Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady Welcome a Son

12/09/2009 at 08:55 AM ET
Bauer Griffin

There’s another Brady in the bunch.

Gisele Bündchen and husband Tom Brady welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday evening, December 8th.

Tom announced the news to reporters Wednesday after reported the story. The football star called his son’s birth “a wonderful experience in my life.”

He said happily, “I didn’t get much sleep last night,” USA Today reports. Tom and Gisele have not yet chosen a name for their new little guy. “I don’t have any picks, so we haven’t really chosen one yet, but everyone is great,” Tom shared. “Everyone is doing really well.”

Gisele, 29, and New England Patriots quarterback Tom, 32, were married in a private ceremony in February in Los Angeles. In April, they held a follow-up wedding for friends and family at Gisele’s Costa Rican estate.

The child is the first for the Brazilian supermodel. Tom has a 2-year-old son, John Edward Thomas, with actress Bridget Moynahan. In a statement, Bridget said, “I wish [Tom and Gisele] the best with their baby. I’m sure my son will enjoy having a half-sibling. I ask the press to respect our privacy while we are welcoming this new addition to our extended family.”

Tom had said earlier this month that he was aware of the baby’s sex, but that Gisele preferred not to know.

“I wanted to find out and she didn’t, so she said, ‘Go ahead,'” he explained. “It will be a surprise for her.”

Reps could not be reached for comment.

— Reporting by Peter Mikelbank

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Mommyof3 on

Congratulations to the Bradys! I can’t wait to see what this little boy looks like and I really can’t wait to hear his name!
Glad everyone is well, congrats again!

Shirab on

wow!!! another boy….yay!!! jack is super super cute and im sure this little guy is the same!!!! congrats!!! can’t wait to hear what they name him!

aurora mia on

Such great news! Some gene pool he has to work with. I so thought this baby would be a girl. Glad everyone is doing well. Cant wait to hear his name. Best Wishes!

Jenna on

YaY for another little boy! Jack is fricken adorable and I am sure the new little guy will be too

Emma on

I had a feeling about another boy. The way she looked screamed boy to me. Can’t wait to hear more details and look forward to seeing the baby with his big brother.

ashlee on

Well that totally took me by surprise I was sure they were having a girl,congrats to them

Courtney on

congrats to them I bet their boy is adorable like jack and I also wonder what they’ll name the little one hopefully something classic that goes well with jack like Robert Paul Francis or Peter I’ll also bet she ends up pregnant again before this baby is a year and a half old

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Tom and Gisele! Wonder what they named him ….

Savanna on

All the December babies are looking to be boys.

Kate on

Yay can’t wait to see the pics of the baby with his big brother. Congrats, to a loving blended family.

eternalcanadian on

Well, looks like I was wrong! I really thought she was having a girl, just the way her belly looked compared to my friends and relatives that had girls.

Congratulations to Giselle, Tom, and John on the arrival of the new addition to their family!

JMO on

I had a feeling it was a boy.

Trish on

Congrats to the super cute couple!!

Crystal S. on

Congratulations to Gisele, Tom, Jack, and the new baby.
I can’t wait to hear what his name is. And I want to see him too.

JPol on

Lots of boys this year!!!! Out of the 10 women I personally know who are pregnant or have had babies this year only one has had a girl and all these celebs are having boys!!!
Congrats to the Brady – Bundchen families on thier little guy! 🙂 I am so excited for them!

Kym on

Congrats to Gisele,Love her, can hardly wait to hear what they name him.

alice jane on

I didn’t really follow this pregnancy closely, so I had no idea she was already at the end of her pregnancy! Congratulations to Tom, Giselle, and Jack!

sarahlipoff on

Can’t WAIT to hear what his name is! Congrats 🙂

Shelly on

Congratulations to the new mom and dad!!! Cant’ wait to see a picture of their new little man!

luciana on

I’m not surprised, I had a feeling it was a boy, and I think matthew mcconaughey will have another boy too.

Em on

Wow! A boy! I’m surprised.

Well, there is always next time, I suppose.

Patrice on

Congratulations! I’m sure he is beautiful and how wonderful that little Johnny has a baby brother : )

Natasha on

Congratulations to them! I can’t wait for the name either.

Kayla on

I had a feeling it was a boy, because Tom said they saved some of Jack’s clothes, even though he said the clothes were unisex. I’m sure if Tom new it was a girl he would of got girly dresses and girly clothes. Not boy hand me downs….It’s Tom Brady money is no issue.

Liliana on

Congrats to Gisele, Tom, and Jack on the new addition to their family. I’m sure he’s adorable.

Philippa on

Wow that’s great, congratulations to them! And so nice for Jack to have a baby brother.
I was convinced they were having a girl though, guess I was wrong 😀

Alicia on

Wow, I was really thinking girl. How cute though! He and John will be so close. 🙂

Jen on


There is always next time? Is there something wrong with having a boy? Should they feel like they need to have a do over because they didn’t have a girl?

Wow, just wow.

Mandy on

Awww I was hoping on another supermodel but a brother is perfect for little Jack! I can’t wait to hear the name and see how cute he is.

Gisele is going to be in runway shape probably tomorrow lol.

Good for her! I only wish I was like that. 🙂

Natasha on

Em, what an odd comment. I’m sure they’re thrilled to have a son.

Sarah on

I thought she would have delivered later in December or early January. It just didn’t seem she was that far along, but we all carry babies differently and her height probably led me to believe she wasn’t 9 months yet.

Nice Christmas present!! Congrats to Tom, Gisele and big brother John!! 🙂

Brooklynn on

Congratulations Tom & Gisele & John Edward Thomas! I was so thrilled to read this announcement.

Em — really. what kind of comment is that?

