Kourtney Kardashian Welcomes Son Mason Dash

12/14/2009 at 12:45 PM ET
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It’s a boy for Kourtney Kardashian!

The reality star delivered son Mason Dash Disick on Monday morning, December 14th at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, Calif., a source confirms to PEOPLE. The baby boy weighed in at 7 lbs., 6 oz and measured 19.5 inches long.

This is the first child for Kourtney, 30, and boyfriend Scott Disick, who announced the pregnancy in August. Kourtney’s due date was December 23rd.

The birth was first reported by E! News and Life & Style in a joint statement.

Click here to take a look back at Kourtney’s maternity style!

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Lynn on

Congratulations to Kourtney and Scott! Mason is a nice name.

Kate on


Sam on

Congrats!! Love the name.

Just K on

Congrats to them!

Isn’t their store named Dash? (wow, kind of embarassed I know that). I wonder if the name is some reference to that…

Forever Moore on

Love the name! Congrats to her

DianeC on

That’s too funny…I’m sitting here right now watching Keeping up with the Kardashians from last night. Congrats to them! Like the name.

marimel on

Cute name, congrats to them!

Erin on

Dash is short for Kardashian. It’s kind of cute, I think.

Anthea on

I love that she chose dash for the middle name

Tam on

How is Disick pronouced anyway?

Megan on

Congratulations to Kourtney and Scott–I really like the name…it goes very well together and I bet he’s adorable =)) Congrats to the new family =))

whitney on

I think the Dash refers to her last name KarDASHian. And Mason is a cute name…

well wishes to her

Lynda on

Congratulation Kourtney on the new baby!

babsi on

congratulations to her and welcome to the little boy

Sofialynn on

Congratulations to Kourtney and Scott !!!! I love the middle name Dash it’s super cute.

The one questions I have is, how come in the last few weeks all the celeb moms have gone into labour 1-2 weeks before their due date? They must either have c sections or inductions right?

Vanessa on

Congrats and I love the name!

KC on

Love the name Mason! That’s one of our top choices for a boy. I bet he’s adorable!

Sarah on

Love the name!

Sandra on

Wow, I’m surprised that it’s such a nice and to me normal name.
I love the name. And congrats to Kourtney and Scott.

Emily on

I think the name is okay, not that popular but not at all weird. I’m sure he’s beautiful. I’m betting she had a scheduled c-section.

Nicole on

Love name. It’s a great reference to both the store and her last name. Congratulations Kourtney & Scott!

sat on

Sofialynn, first-time babies can come early too, but your theory probably has merit, unfortunately…

Lily on

Go Kourtney!
I was 7lb 6oz too, many years ago lol.

Sofialynn im not a mom yet but many things can happened for someone to deliver a little early
Wrong prediction of birthdate
Water breaking early
Something caused the doctors to worry a little
We dont know but Kourtneys sister said on a radio she thought she was going into labor a few days ago

All Women Stalker on

Already? Haha

Congrats to them! Love the name, too. πŸ™‚


Tiger Lily on

@Sofialynn- My understanding is that the expected due date is often an educated guess. If you don’t know the exact date of conception- and I’m guessing Kourtney didn’t because Mason was unplanned- then the doctor kind of has to figure out the due date based on other factors.

Anyway, congrats to them. Not a fan of this family at all, but it’s pretty clear that this child will have a loving extended family and doting aunts and uncles.

JessicaC on

Sofialynn, I believe that Kourtney and Kendra both said their due dates were moved up. Besides, lots of women deliver 1 to 2 weeks early without a cesarean or induction…

kirsty on

They might of done Sofialynn, they might of just gone into spontanious labour aswell. I gave birth to my son 6 days before my due date x

MaryAnne on

Congrats to them. Mason is a wonderful name, I just put my Mason down for a nap!

Devon on

Congratulations to Kourtney, Scott and the Kardashian/Jenner/Disick families! I love the name!!! I wasn’t expecting Mason, but it goes well with Disick. Love that she threw Dash in there. I hope to have part of my last name as my children’s middle names. A great way to incorporate Mum’s name into it all.

soon2bmomof2 on

Congrats to Kourtney and Scott!!! Great name choice!!

To answer Sofialynn…… a due date is just an estimate. Anytime after 37 weeks a woman is considered full term. While some people deliver before their due date because of scheduled c-section or induction, that’s not always the case. Most (key word, MOST) but not all first babies are usually 7-10 days late if allowed to come on their own, however not always. One of my friends was 3 weeks early with her first baby and 2 weeks late with her second. Both were considered to have fallen during the normal 37-42 weeks of full term gestation. Also, depending on how soon the pregnancy was determined, it can be tricky to “guess” an actual due date. The standard determination is 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle…. however, that’s based on a woman with a 28 day cycle who ovulates approximately 14 days after their menstrual cycle began. Not everyone has a “regular” cycle or ovulates exactly 14 days into their cycle. The best way to determine an accurate due date, is to have a sonogram done between weeks 6-10, as babies all grow at an almost identical rate during those first weeks after conception. If someone did not have an early ultrasound, a due date could easily be off by up to 2-3 weeks!!

Hope that helps!! Congrats again to Kourtney and Scott and healthy baby Mason!!

Lola Marie on

Congratulations Kourtney and baby Mason! I love the name.

H on

Yeah! although i’m not a big fan of the name Mason, i glad the chose a normal name. I hope that this baby will have a great life.

Katie on

Kourtney said on Twitter a few days ago that her due date was Dec. 23. I love the name Mason!

Taylor on


Brooklyn on

Yay! Congratulations to Kourtney & Scott. I absolutely love the name! πŸ™‚

shirab on

omg i was not expecting that name at all!! i love the name mason though!!! dash is also very cute and a great way to incorporate her name!!i had a feeling today was going to be her day and i kept checking cbb all morning waiting for an anouncement!! congrats kardashian/jenner/disick family!!!

Mia on

Aw, the baby is here. The name choice is a total different direction than I thought they would go in, but it’s a cute name.

I bet baby boy is beautiful. Congrats to the whole family.

Electra on

When the name is said Mason DASH Disick it sounds like you’re implying that there’s a hyphen between Mason and Disick. Mason a respectable name kinda trendy tho. Congrats to them both and congrats to all of us who don’t have to hear every gory detail of her pregnancy anymore.

