Bethenny Frankel Finds Baby Belly 'Liberating'

12/15/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
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Being four months pregnant hasn’t slowed down Bethenny Frankel one bit.

She’s shooting The Real Housewives of New York City, will set out on tour to promote her new book, The Skinnygirl Dish, and just finished filming her first exercise DVD.

Over the weekend, Bethenny, 39, took time out on the NYC set of her Skinnygirl workout video to show off her baby bump and chat with Life & Style about the pregnancy!

Congratulations! Are you super excited?

BF: I’m really excited. I’m starting to show a little bit. I don’t fit in my pants — it’s very liberating. Now I believe that I’m pregnant.

Have you gained a lot of weight?

BF: Five or six pounds, but they’re right in my stomach.

A lot of people think being pregnant is one giant binge, but you should check yourself before you wreck yourself.

I’m not changing the way I eat. If I eat chocolate cake at lunch, I try not to have it after dinner.

By no means is it dieting, but I’m trying to maintain some sort of balance because I’ll have to deal with it later. I’m actually thinking of writing a pregnancy book. There’s no reason to gain 75 pounds.

Have there been any complications because of your age?

BF: I had a scare. I had a big blood clot before three months. It was very scary. I was on bed rest.

Do you feel like this is a miracle baby?

BF: Absolutely a miracle. I’m not young, and I run around like a maniac. I always wanted to have kids, but I thought I’d wind up adopting or freezing my eggs. I didn’t think it would just happen at my age.

Did I plan the pregnancy? No. Did I want it? Yes. I felt like there was something huge missing in my life that I hadn’t experienced yet.

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Crissy on

I find the 75 lb comment a little rude. My sister gained 75lbs and ate very healthy and exercised. She was also underweight which may have contributed of course. Now she is back to 120 and had a 8lb baby. Oh well to each their own.

Whitney on

Congrats to her – I’ll drink a “skinny girl” cocktail to celebrate

Mazel Tov!!!

Anna on

All babies are blessings, and best wishes for a wonderful life. But I find her (personally) to be cloying and very annoying. If she were off the radar tomorrow, I wouldn’t notice or miss her.

Sandra on

I hope she gains a healthy amount of weight for the sake of the baby and his/her development.

nicole on

I dont think she meant the 75 lbs thing to be rude. I understand what you’re saying though. some people, regardless of diet gain that sort of weight during pregnancy. Water weight is a big part of it too. But, there are some who truly believed “eat for two,” and don’t realize that the baby will get what it needs from you as long as youre eating normally. And that also contributes to heavy weight gain during pregnancy. I have been lucky (heck, I have even over-ate sometimes), and have only gained 20 with each pregnancy. She’s already gained 5-6 pounds, which is normal and healthy for her size at this stage.

graciesmom on

I agree with Nicole. Every pregnancy is different therefore the amount of weight a woman gains varies from person to person. In certain situations, even if a woman maintains a healthy diet, she gains more weight. As long as both she and the child are healthy, the pounds are merely numbers.

What I took from the comment was that some women think that because they are pregnant, they can eat whatever they want without limits. Eating for two does not mean eating twice as much as what you usually consume.

Jessicad on

She’s exactly right though. It may come off rude but she’s telling the truth. All women should maintain a healthy lifestyle when pregnant, that’s when it would be most important. I have friends who gained more than that and still haven’t lost it and it’s been years since they were pregnant. Treat yourself and your desires, but don’t binge because it’s not healthy. I wasn’t exactly healthy when I got pregnant, I ate pizza, french fries and burgers, drank beer and wine often etc, so I lost weight in my first trimester and only ending up gaining 25 lbs overall. I listened to my body telling me to eat healthy and treat myself occasionally or eat healthier sweets. I got so used to that lifestyle that I still do it today, combine that with chasing a 2 year old and I’m 15 lbs lighter than I was before I was pregnant!

I just think this country has such a problem with obesity and it’s getting so out of control. I know this girl will get slammed for her interview, but really think about what she’s saying because I think it’s a positive thing!

