Kendra Wilkinson Welcomes Son Hank Randall IV

12/11/2009 at 01:00 AM ET
Amy Graves/WireImage

It’s a boy for Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett!

Son Hank Randall Baskett IV was delivered via c-section at 12:37 a.m. on Friday, December 11th in Indiana, where Hank is a wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts. Baby boy weighed in at 9 lbs., 5 oz. and measured 22 inches long.

“We’re happy and healthy and enjoying every second with little Hank,” Kendra and Hank tell E!

Kendra, 24, who rose to fame as part of Hugh Hefner‘s trio of girlfriends on The Girls Next Door, announced the pregnancy weeks before she wed Hank, 27, in a June 27 ceremony at the Playboy mansion.

Sharing her pregnancy with fans via various TwitPics, the Kendra star expressed her joy — and choice in baby names — upon discovering that she would be welcoming a son.

“We’ve already decided to name our son Hank Baskett IV,” she explained. “Hank’s dad and his grandfather were both named Hank, so it was very important to us to carry on the family tradition.”

Kendra’s due date was Dec. 12.

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BabyBumbleBee on

Congratulations to Kendra and Hank on the baby! Can’t wait to see what he looks like. πŸ™‚

Iβ™₯CBB on

YEA!!! She had the baby!!! CONGRATULATIONS KENDRA AND HANK!!! I’m super happy for them. I’m sure they are THRILLED!!! I can’t wait to see this very handsome little boy. I wonder if it was an emergency c-section?? Well, anyway, the important thing is that the baby is healthy. Over 9 lbs???? That is a big baby. CONGRATS AGAIN BASKETT FAMILY!!! πŸ™‚

Trina on

That’s not fair! I told cbb when the story broke on E! Either way I love kendra and hank. I watched kendra for years and she has grown up and come so far. She states on her myspace that she wanted to be married and have a baby when she was 24 and that’s what she did! Congrats to both of them. I’m sure he’s a gorgeous boy!

Liliana on

I wish Kendra, Hank, and their son nothing but health and happiness for years to come.

Hugh Hefner announced Wednesday night that she was in labor so definitely not a short process.

Jen on

Ooh, exciting! Love baby news! My how they are on top of things to be releasing statements to the media within 15 minutes of the birth and major sugery! Glad everyone is healthy.

Kimberly on

Congrats to them! I loved watch GND an have been awaiting the arrival of this baby. I am happy for her. πŸ™‚

Micheley on

Big baby!! Congrats to both Hank and Kendra.
I am still confused over the fact that at their wedding the preacher said Henry.

Kelly on

Wow, I can’t believe this was up 13 minutes after the kid was born. Crazy internet age! Well congrats!

Megan D on

I have been following this story since last night! I am so happy that she finally had him, and that they are both healthy! No wonder she had a c-section! 9lb+ baby! OUCH! Congrats Kendra and Hank! Welcome to the world little Hank!

Amy in Oregon on

I can’t believe he was SO BIG!No wonder it was a C-section, she is so tiny! That’s amazing for them! Congratulations Kendra and Hank!

Hea on

Congratulations to them! πŸ™‚

Jen on

Oops, forgot about timezones. Still a very timely announcement.

ProudMamaOf2 on

Yay! Congrats! Cant wait 2 see pics of him. 9lbs WOW

KendraObsessed on

Babies name is Henry Randall Baskett IV not Hank as with all the other Hanks, Hank is their nickname and Henry is their birth name.

True on

Congratulations KENDRA……..i hope u enjoy motherhood.

Rhea on

Hank’s given name is Henry, which is why they said it at his wedding Micheley.
I wonder if it is the name on baby hank’s birth certificate too or not.
Congrats to them!
Such a big baby, can’t wait to see pictures πŸ˜€

composecompriseconstitute on

Congrats to Kendra and Hank! I’ve really enjoyed reading about Kendra embracing her family-to-be. They’re going to have a wonderful Christmas together.

g!na on

omg! Congrats Kendra! what a big baby πŸ™‚ i can’t wait to see pics of little Hank.

Lily on

WOW! Big baby! Congrats to Hank & Kendra! Can’t wait to see pics :o)

aida on

Congrats to them,wow big baby

Jenna Lynn on

Mm k that is a ginormous baby, good for her!

renny on

congrats kendra and hank best wishes

Ana on

Aww WOW, this announcement made my horrible morning filled with classes! Im so thrilled for them, glad everyone is happy and healthy! Kendra and Hank are going to be great loving parents without a doubt! πŸ™‚
I wonder if the baby will go by the name Hank or Henry? Oh well im sure we will find out very soon!

Lauren on

I can’t wait to see the baby!!! I bet it was a long labor… hugh gave the announcement on wednesday night and its now thursday night! 9lb 5oz is a big baby!