Janine on

mason’s a cute name. i like the reference to her family in the middle name…my only issue with it is that his name sounds like a hyphenated last name….Mason-Disick.

celia on

CONGRATS to the whole family….love the name!

when i had my son he was due may 21st and i had him on the first of may….i was full term..

Melissa on

Congrats! The name is adorable!

Renee on

aw, i like Dash because of her store/last name!

Allie-Rose on

I’m not a fan of the Kardashians but congratulations to Kourtney and Scott and welcome to baby Mason. Cute name;

Jane on

ugh. Mason. Well, it’s better than a Sparrow or Pilot Inspektor.

Jessicad on

I really like the name! Congrats to them, they seem like such a cute couple, can’t wait to see him.

mrsh on

I had my daughter two weeks before my due date. No induction or c-section. She is my first and only child. Due dates are just guesses.

LB on

MaryAnne- I just put my Mason down for a nap too!:) Great name isn’t it? Good choice Kourtney and congrats!!

anna on

congrats to kourtney and scott and i love the name!!!!!!!!

erin h on

Wow!!!! How exciting! I knew she would not make it to her due date. And I love that name. Mason Dash, that’s creative but not over the top. I love it! Congrats to them.

me on

while all the explanations of going into labor early due to various causes are true, the fact that she delivered early on a Monday morning (start of the work week) is suggestive of either scheduled c-section or an induction.

J.D. on

I love the name and I’m pleasantly surprised by their choice.

Benigna Marko on

Congratulations to both happy parents.
Benigna Torviso-Marko

jessiloree on

I find “ugh” to be the rudest word in the English language..it is almost like you are disgusted by the choice of name. Who cares it’s not your child I would rather hear a unique name than a Jane or Bob any day

Lady on

OMG YAY!! I’m so happy for the family, what a great Christmas surprise!! Kourtney was tweeting all night while watching the show, she must have literally had him right when it ended, lol! Love the name Mason too, can’t wait to see the pics!!

JMO on

Although I’m not a fan of Mason it’s nice to see a “normal” name for a baby!! Congrats!

Xan on

Sounds like Mason Dixon πŸ™‚

Natasha on

Some of you WOULD assume she had a scheduled c-section *eye roll*. Even if she did, does having a C-section make you less of a mother? I think absolutely NOT. I don’t understand why people care so much how a baby was born. Mason was inside Kourtney and now he’s out. End of story.

graciesmom on

Dawn, I highly doubt that’s true.

As for the earlier arrival, as many have said, a due date is only an estimation. My daughter was born exactly two weeks before her due date. No induction or c-section. I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant with my second and interested to see if this baby will be early, too.

Sofialynn on

Me – That’s what I thought that she may of opted for a c section or early induction. Since Christmas is right around the corner, most women want their little ones out early. I am due Christmas Day with our second, but am having a c section on Friday. I just read a article from a OB based out of Los Angeles, that most celebrity patients ask for early deliveries. It’s because of their schedules, and to have control over their privacy. I can totally understand that. The only down side is the baby isn’t ready to come yet, there is a reason why most doctors don’t do early inductions.

Megan on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the name! I love how she incorporated a part of her family name that’s also recognizable to those who watch her show. So cute!

LL65 on


robinepowell on

Mason is a nice name. Old fashioned but normal. πŸ˜‰

urbanadventurertales on

Congrats to Kourtney and Scott! I hope the family can all come together drama-free to celebrate πŸ™‚
And as far as celebs being induced early, I think some are, but after 37 weeks you’re considered full-term and her baby was at a good weight to be delivered early.
My twins were born at 37 weeks via c-section. I did not go into labor but the doctor thought they were at a good weight to be delivered. I wish I would’ve waited another week b/c my one son had to be in the NICU for 5 days due to fluid in his lungs. So even doctors can mis-judge when making that call.

Me on

My daughter was born at 38 weeks and 3 days – she came naturally. At my 38 week appointment, I was dialated to 2cm, 90% effacted, and she was at a zero station. Few days later I started having contractions and then my water broke. My daughter was born a healthy 7lbs 5.4 oz. and 19 inches. She is now a thriving 19 month old little girl.

She’s far enough along that she can have a healthy baby without an induction. Due dates are often guesses, anyways. Besides, babies will come when they are ready, period.

nicole on

I am no less a mother just because I had an induction. I was induced because NOTHING was happening. also, Im having an induction on wednesday with my second. my husband doesnt get paid time off and I chose to have my child at 39 weeks gestation (37 is considered full term), so that my husband would absoloutley have no problem being there at the birth of our son.

You people really need to get a grip. People go into early labor all the time. Its ALWAYS something. Can’t you ever be happy about a happy, healthy baby, rather than assume the worst? After all, I dont think any one of you know anything about these women’s daily lives and what actually goes on, so you have NO idea how it went down.

Congrats Kourt!

Stephany on

I love all the speculation that goes into these comments. Sometimes, it’s worse than a gossip magazine! But Kourtney deciding to have her child early because Kendra had her baby? Well, that just takes the cake! I mean, really?!

Anyway, cute name! I love it! I have a Mason in my preschool and was never a fan of the name before him. It’s a cute name and I think the whole name flows (although it does sound like you’re saying Mason-Disick!)

fay on

sofialynn, per a friend of mine who’s in the industry

MOST of them go in abt a week or two before the due date because (for whatever reason) THAT’S when those HORRIBLY ugly stretch marks come in… and i don’t know that that’s what kourtney did, but i DO know that britney went in for that reason, and quite a few others…

i can ALSO attest to the fact that i had NO belly stripes until i was 38 weeks.. but i elected to wait until my girl decided she was done cooking…

Erin on

I wouldn’t put it past her that she had her doctor induce her early, and not for Christmas or privacy issues but because of stretch marks and good old vanity. Kourtney was obviously having issues with her weight gain and therefore likely could have convinced her doctor to have her deliver early.

I am due Jan 4 and I asked my doctor if I were late would he induce me AFTER my due date, the only reason for this being that my cousin is visiting from across the country and will only be here until the 9th and is desperate to be here for the birth. He was pretty clear that he wouldn’t induce until two weeks after for the baby’s sake. But let’s face it, celebrities believe they are above the rest of us and can always get what they want; I bet she could get her doctor to induce her early.