Allison on

Jessicad- almost every comment that you make I agree with 100%! Do you live in Houston? You would be a mom I would want to get coffee with!

Shelby on

I absolutely LOVE Bethenny and am so excited for her pregnancy, what an incredible blessing and especially one she wasn’t expecting. I wish her all of the best in the future and cannot wait for the show to be back on and follow her pregnancy. How cute is that belly?!

Props to Bethenny for speaking out about having a healthy pregnancy and not “wrecking” yourself. I know exactly what she meant by her comment so let’s not take it out of context. She was simply referring to women who get pregnant and let go, eating whatever and justify it by being pregnant.

Absolutely beautiful Beth, I’m so excited!!

Julie on

I’m glad to see I’ve never seen one episode of any of these dreadful looking Housewives show. So this woman has been pregnant for all of 4 months and she’s already a huge expert and going to write a pregnancy book! Give me a break. I wish her well in her pregnancy but it drives me crazy when these “celebrities” have a kid and suddenly they are the ultimate experts..

JessicaC on

Meow Julie, perhaps she was referring to writing a pregnancy cookbook-She’s not just a “celebrity” she is a chef afterall and a best selling author…

Electra on

I actually like bethenny a lot. She’s funny and honest a straight shooter.

ecl on

I wish there would be no one reality tv. I’m sick of people becoming famous for nothing and then we all have to hear about them.

J on

Thank you, Julie. I know this woman has a lot of fans, but gosh is she off-putting. Is she an authority to talk at just four months pregnant with a stomach that looks like my non-pregnant one after a big meal on how much weight a woman is supposed to gain? I’d like to see her know-it-all self at the end of her pregnancy if she only gains 20 lbs eating crackers and drinking water and after she delievers a healthy baby. Then I’d want to read her book and hear her never-ending opinions. Maybe. She has so much to say about everyone else and their life: Jon Gosselin, Michael Jackson, pregnant woman weight gain, and a whole bunch of other topics I can’t think of right now.

Jessicad on

Thanks Allison!! I’m in Alabama, if you ever head this way let me know, and vice versa! 🙂

J, I agree that she doesn’t know much about pregnancy yet and she may be singing a different tune at the end of it when her body is telling her to eat an entire pan of brownies 15 minutes, but at least she’s starting off positive! She probably should’ve started the interview with something other than check youself before you wreck yourself if she wants to relate to hormonal pregnant women or women who have been pregnant.

Courtney on

it’s also depends on what the woman weighed before she became pregnant anyway her height and how her body Carries pregnancy

for instance my mother at 5’3″ carried her two successful pregnancies big gained about 65 lbs with each of myself and my brother plus about 15 from a miscarried pregnancy after I was born and didn’t lose all the baby weight till my brother was about age 3 so I can see where Mrs Frankel is coming from

congrats to bettheny and her fiance on impending parenthood

acidstars9 on

It does depend on the woman- some women gain more or less and that’s fine…but unfortunately there is some truth to what she is saying. I recently read an article that said women nowadays are gaining too much weight during pregnancy. A lot of those women were already overweight, and still gained too much weight during their pregnancies.
I think she is making a statement about the fact that everyone thinks when you’re pregnant you’re supposed to just eat whatever and pig out on everything, when in actuality you only need an extra 300 calories or something. It is unfortunate that this country has such a terrible relationship with food that we have not only an obesity problem, but now when a woman wants to eat healthy during her pregnancy and not gain too much weight, there apparently is something “wrong” with that.

Shirese Franklin on

Not a fan of the housewife shows but I like Bethenny. She is the only one I like. As a person who just lost 115 lbs, I do not take offense to her comment yet agree she might have a different perspective later.

carys on

oh please. this is just annoying. i am so sick of people making rude comments about other people’s weight or weight gain and trying to disguise it under the cover of concern for their health. She is merely yet another neurotic NY chick TERRIFIED of FAT.

there are actually a LOT of reasons why a person would gain 75 pounds during a pregnancy (gestational diabetes, pre-eclempsia or even morning sickness… some women have to eat constantly or they violently throw up). I gained 65 pounds or more with each pregnancy and I ate pretty normal food but did not exercise as i felt like DEATH until the 6-7 month point… and by that stage i figured the horse had bolted. BUT I was back to my pre-preganancy size 2 self within 2 months of each birth and never had a stretch mark or anything else. Basically, my body did what it wanted/needed to do and i went with that and ended up with a healthy baby and a healthy me.