Ana on

Oh my gosh, i didnt realise it was only 3am where they are…fast announcement!! Aww Hank IV will be like 2 hours 20 mins old..thats amazing!!

Congrats..they must be thrilled!!

Elronora on

He is a BIG boy!

Jane on

I hope they call him Henry even though I think Hank is a cute nickname.

Nika on

Congratulations Kendra and Hank!!! I’m sure the little boy is gorgeous and I wish you all the best!

By the way, my daughter was 9 lbs at birth too, and there was no problem at all delivering her. So that doesn’t have to be the reason for the c-section, I’m tiny myself too you know.

Sam and Freya's mum on

It’s not big at all compared our nieces in Australia (although of course considering her frame it is, yikes), one weighed 11pds 3oz, the next one 11pds 5oz! – mind you, their mum has diabetes (not gestational diabetes however, has diabetes in general, whether preg or not) which was the reason, but still (and of course c-sections at that size, ouch!)…Not a fan of his names (a pet peeve is the addition/tradition of ‘Jnr’, ‘I’, ‘II, ‘III’ etc!) – but he’s their bub & the tradition means something to them (seems to be more common tradition over there in the US from what I’ve seen on US sites?, don’t hear it as much here, or am I mistaken?). Congrats on his safe arrival.

Allie-Rose on

Congratulations to Kendra and Hank and welcome to baby Hank!!

Sam and Freya's mum on

forgot to add that our nieces were also both born at least 3-4 weeks prior to due date, elective c-sections, so can’t imagine their weight capacity if it were ever possible/practical/safe to go full-term, which of course it wasn’t/isn’t, considering their hefty birth weights…

Soph on

WOW, that’s a big baby. I hope she recovers quickly πŸ˜€

Eileen on

Congrats to Kendra and Hank, cant wait to see pics of the buddle of joy. Wish them all the best and hope that motherhood is everything kendra wants it to be. xxxx

sil on

Congratulations to Hank and Kendra! so happy for them, can’t wait to meet the little boy πŸ™‚

ritter on

I know they named him Henry officially, and I think it would be cute to actually call him that. Then he and dad can have a different name.

Jessicad on

Congrats to them! Sounds like she had a long labor, and that’s a big baby for such a little girl!

Brooklynn on

Congratulations!!1 I am so excited for them!!!

Shannon on

I just wanted to point out, just since I noticed a couple people mention it, a 9+ lbs baby was not necessarily the reason for the c-section. A lot of people falsely assume that a large baby means a woman can’t have it naturally. I know many, many women who have given birth naturally to babies that were 9, 10, and 11 lbs vaginally! This is why the birth process in this country is so screwed up-people don’t have all the information they need. Large babies do not necessitate a cesarean, and is actually a pretty poor reason for having one.

Congrats to Kendra and Hank! I have to admit, I didn’t used to like her, and I still think she can be a bit of a media hog (although I’ve seen much, much worse!), but she has really grown on me during her pregnancy. She seems like she’ll be a good wife and mom, and I wish her and her little family all the best! Can’t wait to see pics!

Dana on


marimel on

According to the news here in Indy, she’d been in labor since late Wednesday night, so I’d assume that’s why she had the c-section, she was probably too exhausted at that point to push or maybe she had progressed at all.

May on

9 pounds is NOT a big baby, it’s a very average baby. I agree with a previous poster, obstetrics is very warped these days if everything thinks that’s a big kid- manymany kids are born too early these days, because of induction/section happy doctors so that’s why 6lbers seem more normal than they are. I hope that wasn’t the reason for the section! and that she heals up well and whatever caused the section was resolved. Congrats to them!

melissa on

Congrats! They must be so happy, can’t wait to see pics of the baby!

anna on

congrats to kendra and hank and i cant wait to see pictures of the little baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mira on

Congrats to the family. But I also wanted to chime in that a big baby does not mean you need a c-section. In fact, the vast majority of women who have c-sections in North America don’t need them. Only a tiny percentage of women actually need a c-section (between 1 and 5%)

JessicaC on

How exciting. 9lbs isnt that big at all. That’s how big my son was, and he was still a tiny little thing πŸ™‚ He was the perfect size, and as a first time mother who was afraid to handle a newborn, I loved that he wasn’t a measly 6lbs, and super delicate looking. I also had a c section because of failure to progress after 2 days of labor-maybe thats why she had one. Im so glad for her that she wont be in the hospital for christmas, my daughter was born christmas eve and it was no fun to be in the hospital! I can’t wait to see the little munchkin, knowing these two they’ll probably release pics this afternoon!

