi on

It does seem a little soon to be introducing Hank to the world but I agree, why not get it over with instead of having to dodge the paps for a first picture? It really isn’t much different then non celebrities posting pictures on Facebook the day the baby is born!

JMO on

Wow she didn’t waste any time!! People who expose their babies this quickly irritate me!

janie on

Very cute baby but Kendra seems desperate for attention. This baby still has his hospital bracelet on! Very strange.

JMO on

I dont think she would be one that would be “hounded” by paparazzi besides CBB I never have seen this girl. Quite frankly I never knew who she was until she was pregnant! I understand control but this is not a couple who “needs” control.

And there is a huge difference between an everyday person taking their child out and a person exposing it on a cover of a magazine for the world to see!! You can’t even compare the two!

Kate on

Well I would rather get the pictures out now because when the baby gets older it won’t look the same. Who cares anyway. I think he is a cutie patootie and he has what my family calls “Chickie Hair” he is so cute.

janie on

JMO, I totally agree with everything you said. Kendra and her husband are by no means a “big” celebrities.

mrsh on

Kristi – Good point! My husband and I put pictures of our daughter on our Facebook pages the day she was born. We announced her birth on Facebook hours after she was born, too. We were excited to share the news with others and they were excited to hear it. I guess it’s a little different, since we were only “exposing” her to our friends and family (we don’t have “public” Facebook profiles), not the whole world.

Moore on

OnyxJones, right cause thats the same thing as being on a magazine cover.

Beverley on

It’s called MONEY and ATTENTION!

Lara on

There have been some other celebs who introduce their babies very soon after birth and they were applauded on it by some here claiming it beats the paps to the punch. Why is it a terrible thing when Kendra does it.

I love the “experts” who claim it’s too soon for photo shoots and how it is just attention getting.

Jennie on

Maybe it’s just me, but perhaps she was induced because her husband’s team (GO COLTS) has an away game this coming Sunday & she was concerned that she would go into labor while he was gone. Regardless of that, the little one is adorable and the new parents look to be so enamored of him too!

Lila on

He is adorable! I am am glad that they are both doing well.

I don’t see a problem with the photos. My daughter had a camera in her face from day one! I couldn’t wait to show her off, I am sure they feel the same way!

Mrs. R. on

If she was due Xmas day, and she was induced 2 weeks early and her baby was 9 lbs… that’s the reason in itself.
She’s not a big lady, and that is a BIG baby.
There are a LOT of medical reasons for induction.
This is one place I am not going to jump to the negative conclusion on…

Devon on

A girlfriend of mine was induced a few days before her due date because she had too much fluid in her belly and they were worried about the size of the baby. Perhaps this is why Kendra was induced. My friend’s baby was an even 10 lbs at birth and is my friend was roughly the same size as Kendra. Being induced doesn’t mean she wanted to be induced.

I think it’s fine that she’s let us see the baby this early. He’s cute and she’s a first time mummy who is excited and proud of her child. I don’t have kids yet, but if a magazine wanted to pay me thousands of dollars to show a few pictures of my adorable babies (which I know they will be) why not? Money that can be given to charity, or my kid’s eduction, and I get to show off something that I am proud of.

I love how so many people here think that they are so much better than these celebrities and constantly criticize without making rational and thoughtful arguments rather to just lambaste the celebrity for doing something that they wouldn’t do. Just because you wouldn’t do it doesn’t make it wrong. We all make decisions we feel are best for our families and friends. Be respectful. You don’t have to agree, but be nice about it. It’s called being decent.

Jessica on

aww what a cutie!

they took pics so soon?

Just K on

Wow, look at that hair!

As for why she was induced, who knows? I know I had to be induced with my own daughter because my blood pressure had spiked, and they were concerned about mine and her health, so we had a slight change of plans. Thankfully both Kendra and little Hank are both doing well now though.

I do think that 5 days old might be a little soon to be on the cover of a magazine, but heck, if someone had asked me to share my daughter’s picture at that age, I would have too. I was so in love and convinced anyone who saw her would think the same. πŸ™‚

Beverley on

I have no problem that parents take pictures of their newborn babies or that they share them with family and friends. It’s the getting PAID for those pictures that I find extremely tacky, especially when the magazine came out on baby’s 5th day of life. The pictures were probably shot on day 2 or 3. You shouldn’t be looking at your new baby as a paycheck.

April on

He is very cute. If they want to release photos this soon more power to them. I like looking at them.

Mrs. R she was due on December 12 so she wasn’t two weeks early.

OnyxJones on

@Moore…there’s no difference. Some people believe that you should stay home the 1st six weeks with a newborn, not have visitors and don’t let anyone hold the baby. Some don’t care and are out and about with their newborn a few days after the birth.

My point was Kendra and Hank can do whatever they choose to do with THEIR son. So what if they get paid to be on the cover?? Many celebrities have done it and I’m sure Kendra and Hank won’t be the last.

This is the Celebrity Baby Blog…we come on here to see celebs and their kiddies. So if every celeb hid their kid and never wanted to be photographed, we would have no CBB.

To each his or her own. I just hate to see celebs slammed for giving us clearly what we all come to this site for. 5 days, 5 months or 5 years old we are no one to judge their personal decisions.

Moore on

OnyxJones, even with the extra explanation its still not the same thing IMO. Mothers who are out with their children, letting family hold their child is not the same as a celeb having their child’s picture taken at 2 or 3 days old and being paid to put it on a magazine for the public. Sorry but one is still tacky and the other is not.

lulu on

She has him makin money already huh…. pimp pimp away kendra …gosh is his umbilical stump even healed yet

martyna on

wow…..kid is just 5 days old and it’s already in magazine shoot ….for me it is really strange

nancy on

He is so cute! Congrats Kendra & Hank.

Ashlyn on

I had a c-section and there’s no way I would have been ready for a photo session at 5 days post partum, I was still in the hospital! I think it’s a little soon. She should have given herself time to rest and done the pictures in another week or so.

momof4 on

Kendra looks good, if a little tired, and the baby is adorable!

Not surprised at all that she did the OK cover–I’m sure the Kardashian baby will “debut” any day now.

We don’t know the reason she had the c-section but inducing before the baby is ready can often lead to a cesarean birth.

urbanadventurertales on

As a photographer, we try to do newborn shoots within the first week of life b/c you get the best pictures when they are sleeping most of the time! So, it’s not that strange to have him photographed at that age. I’m sure they came to her home, so it wasn’t that much out of her way to do it.