Very very glad i didn’t “check myself” before i “wrecked myself” to use her annoying phrase.

Mrs.B on

I love Bethenny, she is funny and smart.
She was famous before the Housewaves show. She was a runner up on the Apprentice: Martha Stewart and she is very well known natural food chef in NY.
I’m sure her comment about writing a pregnancy book is more about healthy eating during pregnancy… or at least this is how i understood her comment.

I can’t wait for the new season of the show.

mrsh on

acidstars9 – Great comment! I know so many women who have went crazy with eating during pregnancy. Some were thin to start and now carry a lot of extra weight, and some were already overweight, or even obese, pre-pregnancy and now have even more health problems to worry about. I didn’t have a choice in what my pregnancy diet would be, due to gestational diabetes. I had to maintain a strict diet for the sake of my daughter and only gained 20 lbs. My daughter was 7 lbs. and completely healthy. I think it’s just important for mom and baby to be healthy, whatever the weight.

Shelby on

Please, I find the majority of these comments obnoxious particularly the ones making comments about Bethenny’s own weight or “insecurities”. Anyone who actually took the time to read her book would have a different opinion and not feel the need to bash her. From the way Bethenny grew up, battling eating disorders she has come an incredibly long way to develop a healthy relationship with food. I am so sick of people thinking she doesn’t eat or you can’t have sweets. Her book and “healthy eating” (she hates the word diet because it’s synomous with restriction) are fantastic. You want doughnuts for breakfast? Great but now balance it with a vegetable lunch and minimal sugars for the rest of the day. You can taste everything, not eat everything. Half of these women are just jealous that they didn’t follow proper eating and exercise for the health of their baby like Bethenny is. Her book has been an absolute godsend and I’m so appreciative, can’t wait for her cookbook and I’m sure her pregnancy book (if she writes it) would be about how to maintain a healthy pregnancy intermixed with her hillarious blurbs.

All in all, she looks fabulous and I couldn’t be happier for her. Those who say gaining 75 pounds is normal are just kidding themselves. Any doctor in their right mind knows that a healthy, balanced diet during pregnancy with exercise should have the average woman gain about 25-40 pounds per pregnancy. Don’t start a war I know there are exceptions to the rule but it should NOT be the majority. Gaining 75+ pds during a pregnancy is NOT the norm and should not be accepted as such; all in all everyone is responsible for their own weight gain and subsequent loss. There’s a reason our country is obese and we need to wake up.

Lastly, Bethenny isn’t just some “reality” star. Unlike Khloe Khardashian who has a name to live up to Bethenny worked extremely hard to become one the greatest, most recognized food chefs, create a brand and nutritious treats. She is extremely hard-working, driven women who deserves respect. Simply, congrats Bethenny, at least a few of us are excited for you!

Doak on

It seems like the baby crazy continues with no end in sight.

Sabrina on

i really like bethenny and her book “naturally thin” is awesome. i appreciate her honesty here.

Julie on

I didn’t realize she was a chef so perhaps her book would be focused on healthy eating during pregnancy as some of the later comments mentioned. But she is still known as a reality star as I doubt very much we’d be hearing anything about her if she wasn’t a “real housewife.” We’ll see what kind of tune she is singing at the end stages of her pregnancy. All that matters is a healthy baby.

Jennifer on

I agree, this woman is off-putting, to say the least, but I do agree with her that gaining 75 lbs. during pregnancy is unnecessary unless there are certain conditions that (under a doctors orders) would warrant that type of weight gain. Seems to me the norm to gain for a single pregnancy would be within the 25-40 lb. range, and I think that would be sufficient for 90% of expecting women on the planet. BUT I’m not a doctor, that’s just my thought on the matter.