Berlin Girl on

I hope they give him a German name since his mom is German so is Tom, and Giselle is a very German name. Plus, the little one was born in America so naturally a American. My German family immigrated to Brasil a long tima ago as well and the German community there is large. Congrats to the happy family! Such good news!

jes on

congrats to them! i’m sure he’ll be quite the looker!

Jamie on

I wish she would’ve had a girl.

Nicole on

While I’m sure Em didn’t mean her comment the way everyone has taken it, I am happy for Tom and Giselle to have welcomed a healthy baby boy as I was sure it was going to be a little girl 😉 Let’s all be happy for them and look forward to some sweet baby Brady pictures 🙂

g!na on

aaw! Congrats on the new baby boy! 🙂

Jessi on

Congratulations to them! I’m sure he is adorable!

jessie on

congrats to them i also want to know his name, maybe he’ll have a brazilian name 🙂

Shelly on

I can’t speak for Em, but leave her alone. She could have meant many things. “maybe next time I’ll guess right”, “maybe next time I’ll get to see what a girl born to the hottest supermodel in the world and an all American fb player will look like”. You are all too sensitive. All posts are other peoples OPINIONS, they don’t have to be yours too. If you don’t agree with them, state your own and leave the catty and pointless ‘calling out of others’ out of it. Im an avid reader sick of the bickering here.

lauren on

wait she had him back in nov??? or yesterday?? i thought she wasnt due til dec?? either way congrats!!! yea jack for being a big bro 🙂

CTgirl on

Aww, wonder if Gisele, Adriana, Karolina, and Heidi’s kids will have playdates together, so out of this group 2 girls (Heidi and Adriana) and 2 boys (Gisele and Karolina). 🙂

Jessi on

Lauren: it said that she had him on the 8th. She could have been due in January for all we know and he was a little early. Technically they aren’t premature until before 37 weeks. My cousin was born on the 16th last December and she wasn’t due until January 8th and she was 36w6d gestation. I can’t remember when Gisele was due though.

Lisa on

Congrats! 🙂

I♥CBB on

They had the baby!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m sooo happy for Tom, Gisele and John. I would just like to go on record as saying from the moment they announced they were expecting I said BOY!!! I loooove being right! I can’t wait to see what he looks like and what they name him. John is going to be an AMAZING big brother!!! They are starting to be one of my new fav celeb families.

Trina on

Well, considering I am in love with Tom and the patriots and I think she’s gorgeous, this is sad (I want his baby lol) but very wonderful news. They are both gorgeous and very good people. I just hope he plays in the game. I bet his kids will play football. : ) She was due on my bday, the 14th. I wish this baby a life os love and happiness. They both already seem like great parents. Congrats Tom and Giselle!

Linda on

O-M-G! Yesterday night I entered in the website to see if Gisele had the baby.. because I felt she was going to have around these days…!! Amazing! And all I have to say is: I KNEW IT WAS ANOTHER BOY! hahahah I think I was a Guru in my last life! LOL So happy for them! ❤ Gisele..

Jessi on

Trina: I couldn’t remember! Thank you!

Danni on

Hey Trina,

I knew she was due this month but where did you see it saying she was due on the 14th?

DeCe on

congrats to the happy parents and can’t wait to see him. i’m sure giseles’ dad is especially excited, he was out numbered with all his girls. i also can’t wait for the dotting dad to talk about the delivery, even though he knew, i think he would have been very emotional about this experience.

Mams Mom on

Congratulations to the happy parents and to the new “big” brother John…Jaime, please explain “I wish she had a girl”? That is one of the strangest comments I have ever read..All that matters is the baby and Gisele are healthy….I am from the Boston area and do have to say “that at least this baby will have Tom’s last name…Still can’t figure out why John wasn’t given the Brady name. I know that you have to realize that when you read these stories, there are always two sides, but from day one, we knew that Tom would love and raise that child, so why not give him respect and give the child his last name?

Whitney on

He left her while she was preggo so she made the decsision to use her last name.
I don’t see the harm in that.
In Sex and the City Miranda names her son Brady and that was actually his fathers last name and she ended up marrying him (yes I know its a movie)
I think Mary-Louise Parker also used her own last ame although named her son after Billy Crudup although she calls him Will.
When the man is not around why should the child be given his last name….. because we are americans and thats the way we do things? Well I don’t think that is always the case. And when he is of a legal age he may change it if he so choses….. My brother uses my moms maiden name….. he is eventually oing to legally change it…..

Lily on

Yeah, it’s definitely boy season. Lots of boys being born all over, not just in Hollywood. Personally, I’m glad Tom had another boy. Nice for Jack to have a male sibling so close to him in age. When you know how it is to be a mother, when you have your own son, it makes you a little more empathetic towards boys. I’m sure Gisele will be able to relate even better to Jack. She’s seems to adore him as it is, but I’m sure even more so now since she now will know what it is to have her own son.

soon2Bmomof2 on

In reference to Tom’s first son not having his last name, I don’t see why it should be referenced as an act of disrespect for Bridget to have given her son her own last name? Both his parents love him and care for him (or at least it appears they do), but why should one parent’s last name take precedence over the other’s?? If I had ever become a single parent, I would not have had an issue giving my child/children my maiden name as their last name, regardless of how involved I felt the father would be in their life. I think Bridget honored both of them by including “Thomas” and then using her own last name as her son’s.

cassie on

congrats to them

Whitney on

so true this was boy year – I got two boy cousins this year whereas three years ago I got two girls – so we are balanced in the nezt generation. And my newest cousin is so cute – he has a mohawk! Naturally!!!!! Its funny cause he looks like you could give him to Victoria and David Beckham…..he looks like them and their kids more then his parents…..people on the street actually want pictures of him and he is only 4 months……

anyway Congrats to the new Momma and Pappa….. I am curious how they wil chose a name for the baby – she may go crazy traditional American on us and call him Tom Jr! That would be funny actually – cause we are all waiting in suspense for a name with flair……

Lady on

I knew they would have a little boy lol….Congrats to the Brady family, I bet little Jack is so excited!! Can’t wait to see him and hear the name…hmm!!