Elizabeth on

Oh my gawd people, you will find anything to disagree about! I’m just happy the baby is healthy and she glows… doesn’t matter when she chose to introduce him.

Barbie on

It is a bit soon, but at the same time it’s good so she won’t be hounded by paparazzi or anything else and she can enjoy time with her child. It’s done, and over with, why sit here and criticize? Tons of celebs have introduced their babies soon after birth. Sarah Jessica Parker? Angelina Jolie? Granted it wasn’t five days after maybe ten but whatever, who cares.

There always has to be something to argue about. Let’s just be happy for her.

Kristin on

Personally, I would have waited a couple of weeks to debut the baby. But this is Kendra. Have you watched her on TV? She’s not the most intelligent person.
I think there’s a difference between posing for a sweet family portrait with a baby who is a couple months old, and holding a 5 day old baby for a very staged photo shoot with a fake smile.
However, I still wish them health and happiness.

Ashley on

Yes, Lacey, that is true, but other ppl waited a month or two to “show off” their newborns. That’s still too early I thought, but 5 days? That’s a bit too much. Plus, I don’t think she deserves a “celebrity” status as a former playboy mate.

Mandy on

Kendra didn’t have much time cash out on a ‘first photo’. And please don’t say money had nothing to do with it. She’s not exactly known for being an ‘actress’. She was a bunny. And besides that and her reality show, not much else is there?

Jami on

Ummm…if she didn’t release pictures of him you all would have complained and made up some conspiracy theory like with Suri.

What does it matter? He had pictures taken at 5 days in the safety of his mama’s arms. it’s not like he was on a public bus or something being exposed to god knows what so she could “pimp” him out.

Alexis on

I wouldn’t want my or my child’s photos taken five days post-partum, but to each their own. Hank’s adorable and Kendra looks tired but so happy.

And April, Kendra’s original due date was Christmas, then it was moved up to the 12th because of the baby’s size.

Shirelle on

He is cute! But is picture on a magazine at 5 days old! I think that is too early!

Lauren on

Look at all that hair! to cute! congrats to the happy family

Shawna on

Lis #11 – Who said she had a c-section?

Hea on

Haha, people go here to see pictures of celebrity children and when they do, they nitpick, whine and complain.

The little boy is gorgeous and his mommy looks great!

kaitlyn on

Well, Hank is perfectly adorable and I’m glad we get to see him so soon! Congratulations Hank and Kendra!
(@ shawna: It says so at the top.)

michelle on

I think it is funny, everyone wants to see photos of the celebs babies and then complain when it is so soon. Who cares the baby is healthy and Kendra is happy. You all know you want to see the photo and that is it. The baby is 9lbs I don’t blame them for wanting to get him out.

iluvallbabies on

Shawna- it says she had a c-section at the top of the article!

Jessicad on

Hea, that’s what I was thinking! We are going to see him at some point, what does it matter.

leonor on

Why are people so surprised that she is posing with the baby just 5 days after giving birth?! This woman will do ANYTHING for attention! But I’m glad because I’m nosy and I like looking at the pictures πŸ˜‰

MamaJ on

Maybe she was induced as they knew he was a big one!. Kendra is only tiny too! Who know, Who cares. Cute baby anyway.

JMO on

Beverely – exactly!!

This is nothing more for them then to be in the spotlight – Nobody knew of Hank Baskett (except me cause he used to be an Eagle) but then he gets with Kendra who is a playgirl and then she gets knocked up and all of a sudden because hollywood is so stuck on babies she’s in every magazine talking about baby this and baby that!

And I come to CBB bc I enjoy articles that parents put out talking about different kid things not necessarily the pics themselves! And I have problems with ANYONE exploiting their child. There is a great difference between a cover of a magazine and being out and about being shot by paparazzi. ANd there is also a HUGE difference between showing your baby to the entire world and showing your baby to a few hundred (or less) people on FB!!! Any parent would be smitten to show of their new baby but at what price tag??

I am quite aware that baby Hank is in no danger but to me I hae completely as of now lost interest in Hank and Kendra! If he didn’t play football and she wasn’t a topless model these two would be nobodys in the entertainment world!

Becky on

Her original due date was Christmas Day but then it was changed to Dec 12th months ago, so she was induced right around her due date (don’t remember exactly his birth date), not 2 weeks early.

He is a cutie and I see nothing wrong with introducing him at 5 days old. They are excited to show him off! They are doing absolutly nothing to harm him and beating the paparazzi to the punch and releasing the first picture. They are very excited, first time parents. Some people may not like her but there are very many people who love her and want to see her little man and that is awesome she is sharing pics with her fans! I honestly do not think they are doing this for the money, I think it is the thrill, joy and excitement of showing off their new little bundle. I would think they would do this and not get paid for it even. Brangelina released pictures of the twins after about a week or two if I remember correctly. People just need to relax. Breathe. Everything’s going to be OK.

Jami on

Those of you who say you wouldn’t allow pictures at 5 days..if someone offered you thousands of dollars to do it, I think you’d reconsider. It’s no different than snapping pics with your camera and showing them to family. Like I said before, it’s not like she is putting him in danger. He was safe in his mama’s arms.

And about all the induction/section comments….stop being so judgemental. Just because you stayed pregnant for 112 weeks instead of being induced at 38 or 40 weeks or pushed your babies out vs section doesn’t give you a “mother of the year” medal and the ability to judge everyone that chooses differently from you.

Autumn on

Cute baby! I wondered if she’d had a c-section when I’d learned her baby was over 9 lbs. My mom had to have a c-section for my brother back in the day, because he was 9 lbs 9 oz and my mom’s rather petite, so its no surprise about Kendra.

Brandi on

Well it says right in the post that she did NOT want the cesearean. It sounds like it was failure to progress which is common when you have an induction. I had one with my first son and never again, the contractions were so much worse than when I let myself go into labor naturally. Bad memories!!!

Hank is a handsome boy. Congratulations to Kendra and Hank.

Anne on

Lighten up people, she is no different that most all of the celebrities. People recognize her and although not a celebrity, why not? We all love to see pictures of babies.