Lady on

YAY!!! I’m so happy for Kendra & Hank…I bet lil Hank is such a cutie already, wow he was a huge baby!! Best wishes to the family as they enjoys their new angel, can’t wait to see him on the show!!!

Mo on

Congrats to the new Mama and Dada!!! I bet lil Hank is beautiful! 9 pds my goodness, he’s gonna be big like his daddy!! God bless their new family!

Mary-Helen on

Wow! He was a big boy! Congrats to them!

LO on

aww congrats to them bet he’ll be a cutie! 9lbs is not that big! 3 of my cousins were over 12lbs now they’re big babies

french gigi on

he’s gonna be just like his daddy!

Shelly on

That’s a big boy! :o) Congratulations to them and welcome Little Hank. I can’t wait to see a picture of him because he will be nothing short of gorgeous!!!!!!! And frankly, I’m quite jealous Kendra delivered early with her first; my first was three days late which felt like three weeks late. LOL Congrats to them!

Sarah on

Congrats!! I had a feeling she was within days of giving birth! Yay, a Christmas baby!

Marilyn on

Congratulations the Kendra and Hank. The ironic thing is, if they has still lived in CA, he would have been born Dec. 10, a completely different birthday, unless things went differently before/during delivery. That’s a big baby!

Mandy on

Yeah, Hugh made an announcement on his Twitter on Wednesday night… I think. That’s what it said around the web. Anyways, longggg labor but glad to hear everything went well!

Congrats to Kendra and Hank on their early Christmas gift!

Mariel on


Whatever on

Shannon and May………………….Who cares WHY she had a C section.

fuzibuni on

The baby is not HUGE.
9 pounds is still considered “average” for a newborn in the United States. it’s on the high end of “average,” but still, nothing to comment on really.

Katie on

If you guys think Kendra’s baby will be exploited, wait until the Kardashian baby comes! That family is all about exploitation.

Kendra and Hank are such a sweet couple, and I think they will be great parents. Congratulations! The best Christmas gift of all!

Electra on

That is a big baby! The weight falls into the average category of 6-9lbs but 22inches is quite long! I myself was 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches. Maybe he’ll be tall, I’m 6ft tall so maybe newborn length is an indication!

Sha on

Really happy for Kendra and her newest addition to the family. Of course, I don’t know her but I am so happy to see how she has grown and progressed!

I know how excited she must be! Loves it!

Renee on

I can’t wait to see the baby πŸ™‚

Gretchen on

Congrats to all three of them! I’m guessing he is going to be gorgeous!

Jessi on

Congratulations to them!

Shelly on

Wow that is a big baby weighed that at 3 mo! She had been do on Christmas day though. Don’t you guys remember. She herself said it many times. Just like with Kortney Kardashian. She was due on the 23 she said and now they are saying she is due on the 13th? I guess the doc changed due dates based on how big the babies were getting?


Kendra posted on her Twitter on Oct. 11 that her ob/gyn had moved her due date to Dec. 12.

– CBB Staff

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! That’s a big baby too!

michelle on

Please don’t turn this into a thread with a c-section debate. We’ve all heard it. No need to rehash it here and spoil the happy news.

momof4 on

Congrats to Kendra on delivering her healthy baby boy!

Also, just wanted to add that I agree with the others who have said that 9+ lbs is not a big baby–and that a c-section for “failure to progress” usually means the mom has had an epidural and cannot effectively move the baby down the birth canal due to being prone in bed.

I delivered all my babies naturally (no epidurals or pain meds) and two of them were 9+ lbs and I am very tiny (5’1″, 100 lbs) It absolutely can be done! Of course, I had midwives and doulas attending me who are much more skilled at natural birth than traditional doctors, though.

Brianne on

Congratulations, Kendra and Hank! You’ve both been given the best Christmas present! I can’t wait to see pix of little Hank, and I wish you all nothing but the best!!! πŸ˜€

nicole on

momof4: people are only ASSUMING “failure to progress.” and that does NOT mean that an epidural was the reason she was unable to push the baby out. I myself had an epidural and pushed my child out in less than 10 minutes. Theres nothing wrong with pain medication if that what you prefer.

People, she had a wonderfully healthy baby. Everyone seems to assume the worst of celebs when they have a c-section. THere are so many reasons why a c-section may be performed:

You’ve already had a c-section in another pregnancy or other surgeries on your uterus.

Your baby is too big to pass safely through the vagina.

The baby’s buttocks or feet enter the birth canal first, instead of the head. This is called a breech position.

The baby’s shoulder enters the birth canal first, instead of the head. This is called a transverse position.

There are problems with the placenta. This is the organ that nourishes your baby in the womb. Placental problems can cause dangerous bleeding during vaginal birth.

Labor is too slow or stops.