Katherine on

For all of those who were thinking she would deliver later- we’re neighbors of Tom and she’s carried quite small the entire time. She’s very tall and has a very long torso, so baby had lots of room to stretch in there. 🙂 Jack fills out a book every week about what is going on in G’s belly and how big his baby is. He calls him “my baby”. He is excited- but I don’t think he fully understands what’s going on! I’m sure the jealousy will kick in!

I’m thinking he’s adorable and can’t wait to see the little bundle around the ‘hood!

Jessicad on

I thought for sure it would be a girl! Congrats to them!

I gave my daughter my last name, her dad left during the pregnancy as well. I wanted her to have the last name of the family who would be raising her so she wouldn’t feel like an outcast. Her dad was pissed about it, but he’s still not around very often so I was right to do that. She’s half my child too, I chose not to follow tradition and I’m happy about that. I know Tom is involved so it’s different, but just saying!

JessicaC on

Jessicad, you are so right on the last name thing, couldn’t agree more. Congrats on baby Brady, I don’t know though, it just seems like there’s something very unlikeable about those 2-Obviously I don’t actually know them as people, I just think that’s the vibe they give off.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to Tom & Gisele! I had a feeling it was a boy. I wonder what his name is!

Kate on

In Em’s defesne, I’ll also admit that when I hear a female celeb has had a boy(especially a second or third) I assume there is a bit of disappointment, but it’s just because of my own preferences. I personally would rather have a girl. As a woman myself, they seem like more fun to raise. The idea of reliving everything from dance class to prom dresses sounds so exciting. I just don’t like football and tonka trucks. I’m sure this is all perceived since I don’t have kids yet. I would be thankful that any child was born healthy, but if I had a choice I would choose to have only girls.

lisa on

im wondering how much it weighed???she was tiny..

Jessi on

Jessicad: I gave my daughter my last name also, but that is because she was conceived out of an impossible situation and her father would have had nothing to do with her. She passed away almost a year ago soon after birth. My baby I’m pregnant with now will be having my last name. The baby’s father will not have anything to do with the baby, so I see no reason to give it his last name.

nico on

@Berlin Girl
just for the record: giselle is french rather than german. the german version would be gisela, which sounds quite different because it’s pronounced with a g as in “go” and not as in “george”.

congtats to them. I had a feeling they were having a girl, but never mind. happy for them either way!

Aline on

In Brazil when you get married you don’t change you name you just adds your husbunds and when you have a child you put the last name just like yours (your “old” last name + your husbund’s)
I think it’s a great tradition! I love to still have my family name and to pass it on to my children.

About the name, people were talking it would be Gabriel (for a boy)…I don’t know if it’s true…

Congrats to Gi!!

Lara on

Mams Mom, if you’re going to phrase it as an issue of respect, why don’t women have enough self-respect to pass on their own name to their child?

I live in Boston too and I hope the baby will have Brady-Bundchen as his last name. It would be nice to see a woman respect herself enough to treat herself as an equal to her husband on their child’s birth certificate.

Joanna on

Born on my grandma’s birthday, he is sure to be a blessed person just like she was. Congrats!

I’m very curious to find out the name and I hope she passes on her maiden name as well as his. It’s the Brazilian custom- Adriana, Alessandra, and Camilla all did it and it’s only fair to both families.

Summer on

Congrats to them! I understand that some people would like the hypenated name Bundchen-Brady and how in some countries you add last names not replace but where does it end? I mean in three generations will you have a John Smith-Jones-Williams-Phillips? lol

Joanna on

Lara, the Brazilian way would be Bündchen Brady, with no hyfen.

sat on

Well said, Lara 😉 My mom (and dad) felt the same way!

Cam on

@ Berlin Girl.

Having grandparents that were germans doesn’t make Gisele german.
She is brazilian. She was born and lived in Brazil and never left it until she move to NY to be a model.

If that thing of having the nationality that your greatparents have worked, there would be no american, canadian or brazilian people. Almost all the population of those coutries has imigrants in their genealogy tree.

I think the baby’s name are going to be NAME Bundchen Brady.

In Brazil the babies doesn’t have middle names, the middle name is the mother’s maiden name, I don’t think Gisele will give up giving her surname to her child.

Cam on

@ Summer

The kid usually get’s one of the mother’s surnames (she can choose if her mothers or fathers surname, but usually is the fathers) and one of the father’s.

It’s really not that big of a deal. My poor dad has 4 surnames, though. LOL

Annie on

There are many Giselles in Brazil, actually (with no German parents)…stereotypes…

nika on

Katherine, Im sure that Bradys love having neighbours like you that gossip about them on the internet and say personal things about their children like you did.

Anyways congrats to them, i thought they will have a boy !!

Erin on

Great for the family. Tom now has two sons. I bet he is beside himself.

carol zwicker on

Parabéns para os três muitas felicidades e que o bebê seja uma criança abençoada e com muita sorte como a mãe.

KikiInOttawa on

Curious there is no birth weight listed. Wonder if its because he’s tiny. Gisele certainly didn’t look even 5 months pregnant, nevermind 9!

Andrea_momof2 on

Congratulations to the family! It’ll be nice for Jack to have a little brother!

I'm judgemental on

I envy Gisele she looked amazing all the way through her pregnancy.She will probably snap right back into shape.Congrats to her and Tom.