Becky on

Also, how cool for him to have his very own photo spread in a magazine?! I have a memory box for my daughter that I have kept all her special items, like, a copy of People and Time magazine from the week she was born, her first shoes, hospital blanket, baby book, first Halloween costume, etc. Now, to add a magazine in a box like that with an article about your birth and photos of your family. That would be an awesome thing to have for him that he could have forever to show his family someday in the future.

lisa on

Has anyone ever seen what the press will do to get pics? Spend some time in LA and you can see regular people who just happen to be around a “celeb” get pushed on to their butts from “pops” trying to get that $$$$ pic. If you had a newborn to protect, you knew what you were going against when you walked out ANY door, wouldnt you try to avoid it and protect your baby in any way you could. The fact that this baby’s mug in now on the cover just knocked the price down for a pic of him. Perhaps that will give them some breathing room when the walk out that hospital door. As for the induction, 9lbs and a unproven pelvis(1st time momma)is enough of a reason for a induction. The fact that it ended up as c-section could of been her pelvic size or cord compression or…

Anne on

Baby needs warmth and should have been dressed though.

Jami on

I’m wondering when all the nasty remarks will come regarding her saying she needs help fixing his bottle….OMG she isn’t breastfeeding..she must be too selfish *insert eye roll here*

Catca on

I have to agree with Lisa in terms of allowing photo spreads of babies to be defensive practice, although living in Indianapolis Kendra and Hank don’t really have the same issues that celebs in LA have. Sara Michelle Geller and Freddie Prinze even did it with their beautiful daughter (although they waited a month) and they studiously avoid paparazzi hangouts, etc. to hang on to some semblance of privacy in their off screen lives. Kendra and Hank showed pics earlier probably ‘cus they are reality tv stars and let’s face it, the birth will be an episode of their upcoming season anyway. I guess I don’t think a magazine photo spread is a big deal, but do question starring a young child in a reality show.

Patricia on

What a cutie!

Congrats to Kendra and Hank πŸ™‚

skunknuggets on

Congrats to them! The baby is beautiful. She indicates it wasn’t planned to have a c-section and I know what that is like. I hope she has a VBAC next time if she wants one.

Amy on

I really can’t believe how many of you just use CBB as a forum to bash celebrities and their parenting styles!
Most, if not everyone who has a child, has always been excited to share pics of their baby! Why should Kendra not share her babies first pics with the world if she wants.
Another thing, YOU SHOULD NOT JUDGE…especially if you don’t know details! For example, they could be using the money earned from the photoshoot to start a college fund for their baby…not to mention how could all of you think she planned on inducing for a game when the baby is clearly above average weight. This could have been the only chance for her to have a vaginal delievery. WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE A DEBATE WHEN WE CLEARLY LOVE VEIWING PICS AND STORIES ABOUT THE CELEBRITIES!!! If you wanted to rant then go to livejournal already!
Just my two cents….

gargoylegurl on

I think the negative comments are amusing – this is a Celebrity Baby site – nuff said! *rolls eyes*

Sarah K. on

Ann (#74), they were probably indoors and in their own home so I doubt the baby was cold.

Also, just because they did this photo shoot doesn’t mean they don’t love their baby or won’t take care of him. This isn’t hurting him because he isn’t even aware of what’s going on. So, why do people care so much? I’d like to see which one of your turns down several thousand dollars to have your baby’s picture taken.

lisa on

Most of u all are complaining about how soon she is putting out pics. BUT, you all sure are in a huffy to see them. If she didn’t than u all would be complaing about, “When can we see pics of Kendra’s baby”. You people r never happy. As far as a c-section…she said she tried to have him vaginally. You women don’t know the story. As far as getting paid for celeb’s baby pics. Heck, I would do to, and i’m sure most of u would too. You women will always have something to complain about.

Meesh on

Eh, I’m not saying they don’t love him or want to show him off, but I don’t believe for one second they were doing this just to “ward off” the photogs by putting the pictures out there first. They did it because 1. they want the money 2. they want the attention and 3. they wanted to beat Kortney Kardashian to the punch and not have their cover compete with hers. I don’t generally mind a celebrity baby photo shoot (duh, I read this site), but seriously, 5 days old is a little too soon. Like another poster said, the kid still has its hospital bracelet on!

momof4 on

Calm down, Amy (#79), no need to shout. All the comments are within the CBB guidelines. We have a right to say what we like πŸ™‚

Regarding her bottlefeeding–she has large implants so it’s more difficult or impossible to breastfeed, I believe. It’s a shame little Hank will miss out on all the goodness in breastmilk because of his mama’s vanity, though.

Lauren on

I’ll be honest-when I first read that Kendra was pregnant, my first thought was “Oh, shit.” But after watching her baby shower on The Girls Next Door and reading some of her interviews, I’ve concluded that while she is an attention seeker who says some unorthodox things to get that attention, her heart is in the right place. She clearly loved her husband and adores her baby, and her earnest attitude towards wanting to be a good mom gives her my support.
I don’t doubt she put the first photos out this quickly to get herself back in the papers, which is tacky to me. But the hypocrisy of coming to a celebrity baby website to complain about seeing celebrity babies will prevent me from saying anything else.

Ms. Becki on

Congratulations to the parents. ‘Lil Hankie is one lucky, adorable, healthy looking baby!

I don’t know what led to the induction, however, Kendra’s statement that “The good thing about being induced is that it’s like planning a trip, just very calm. We ate a huge dinner before we came to the hospital. I ate a whole batch of brownies because I was nervous. No wonder he’s 9 pounds!” leads me to assume that this induction was that of convience, not urgency.

A large baby does not a cesarean make. I believe if the doc suspected CPD (cephalopelvic disproportion) he would have advised her against the night before induction “feast” as surgery would have been not only possible, but probable. She doesn’t have any idea what her body could have done. You can’t tell the size of the mother’s pelvic inlet by the tiny package that it comes in. A baby as large as 15 lbs has been delivered vaginally with great success. Hormones, ligaments, and fontanels, oh my!

Inductions increase the cesarean rate, it’s a fact. Why chance it unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary?