The baby’s umbilical cord slips into the vagina, where it could be squeezed or flattened during vaginal delivery. This is called umbilical cord prolapse.

You have an infection like HIV or genital herpes.

You’re having twins, triplets or more.

The baby has problems during labor that show it is under stress, such as a slow heart rate. This is sometimes called β€œfetal distress.”

You have a serious medical condition that requires intensive or emergency treatment (such as diabetes or high blood pressure).

The baby has a certain type of birth defect.

The list goes ON AND ON.

So please, like someone said before, stop making this into a c-section debate and lets all be happy for the proud new parents πŸ™‚

Jessi on

Nicole: Exactly. I had to have a c-section because my placenta separated from my uterus at 41 weeks. My daughter was 5 lb. I’m tiny, but I would have been able to and loved to have a vaginal birth, but I couldn’t. It was more of me and her surviving which sadly she did not survive. I’m pregnant now and probably will have to have a c-section again. I also had an ectopic last May.

Lily on

Momoff4: You can “fail to progress” going the all natural route with a midwife — I did!

Lily on

Sorry, I meant momof4

erin h on

Wow! That’s a big baby for Kendra’s petite little self! I know he will be a cutie. Glad to hear they are all going great!

acorrado on

I am totally stoked for them! I’ve had 2 big boys: 1st was 9.3, second was 10.7 and both 22 inches long. No complications, just big boys, I don’t know any other way and I loved them being big!

Diana on

It really doesn’t matter how big the baby is or how big the mother appears. I have friends that had 6 and 7 lb babies and they just couldn’t deliver them; even fully dilated and pushing and pushing the babies wouldn’t come. The doctors told them they had small pelvis’s.

And for those of you that said 9 lbs is an average weight just wondering where you get your weight charts??? I was always under the impression that average is around 7 lbs maybe 7 1/2. Just looked it up and found 7.63. Maybe it isn’t HUGE but it is bigger than average.

Diana on

Also I’m totally not for elective Csections but the constant debate whenever someone has a csection when we don’t know the circumstances is getting so old. Its really none of our business how someone chooses to give birth. Who cares!

momof4 on

Of course there are legitimate reasons for having a c-section but I think we are all aware that they are over performed for a variety of non-life-threatening reasons and mismanagement of labor.

I’m sorry for having turned this into a debate–I’m thrilled for Kendra and Hank and I imagine they are beyond the moon over their precious one finally being here.

Jessi, I’m so very sorry you lost your daughter. I had a placental tear during my 3rd birth and was on cesarean-watch in case it separated. I’m very grateful for modern medicine and the fact that many lives have been saved because of it–I wish your daughter was with you today. Best of luck with your pregnancy.

fuzibuni on

diana, i think the reason people care is because it has kind of become a women’s health issue at this point.

you probably know that studies have shown hospital birthing techniques are leading to a rise in complications that require c-section in women that would otherwise have had a normal birth.

of course there are many times when a vaginal birth would be truly dangerous to mother and child and obviously we dont know what happened in Kendra’s case, but I think it’s good for people to discuss this.

also, the information i got regarding newborn birth weight was from this site:


Jessi on

momof4: Thank you so very much! I appreciate it so much. It’ll be a year in 16 days! I can’t believe that it has been almost a year already.

acidstars9 on

nicole, you do not necessarily need to have a c section in all of those cases…most women can safely have a VBAC, but doctors are the ones who refuse to do them. You also don’t have to necessarily have a c section with twins either, it depends on how they are positioned. Very skilled midwives and doctors can even safely deliver a breech baby in some cases.

And lily- she said it usually means the mother has had an epidural, but not always. There are some cases where the woman really does not progress, she was just pointing out that having an epidural and laying down in bed greatly increase your chances of failing to progress.

It is true that most people in the US are very uneducated about real birth- most women are able to give birth naturally if allowed to give birth the way nature intended- even if the baby is larger and the woman is small. I’m not implying anything about Kendra, but it’s important to understand that the C section rate in this country is WAY too high, and in most other countries is less than 10%. The World Health Organization has set a goal of 15% for the US, while the rate just continues to go up.

Mari on

Congrats to the new parents!
I had an almost 10lb baby three weeks ago and compared with my first pregnancy and delivery (of an 8lb baby), the labour was by far easier and my recovery a lot better.
There are so many reasons Kendra may have had to have a c section. It’s no one’s business and as long as mommy and baby are healthy, no one should speculate.

Mari on

I also wanted to add that I had this larger baby without medications. Although I asked for the epidural, by the time they tried to admimister, I felt the strong urge to push.
If I have more children, I will certainly opt for no meds – it was painful, but a much better experience overall for me… This of course has nothing to do with Kendra’s great news!