Molly on

Congrats to Tom, Gisele, and big brother Jack!!! I can’t wait to see what they name him!!

Brooke on

Well, I see that Bridget released a totally catty comment about the birth.

Half Sibling?? Come on – be a grownup and say “brother” for God’s sake. I am Team Gisele. I had a bad taste in my mouth about Bridget Moynahan from the beginning when she “found” herself pregnant at the end of their relationship and this one solidifies it.

Trina on

There was quite a few websites that said she was due then. I knew it was on the 14th bc it is my bday. I think cbb even posted that. Either way I’m soooo happy for them, I can’t wait for the name and birth info.

Sandy on

Wow, I thought she had a couple more months to go. Of the pics that I have seen of her, she did not even look big at all. I thought for sure she was going to have a girl for some reason, but we make mistakes. Congratulations to them both on the birth of their little angel.

brandy on

“Mams Mom, if you’re going to phrase it as an issue of respect, why don’t women have enough self-respect to pass on their own name to their child?

I live in Boston too and I hope the baby will have Brady-Bundchen as his last name. It would be nice to see a woman respect herself enough to treat herself as an equal to her husband on their child’s birth certificate.”

THANK YOU, LARA!!! My kids will have my husband’s last name as their middle name, and mine as the last. I don’t know why people get so up in the arms at the thought of a woman, WHO GIVES BIRTH TO HER OWN CHILD, giving said child her name. Makes sense to me, and once and for all could/would give women the chance to pass on their family names without needing to hyphenate or any of that other drudgery.

Just speaking for myself: I’ve had my name all of my life, and unless my hubby wants to combine names, or come up with a new one, there is no reason why my name should be discarded in favor of his. Things don’t always have to stay the same; people lobby for ‘tradition’–oh really? It used to be tradition that women had to obtain their husbands’ permission to apply for credit cards, loans, etc. And it also used to be tradition for women to not be allowed to pursue their life goals in work and social settings. How much tradition do you people want to maintain??? There are many other countries and societies wherein the blood line is matrilineal, as well as the passing down of family names, as it should be. Maternity is most easily and readily proven, since the woman gives birth to the child in question (w.t.e. of abandonment, wrong eggs implanted, etc.), whereas paternity is not always.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HOTTEST MOMMA ON THE PLANET!!!! And congrats to Tom and the new big bro 🙂

I cannot lie, I want the next one to be a girl!!!!

Sophia on

I thought they’d have a boy, but I didn’t realise she was due! Her bump looked so petite last time we saw a photo of her! But Baby Boy Brady #2 is here, and I’m sure he’s very beautiful and very loved. Can’t wait to hear what the name him and see some photos!

Jessicad on

Jessi I’m so sorry for your loss, and to have another baby on your own must be hard. I hope it’s healthy and sounds like it will be loved by a very strong mother!

brandy, exactly my thoughts!

I also see nothing wrong with what Bridget did, it’s her son too, she went through pregnancy alone and she had a right to do what she wanted. I didn’t think her statement was catty at all, I thought it was nice of her and she sounded supportive.

janie on

Congratulations to Tom and Gisele.

I cannot wait to see their bundle of joy. He will be beautiful just like his parents!

Andrea_momof2 on

Bridget sounded supportive enough to me but the “half-sibling” remark was a little snarky. Jack will grow up calling the new baby his brother and that’s just how it is.

cawed on

I think her statement was fine, but her choice of “half sibling” really should have been brother. Although in the technical sense it is his “half sibling” a 2 year old is going to see that child as his brother and nothing else. It comes across as formal and cold (that phrase, not the entire statement).

Jessi on

Jessicad: Thank you very much! I appreciate it.

meghan on

Do you really think Bridget prepared that statement? That’s why celebrities hire publicists. She tells her publicist to issue a statement of congratulations. That’s it. She isn’t involved in the wording of it. It sounds like a standard press release to me.

Ashleigh on

I don’t think there was anything wrong with Bridget’s statement. Technically, this little boy is Jack’s half sibling therefore she didn’t say anything that was untrue.

I doubt people should worry. As they grow up, I’m sure they’ll refer to each as brothers in the normal scheme of things. Normally, I refer to my half siblings as my brothers or sisters but there are times when if I meet someone and am explaining my family, I may refer to them as half siblings so as to not confuse others.

Melanie on

Congrats to the Brady family.

Of course Ms. Passive-Aggressive has to come in with her snide half-sibling commentary. Surprised she considers the baby to be a part of her extended family considering she has never met his mother.

If they’re all family and such why not say baby brother, younger brother, etc. instead of the removed “half-sibling”? Whatever.

Donna on

Congratulations.:D I´m sooo happy!

@Kate: Some people might be disappointed because a female celebrity had a boy?Sorry but how redicilous is that?It doesn´t matter if you already have a son or not.In the end it is most important that your child is healthy,regardless of which gender the baby has.And girls are more fun to raise?Why?Because you can dress them up nicely and give them cuter names?Most of the people want girls because of that and in my POV those reasons are facile.
There are women out there who aren´t even able to get pregnant.I´m sure they would love to have the problem of women,who think that girls are better and are disappointed if they don´t get one.

Would you push your baby off if it was a boy?

I´m happy that she had a boy and I´m sure that Gisele didn´t care what gender the baby had in the end and is happy that she gave birth to a healthy boy!