Kendra and Hank’s comments (KW) “after hours of waiting, nothing. Finally, the doctor said, β€œWe’re going to have to do a c-section.” “I just started crying.”, and (HB) “It was rough. I know how bad Kendra wanted to deliver naturally, and it hit her hard. But she knew that whatever the doctor said was best for her and the baby. Once she realized that, she was like, β€œLet’s move it up. Let’s get it over with.”, make me sad because IMO this “little linebacker” wasn’t quite ready to come out yet, even if he was 9lbs 5oz. From the details thus far, it seems as though the emotional and physical pain and misery of the cesarean section could have been avoided and Mrs. Baskett could be doing all the “mama things” her beautiful heart desires.

I know this is really only their buisness but I felt like putting my two cents in anyway. That being said, all this assuming is mute. You know what they say happens when you assume something… :O)

I hope GOD blesses you and your beautiful family for your lifetime Mr. and Mrs. B!

Brooklynn on

Congratulations!! He is ADORABLE!!!!

Jessicad on

I didn’t see in the post that she’s not using breastmilk in those bottles, or that she didn’t want to breastfeed or couldn’t because of her implants. You absolutely can nurse with implants. Her milk may not even be in yet anyway. I know they have a special coming on about the pregnancy and delivery, this weekend I think, so maybe they didn’t see a difference getting pictures out soon. I would if somebody offered me that kind of money. She just had a baby and she’s obviously excited, some of you need to ease up. Don’t say things you wouldn’t say to their face.

Karen on

I am shocked that people are surprised that Kendra would release photos this soon. She is famous because of a reality TV show. Same thing with the Kardashian sister and Nicole Richie, just to name a few. They have become famous by exploiting their lives through reality TV. The paps aren’t running wild in Indiana so privacy isn’t something Kendra is concerned about. I am not saying I agree with the situation or not, it doesn’t really matter, I am just saying she is famous for being famous and being on a cover of a magazine just days after giving birth is how she keeps herself famous.

Gina on

Great looking family, the best to them, and congrats.
The only problem i have is that I too recently had my first child, also by c-section. And let me tell you, i am a BABY when it comes to pain. IM BAD. but I was up moving around 12 hours after her birth and came home 3 days later and did the dishes. LOL I didnt even need to take my pain meds. How can she not get a bottle?

cassie on

awww cute

SBB on

The pics were taken at the hospital. Here’s a quote from the article:

“From their room at Clarian North Medical Center, the proud parents, who wed on June 27 at the Playboy Mansion in L.A., opened up to OK! about their big (9 pounds, 5 ounces, and 22 inches!) bundle of joy.”

Melanie on

To play devil’s advocate on the whole issue of ‘pimping out your kid’…how many of you would have LOVED to see Shiloh within 5 days of her birth? Or Suri? Or any other super famous celebrity? I can guarantee you that the majority of you who are saying it’s ridiculous for Kendra to have her baby on a magazine after 5 days would have jumped at the chance to see other celeb babies that soon (whether you’re willing to admit or not). I think it’s just fine because this keeps the paparazzi at bay and lets Kendra & Hank introduce their baby in the setting they choose.

momof4 on

Jessicad, you don’t need to bottlefeed before your milk comes in. In fact, colostrum, which is what our bodies produce at the end of pregnancy and what the baby nurses on the first few days, is extremely important for babies because it’s so easy for them to digest and is loaded with immune-boosting antibodies and protein to keep baby healthy. Most milk comes in after 3-4 days but I’ve found mine comes in around day 2 because I nurse so much (and don’t use a pacifier). Kendra’s milk is most likely in at day 5 if she was nursing.

Ms. Becki, beautiful post. I always feel a little sad when a first-time Mom is robbed of having the birth she wanted. Kendra would have had a much better chance at a vaginal birth if she hadn’t induced.

Mia on

He’s a cutie, big baby! I don’t know if it was mentioned already, but her due date was moved up to December 12th, so inducing her would make sense since it was right on the “due date” and plus the baby was 9 lbs.

They seem very happy πŸ™‚ Congrats to them. The actual birthing special is this Sunday, on E!

Vicci on

Lis, I would imagine she may have been induced because the baby was so big, rather than to fit in with her lifestyle. So if they had waited I think there’d have been even LESS chance of her delivering naturally. Seriously, I’m not a fan of Kendra’s but I totally respect her for wanting to give birth to a 9lb 5oz baby naturally. It seems like if she’d had an elective C-section everyone would have jumped on her for that but because she didn’t she’s being criticised for being induced. I just wish women wouldn’t put down each other’s labours all the time. On a lighter note, Hank IV is gorgeous!

Kaley on

I do think that they introduced him to the world a little too fast, but I’m very happy for them! Lil Hank is such an adorable baby boy (I think it would be cute if he went by the name of Henry though, since it might get confusing with three Hanks around – Kendra’s husband, son, and father-in-law). Congrats to them, they seem like a great family! I think Kendra found a great guy to marry and have babies with, he seems really grounded and loving.

J-Lin on

I lived in Indy. There are no papprazzi unless you call them and tell them when, where, and how long. No one would have bothered her. This all about stretching those 15 minutes.

Sherri on

Wow… I can’t imagine the life of a celebrity… Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I guess the good thing is she never has to see these nasty comments if she doesn’t want to. I wish I didn’t have to see them either. In fact, it’s very rare that I even *look* at the comments sections on CBB anymore because of the pervasiveness of the judgmental & often derogatory comments. I suppose ragging on other people’s life choices makes some people feel more empowered about how “right” their choices were… sheesh…

Anywho… CONGRATS to Kendra & Hank… He’s a beautiful baby boy! πŸ˜‰

fuzibuni on

I think kendra seems like such an enthusiastic mom. I know she may “overshare” sometimes, but i don’t take offense. I like her and hank’s candor and lovey-dovey attitude.

I am a bit sad for Kendra though because she didn’t have the birth she wanted. I wish we knew why they induced. I have a friend who is 5’2″ and delivered a baby over 10lbs, so I doubt that Kendra’s size was the reason. I think some doctors like to intervene so they can control the delivery more. Sounds like that baby wasn’t ready to be born though.

Ms. Becki (#86) and momof4 (#95) said everything I would have, but more eloquently… so I’ll leave my statements at that.

congrats to kendra and Hank… and welcome to the world little baby henry πŸ™‚

Mandy on

In the article above it says these were taken when he was 2 days old.