Isabella on

I’m confused…people are convinced she had an elective c-section or induction just because she had her baby a week early and on a Monday? Um, okay. Genius reasoning there, lemme tell ya. Due dates are just estimates. Apparently only 4% of babies arrive on the day they’re “supposed” to. Y’all are reaching for the stars here…

Anyway, congratulations to Kourtney. Mason…what a nice, normal name.

Jess from Ohio on

I really like the name Mason! I bet he is a very handsome little guy. I also like that Dash is the middle name. It has ties to family name/store. Congrats to them!

Electra on

Stretch marks can come in even after the babies born from the sudden weight loss. A lot of women have experienced stretchmarks from puberty. I honestly dont’ see what the big deal is, if you’ve made it to 37 weeks why put up with the discomfort if you don’t have to? I’m not saying get a c-section, but nothing wrong with inducing labor. Women will be catty about anything.

Milla on

thats a great name πŸ™‚

Jennifer on

Congrats to the whole family. I LOVE their show and I know that the whole family is beyond excited about this new baby boy. He will be much loved!!!

Allison on

the baby is only a week early, why does that mean she got a c-section or induction? how many of you had your babies on your actual due date. geez, some people are really out to accuse the celebrity moms of anything.
can’t wait to see pics of the baby!

orioncbb on

Kourtney said in an interview a month or two ago that she was considering the name Mason….so it shouldn’t have come as a shock to anyone.

I’m kinda over the name “Mason”. There seems to be alot of kids being named that recently – but I never got the appeal of the name. I’m not a big fan of Dash either, but at least it is a homage to Kourt. I just hope when Mason grows up, he doesn’t go by Dash Disick.

What matters is that Scott and Kourtney like the name, and that the name fits their son.

Kate on

I honestly would would refuse to be induced. Pitocin can cause some nasty contractions while leading to interventions like forceps, and some doctors believe it can raise the risk of autism(not yet proven). I’d have a c-section before I’d allow an iduction. Of course my first choice would be to wait it out so I could have a water birth using the hypnobabies method.

Patricia on

I think it’s sad to see such negativity on a post about a birth. He was a week early…so what? Like others have said above, due- dates are estimates, they aren’t written in stone. It’s so dumb to accuse her of being vain because of this, get over it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when ever I see a Kourtney post I expect to see drama on the comments section ALWAYS. I guess I was just hoping people would put it aside for a birth announcement! Oh well…

Congrats to Kourtney and Scott! The Kardashian/Disick/Jenner family is going to have such a special Christmas with the addition of this little guy πŸ™‚

Shannon on

Me, I’m a little curious as to where you got the impression a MOnday am delivery meant a section or induction? I have had 2 sections, and both were scheduled for Thursday and Friday, b/c where I live, the docs and hospitals only do scheduled sections on those days.

Congrats to Kourtney! I love the name, I had a friend recently name her son Mason!

Sarah on

I like the name! Congrats to the whole family!

Lola on

How about the fact she was twittering last night… and gave birth just hours after.

E.D on

I love the name! It’s not as ‘out there’ as I thought they would go, and I thought that it would be something Robert!

Mandy on

Congrats to the family! I wonder if she was in labor when the show premiered lol.

How is this family famous again? I don’t know.

Mommyof3 on

Congratulations to the entire family! I am positive little Mason will be loved and spoiled dearly! LOL BTW I think “Dash” is a cute middle name, it signifies the family and I am sure their Dad would be proud!

As for the debate going on between induction vs. natural give me a break people. I had my oldest at 37 weeks, I was induced (ohhh no, not indced!!) because it was detramental to keep her inside any longer. My second baby was born at 36 weeks, my water broke at home and I started contractions, 12 hrs later he was here! My youngest was induced and I can’t wait to hear the greif I will be given over her arrival. I went to my OB at 39 weeks 4 days and said “strip my membranes I am DONE” and viola, I was stripped and 2 days later she arrived. I can imagine all the faces and nasty names I am being called right about now…but…I don’t care. My family is MY family to worry about and your family is yours. As long as baby and Mom are happy and healthy that is all that should matter!!!!

meghan on

hmm – cedars typically does their inductions on sundays and their scheduled c-sections on fridays. maybe she did go into spontaneous labor.

Melanie on

Lola (and everyone else debating the induction/c-setion),
What does that have to do with anything? she can’t twitter as she’s having contractions? Or since she was twittering, she HAD to have had a c-section or induction scheduled…is there logic there? Not really. My sister had my niece 2 months ago…her water broke at 9:13 and my niece was delivered at 9:23…it’s a good thing she was already at the hospital! My sister also delivered my nephew within an hour of her water breaking…some people just have quick deliveries. That could be Kourtney’s case…why make assumptions unless you know?? I just don’t get it.

Liliana on

Congrats to Kourtney and Scott! I’m sure Mason’s adorable.

As for the birth, who cares? Right now, all of these comments are strictly speculation. If she did have a c-section or was induced, so what? There are a multitude of ways a woman can give birth. The beauty of it all is that it is her decision.

I had a natural birth with both of my sons. My eldest was born three weeks early and my youngest was born two weeks before his due date. One of my friends scheduled an induction a week and a half before her daughter was born. Her parents were visiting from India and were expected to return home on the baby’s due date. Just because we chose differnt birth plans does not mean either one of us is less of a mother.

It’s amazing how judgemental people can be. Just because a woman doesn’t give birth the way you would doesn’t mean you should be critical of her. It’s unnecessary and there’s no basis behind it.

ritter on

Melanie, sometimes your water breaks way before having the baby, and sometimes it breaks at 10cm when it’s time to push, and sometimes it never does so they break it for you so can begin pushing. I don’t know what Kourtney’s labor was like, just good to hear everyone is doing well. Celebrities a lot of times also say their due date is a few weeks later than it actually is in the hopes to buy some privacy around the due date.

Catca on

Congrats to the new parents! It sounds as though the baby is healthy so wonderful news! I love the name Mason for him, just not sure about the middle name. Is advertising for your store really appropriate for a baby name??? In any event, the name of the store doesn’t sound bad as a name so it’s not as bad as some of the goofy names people stick their kids with and this one is a middle name.