KimQ on

This is my first time posting, but I really had to say a few words about my impressions of Bridget’s comments. To be honest, a large part of me was hoping Tom’s new baby would be a girl – primarily for Bridget’s sake. I sense that she’s really hurting. Even if her “publicist” wrote the press statement, I gather that Bridget assisted with the wording. Even though she and Tom didn’t work out, she gave the best quarterback of the 21st Century, thus far, his very first son – what many believe to be the heir apparent to his father’s gifts on the gridiron (and not necessarily the reality – Jack might end up an actor like his mom, or a doctor, or teacher, who knows). Anyway, I believe, Bridget has taken a little pride in bearing Tom’s “manchild”, so to speak. Tom now having a second son sorta takes a bite out of that.

If you notice, the press statement very delicately made sure to not say “son” or “baby boy”. That speaks to me of Bridget’s angst about Tom’s new baby – born to the woman he chose to date after her and then marry – being the same sex as her son. I don’t believe in Tom’s or Giselle’s eyes that this new baby will be felt to be superior to Jack. They will love the boys equally. However, I think it will be a hard battle for Bridget to come to that same place and love Jack’s little brother as she loves her own son. She might come off a little catty in her comments, but I really do understand her position and am a bit sad for her, if my assumptions about how she feels are correct.

Liliana on

Melanie, I am sure Bridget has met Gisele.

Liz on

YAY! He shares a bday with me! Congrats guys!!

eternalcanadian on

Oh hey, this post was updated. Whoa, catty much Bridget? “…I’m sure my son will enjoy having a half-sibling…” What was up with that half-sibling remark? John and the new baby are brothers, pure and simple. It is so regretful people are that anal about labels. Step-brother, half-brother, full-brother, adopted brother. I wonder if Bridget thought about what she was saying? If either of her parents had children with someone else would Bridget consider the her brother or sister or half-brother or half-sister?

alice jane on

Personally I didn’t see anything wrong with Bridget’s statement, but even if she isn’t 100% thrilled for Tom and Giselle, so what? Sure, in a perfect world she would be, but she’s only human. Given her history with Tom, and Giselle’s close relationship with Jack (which I am definitely not saying is a bad thing, by any means), Bridget’s allowed to have mixed emotions. It’s how she acts on them that matters. I hope she can be civil and happy about Jack having a new sibling, for his sake and so that it isn’t awkward as the two boys grow up, but like I said… she’s only human.

And maybe Bridget doesn’t have any mixed emotions and is completely happy for Tom and Giselle, but for people to jump to the conclusion that she is being catty and taking swipes at anyone is a pretty huge assumption.

Erin on

Whatever. If People contacted Bridget and she hadn’t given a statement, that would’ve been reported and picked over as well. And, if I expressly made it clear that I would rather my young son not be photographed by the paps and then his step-mom took him to famous public parks and shopping areas I’d probably be pissed. Maybe Bridget is, maybe she isn’t. But in the case of parents who are trying to coparent as a non-couple, it’s best that the wishes of each be respected by the other as much as possible. I’m sure they all love Jack and that’s what matters most.

Esi on

Why are so many people so sure they were having a girl? Do people really think that because you carry a certain way that the sex can be determined…? that comment always makes me think of those old wives tales like ‘you can’t get pregnant if you have sex standing up…or your nose will grow if you tell a lie”!

Micheley on

I thought Bridgets comment was very nice. I like Gisele and Tom, but from what I know (obviously I along with the rest of us have no first hand knowledge) Tom wasn’t their for her and Im sure although wonderful Gisele’s comments on Jack may have made her a little insecure, so she may just be reminding people that he is her son too. I think it is wonderful that Gisele is so involved with Jack but I know when my Aunt had to watch her son have step mom it was very hard for her and was definatley a place of insecurity. But anyway Congrats to both Gisele and Tom. I can’t wait to here the baby boys name.

Ally on

Erin: Why would Bridget be pissed about her son being photographed by the paps when she sold the first pictures of him to OK magazine? Is she also pissed when she is photographed with her son by the paps or is it only a problem if Tom or Gisele are the ones that are pictured with him?

Esi on

How do so many of you know so much about their relationships?

Trina on

Erin, that has to be one of the most ignorant things said on this post. Bridget is mainly famous for having Tom’s baby, where in the world would you like Tom Brady or Gisele Bundchen to take Jack? Or when they have him should they just stay in? I’m not trying to diss Bridget but let’s be realistic. I am a stepmom to a 11 year old girl and her mom isn’t around and I have raised her since she was 3. Point of the story is my husband and I had 2 girls after that, I don’t say here is my step daughter or this is their step sister. She is my kid. I think people need to realize that tom and bridget broke up and she was pregnant. It was during football season that she was pregnant. Was he supposed to fly back for all appts? How do we know he wasn’t calling her and trying to help her? I think her statement was rude about half brother. All in all it seems they have a healthy baby boy and I am happy for them, as a fan of both of them and a patriots fan.

Erin on

Ally, I didn’t know about the OK! pics. I just remember when the boy got older she said in print that she was really trying to avoid having photogs around her son. We rarely sees pictures of Jack with his mom, and I assume that’s from her diligently avoiding super popular places in LA where one might expect paps to be hanging around. Jack is a commodity to the weekly magazines, so I would think if Bridget was more casual about that there’d be a bunch of snaps with mom and son. I’ve seen several appearances of Giselse and Jack together, though. And maybe, just maybe, that is an issue with Bridget. Nobody expects a supermodel to be able to walk down the street and not be noticed, but there is such a thing as discretion. Especially when the mom has asked for it for her boy. Not a big deal to me – I was just lamely trying to play amateur psychologist!

Sage on

I love this little family, Congrats on their son and new addition to their family. He will be such a little cutie.

Molly on

Thats true what Erin said. Bridget is famous for shielding Jack and not showing him off (except perhaps those first pictures) but Gisele is famous for showing off and she seems to be selecting places where she can be seen with him often.