Courtney on

yeah exactally we don’t know the circumstances scar tissue from injuries sergeries or other things could’ve made it needed congrats to the happy new family

Lauren on

My aunt delivered a 9 pound something baby and labored for 28 hours. The first 14 hours was pure natural, but she failed to progress and she was getting tired so she opted for an epidural, another 12 hours passed the epidural had worn out and it was finally time for to push. She pushed for 2 hours but she was physically exhausted from the 14 hours of labor she didn’t have the strength, the baby was under stress so the doctor opted for a c-section.

There are a million reasons why she had a c section, i dont know why a few people continue to debate about it.

Carly on

Congrats Kendra!!!!!!!!!! :))))

Serenity on

congrats to hank and kendra

Lara on

I wonder if these same people who question celeb c-sections here also give the third degree to friends and coworkers when they find out they had c-sections.

Tish on

Congrads to Kendra and Hank on the arrival of their baby boy!

Jessi on

Lara: I don’t know, but sometimes it is easier to people to talk stuff about people on the Internet because it is anonymous.

ritter on

she did change her name to Baskett, right?

Brianne on

That’s not an unbearably large baby at all – 9 pounds 5 oz 22 inches – exactly what my daughter was. I’m taller than Kendra but still slender and pushed her out in 8 minutes after a 7 hour labor. Kendra was reported as being in labor since Wednesday evening so for all we know labor stalled and in the HEALTH and SAFETY of the baby, a c-section was the plan. Leave the girl alone!!!

H&K if you are reading these posts CONGRATS!!!! enjoy every minute of him being so tiny – they grow so fast! What a wonderful blessing for you both, enjoy your first holiday season with your little peanut. lots of love xo

Jessica on

Congrats to Kendra and Hank!!!! I’m sure the baby is beautiful!! Welcome to the newest Colts Fan!!!! πŸ™‚

marine on

for all the ppl that are questioning the c-section…my friend has a vbac and her uterus burst and by the time the baby got out he had not recieved air for a couple of minutes and now her son is in a vegetative state at home in bed because of …ppl and doctors have their reasons for doing a c-section… unless you personally have gone to med school and been taught about all the positive and negative don’t judge others and just because you read it in a parenting magazine doesn’t make you an expert…every situation is different

Jessi on

Marine: I’m extremely sorry for your friend’s child! That is one of the reasons I will not attempt a VBAC, also because it will be a little more than a year since my last c-section if all goes as planned.

Milla on

sorry marine. yay baby hank πŸ™‚

karlee on

Congratulations!!! i cant wait to see what he will look like!
they are going to be great parents can’t wait to watch little Hank grow up. i wish use the best!

Kaley on

Congrats to Kendra and Hank! I’m so happy for them and I can’t wait to see their little boy.

I really wish people would stop debating over C-sections. This is just my opinion, but I think a lot of women are upset because they naturally gave birth and they think it’s unfair that some women have C-sections because they are “lazy.” Ok first of all, C-sections are not necessarily the easier route because there is a lot of pain and soreness for weeks after the procedure is performed, whereas a lot of women who give bith naturally are able to recover earlier. Some people just have to realize that C-sections ARE necessary and it’s not always a choice, even if it is not necessarilyan emergency situation. Do I think it’s ridiculous that some women, like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, opt for C-sections only because they are afraid of tearing and pain? Yes I do, but that’s their decision. I’m sure some people on this website would scold my mom for having a C-section with me (her firstborn) even though I was ten days late, the Pitocin she was administered didn’t induce labor, and I was way too large to go through her birth canal (I ended up being 10 lb and 4 oz). She was recommended to have C-sections with my younger sisters as well, instead of having VBACs, and both of my younger sisters were delivered two weeks early and were around 8 pounds each so it’s probably smart that she did it that way. In all honesty, I think it’s amazing if you can deliver a large baby the natural way, but every woman’s body is different and people need to be accepting of other’s people decisions.

morgan on

i thot she was really big….so i knew he was going to be big!

Bunny on

Kendra and Hank are such an amazing couple and are going to make amazing parents. Congrats to both of them!!!! Can’t wait to see little Hank.

Jennifer on

Congratulations to kendra and hank. Enjoy every moment. Best wishes to you !

christina on

Have to strongly disagree w/the posters saying 9lbs isn’t big. It’s very big. Just because we are getting bigger as a society does not mean it’s healthy to have these 11 lb babies people talk about. It may be more common now, but that does not make it healthy!

Rebecca on

I had a 9 lbs 13 oz, 22 inch baby girl 2 years ago and I’m sure at the end she was so tired and felt like a whale, I know I did! I had people telling me all the time I hadn’t dropped, I’d need a c-section (delivered her in an unmedicated waterbirth), blah blah, and when I told them I knew I’d dropped, I was asked how I knew that!!! (Uhhh, how about because I felt like eating something other than soup and I could breathe again!) All those questions were cleared up when I birthed my daughter and saw her size (and like others have said, it’s normal, some babies are just brought into this world much too early by overzealous doctors, and some just come from petite parents), I knew why people didn’t think I’d dropped yet!