Blue on

It is no one business but Kortney’s if she was induced or had a planned c-section. Seriously people mind your own business!! It doesn’t make her any more or less of a mother regarding how her child was birthed. She has the right to choose her personal birth experience without judgement from the holier then thou’s.

Jennifer on

I like his name, it’s more traditional than what I thought they would go with.

ecl on

The reason people care about how she gave birth is that there is a lot of evidence that inductions complicate labor leading to increasing interventions. And c-sections are major surgery that also have health risks attached. New evidence shows that babies just born at 37 – full term – are at risk for developmental delays. The reason that this issue is up for debate and is not just a private family matter is because it affects us all. Now women who DON”T want interventions have to fight them off because they have become the norm. And it’s a women’s health issue. So it’s fair game for discussion.

Iβ™₯CBB on

I ♥ the name. Mason Dash is ADORABLE!!! I can’t wait to see what he looks like. I think her naming him Dash is a great tribute to her family especially her late father. I know she probably had mixed emotions (as they always do when something important happens in their lives). I hope they find comfort in the fact that Robert is looking over and smiling on his family. I know he is EXTREMELY proud of the people they have become. CONGRATULATIONS KOURTNEY and Scott!!!

lulu on

congrats kourtney and scott on baby mason… cute name especially dash

Melanie on

That was exactly my point….

Iβ™₯CBB on

Catca-She isn’t advertising her store with her son’s middle name. It represents her last name. Instead of naming him Mason Kardashian Disick she just shortened it. I ♥ the name.

Allison on

Fay- I found your comment to be HORRIBLY rude! I have stretch marks after 2 kids. What are you trying to say- my body now is HORRIBLY UGLY?????
Anywho-Congrats to Kourtney and Scott! Cute baby name!

Larissa on

Congratulations to them both! Love the name Mason Dash; it’s normal yet quirky.

Hate the preposterous ideas going on in this commenting thread though.

She had a c-section because Kendra delivered Hank? What?! Just because they appeared in a few cover stories together doesn’t make them mommy-competitors. It honestly just means that neither of them are “A-list enough” to warrant their own cover all the time.

Oh, and I was born on a Thursday morning ten days before my due date. I was born naturally without an induction. You guys are paranoid.

Mandy on

I didn’t even think of Dash being in Kardashian at first. Duh! Haha

dickie on

I like Dash.

Lauren on

I am not surprised to see the whole “I wonder if she had a scheduled c-section” debate going on here, and honestly who cares? I understand that the increase in interventions is a heated topic, but maternal requested induction and c-section aren’t going anywhere. (believe me, I’m an L&D nurse and deal with it every day) I beleive that women should have the right to choose their method of giving birth (we can choose abortions right?)If you are absolutely certain that you don’t want to be pushed into an unecessary induction or section, than you as a woman need to make that choice known. If on the other hand, you wish to have a scheduled c-section at 39 or so weeks, you should also be given that choice, assuming that there are no health concerns otherwise. I really feel that it’s all about being educated, taking charge and being the advocate for your own health. No one should feel that they are being “pressured” into interventions simply because they are frequently utilized.

Mrs.B on

Congrats to Kourney and Scott on baby Mason Dash! Love the two names together.
I’m sure he is beautiful!

Kourthey has the right to decide how HER child is going to be born, the most important thing is that the baby and the mom are safe and happy!

marie on

Congratulations to Kourtney and Scott! I love the name and what a wonderful early Christmas gift!

Carolyn on

These are some of the most ridiculous comments I have seen on this board! Just because she’s a week early (which is not unusual), some of you assume she had a scheduled C section? That’s reaching. Who CARES if she was induced, or scheduled a C section, or delivered naturally, or pulled him out of her belly button. A healthy baby boy was brought into the world and that is something to celebrate!

Love the name, especially the Dash part. Cute! Congratulations to Kourtney and Scott!

Jessica on

Congrats to them both! I bet little Mason is a cutie, and if she did infact have an elective c-section, more power to her. I chose to have an elective c-section with my first, and will do so with my next in April. I guess some people don’t realize how common elective c-sections really are.

Shirese Franklin on

Congrats Kardashian/Disick family. I like Mason but if you named him Snotty and indeed induced/scheduled labor that would not be my business. Enjoy your beautiful child.

Gia on

Awwh congrats to kourtney and scott! Cute name too!
Wishing them all a lifetime of health and happiness and a fabulous first christmas with their beautiful son!

fuzibuni on

While many people here may think “who cares?” what kind of birth a celebrity has, it truly does matter because they influence public perception and ideas about birth.

I fully agree that women should be educated about birth and know what they want before going into labor. However, even the most well read woman can be swayed by a doctor’s opinion when she is in the hospital giving birth. If the doctor has a high record of performing c-sections, there is a good chance that they will convince the mother that it is necessary, even if it’s not.

If it’s true Courtney wanted a scheduled c-section, then that is her choice. But for many women, they do not make this choice. The doctor does. Most women do not feel comfortable questioning a doctor’s opinion while in labor, and if the doctor says “you need to be induced” or “time for pitocin” then most women will not argue, even if they didn’t want that to happen.

In other developed countries c-section rates are at 10-15%. However, in the United States the Caesarean rate has risen 48% in the last 10 years, and now over one third of babies in the US are born via c-section. Many US hospitals and doctors operate from a position of avoiding litigation rather than supporting natural birth. It is far “safer” for a doctor to cut a woman open than let them labor… and they have done a good job convincing the rest of America that c-sections are a perfectly normal way to give birth, when originally they were only done in extreme cases.

My apologies to those of you who have no interest in this topic and just want to read “congrats to the lovely couple.” carry on.

ericka on

I love the name….well not the last name lol but I love the name. They must really LOVE their store lol

Lara on


And no post 92, that’s not the reason some women constantly bring up the did she or didn’t she debate. They just want to gossip about the celeb who was too “lazy” to push. They are just that catty.

I honestly hope some of these people who are accusing all early or late celeb moms of c-sections and inducing don’t gossip about their pregnant friends or family the way they do here, it’s truly sad.

Mandy on

As to everyone who is so negative about a scheduled c-section… sometimes its better for the mother and not just convenience. Sometimes the baby is going to be too big and they decide to go ahead and induce and sometimes that does not work out and a c-section is warranted.