Mandy on

@fuzibuni The baby’s name is Hank, not Henry.

fuzibuni on

and Vicci… i don’t think anyone is criticising Kendra for being induced. It’s obvious from her statement that she was heartbroken over the c-section. She was obviously doing what the doctor told her. I think people here are more concerned about her and whether or not it was necessary for the doctor to induce.

Doreen on

He’s soo cute!!! Wow, she didn’t waste any time having pics taken of him, 5 days?! πŸ™‚ I’m sure that was her idea primarily and not Hank’s.

Barbie on

I am in complete awe as I read these comments. Come on people, do you really not have anything better to do than sit here and bash Kendra?

Kendra was known before her pregnancy. Remember the ORIGINAL Girls Next Door? So what her pregnancy brought her more fame? There’s no crime in that! Don’t sit here and bash.

It’s so annoying that no matter what a celebrity does everyone has to have all these annoying comments. Granted, everyone has a right to express their own opinion, but does anyone remember “IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL?” What satisfaction are you getting from sitting here complaining about EVERYTHING? From the baby’s name, to the way he was delivered, to the pictures?

If she didn’t release pictures, you all would come up with some crazy reason why she didn’t. No matter what, you all will have some crazy things to make up. But guess what? Kendra had her baby, a c-section, she named him after his father, and she released pictures when he was only five days old…THAT’S IT. It’s done, get over it. Stop with the vicious comments.

Melanie on

@Mandy, actually his full name is Henry Randall Baskett IV…they shorten it to Hank because that is what his father is called. But both daddy Hank and baby Hank have an official birth certificate name of Henry

JMO on

It’s funny I wasn’t aware that doing a photoshoot stops paparazzi from trying to take your picture?! Basically it stops them from getting the “first” picture but their are many “first” after that they will chase you down for and profit off of you. The least a parent could do is wait a month…..and even then try and donate the profits like the Jolie-Pitts did to ensure they were not trying to profit off your child for extra funds you certainly do not need.
I’m very happy for the family and their baby is beautiful and at the end of the day him being on the cover of a magazine really doesn’t phase me one way or another.

Sam on

He’s such a cutie!

I thought she was planning on breastfeeding but in the article it mentions preparing bottles…

marlee on

She is utterly ridiculous. Instead of bonding with her new baby, she’s calling press conferences and posing for photos. And, for the reader up above who claims we all clamored to see these pictures of the baby, nothing could be further from the truth – I could go my whole life without knowing what Kendra’s baby looks like. She knows she is in the “15 minutes” category and is clearly so insecure that she’ll let greed take precedence over anything else – including mothering. I had hoped people would be able to give her the benefit of the doubt re: her metamorphasis from Playboy Bunny/Mistress to doting wife and mother, but this sort of behavior doesn’t help her cause.

missindanapoint on

He’s so adorable!

Thank you Kendra and Hank for sharing your story and baby! I’m glad you all are doing well and embracing (even the unexpected) things!

Hope we can watch you all grow as a family!

As for the scheduled induction, MANY people do it if they have busy lives. Hank is a football player who has practices, film-review days, and games(often away!).

I’m glad you were able to experience the wonderful day together!! πŸ˜‰

jenna on

I was a huge Kendra fan back when the girls next door first started-but I am sorry-I am happy happy for her and her family and of course the baby-but I belive someone write before-I don’t think the Paps are going to be waiting for them out in Indy. If the paps are waiting for celeb baby-I think tom and giselle-would get more money and focus. At the end of the day sorry Kendra and Hank but you guys are not A celebs. I’ll be the first to admit I love when the jolie-pitts showed off there kids-but it was after a couple of weeks/month and they donated the money. Who knows where the money is going-plus when she was on the GND-who come I belive she said “nothing means more to me then shaking my a**, and all of side Hank comes in the picture and nothing means more to her than family. The next guy its going to be charity/or the enviorment.

Bancie1031 on

Shawna #58 – it’s a known fact she had a schedule C-Section …. it was in the previous post announcing his birth.

Ok granted people we are on a site to SEE celebrity babies ….. I agree that I thought that it was a little soon to be seeing pictures of him considering she had him on the 11th and today is the 16th which means he wasn’t even 5 days old when the pictures were taken BUT once again we are here looking for pictures of celebrity babies!

I love Kendra – she’s funny, sweet and corky not to mention gorgeous ……. no I don’t know her personally but I did watch her tv shows ….. I’m truly happy for her.

Yes I agree that she probably wouldn’t get “hounded” but it was still nice of her to share her photo’s, which she probably did because she was so excited …. after all she’s a new mom wanting to show off her new baby, I think we’ve all been there.
SO WHAT if she doesn’t breastfeed ….. millions of women don’t every day and at 9+ pounds I think he’ll be fine.

Yes there is a difference between posting pictures on facebook/myspace then on the front of a magazine cover but either way it’s a excited new mom showing off her precious little bundle of joy ….. GOOD LUCK KENDRA AND HANK!

Catey on

She hasn’t called a press conference, she probably had a photographer, journalist and maybe two or three other helpers come in.

What difference does it make if it was done when Hank Jr. was 5 days old or 5 weeks? People still would have had a go at her, so don’t use it as an excuse.

Sites like this are what drives the demands for baby photos of celebrities, so if you are serious, stop using gossip sites, reading celeb magazines and watching entertainment driven tv shows.

Plus these photos are much nicer than our first family photos which was taken when my son was only 5 days old! I wish I could have had a hair and make-up team come in and doll me up after the first 5 ‘shock’ days, in which I had had very little sleep and felt worn out. No doubt these photos will be on display on their home as a snap shot of a very happy time in their lives.

melanie on

@marlee, why are you on this site then?

also @Bancie1031, did you read the article? she did not have a SCHEDULED c-section…she was induced (and yes, having a 9 lb. baby causes many women to get induced every day..not all, but a lot) and when her labor didn’t progress, THEN she had a c-section.

Jennifer on

Please! What is wrong with them appearing so soon with their baby on a magazine cover? They are celebs. They are hounded by paps. They are in the public eye. Yeah, I expected a wait to see little Hank too, but they probably decided beforehand who they were going to sell the first pics to and decided to do that as 1) a way to share their joy with their fans and 2) to get the paps off their tail b/c so many people want to see what the baby looks like.