Congrats to them! Hopefully we don’t get a tedious play by play from them, but some pics from time to time would be nice, I’m sure he’s cute!

Rachael on

Both my sons were over 9 lbs; one was 9 lbs. 12 oz. and the other 9 lbs. 14 oz. and they were 2 weeks early and delivered naturally. I can’t imagine having a tiny baby weighing 6 lbs., but some people do.

Congrats to Kendra and Hank, I’m sure this child will be blessed and fortunate in many ways. What a great xmas present!

Elizabeth on

Congrats to Kendra and Hank on the new addition to the family, what a beautiful blessing and wish them all the very best wishes for the future.
I completely agree with Brianne you could’nt put it better as long as the baby and Kendra are both healthy and safe thats all that matters.

Sobi on

To reiterate some information…the baby’s name is Henry Randall Baskett IV, with “Hank” being his nickname. I can totally see how that little boy was so big…he got the “Hank” genes! I’ll bet she tried to have him naturally and couldn’t, seeing that he was born just after midnight. Congratulations, Kendra & Big Hank! I can’t wait to see Little Hank!

Sobi on

Marine, I’m so sorry about your friend and her child. I had two emergency C-sections after a vaginal birth. The first time it was due to an encapsulated kidney stone that had turned septic and I was at my due date, so they had to get my baby out so they could control the infection in my kidney before I lost it. With my third child, I suffered a stoke during delivery and they had to get the baby out to attend to me; I was in a coma for three days after the birth…the doctors did not expect me to live through the day, let alone live to raise my new baby and other children. God had other plans for me, but He also gave me great doctors who knew when to make the right decision to do a C-section to save me and both my babies.

Grandma420 on

Kendra, We love you here in Houston and so happy for you and Hank. I am totally amazed at how small you are and you had a 9+ lb. baby. OMG. I want to see pictures. I cant wait till your reality show starts. You are an excellent comedian and don’t know it. lol

Molly on

I disagree with those that complain about these c-section discussions. I think they are very important to people that are looking for more information and hear from others about their experiences. And frankly, i would rather read that then 181 comments of “congrats, Kendra and Hank”

For the record, I am not a fan of selective c-sections, Id rather be in pain for few hours then for weeks after to recover, plus I think that natural birth has so many benefits selective c-section doesnt. But in the end, it’s everyone’s personal decision, and we need to respect it whether we like it or no

I had a 8lb4oz baby I pushed out naturally without any meds (not my choice though but the epidural guy was busy elsewhere) and its totally doable, it was beautiful experience and Im glad that I got no drugs in the end. I loved my pains too and Im glad I could feel everything.

Cindy Collins on

9lsb is not a big baby nor a reason to have a c-section. Our bodies were made to give birth. I wish people would stop assuming the weight of the baby was the reason for the c/s, it could’ve been a prolapsed cord for all we know.

I know many women that say their 10lbs baby was easier to birth then their 7lb baby.

~ Cindy, Doula

For more information on the “small pelvis” myth read this great article

Aimee on

Look I’m sure Kendra will be letting the world know why she had a c-section soon enough. She did after all let us all know about her pregnancy sex life.
The c-section debate shouldn’t have even come up on this post because Kendra had planned a natural birth and had been in labour before her c-section.
Noone on here is a doctor and I think that Kendra was probably doing what her doctor suggested. Maybe she should have gone on line and asked all the “I had a fully natural birth no drugs no excuses” mothers because they are obviously more qualified than a doctor (sarcasim).
I had a c-section after an 18 hour labour (seven hours of which I endured without an epidural so believe me I know what contractions feel like). My son was in the wrong position and I had not progressed for 7 hours.
Of course I’ve had to see the smug look on other womens faces when I say I had a c-section like it makes them a better mother than me because I had one. What these people don’t realise is it is not the easy way out there is a lot of pain with a c and it is very scary also. At the end of the day you don’t get a gold plated baby if you do it naturally and you don’t get a medal.

Shannon on

Um, I just want to say I wasn’t trying to start anything. I dont know why she had the c-section, and I wasn’t just assuming that the size of the baby was the reason. In fact, I believe I stated the opposite. I said that it wasn’t necessarily the reason for it. I am really getting tired of people who just throw names out there on these comments without reading what the person actually wrote (whatever #57). I was responding to those people who hear about a 9 lb baby and think that’s a good reason for a section. People are very uninformed about the possibilities and choices they have available, and many times, doctors dont offer those up b/c there’s more in it for them to do sections. I am simply trying to get some more info out there for people who might not otherwise know better. There are a lot of unnecessary sections done these days, and it’s not right.