And then, sometimes women have underlying conditions that the public does not need to know about that warrant a c-section. My teacher in H.S. had a scheduled C-Section for whenever she went into labor. I don’t remember if she ever gave the exact reasons but yeah..

Aimee on

I wonder why Kourtney was saying her due date was December 23 when she was planning a scheduled c-section 14 December? Um I don’t know maybe because she DIDN’T schedule a c-section and the baby just came 9 days early.
Even if she did… who cares. Does it effect you or your perfect gold plated no-drug babies…no.

Kate on

I don’t think many people here have suggested it’s wrong to be induced or have a c-section. I think women should be able to make informed decisions about their births. I personally would never want to be induced, have an episiotomy, or forceps, but I would accept a c-section if need be. I think hypnobirthing/hypnobabies is a God send and Lamaze is BS. Some women are different. That is why birth plans are so important.

Liliana on

Fuzibuni, while I agree that some doctors are surgery happy, I don’t agree that Kourtney’s decision of how to deliver her child will affect others. If people are that easily persuaded to have a birth like a celebrity’s, perhaps they’re not mature enough to have a child.

Aimee on

Also Khloe said this on December 11: “She could literally give birth at any second. So our cell phones are on us at all times!”

Not something a family member expecting a scheduled c-section would say right??

Shelly Lockhart on

I am SO sick of everybody bashing c-sections. There are sometimes medical reasons for a c-section. I had to have one with my daughter, because I have fibroid tumors, and inducing was not working. My doctor and I decided for my and my daughters sake that a c-section was necessary. That does not make me any less of a mother than those who had vaginal deliveries. Congrats to Kourtney, Scott, and the whole family!

Mallory on

My mom had my oldest sister, her first child, ten days early, NATURALLY. People can go into labor early, even with their first child. In fact, my mom never made it to her due date with any of her kids. Seriously, people need to get a grip.

Congrats to Kourtney and Scott!

Jessica on

aww congrats!

christina on

Congrats; glad all seem to be well and healthy.
Two points: one, it’s common for celebs to “fib” about their due dates so they aren’t hounded when they leave for the hospital or in the final days. So it could be that she was 40 weeks and just told the later date publicly. Two, I think it’s a bit weird to use “Dash” for both your botique AND your son’s name. It’s a cute play on her last name, but she should have chosen either her business OR her kid to use it.

Sarah on

I absolutely love the name Mason, congratulations to Kourtney and Scott!

And for those saying she scheduled a C-Section, who cares if she did? Most first babies are delivered early, my brother was two weeks early, my sister was a week late and I was a week early. Chances of actually delivering on the estimated due date is incredibly rare. You do not know one thing about her and what her pregnancy is doing.

Oh and to the moron who suggested she had a C-section because Kendra had her baby, you are incredibly ignorant. If you actually think that, you need a serious reality check

acmommy on

Hello…..does anyone think that maybe celebrities don’t tell the world their REAL due dates!!!?? I’m sure they fudge on the due dates to try to throw off the paps.

Lena on

First off Congrats to the new parents Kourtney and Scott. I wish you two all the best with your little guy.

I have a questions for Lauren this is sort of the topic that’s been discussed here. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am so sick of being pregnant, I am sure most women at this point are. I asked my doctor if I could be induced early. He said absolutely not, he doesn’t believe in induction for convenience, let alone elective c sections. I went to get a second opinion and I got the same answer. Expect the second doctor wasn’t nice about it, she said that I only had 2 weeks left and basically suck it up. They won’t induce nor do c sections unless it’s medically necessary. So I am not sure where some of the posters have said it’s the mothers “choice” how she wants to deliver. I wish I had the choice but I clearly don’t.
So my questions for Lauren is since your a L&D nurse do you get a lot of requests from women wanting to be induced early? Is it more normal where you are? Since I have had no luck in my city. Apparently our doctors have to clear it with our L&D for a induction. Simply because of the lack of staff or bedding.

Maddy on

i like how she incorporated her last name into mason’s middle name. really cute and creative πŸ™‚

Lauren on

Does having a c-section make you any less of a person or a mother? No. I feel like that is what some women are suggesting, i can see how their comments can be hurtful and demeaning towards mothers who’ve had c-sections whether planned or unplanned.

Mandy on

Celebrities want to avoid paps when they are going to the hospital so a lot of the time they will give varying due dates to throw everyone off.

Jane on

Do you people have nothing better to do than count on a calendar that someone gave birth 9 days earlier than predicted. It’s called nature, if she did start labour naturally and if she had a scheduled C-section…LISTEN UP…as a Registered Nurse, they are always booked one week in advance and I can tell you that with a December 23rd due date that staff in hospitals goes down due to the holiday season so they squeeze in everything. If she wanted a C-section…her choice and/or her physician’s unless some of you have access to her medical records and know that she could give natural childbirth a chance (note the sarcasm). On a happier note, however the heck the little guy got here, he is healthy. Is that not what should be the main focus? How about you go spread some holiday cheer.

Pamela on

Isn’t their store named Dash?

JM on

congrats to them. the name mason is ok, and i really like dash as a middle name, cute! i hope all are happy and healthy.

Rye on

Congrats! Named my new puppy Mason a few months ago! πŸ™‚

Jessicad on

I’m sure we will see the story on their show or she will do an interview about her labor. Lighten up people! Some of you are acting like it makes you a better women if you go into labor naturally and that’s ridiculous! and I’m one who went into labor on my own!

ellie on

word of mouth here in LA is that she pushed for almost 4 hrs

Micheley on

I am so in love with this name. I think Mason is adorable, and I think that Dash is a wonderful name honor her family and father, without forcing her child to deal with two last names.
Congratulations Kourtney and Scot! I think they are going to be great parents.

Sabrina on

i love kourtney and scott and i ADORE the name they chose for their boy! congrats to them!

endermolla on

like like like

a on

Okay Kate, come down from your high horse! I don’t think there is anything wrong with pitocin. I was induced with my son after I was two weeks late and yes, it was rough, but no harder than a complete, natural delivery with my daughter. I think everyone on here is speculating too much. She had a baby boy with a cute name. Enough said!!!!

Mandy on

I can’t believe how this thread has turned. So ridiculous. People read wayyyyyyy too into things.

Elizabeth on

What a cute name! Congrats to her!