I absolutely see NOTHING wrong with them letting the world see him right away. Lots of celebs do it…look at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Yeah, Shiloh and the twins were well over a week old when they were photographed, but they sold to the mags soon after the birth, just like a ton of other celebs do. I would imagine it’s primarily a way of getting the paps from being overly aggressive and hounding…after all whoever got the first pap pics sold of the baby would get paid a TON, which makes them more competitive and probably, more risk taking and dangerous. I would imagine it’s less dangerous to just sell them yourselves first.

Plus, Kendra has been documenting her pregnancy through media outlets like Twitter and so she just seems to want to share this experience with the rest of the world. I’m not surprised we see him so soon. I think everyone is different. Kourtney Kardashian…I imagine we’ll see pics of baby Mason within the next few weeks, which is great, but Gisele Bundchen, I expect not to see that baby anytime soon, b/c they were rather quiet with the pregnancy, which is fine too. I don’t see any of these people as “sell-outs” or capitalizing on their newborns just because they want to sell pics, nor do I see anything wrong if they want to keep the baby under wraps and to themselves.

Congrats to K and H…he’s beautiful! πŸ™‚

jordyn on

# 110 marlee- that is one of the most ridiculous posts I have read in a while. “Instead of bonding with her new baby, she’s calling press conferences and posing for photos.” Did you not talk to to friends and family, and pose for pictures after your child was born? Is she supposed to live in seclusion so that she can bond? She is clearly holding the baby, so I’m not sure what she is doing to convince you otherwise. And besides, you are on a celeb baby website. Obviously at one point a picture of her child is going to be posted here, so if you could go your whole life without seeing a picture, don’t come on the website. lol. If you were offered money that could help out in many ways, please don’t say that you wouldn’t take it. money makes the world go round after all :/

Nikki on

Lol, I think there are more “OMG get over yourself and stop being so judgemental” posts, than there are actual judgemental posts!

Jody on

Well said Barbie.

Aimee on

I get it Kendra didn’t have her scheduled c-section that you all seemed to decide that she had the other day under the birth announcement so we have to find something else to pick on.
Alexis are you telling me that you did not/would not take any pictures of your baby for 5 days…right.
I guess most of us wouldn’t take money for pictures of our newborn or maybe that is just easy for us to say because noone has offered us money for pictures of our newborn.
Bancie she did not have a scheduled c-section. A scheduled c-section is when you plan on having a c-section, you book it in and you do not attempt to have natural labour. If you care to read the article it clearly says that Kendra was in labour and was upset when she had to have a c-section because of failing to progress.
I do agree however that growling at celebrity baby photos is a little off considering the web site you people are on. Seriously get a grip on yourselves.

Brooklyn on

Aww! Cute!

Jessicad on

momof4, my milk came in on day 6 so that’s why I said that. my daughter didn’t latch on properly at first so I supplemented by day 4 because the colostrum wasn’t cutting it and my nipples were bleeding and I didn’t want her ro get sick from drinking blood, but used a syringe and made her suck my finger properly instead of a bottle. It was a pain but worth it once she finally started nursing. Some people just use bottles though. I know Kendra talked about wanting to breastfeed, that’s why I didn’t want to assume she wasn’t breastfeeding, she may just be recovering or it hasn’t come in yet. Just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt instead of acting like I’m better than her because I breastfed.

Simone on

I love watching Kendra n Hank and the baby is super cute CONGRATULATIONS!!

Considering you arent supposed to bring your newborns around a lot of people in the first 2 weeks and with the swine flu etc. going around i think she should have waited!!

I was induced 3 times and it went over days noone offerd me a c-section after a few hrs i find that strange but ok!?

Kelli on

Wow, I am just dumbfounded by how many of you can’t read. The baby is 2 days old in the pics, not 5. He is absolutely adorable, and I am very happy for Hank and Kendra. My feelings on this is that he is their child, and it doesn’t matter what any of us think.

April on

^ They are saying that today, the day the magazine is out, he is 5 days old.

I am also stunned by the number of people who can’t read as well, or maybe they just aren’t realizing there is an interview in the extended post.

Mandy on

@Melanie. Ah thanks! Maybe they’ll call him Henry.. might help differentiate between Daddy and son. Plus I love the name Henry. πŸ™‚

And yes, most times, doctors will measure the baby and calculate the weight and decide to induce earlier and not allow her to go into labor on her own because the baby could get bigger.

Lorelei on

I love the baby pictures. What a beautiful family! They are excited and thrilled with the new edition and wanted to share the pictures. I don’t care how much money they made. Some people just can’t win. Who gets to determine what is the appropriate time to have the babies pictures out?

liz on

I remember from an interview she had previously done in which she stated she planned to breast feed. Why is she getting a bottle ready???

Liliana on

He’s absolutely beautiful!

Sobi on

For everyone with criticism about the “scheduled” birth, Kendra had some health issues earlier in her pregnancy and some real scares early on. They were not elaborated on, but they were significant enough to alarm the doctor and she doesn’t owe any of us an explanation. Is it too much to ask that people just be happy about the miracle of a new life and be done with the cattiness? I think it is extremely tacky to say someone is “pimping” out their baby when they show pictures to a curious world. You were curious enough to click on the extended post and comment, weren’t you?

Sobi on

That baby is beautiful and I can’t wait to see more pictures of him as he grows. Congrats on little Hank.

Sobi on

Well-said, OnyxJones! Sometimes the Mommy Mafia is just too much.

hcecilia on

I love how people are using “if you got paid thousands for a pictures…” and “paparazzi control” to justify their reasoning to take photos while their hospital bands are still on (which means that they were still in the hospital). First and foremost, these are reality television stars. Sorry, whoever is going to throw out that Hank is a football player before… only Eagles fans and sport fanatics knew who he was beforehand. His name and notoriety came from Kendra, just as she got hers from her time at the Playboy mansion. This wasn’t a high profile pregnancy (except for selling their story to People and OK! magazine, which are celebrity gossip magazines… not Cosmo or Vogue which most celebs use to promote their new albums, movies, etc), her birth could have been quiet and under the radar. There are many A LIST celebrities that manage to keep their life underwraps. Isla Fischer and Sasha Baron Cohen? All we know is that their daughter’s name is Olive and there’s the ASSUMPTION that she has her father’s last name. My point being, that’s a horrible justification. Maybe not so for Brangelina (though I do question that myself), but if they wanted to, it could be quite. And the thousands of dollars defense. Think about next time you make a comment about stripping and prostitution because selling your story for the WORLD (not some keepsake for the family) is not a step above, no matter how many ways you spin it. One is just using your body for money, the other is just signing over your life to the world to probe and the future obligation to be open with the other goings on with your life. You’re selling yourself to the highest bidder!