Micheley on

Ally: I don’t know the details about Bridget being angry about the photo’s. But I will say that in celebs defence, IMO when celebs sell their baby pictures from what I can tell it is usually to protect their child, and choosing the lesser of two evils. I know that Bridget is no Brangelina, but because of her and Tom’s situation she did have alot of attention on her so I don’t think their was anything wrong with her selling the baby pictures. Its like an announcement, everyone announces their babies birth. It doesn’t mean they want their friends and family in their childs faces 24/7

Di on

I’m one of those people who does not have a problem with Bridget’s comments. I know a lot of people are harping on the fact that she referred to Tom’s new son as John’s “half-sibling” but that is exactly what he is.
They do not have the same mother, they do not have the same last name and they are not going grow up together in the same household at least not full time and that is the reality.
If Bridget had another child I doubt she would refer to that child as John’s half sibling because there is a difference between half siblings who are together full time and those who come to visit every other weekend etc.
Bridget has always carried herself with dignity, class and grace throughout this whole situation. She could have played the bitter, scorned ex to the hilt and she did not. She has kept a respectful silence about her relationship with Tom and has never criticized Tom publicly or Gisele even after she made those ridiculous comments about being her son’s mother. John is lucky to have such a wonderful woman as a mother.

Team Bridget all the way.

Em on

@eternal canadian…..
the fact of the matter is that it is her son’s half brother. it is something her son will have to live with for the rest of his life, and tom will have to explain. i have an adopted brother and yes i call him my adopted brother. that is what he is. it doesn’t mean that i love him less or whatever.
@ the gender comments…
whoa folks, you jumped all over me! yeah, the baby is healthy and that is what matters. i’m sure tom wanted/wants a daughter. i was just saying maybe next time (if he decides he wants another) he’ll get lucky and get one. i wasn’t saying bad things about boys. you can’t really choose the gender of your babies. well you can, but most do not. i’m not girl-biased.
thank you kate!
y’all blow things waaaayyy out of proportion! we don’t even know these folks.

Whitney Sterk on

My brother is my half brother and he is 4 years older then I am. He lived with me all his life and the only thing we did not share was our last names. He called my dad = dad even though his scummy dad was also his dad. I still refer to him as my half-brother – doesn’t mean I love him any less…..and his dad always creeps me out and says I should have been his kid….. um yuck no! and thank goodness I wasn’t!!! There will be times the siblings will not share holidays and weeks at a time together so establishing the “half” title makes sense. I never spent xmas eve with my brother -my mom, dad, sis and I would drop him off at his aunts/grandparents and then we would go to my dads side of the family (who still had gifts for my brother that we would bring home) – then at the end of the night before “santa came” we would go home -open our pj’s and go to bed and wake up as a family. I did and still have to explain 30 years later that we don’t have the same dads because people always assume it’s step-siblings. But whatever -we share a bloodline and a great momma!

As this new (BRADY) baby will share a great poppa and luckily have two great momma’s (my bro’s dad is a deadbeat).

Marie on

I thought this thread was regarding Tom and Gisele’s new baby, not Bridget feelings.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to Tom and Gisele!

robinepowell on

Congratulations to them both! 🙂 I’m sure that they’ll pick a “normal” name, since Tom’s first son is John (which rhymes btw). Something either very American, or something Brazilian to reflect Gisele’s hertiage. 😉

dutchmom on

Congrats to Tom and Gisele on ther beautiful baby boy!
I don’t understand the women who disapprove of Bridget’s statement. How is it that everyone is on Tom’s side? He left her, she found out she was pregnant. This happens to people everyday. I can see both sides in this case. Tom did not love her enough and Bridget was hurting. There is no case of team Tom, team Gisele or team Bridget.
If it wasn’t Tom and Bridget, but “Joe and Jane”, would you be on “Joe’s” side? Honestly? I don’t see nothing wrong with Bridget’s statement. Would you be jumping of joy at the arrival of your ex’s new baby?

Basil on

So naive, Marie. Every post about Gisele ends up being about Bridget’s feelings. She’s a c-list actress who was replaced by a younger woman and a supermodel to boot. She’s the perpetual victim. And the idea that she isn’t photographed as often because she goes to such great lenghts to protect Jack is silly. The paps aren’t photographing Jack, they’re photographing Gisele and Tom. I see shots of those two even when Jack isn’t around or even when they’re alone. I never see pics of Bridget unless Jack is around because like I said she’s a c-lister and not even one of those talentless people from a reality show but just some actress most people haven’t heard of. Thus, when she is with Jack, he is apt to be photographed less.

Also the reason so many people think Gisele was having a girl isn’t just because of stupid wives’ tales but because one of those trashy tabs said she was having a girl so people got it into their heads. Life & Style is wrong again. Big surprise. If they weren’t, Jennifer Anniston would have like ten kids by now.

Chris on

I wonder if the new baby will look like John. Tom has strong genes! 🙂

Jessicad on

I disagree with whoever said Bridget’s famous because of having Tom’s baby. I knew of her long before she was with him or had his baby. If anything she has made herself less famous by making a point to keep her son out of the public. VERY classy in my opinion.

Heather on

I know this is kind of off topic, but I have to disagree with the statement that Tom Brady is the best QB of the 21st century. IMO, that would be Peyton Manning! Hopefully the Pats will keep losing so Tom can have a nice long off-season to enjoy his new son! Haha! OK, OK, I apologize to any Pats fans. I am only teasing. Just trying to lighten up the message board here! 🙂

Now, to be ON topic, I am sure that Tom, Gisele, & Jack are thrilled with the arrival of their little boy. I am curious to hear what name they pick out!