Anne on

I’m so sick of these debates! I was induced with my first child when she was a week late and I was suffering from a *horrible* pregnancy-induced rash and my blood pressure was starting to become an issue. My second child came all on his own, 15 days before his due date. Every woman/pregnancy/birth is different, so why are we wasting time speculating?

Holly on

Congrats! Its rude to speculate she had an induction. I went 2 weeks early with my first baby naturally. Maybe the same thing for her.
I like the name!

Kimberlee Chrisman on

I would be more interested in the home this baby will go
home to rather than how he arrived. Will it be stable? or full
of reality show drama. One can only wish the best for a beautiful
new baby.

Aussie Mum on

Wow…So many assumptions by so many people!! She was only just over a week early,So What! If she had a C-Section,So What. And if you really think that women will be influenced by a reality TV show’s birthing decision,that’s just silly and you need to get out more!!
By Far the most catty post,is the comment that Kourtney had a C-Section b/c of Kendra–Wow just Wow????
Also,they have a reality show so we will know soon enough details of the birth!
Congrats to them!!

CelebBabyLover on

When Kourtney and Kendra did that joint interview with US Magazine, they were asked how they planned to give birth. Both women said that they planned on having vaginal deliveries. Therefore, I doubt Kourtney had a planned C-section.

Larissa- I couldn’t agree more!

All of that said, congrats to Kourtney and Scott! Say what you will about the Kardashien’s, but I have no doubt this baby will be loved by his family. They seem to be a very close knit group, and have made no secret of how excited they were to be welcoming a grandchild/nephew!

Anna on

There is nothing wrong with being induced when neccesary or having a C-section when neccesary but to choose to have you baby born early is wrong in my opinion. Even if you think you made it to 37 weeks, if your baby is not coming out it is not ready to come out, give it some extra time.

I’m not saying anything about this girl as we don’t know what happened. Hope they are all in good health and enjoying the baby!

Shea on

Both Kourtney and Kendra are very tiny girls….(Kendra’s baby was over 9 pounds too, many tiny girls are not able to deliver. With my first child I was in labor for 26 hours and could not deliver her….I am just not able to deliver babies vaginally…my daughter was only 4Β½ pounds…I went into labor early and they couldn’t stop it and she was born but couldn’t deliver naturally. I was just happy to have a healthy baby, I didn’t care how she was birthed.
Fast forward 22 years and that child had her first baby, they only left my daughter in labor a bit over 4 hours and they took my grand-baby c-section as well. My daughter, who was built like me, wasn’t able to push her out either. My grand-daughter was a lot bigger than her mom was, she was 7 pounds 10 ounces.
I don’t know of any doctors that will schedule a first time mom that is healthy a c-section for no reason.
Why can’t everyone here on this board ever just be happy and joyful about the celeb. babies and not find some way to bash them and their parents? If your lives are lacking that much, maybe you should spend less time on line ripping people that you don’t know and their kids apart,and more time trying to fix what ever you are missing in your own lives that makes you so unhappy and hateful and rude.

Jessica on

Yay for Scott and Kortney! My little boy is Mason, so of course I love the name. My due date was Feb 12 and I had my baby on January 31. Those babies have a mind of their own. I can’t wait to see pics.

Kath, UK on

I’m loving the name! What a cute choice. Congrats to the both πŸ™‚

babyboopie on

My daughter arrived one week early too in November and she was a healthy 8lbs 1oz and that goes to show that babies come when they’re ready!

JessicaC on

Im so appalled at all these rude comments toward women who have had c-sections…Why don’t you go to a labor and delivery floor and tell those scared women who are going in for a c-section that they are failures and going to be terrible mothers?! Some of you just complain about everything! You may not think you’re being rude but as someone who’s had 2 cesareans (and at the time had felt like I had failed in some way) your comments are crushing. Do us all a favor and keep your judgmental noses out of other women’s birth canals!

Kara on

WOW! Some people have nothing better to do than judge. I had an elective c-section with my last baby and I’d do it again in a heartbeat to avoid the 5 hours of pushing and 4th degree tear I had with my first baby. Just because you deliver vaginally doesn’t make you better than those of us who have had sections.
Congrats to Kourtney and Scott-regardless of how Mason entered the world.

Soph on

The whole point of a due date is that it is ESTIMATED. Some women go two weeks or even longer overdue. Others give birth to perfectly healthy children as early as 36 weeks. It’s not an exact science.

Born Fabulous on

Congrats! LOVE the name!!!

Diana on

OMG some of you people are crazy. Getting all worked up that she had a csection because she had her baby 2 weeks early and you don’t even know that is true!!! Seriously it is her business so WHAT IF SHE DID! Anyone that worried about how someone else gave birth (that you don’t even KNOW!) needs to get a life!

As women (and especially mothers) we should be more supportive of one anothers choices instead of always criticizing each other.

Is a baby being born by a csection really going to affect its life??? No I wouldn’t make that choice; there is no way I would elect major surgery but it doesn’t affect me in any way if someone else makes that choice (and since it isn’t harming the baby) why should I care.

I’m not saying I haven’t ever criticized other people choices; I have A LOT. But Seeing all these to comments and realizing people are just looking for ANYTHING to criticize is making me realize I should try and stop worrying about other peoples choices.

Kate on

When did I criticize women who have pitocin? I said I would never agree to it for myself. I would have a c-section before I would be induced. It’s a fact that pitocin can cause extremely painful contractions and can lead to more interventions such as episiotomies and assisted delivery. It also increases the need for an epidural(which makes pushing more difficult and tearing more likely). There is also a theory it can raise the risk of autism(unproven I know). I do not want to give birth on my back in a hospital bed(gravity really isn’t on your side there) pushing when I’m told(increases the risk of tearing). A water birth(or at least one I’m able to move around freely and use a birthing ball) can greatly reduce pain while speeding up labor. I can use hypnosis to eliminate or reduce the pain without risks of drugs. This is my personal choice.

lisa on

I bet most of the women here that r complaining about c-sections have had one themselves. Who r u to judge? Only God can judge. Get a life u miserable people.

Congrats to Kourtney and Scott!