Bancie1031 on

melanie – sorry I meant schedule induction …… my brain was going faster than my fingers ….. my bad

Sabrina on

“HB: I just said, β€œI love you so much.” I couldn’t stop saying, β€œI love you.” ”

Awww!!! That brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for this family πŸ™‚

A55 on

Regarding getting a “bottle ready”: She could be pumping so daddy or a nurse or grandmother or somebody could feed him while she gets some SLEEP! However, if she is bottle-feeding the child exclusively, it’s just not that big a deal. Some people act like it’s abusive! Come on. There was a time when doctors recommended formula over breastmilk. Granted, that seems ridiculous now, but we have walking among us smart, capable, loving individuals who were formula babies. So what.

Skunknugget, why on earth is a VBAC so important? So you a mother can shred her stomach AND her vagina?

I have to echo the sentiments of those who find the C-section critics to be harsh and exceedingly judgemental. You act so superior. It does nothing to lend love, support, and healing in this world and yet you’re SO concerned about the children! Makes no sense!

Barbie on

hcecilia, actually I would not say that Isla Fischer and Sasha Baron Cohen are “A List celebs.” Granted, neither is Kendra or Hank but come on who cares! Whether she made $5 million, of $5,000 what does it matter? It’s HER CHILD, HER DECISION. I myself would not do that, but that’s me and this is Kendra. IT’S HER CHOICE.

I am really not understanding what people are getting from sitting here bashing her? Like honestly, does it make you feel better about yourself?

All “famous people” become “famous” somewhere, somehow, and so what if Kendra became famous from being Hef’s girlfriend. Don’t hate on the poor woman.

Y’all know you are happy to see the pictures, but I guess some are happier to start arguments! Move on with your day.

Moore on

I think I’ve a couple people say if we were offered money we’d do it. I find it really sad that there are people on here who actually think money would change a person’s beliefs. I’m pretty sure those of us who think its too soon would still think so if it came with a price tag attached and our names on it. That’s really low if money makes you flip flop like that.

Alex on

Cute baby, but I don’t really like his name.

Electra on

Who cares if the child is 2 days old or 5? We all know they’re attention seekers, but thats really how Kendra makes her living.I’ve been on this site for years, and this whole attacking women for having a c-section or making assumptions about a labor has got to stop. Its just creepy and intrusive.

CelebBabyLover on

hcelilia- Brad and Angelina are pretty much the most famous, sought out celebrities out there (have you ever watched videos of them out in public, both with and without the kids? I honestly don’t know how they deal with the paps stalking them all the time!), so I really don’t think it’s possible for them to duck under the radar anymore than they already do (which is actually quite a bit, at least where the kids are concerned. It’s actually quite rare that we see pictures of the Jolie-Pitt kids).

JessicaD- They’re going to have a special episode of their show about the birth? That really confuses me, because I distinctly remember Kendra saying in an interview that they would not be showing the birth on the show. Maybe the special is just ABOUT the birth, though, and they won’t actually show the birth itself.

All of that said, Hank is adorable, and I feel awful that Kendra didn’t get the birth she wanted. I also feel bad for her that breastfeeding apparently didn’t work out for her (she mentioned in an interview that she planned to breastfeed).

LisaS on

Aww. Hank IV is absolutely gorgeous. I’m one who’s glad Kendra and Hank have decided to share pictures of their little bundle of joy with the world this soon. I’ve been checking CBB every day hoping to see him.

And I am so jealous Kendra looks beautiful and glowing just a couple of days after giving birth. It doesn’t matter if I had a crew to make me up if I was in her situation, I wouldn’t look anywhere near that good.

Congrats to the happy couple on their beautiful, healthy baby boy.

And welcome into the world, little one.

Sarah M. on

There are numerous reasons for inductions. Each family should do what works best for them. I have heard, however, that labors that start with inductions have a tendency to hurt more due to the fact that the pain comes faster, more rapidly. Whereas when a woman goes into labor on her own the pain comes more gradually and the body has more time to get used to it.

When my cousin had her youngest (he’ll be 3 in February) she went into labor on her own. They (her and her husband) went to the hospital and told the admitting nurse that they thought she was in labor. The nurse apparently looked at them and said “What?” in confusion. They repeated what they’d said and the nurse responded with “So you don’t have a scheduled c-section or scheduled induction?”. Almost like she didn’t know what to do if the timing wasn’t planned!!

Hank Jr. sure is cute!

Jessicad on

celebBabyLover, I’ve only seen one commercial about it and I think it’s called “special delivery”, I remember her saying that too though, guess we’ll have to watch!

chandellk on

She was probably induced because he was a big baby. If they wouldn’t have induced her he would have probably been born at 10 lbs or more. Kendra isn’t a big person its not like she can carry and naturally birth a big baby. It would put a big toll on her body. They probably took pictures so early so that nobody else could profit off of their sons first pictures and gets the paps away from them when they leave the hospital.

Mel on

What a cutie, I do have to say in a normal situation people would not pose for a pic but when you are famous you almost have to to get th pictures out there so you don’t put your child in danger with people acting crazy to get the first picture.

mp on

Lis, one observation on induction and C-sections. Mary Pols wrote in “Accidentally on Purpose” that she was wholly against a c-section, but after a number of hours in labor without progress, her doctor didn’t give her an option. Even as she wrote several years later, her anger just radiated off the page, and I can certainly understand it. But doctors are afraid in this litigious society, and in some ways I can’t blame them either. I think some readers may remember the mother who refused a c-section to the point that, not only did the hospital contact a judge to force it on her, but they also reported her to CPS because they felt she wasn’t a competent mother as a result of her refusal to cooperate. (As it turned out, the baby arrived vaginally before a judge could produce an order.)

skunknuggets on

A55 – why would a VBAC be important to her? Probably b/c she indicated she didn’t want a c-section this time, so why would she want one the next time? Perhaps she won’t be comfortable with the risks of a repeat c-section and be more comfortable with the risks of a VBAC. It’s up to her and I’m sure she’ll make the decision that is best for her, but I hope VBAC is at least an option for her. I don’t understand why a woman would want to “shred” her belly again with a repeat c-section b/c those risks scare me, especially the long terms risks, but as long as the woman knows the risks, she should make the choice.