Ally on

I’m sorry, but I disagree. There are many photos of Bridget from his first year and a half or so. I think the reason there aren’t as many pics of Bridget with/without Jack now comes down to this: She is not as famous & the paps/press are not as interested in her as when she announced her pregnancy. She used to be featured on sites such as CBB frequently but isn’t anymore. Her claim to fame has really been being the mother of Tom’s child & I think the hype surrounding that has died out since Tom/Gisele married & announced the pregnancy. I don’t see how Gisele is showing him off but Bridget is not. I don’t think going to the park or walking down the street is picking places to be seen often. But I do agree with Marie, this is really about Tom/Gisele’s new baby, so congrats to them!

EB on

Man, who cares if this kid is seen with Gisele. Since Jack’s parents SHARE custody of the boy, Tom can take the kid and allow Gisele to take the kid within reason wherever they feel like it.

Tom had no say in whether he wanted his son splashed all over the pages of Ok magazine and he has never questioned or criticized Bridget’s decision to do that, or her parenting skills.

I’ve never heard of Bridget before this love triangle thing and it would be obvious to me, at least, that a major football star and supermodel would be spotted and photographed more often than an actor who hasn’t been in that many movies. If it was Angelina Jolie, I’m sure she will be photographed (and the pictures worth more to the paps) with her children much more than Bridget and Jack.

I wish people would just let this go. Gisele is the person Tom wanted to marry and have a family with and that is that. Tom does not badmouth Bridget and make pointless innuendos in the press. Bridget and Tom were NOT married. Tom moving on after a breakup is not a crime. Even Bridget said that she did not know she was pregnant when they broke up so saying that Tom “left” her while she was pregnant is a lie. Everything else is irrelevant.

I just don’t know why people can’t be happy for this family and always have to make disparaging remarks about Gisele’s look, her sexuality, bring up that she’s parading her stepston around or that Bridget’s pleading for privacy for “her son” when her choice of career is anything BUT private. Celebrity Babies is an ENTIRE website about CELEBRITY’S babies and it is so silly to keep bringing up that Bridget wants privacy for this kid on CELEBRITY babies dot com.

This is about the birth of Gisele and Tom’s baby together. CONGRATULATIONS Tom and Gisele and I can’t wait to see this baby.

janie on

Hope this new baby boy is as handsome as his daddy!

Stephanie on

I don’t see anything wrong with Bridget’s statement. The only connection she has to Tom and Gisele’s new baby is through her son, so it’s not like she has to do anything but wish them well and express the sentiment that her son will enjoy having a new baby around. It is appropriate to call the new baby Jack’s half-brother, because he is, and it’s not an offensive term in any way. Jack will grow up calling the new baby his brother, Tom and Bridget will continue to co-parent Jack in the way that’s best for all of them. Bridget will most likely have no connection or contact with this new baby, and there’s nothing wrong with that. My husband’s parents split up when he was only a year old, and his dad went on to re-marry and have another child. My husband refers to her pretty equally as his sister or half-sister, depending on who we’re around and who might need clarification as to whose daughter she is. Hubby’s mom has only met half-sister once or twice, but they have no connection at all except that they share my husband as family. And I can’t speak for everyone, or Bridget, but as a mom myself, I can understand if Bridget is feeling a little apprehensive/worried/sad that the man she had a child with who loved her once upon a time was creating a happy ever after with someone else. And that’s not to say she wishes it was her in Giselle’s place. But it’s sort of like being handed a broken dream. You get the “Ever after” without the “happy”, and it’s easy to worry that your son will be forgotten by his dad when the “happy” part comes along somewhere else.

Tamara on

Everything that happened with this trio from the beginning was so cliche’ and predictable for anyone with interaction with the sports world specifically the NBA and the NFL it wasn’t even funny.

I’m not surprised at all by how these events continue to play out, or the commentary on them.

I congratulate Gisele, Tom, and John on the newest addition to their family, but I feel bad for John.

John is so headed for red-headed stepchild territory with the sports media. After the way ESPN sounded the trumpets for the new Brady baby it’s obvious the sports media will pit the brothers against one another if they even bother to give John any attention at all.

Andrea_momof2 on

The only reason I think the media would be more “after” Tom’s new son is because he’s a “Brady”. Like if he grows up to be a football player (college-level or something) it’ll be the same deal as Joe Montana’s son, everyone wants to know what the next “Montana” will do.

I’m definitely not saying the new son is any more Tom’s son because of a last name but the fact that he’ll (most likely) be a “Brady” will increase media attention.

marie on

ITA- I was taken back by the ex’s statement. half-sibling? Asking for privacy for who. Noboday has any interest in what she is doing or not doing. Get over herself.

Almu on

People, let’s not ignore the obvious. The new baby IS Jack’s half brother. He would be his “full” brother if he was also Bridget’s son. But he’s not. There is nothing wrong with calling someone a half sibling if that is really what they are. I have two half-brothers and they are my half-siblings. We don’t share both parents so that is what they are. And while I love them very much, that doesn’t change the fact that they are my half-siblings. I love my female cousins like my sisters but that does not make them my sisters. They are still my cousins.
Anyway, I don’t think Bridget is being catty, just honest.

TRM on

@ Molly 112.

I dont think your comment about Gisel “picking” places to be seen is true. I just think the paps are more interested in stalking her than in Bridget. I can count the number of times I have seen pics of BOTH of these women with Jack in public together on my two hands.

BtR on

#111 Em, No we did not “blow things waaaayyy out of proportion!” You were NOT “just saying maybe next time (if he decides he wants another) he’ll get lucky and get” a daughter. Your initial statement (#21) very clearly conveyed your belief that you prize daughters over sons: “Wow! A boy! I’m surprised. Well, there is always next time, I suppose.”