Aimee on

Yeah she is right but she should probably not saying anything about weight since she has a long way to go. I was in my pre-baby jeans until my 8th month and then all of a sudden I gained a lot. Maybe wait until you slide on your pre-baby jeans at the hospital before you say anything Bethanny.

ecl on

If she has a career, why is she on a show called Real Housewives?

christina on

I’m happy for her, and I find her candor about not gaining an excess amount of weight during pregnancy refreshing. Sorry, but it’s NOT healthy to gain 75 lbs. No way.

Mrs.B on

ecl, according to wiki “the intent of the show is to reveal the lifestyles of relatively affluent women and their families living in New York. With the exception of LuAnn de Lesseps, the women all have active careers”.

I have the feeling that the NY housewives are on the show mainly to promote their businesses.

Diana on

I’m sorry but I see nothing wrong with her comment about not gaining 75 lbs. I would be very surprised if any doctor told a patient it was healthy to gain 75 lbs unless it was more than one baby. (or if the patient was very underweight to start with) I don’t care what another mother gains during her pregnancy but don’t get all in arms about a comment when you know that is not a normal weight to gain.
I really like Bethanney and I am very happy for her on her pregnancy. It sounds like something she really wanted and that she wasn’t sure if it would ever happen for; its refreshing to see a celebrity that realizes that getting pregnant over 35 isn’t necessarily going to be easy and be a given. I think far too many celebrities give everyone else the wrong impression that you can get pregnant at any age and it will be easy; unless there is medical intervention sometimes that isn’t the case!

Shoba Garnett on

Congratulations to Bethenny!! I have always loved her on the show, I absolutely understand her and see nothing negative about her comments. I especially support her since that “Bimbo” can’t even remember her name on the Real housewives show told her quote”this is me and this is you.” Unquote. Bethenny is a very intelligent woman!! All the best to her.

Blue on

@Shoba…that was Kelly Killorian Bensimon. Bethenny is abrasive but she’s fun to watch on the show. Plus she is far and away more intelligent than Kelly.

C23 on

I agree with her – 75 lbs is far too much to gain during pregnancy…actually its alot to gain no matter what; baby or not and would take a tremendous toll on your health/body.

I am assuming the ones up in arms over this are more than likely overweight themselves or they wouldn’t get so sensitive from the comment.

Sometimes the truth hurts….

ctl on

I found this whole article disturbing, and, after reading in one of the comments that she battled eating disorders as a girl, it all made sense. Clearly she still has body image issues. If she writes a pregnancy book, it will only contribute to problems that girls and women in our society already face, related to fears of gaining weight and the obsession to be skinny and perfect, even during pregnancy. If she has a daughter, I’m worried that the girl will not grow up with a healthy attitude about body image either. I know so many women who are criticized by their own mothers about pregnancy weight gain and post-partum weight loss.

And, no, I’m not offended because I’ve struggled with pregnancy weight gain myself. I had a super-healthy pregnancy during which I exercised (ran, even) up until the day I gave birth, and gained (then lost) a normal amount of weight. I don’t know how much because I didn’t pay attention to the actual number of pounds. I just listened to my body, ate healthy foods as much as possible, and ate when I was hungry. I’ve always been relatively thin, but I would never gloat about it or chastise women who gain weight more easily than I do. I think that is tasteless.

Mitta on

I can understand why she made the weight comment but I can understand why she would be offended too. My friend gained 80 pounds, yes 80!! And she teaches aerobics class, runs, eats super healthy, has a trainer for a husband, but it just happened….no gestational diabetes either.. some people just gain quite a bit of weight.

CelebBabyLover on

ctl- Like some other posters have said, she’s a chef, so perhaps the book will actually be a pregnancy cook-book! 🙂

ellen on

The 75 pound comment was right on. I work in a labor room and nobody should gain 75lbs, its not healthy. If you eat healthy during pregnancy you will not gain 75lbs.

Sali on

what does she mean she didn’t plan it? she’s been dating the guy for 6 months. if she wasn’t using birth control, she either planned it or tricked him.

also, re the 75 pounds – as people said, each pregnancy is different. some women throw up for so long they can’t gain any weight. some are just hungry a lot.