I’ve ended up with a c-section for my first child for “CPD” and then had two VBACs with larger babies and I can assure you my vagina is not at all “shredded”. Even the 10 lb 13 oz posterior baby I had a year ago didn’t “shred” anything.

jordyn on

CelebBabyLover- I think I remember her saying that is was going to be everything except the actual delivery itself. So I am guessing labor, and as right after the birth.

Mitta on

For those who were bringing up her being induced…. I have read and heard through others that many “celebrities” will induce to have their babies sometimes up to a month early so they don’t gain as much weight! Shocking but true….They would rather stay skinny than let their babies grow in the womb. Sad if you ask me, because we look at some of those people and wonder why they are so little for being full-term, or why they only gained such and such pounds….Not everyone in Hollywood but a good percentage!

Mitta on

Also, don’t forget…her due date was originally December 25th and then all of the sudden it changed to the 12th! I thought that was a little strange to be changing due dates 7 months in….Yes I know it happens with some of us but still sounds like they made a plan to have the baby sooner.

Sami on

Oh, he is so cute!!! The parents look so happy. I wish I had professional pictures of my daughter as a newborn. πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Mitta- They probably moved up the due date because of baby Hank’s size (if I’m remembering correctly, Kendra said a month or two a go that the baby was getting really big), and the induction was probably due to his size as well.

hayley on

Oh get over yourselves!!! my goodness hello your on a baby website moaning the pics have been uploaded too soon!!! jjeeeez what on earth would you lot fill your time b****ing about if it wernt for this site i wonder?????

and for you c section haters again get over yourself , you have no idea what your talking about your were not in the room with kendra and her doctors, you have no clue why she NEEDED that c section , i am so PROUD i had 2 c section, they SAVED my life and for all you guys really no they may have saved kendras , if she had carried on trying to give birth she could have been into a world of trouble so give the girl a break.

Mo on

OMG how beautiful is this momma and her baby! I am tearing up! Motherhood looks great on Kendra! Congrats to Daddy Hank too, ha! Can’t forget him!

Mitta on

CelebBabyLover Good point! That was a big baby!

You guys are too funny, everyone is arguing and getting mad because we all have opinions that don’t mesh with everyone elses….but isn’t that what America is about? Freedom of speech? I personally just enjoy the comments, agree to disagree and laugh. XO

CelebBabyLover on

hayley- You need to take it easy! I don’t think anyone is actually trying to bash C-sections. Some people are just wondering if Kendra’s C-section was truly neccesary, or if it was yet another case of a doctor convincing a mother to have a C-section that wasn’t really neccesary.

Jennifer on

Congratulations! Mine was 9lbs 6oz… and had a c-section too earlier this year. my advice is to TAKE CARE of urself before you can handle everything else. Trust me it can be frustrating at times… but once you heal, everything will all fall into place! Enjoy every moment and cherish it with ur 1st born!

Lara on

Momof4, so Amy is included in that “we can all say what we like” too then eh?

Whatever on

Ok since you are all so hippocritical about a baby being photographed 2 or 5 days after birth for the public, why are you all here looking at the pictures? How long did it take all of you to email pictures to your frineds and family after they were born? her Family IS THE Public. We are what made her famous and she is grateful because of that, what else is she really but a Playboy model? She is showing off what she is MOST proud of, Give her a friggin’ break.
So what if she had or didnt want a C section, does it make her less of a person/ mommy?
Who cares if she does not breastfeed? I bet YOUR mothers did not breastfeed since 30-40 years ago it was not “trendy” to do so.
WHO CARES? It is her choice for what makes her and her baby happy and healthy, that is what is important.
She has a beautiful baby and she is very proud of him, I would be too, he is gorgous.
Thank you Hank and Kendra for showing the new love of your life!

hayley on

CelebBabyLover Says

Some people are just wondering if Kendra’s C-section was truly neccesary, or if it was yet another case of a doctor convincing a mother to have a C-section that wasn’t really necce

as i have said i am a midwife and the single most annoying/false/utter rubbish i hear is that we try and convince women to have c sections, these opinions are so misleading …c section are far more dangerous for mother and child so why would any good doctor / midwife push for that?

when i hear women saying they were pushed into a c section it makes me sad for them as their birth was not all they wanted it to be but at the same time it makes me angry …the doctor that ‘pushed’ you may have just saved you and your babys life because the years and years of helping women and their babys come into the world may just mean that they may know more than the mother, if they didn’t ‘push’ and always did everything that the mother demanded i am sad to say there would be more tragic times then joyful ones. i just ask that the next time people feel like blaming the doctor/ midwife just think how it feels to hear women say you push them, runied their birth /lives when all you ever did was help make sure that the mum got her baby ….

glad i got that off my chest x

CelebBabyLover on

Whatever- I think the reason people are curious about why she isn’t breastfeeding is because she said earlier that she planned to. For my part, I simply feel bad for her if indeed she was unable to breastfeed like she wanted to.

JessicaC on

Heyley, I agree with you 100%-thank you for saying that. Women have lost faith in their health care providers and think that they know better. I didn’t know everyone who’s had a baby is suddenly an OB. That has got to be extremely frustrating for midwives:) As far as taking pictures for money? I’m not ashamed to say it, but if someone offered me thousands for a simple picture of my newborn, heck yes I’d do it-then i’d stick it right in a 509 account-that kids going to have to go to college isnt he?! It’s not like she sold his foreskin, geez ladies, these “Im a prefect mother acts” are getting old…

cd on

Did any of you people think she was induced because the baby was getting to big to deliver thru the vagina.

CelebBabyLover on

cd- I think that very well might be the reason. πŸ™‚

hayley- Just to be clear, I was not referring to midwives in my comment. It was doctors I was referring to. In fact, if I were ever to get pregnant, I would seriously consider going to a midwife, partially because they tend to have lower C-section rates than doctors. πŸ™‚

JessicaC- I see your point, but sometimes you DO have to be your own advocate when it comes to your health. Doctors don’t ALWAYS know best, nor do they always make the best choices. Put it this way, I was very sick as a toddler, and had it not been for my parents being my advocates when it came to my health, I most likely would not be here today!