Instead of deflecting criticism to readers and implying that the error lies w/ our reading comprehension skills, why don’t you just say sorry for posting an ill-conceived comment?

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m another person who chafed at Bridget Moynahan’s comments. Well, Moynahan in general, in fact. She has sold photos of her son, spoken of her relationship w/ Brady to the press, done the pap-walk on Rodeo Drive while pushing her child in a front-facing stroller AND now she wants privacy? That’s hypocrisy.

I’m predicting the name is something like Matthias or Benjamin — solid, and classy.

Dee on

I have a half brother and to me he is simply my brother. There is nothing half about him. That being said I dont see a problem with Bridgette saying he is her son’s half brother. That’s exactly what he is.

He is a kid and as far as he knows that’s his lil baby brother. Only the adults and the media will perpetrate and emphasize the “HALF” as if it were something dirty. We all know the media and how they get on w/ celebs and their kids.

That being said, I have always liked the way BM handled the situation w/ her pregnancy and baby. I also liked the way she asked for privacy in welcoming a new addition to their extended family that was classy all the way.

You can tell she is a caring and sharing parent. She allows Tom access to his son all the time and Giselle is out and about with him as if it were just another day at the park. Reminds me of the relationship w/ Antonio Sabato Jr. and Virgina Madsen and how they share and love their kids. Amazing and something I wish all parents in situation like this could emulate.

Sadly, that is not always the case and who ends up suffering in the end…….the kids!!!!

Tamara on

To Andrea_momof2: I didn’t want to “go there” as that is one of the pink elephants in the room, but you’re right. I’m not surprised that the sports media fell over their feet to annoint the new baby heir to the NFL throne. They only did that for one reason.

Natasha on

Dee, “allows him access” is an interesting way to put it. Whether she allowed him access or not he’d still see his son. That’s what family court is for.

carol on

Great news, I guessed right she looked like she was having a boy great news for them both and big brother now has a little friend for life

K.G on

So many dumb comments..Bridget sold the pictures to OK magazine and the proceeds went to help a friend’s children with a disease. She was helping them ,and she knew the photographers were going to get his pictures somehow.The disease is a rare,genetic,neurodegenerative,multisystem,life -shortening disorder called Friedreich’s ataxia.Bridget supports the foundation. You who commented on this blog about her selling the pictures and making fun of her should be ashamed. She is a much better person than you know.

Terri on

I really like Briget Moynahan and pretty much defend her against all criticisms, but that statement did read oddly to me.

I’m sure John will be excited to meet his little brother.

brannon on

Agree with it being an awful statement. As to some of the posts on here about wishing it was a girl – wow. weird. Glad everyone is doing well though.

Last name: If it is disrespectful to give your child your own last name…then I am very confused? I chose to keep my last name and we gave it to my son as well. To me, this shows a great deal of respect TO ME for carrying and giving birth to our first born. Our next child will have my husbands name. To each their own.

Mary-Helen on

My last name is hyphenated, but our daughters have my husband’s last name. Didn’t really know it was a big deal.

Anywho, as for Bridget, she used the correct term “half brother”. I don’t think it was snide, or catty. IMO catty is Dayanarra Torres referring to Max & Emme as “my ex husband’s other children” as opposed to her son’s siblings @ all. The fact is, that while unpopular, the terminology was correct. Perhaps, if anything, Bridget could be concerned about how close Gisele was to Jack, which may not be the case now that she has a bio child. I know that’s not true in alot of cases, but the concern could be there. I think Tom and Bridget have handled themselves well in this situation and too many people try to read too much into it. I think Gisele’s comments in VF were a titch inappropriate, because she came across as claiming that Bridget didn’t matter, but Tom and Bridget have handled themselves with tremendous decorum.

Sue on

I have read everything I can find online about the birth and have not seen the baby’s birth weight in any of them. My guess is that he was very tiny. I have a feeling Giselle worked hard to keep her weight gain to a minimum, unlike other supermodels like Heidi Klum. The last picture I was able to find of her pregnant was late October. She seemed to be in hiding the last month and a half…not wanting pics taken as she got large…Did anyone see anything about the baby’s weight?

CelebBabyLover on

Sue- Or maybe he was a normal weight and they just don’t want to realise the birth details. Other commentors have said on other Tom and Gisele posts that they are actually very private people, at least when it comes to talking about their family.

I don’t think Gisele’s being so tiny during pregnancy means she was basically dieting while pregnant. Nicole Kidman was also very tiny throughout her pregnancy (even when she finally “popped” at the end, she wasn’t that big), and yet Sunday was born at a normal, healthy weight (if I’m remembering correctly, she was around 7lbs).

Nicole and Gisele are both very tall women, with long torsos, and tall women with long torsos tend to not show as much during pregnancy (since there’s plenty of room for the belly to grow UP before it grows OUT!). Besides, do you really think Gisele would have done anything to endanger the health of her baby?

lydia on

What normal female would rather not prefer having a daughter. I dislike cars and trucks, and robots, and dinosaurs, and fighting and everything along that line. Meanwhile with my daughter we bake cookies, and play with make up and perfume, and we dance to opera music at home , and we both wear dresses almost every day, and we giggle, and do so many fun girly things. I feel incredibly blessed to have a girl.

Noreen on


What normal female? I guess there are a lot of strange women out there because a lot of women don’t consider baking cookies and pretty dresses to be the main joys of motherhood. Fighting and stuff? Yes, because we all know girls never fight. Have you met a teenage girl before? You obviously have issues with men if you feel so offended by the fact that a woman could possibly enjoy having a son. Sorry everyone, I know this is off topic, but I just found that statement ignorant and no doubt insulting to a lot of other women.

That said…Congratulations to the happy parents! Can’t wait to see pictures of the little guy!