Mommyof3 on

Does a C-Section make you any less of a Mother??? NO it absolutley does NOT! I delivered 2 of my babies naturally (without drugs) and my last one with drugs. Am I any less of a Mother because I had an epidural for my last?? Again NO I am NOT!
After seeing my family and the vast majority of my friends go through a C-Section (or a few) I can tell you that I am very happy I didn’t have to deal with them. THe amount of pain and agony you face afterwards, the stitches and staples, ad the possibility of infection scres the crap out of me….and I give a TON of credit to thoes Mothers who had to have one (for whatever reason it may have been). While I was home running after 2 toddlers less then 24 hours after birth the section Mothers were laying in a bed unable to hold their babies withoout assistance.
THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE, a C-Section doesn’t make you any less of a Mother…what makes you less of a Mother is simply not doing your job. Regardless of how or when that baby came out fact is as long as baby is healthy that is ALL that should matter!!!

I think it’s about time alot of you women get off your high horse and come back to earth for a while! I have a feeling that 75% of the negative ones have never even had a baby…so this is complete and utter IGNORANCE!

Amanda on

haha this is how rumors get started because of people like the ones on this blog…so basically what this comes down to, is that Kourtney had an elective c section so that her body would be spared of horrific stretch marks and so that the baby’s arrival would not interrupt her christmas plans.
Wow, you people are so judgemental.

All the best to the happy couple and congrats on the new addition.

lisa on

To Lauren:

As a mother of 2 planned c-sections the comments about c-sections do not bother me. People are entitled to their opionions
and moms can choose whatever method of birth that fits them. How can having a c-section make you less of a mother?
Who made up that statement. That has to be a joke right???:-)…How silly. Anyway, Congrats Kourtney & Scott.

Mary on

Although having a baby natural is the best way to go, there are circumstances that require a c-section. If the baby’s heart rate goes down, etc. If she opted for a c-section and not even try the natural (vaginal) way, I can see why some woman are angry. It’s better for the baby to pass through the birth canal, for reasons such as it lets your body know it’s time to make breast milk and there are antibodies that are passed to the baby through the birth canal that are important for the baby to receive. One antibody they are now linking to asthma, something like 80% of children born through c-section have asthma. Don’t quote me on it, I read it a few months back. Just a little food for thought, there’s a rational way to discuss this, not to assume what happened in the delivery room.

Mrs. L on

Hi Kourtney,
Congradulations! I am so happy for you. Blessings to you and your family. I can’t wait to see a picture of the baby. The only down side is you won’t have your tummy anymore and you look so cute pregnant!
By the way best of luck with Scott. All couples have their problems. All! So if you want it to work I am sure you will. All to often people walk away and get divorced because it is easier then fixing the problem.
I wish you three the best!

Aimee on

I am going to laugh my but off when Kourtney tells her birthing story and she says that she was in labour for 500 and had the baby naturally in a birthing pool with no drugs, hypnotherapy and one of those ladies that flicks you in the forehead to relieve the pain.

And regarding the date Kourtney Kardashian is not Angelina Jolie. When have you known the Kardashians to be afraid of the paps. I don’t think she would like about her due date to avoid the whole 2 paps interested in her baby.

acidstars9 on

A lot of you guys don’t seem to understand that most of the women talking about c sections are not saying women who have c sections are bad. Women are just becoming more educated about the way humans were meant to naturally birth, and starting to realize that the way doctors in this country treat birth is NOT the way it is supposed to be. They are trying to get people to understand that most c sections are unnecessary, but most women don’t know this, because it is the DOCTOR who is telling the woman it is necessary. There are medical reasons to have a c section, but in actuality this rate should be MUCH MUCH lower than it presently is. So again, we are not trying to bash women who had c sections, but trying to get people to understand that something needs to change in this country’s maternity care system. We don’t want birth treated as if it’s a medical emergency that the doctor has to “save” us from, we want it treated as a normal event that women are made to do. At one point in this country before women began routinely have babies in the hospital, the c section rate was only 5 PERCENT! At that time, c sections were actually being used for what they are supposed to be used for, emergencies!

Camryn on

I love the name Mason, very cute and classy. Dash is also adorable!
Have fun with your new baby, Kourtney and Scott!
Happy Holidays!

Lauren on


I guess I’m just tired of hearing people bash women who’ve had c-sections unnecessarily, yet praise women who’ve given birth the “natural” way. Yes, people are entitled to their own opinion, but some people take it too far, to a point where sometimes they are being plain rude. I’ve never had a child yet, but my sister had 2 c-sections, 1 unplanned, 1 planned.. And some people have the nerve to tell her, too lazy too push huh? And joking or not, it does make her upset.

Shea on

@acidstars9: But, do you also realize how many women died during childbirth before the medical technology we have today was in place? Some of us are just not physically made to vaginally deliver our babies. I am thankfull for the sake of my children and also my own life that doctors do make decisions to do c-sections. Sure, it was a bit dissapointing, I wanted completely natural with zero drugs. But after all those hours and not being able to push that child out, I am grateful for the doctors.

Sophia on

My mum was induced when she had me because my heart rate was dropping so I needed to come out. Given that we don’t know why little Mason was born early (she could’ve just gone into labour naturally, it does happen) I don’t think it’s fair to judge.
Congratulations to Kourtney and Scott on the safe arrival of what is undoubtedly a beautiful baby boy. I love his name, and that fact that his middle name is a tribute to his mama’s family πŸ™‚

Aimee on

acidstar9. I had to laugh at your comment: “We don’t want birth treated as if it’s a medical emergency that the doctor has to β€œsave” us from, we want it treated as a normal event that women are made to do.”
Speak for yourself. What’s with all the “we”. How do you know what every other woman in the country wants. I do not want a drug free birth, I do not want a home birth or a skydiving birth. Call me a sook I DON’T CARE. I do want a healthy baby which can be achieved many different ways.
And shea thank you exactly what I was going to say. Back in the “good old days” of drop-it-in-the-paddock and keep on working babies and mothers died all the time. On the other hand how often do you hear of a baby dying because it’s mother chose to have a c-section? I’m sure it has happened but it would be extremely rare.
And as I’ve said before all clues seem to point to Kourtney having a natural birth or at least intended on having a natural birth so the c-section debate is irrelevant here.

acidstars9 on

Shea- I was referring to a time in history when c sections and medical interventions were available….in the past, women had babies primarily at home but were able to get a c section in the hospital if medically necessary. Of course I understand that c sections help to save many women’s lives, what I was trying to say is that the c section rate should more realistically be around 5-10%, but it is much higher because of the way that birth is treated in this country.
Aimee- I was not speaking for all women, I was speaking for the women who choose to speak out about the current birthing practices in this country. If you don’t want a natural birth or a home birth or whatever that is your choice, but the fact of the matter is that many women want a natural birth, and end up having a bunch of interventions or an unnecessary c section because the doctor said it was best, even if it wasn’t. I’m not sure where you got the idea that women don’t ever die from c sections, considering that it is major surgery and it does carry more risk than vaginal births.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary- Thank you! You just said exactly what I was thinking! Contrary to what some other commentors have said, C-sections sometimes DO harm babies, and sometimes they DO affect the baby’s life (for example, obviously being born via C-section affects the lives of those babies who developed Asthma because of being delivered via C-section).