And for the record, I’ve had 2. Both breech babies who would not turn around no matter what we tried. So I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a section if it’s necessary.

Molly on

Shannon you ‘re mixing bananas and oranges. The discussions were about selective c-sections, not those like in your case that are necessary.

Emma on

Congrats on your new bundle of joy Hank and Kendra..I know that you will both be awesome parents..

Aimee on

I think that people are missing the point that Kendra didn’t have an elective c-section. So maybe go and talk about that on a Tori Spelling or Christina Aguilera post.

Anne on

Congrats the the happy family.

Jessi – so sorry about your precious little girl. I lost my second child, my first son, earlier this year. He was 2 days old and passed away due to complications of a heart condition. Whenever I hear of someone else who’s lost a child, particularly in infant, it breaks my heart all over again. Congrats on your pregnancy and I wish you all the best! I’ll be praying for you.

Michele on

I had my first son with a vaginal birth. He was 8 lbs. The 2nd son was 9lb 14 1/2 oz….after a labor from HELL and 2 hours of pushing, they put me to sleep and did a c-section. My 3rd son was 9 lbs 9 oz and I had a scheduled c-section. Call me silly…but that was TOTALLY the way to go!

Sage on

What is the problem with a woman opting for an elective C section(Not saying Kendra had one). If the baby and mom are healthy and happy, someone please tell me who is it hurting?

Yes women are made to deliver babies vaginally I get that.But see what is great about the times we are living in is women can decide how they want to give birth. We have choices, homebirths, waterbirths, using a doula, with meds, no meds, or C sections etc.. What is so wrong with that? Just because someone’s decisions are the ones you wouldn’t support or do yourself, doesn’t mean its wrong.

Also if youre wondering I gave birth to my daughter, naturally, without meds, using a doula, and I have no problems with C sections. Because I know what works for me doesn’t work for everyone.

anne on

Sage. Good post.

boo&abi'smama on

elective c-sections are not done at 12:37a.m. they are done during normal 8:00-5:00 dr hours, particularly so the nurses are staffed at their highest & no one gets called in the middle of the night if something does go wrong

Eliza on

I predict they will release pictures very, very soon! Congratulations to them.

CelebBabyLover on

To add my two cents to this debate, I think it’s wonderful that we women in developed countries have C-sections avaliable to us when they’re needed (I personally don’t approve of purely elective C-sections). I was a C-section baby myself, and my mother and I almost certainly would have died had it not been for the C-section.

That being said, I DO think C-sections are being performed far too often these days. As other posters have pointed out, big babies can often be delivered vaginally (for the record, I am NOT saying that little Hank’s size was the reason for Kendra’s C-section. In fact, I’m willing to bet that failure to progress or something similar was the reason.).

Breech babies can sometimes be delivered vaginally, too (my own mother is an example of that. She was breech but was succesfully delivered vaginally). Also, as others have mentioned, many doctors refuse to perform VBACS. A lot of hospitals also no longer allow them. I also feel that doctors sometimes push C-sections on women when they aren’t really neccesary.

A C-section is major abdominal surgery, and recovery from major abdominal surgery is certainly no picnic (not saying that recovering from a vaginal birth is all sunshine and roses. I realize that it isn’t!)!

soon2bmomof2 on

Congrats to Hank and Kendra!!

I have one thing to add to the debate here….. why is it that you all have a problem with an elective c-section but you all don’t have a problem with all the plastic surgery that celebrities put themselves through?? Seriously, it’s their body and their choice to deliver a baby however they feel most comfortable.

I personally respect a woman a whole lot more for choosing to have an elective c-section, than choosing to have bigger breasts or a different nose. At least the c-section serves a purpose, which is the safe delivery of a healthy child. And for those of you who are going to interject that a c-section puts the mother and baby at higher risk……. a scheduled, non-emergency c-section is actually less risky than a vaginal birth where there’s no way to control or know what is going to happen. Ask any good doctor and they’ll tell you that. Each form of delivery carries it’s own risks, and the most important thing is a healthy baby and mother!!

Bancie1031 on

CONGRATULATIONS TO KENDRA AND HANK! I can’t wait to see him ….. wow he was a big baby.

CelebBabyLover on

boo&abi’smama- Actually, not always. For example, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was born via scheduled C-section because she was breech, and from what I’ve read, the C-section was performed in the early morning hours (somewhere around midnight, I believe). However, given the fact that her doctor flew in to Namibia from LA to perform the C-section, I realize that most, if not all, of the reasons for scheduling C-sections for the daytime hours probably didn’t apply in that case.