That’s why I am against elective C-sections. Why put your baby at risk if it isn’t neccesary? I also don’t understand why anyone would opt to have major abdominal surgery that wasn’t neccesary.

I also couldn’t agree more with the commentors who have said that doctors are pushing mothers into C-sections far more often than is neccesary. I think that, if a doctor tries to push a mother into a scheduled C-section for a reason that isn’t medically neccesary (big babies can often be delivered vaginally, and even some breech babies can be delivered naturally), the mother should at least get a second opinion before consenting!

lisa on


I’m sorry that you sister gets hurt by insensitive comments. I’v personally had no one say anything negative about me having c-sections because they are becoming the norm. People nowadays now ask you have you given birth, vaginal or c-section. They don’t ask you natural or c-section. Because women are not really going natural, but are having babies via vaginal delivery. Natural is going through the entire labor and delivery using no medical interventions, ie. epidural, etc… So please, people.

Jessi on

Like I have said many times I had a c-section for my daughter. She was only 5 lb, itty bitty, at 41 weeks last December. It wasn’t that I was induced because of being overdue or anything. It was that my placenta had separated from my uterus and I was hemorraghing (sp). She cried as soon as they pulled her out. Then a couple hours later she passed away from unexplained respiratory failure. Sorry about the unrelated post. She had IUGR also.

But I don’t think that makes me any less of a mother because of the c-section/her passing away. I think that as long as you take care of the child and you provide for it (emotionally, financially, physically) you are a mother. I may not be still a mother in the sense that I have Abigail to take care of and everything, but I am a mother because of the emotional toll that her passing has caused me. You can’t even imagine how much that is.

Now I’m about 17-18 weeks along with my third pregnancy (1st was Abigail and then 2nd was ectopic) and already have issues with cramping/contractions. With Abigail I went into preterm labor at 19 weeks and then they put me on strict bedrest until I delivered. I also had placenta previa. So every pregnancy/every child/every woman is different. I wish that I could have children vaginally, but I can’t.

I hate the c-section/vaginal delivery debates. They are upsetting to me. Yes I could have a VBAC, but they c-sections will be only one year and about a half apart. I had no choice in having a c-section.

Brooklynn on

Congratulations to them! i love the name!

nicole on

dash, though not explicitly advertising a store, is quite likely intended to keep him recognizable in the future as a kardashian, so he can get fame & $ without having to have a specific talent, similar to his mom, grandma, and aunts. Scheduled c-sections, or inducement, if done for vanity’s sake rather than medical necessity, is worse than not cute; it is grossly selfish. Your baby’s lungs are developing in the final weeks; I would hate to think anyone, especially someone in the public eye would sacrifice a child’s health for vanity (to avoid stretch marks). I pray she didn’t do that; 1st children are often a bit early. I pray the dad step up & marry her & make it work for the baby’s sake. Dating, drinking, etc may seem fun in the moment, but serious results like little new lives can result! Thank God she kept him & he is healthy. Now let’s keep it that way please & not be selfish about who deserves happiness… the baby does. Bruce is a stand up guy… they should all emulate him as much as possible. Wish them all the best for putting healthy relationships, raising children, marriage, etc ahead of fame or money.

CelebBabyLover on

nicole- I think they should get married only if that’s what they truly want. Getting married just because it’s “the right thing to do” is wrong, IMO.

CelebBabyLover on

lisa- C-sections ARE becoming the norm here in the States….but that doesn’t mean they should be, or that it’s right! As acidstars9 pointed out, the C-Section rate in a lot of other developed countries is only 5-10 percent. In the US it’s much higher…and it shouldn’t be!



Sam and Freya's mum on

Love his fairly ‘normal’ name! Congrats to the new parents.

kim on

i hope that baby has scotts eyes

nicole on

getting married because it is the RIGHT thing to do cannot then be WRONG. It is not the easy, selfish road in life that gets us to good places

brittany on

Congrats…. I am expecting now and mason is one of my top names for a boy. I love it…. all the haters just think its normal then yelling “hey apple” or “come here coco” let her be happy its a beautiful name !!

BornFabulousBoutique on

Congrats! What a great name!

Toi on

First- Congrats to Ms. Kourtney and Scott for pulling together and bringing this beautiful lil joy in the world–We need more guys in the world and when Mason grows up, I’m sure he’ll be as sweet and loyal as his uncle Rob!! LOL Anyway,Being legally bound doesn’t make u more of a family, but waiting and growing before making such a life changing decision is the best way to bond a family for life. So, though my opinion is my opinion, Having a baby does not equal marriage, it equals family, u are crazy if you can’t tell that the Kardashians are building their family dynasty. Getting married because its “right” doesn’t pay for getting divorced later. And the c-section thing? Really? She was due the 23rd, and had her son 9 days early on the 14th– I’m sure his lungs were developed by then and if you are justing being spiteful, then u should find another occupation, because you really are lacking with the verbal mutilation of the Kardashians. And for the record, there is more to fame than having talent. As silly as these girls can be, they are strong business savvy, and extremely focused, They are famous because they are a triple threat- Brains, Beauty and being Boisterous which of course offer us entertaining moments, showing all of us how family and fortune come to those who work hard and play hard for it. So, Ms. Nicole, in short—- You are just a hater.

Cam on

My girlfriend watches the Kardashian’s all the time. My son was born 11 days before Mason so my GF feels like she has a connection with Kourtney. Laura (GF) would love to meet them. I’m just a guy trying to make her dreams come true. Is there a way she could meet them?
I watch the show sometimes. πŸ™‚