Also, Christina Aguilera has been very open about the fact that she had an elective C-section with Max…and per Max’s birth announcement post here on CBB, Max was born at 10:05 p.m.

If I’m remembering correctly, Britney’s son Jayden was born around midnight as well, and she also had scheduled C-section (although in her case there were rumors that it had to be moved up because she was showing signs of pre-eclampsia, and thus did become a bit of an emergancy situation).

I do see your point, though. Most of the time, scheduled C-sections ARE performed during, as you said, normal 8:00-5:00 hours. πŸ™‚

Mia on

Apparently there is a birthing special airing next Sunday, the 20th at 9pm.

Emaline on

I delivered at the same hospital last year, very nice! Glad to hear they moved to Indy…wonder how long he’ll play for the Colts? Congrats to both of them! Can’t wait to see pics!

Nicki on

Head size kind of matters more than birth weight….mine were on ly 8.5 pounds, but their heads were off the charts and wouldn’t come out…so c/s it was.

Big boy! Congrats to them!

Jessi on

Anne: Thank you so very much!! I’m extremely sorry about your son too. That breaks my hard too. I think of last year this time of year I was still pregnant and didn’t know my baby was going to pass away in 13 days. I’m extremely emotional too!

Anne on

Jessi – Thank you πŸ™‚ I also have been thinking about this time last year, remembering last Christmas when I was all big and pregnant and looking forward to having our son in a few months. This first year without him has just been so difficult because its one “first” after another. I am hoping to begin trying again for another child in the next few months, but I’m very nervous! I feel like pregnancy will never be the same again, you know? Instead of being so excited and looking forward to all of the good things, I’ll just be a nervous wreck. Anyway, as heartbreaking as it is that this has happened to other mothers, its comforting to know someone shares my very unique emotions and that I’m not alone! God Bless.

acidstars9 on

soon2bemomof2- your assessment that elective c sections are safer than vaginal births is absolutely false. If a doctor told you this then that is all the more reason for you to do some more research. The maternity care industry has a sad history of mistreating and yes, even LYING to women about what was best for them and their babies. Like when they used to tell pregnant women to take DES because it would supposedly “prevent miscarriage,” when in actuality it has been found to cauuse cancer, infertility, and other serious problems and not prevent miscarriage, or when they told mothers that formula was healthier for their babies than breastmilk, or when they routinely gave women twilight sleep during labor, or when they routinely did episiotomies to “prevent tearing and incontinence” and found that they actually increase the risk of severe tearing and incontinence, and that if a woman is allowed to give birth the way her body was meant to, tearing may not even happen at all. This is just a small portion of the lies and propaganda that the medical industry tells women. I personally would rather do some research about it than just blindly trust doctors.
It’s depressing to think that we now live in a country where women think it is SAFER to have major abdominal surgery where the woman cannot even hold her own baby after birth, than to have a natural birth.

Elle on

We don’t know if the c-section was Kendra’s choice or not, this is just all speculation. Even if it was her choice, this is such a personal decision for any woman. I’m sure we all have a picture of how we want our birth experience to be and we all know our own pain threshholds. It is unfair to judge anyone based on whether they have natural/induction/c-section, as we don’t know what advice they may have received from their doctor.

My personal choice was a natural childbirth with no epidural or
other pain relief. The thought of a c-section scared me, as it is major abdominal surgery with a much longer recovery time. I was advised that natural childbirth was the best option and that any ‘medical intervention’ could increase the chance of a c-section. I am understanding of all options though. I would not fault someone for having an epidural, or a c-section, or being induced by choice.

Congrats to Kendra and Hank!! I can’t wait to see some pics!

trish on

my baby boy was born at 9lb 4oz and i didnt need a c-cection and i was in labor for about 24 hrs with no sleep for 3 days b4 and i still pusheed him out it wasnt eadsy at all but i did it it all dependes on the person i guess congrats !!!

CelebBabyLover on

Ella- Actually, Kendra clearly stated in this post that it was NOT her choice!

CelebBabyLover on

Ooops! I forgot what post I was reading! So to correct myself a bit: In CBB’s post with baby Hank’s first photos, Kendra makes it clear that it was not her choice to have the C-section. πŸ™‚

Ale O on

This is one big, beautiful hansome boy..he is precious..saw E special & new OK mag pics..Congrats you Blessed & Charming Family!! We love ya!!

B on

aww he so cute but 9pounds just seem small to me compared to my mom giving birth to me naturaly and i was 11 pounds, my sister was too.

Kamara on

9 times out of ten her size vs the babies size is the reason for an emergency cesarean. Giving birth naturally to a larger child probably wasn’t any of your parents choices either lol. I’m sure they had as many stitches as Kendra!