American Idol's Jessica Sierra Welcomes Son Kayden Cash

12/09/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
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American Idol Season 4 contestant Jessica Sierra has much to celebrate this holiday season. Despite her battle with addiction — “Don’t get me wrong…I still suffer from alcoholism,” she notes — December 1st marked two years of sobriety for Jessica, who is now embarking on a new journey: motherhood!

The singer welcomed her first child — son Kayden Cash Sierra — on Saturday, December 5th at UCLA Medical Center. Baby boy weighed in at 6 lbs. 12 oz.

Although she admits Kayden wasn’t planned, she is quick to clarify that she couldn’t be happier. “I was not married, I wasn’t like, ‘Yeah I was planning on having a child,’ but I don’t resent it,” she says.

Keeping details of the baby’s father private, only revealing he is an ex-boyfriend who is now “a very good friend,” Jessica, 24, is optimistic about her future with her son.

“I think things happen in life and don’t let your past get you down. You can always overcome anything if you want to and be a better person, so don’t let people tell you that you can’t.”

Source: Radar Online

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sad on

It’s so good to hear she’s still doing well. She was very talented on Idol. Congratulations on her new baby! 🙂

eternalcanadian on

I have to admit I am not fond of names for boys that can be shortened to a feminine name. Kayden definitely will be shortened to Kay. I guess it is a variation of Caden, which does look nicer, but to each their own.

I hope she and the father of Kayden continue to be good friends to raise him together even if they are not with each other.

Sandra on

I hope that she stays sober for the sake of her son. Not fond of the name either, but as long as she’s happy and the baby is healthy that’s all that matters.

lindaloo on

umm, I seriously doubt that her son will be called Kay….

Patrice on

I believe that all children are a blessing, but let’s be real: ANYTIME you are having unprotected sex, you are PLANNING on getting pregnant, whether that is directly on your mind at the time (I have no idea how it could NOT be) or not. I hate it when women run around proclaiming “It wasn’t ‘planned’…” Give me a break.

Rachel on

I know several Kayden, Kaden, Cadens… all boys, and none of them get called “kay”… Kade maybe, but not Kay. I’m not a huge fan of the name, but to each his own. I really hope that Jessica stays on track with her sobriety. Very pleased to hear that she’s working on two years. Good for her!

jessjess on

CONGRATS ON THE BIRTH OF A HEALTHY BABY!! on a side note my 16 year old DAUGHTER is named Kaden, so i think its a little odd to see it so popular as a boys name..

Ashleigh on

Patrice, while that’s true to an extent, I know at least a handful of women who were either on birth control or used protection when they became pregnant. No form of contraceptive is ever 100% effective unless one practices abstinence.

Nylah on

Not every unplanned pregnancy is due to lack of protection. Nowhere in the article did it say that she was having unprotected sex. Personally, I have had three unplanned pregnancies, while using multiple forms of protection – at the same time.

Jessi on

Congratulations! I really like the name Kaidyn for a girl, but wouldn’t use it because there are so many Kaden, Kayden, Caden, Caydens that are boys that would be in her class I’m sure.

As the unplanned pregnancies go, there is a such thing as a failure of birth control. Ever since I had my daughter I have been pregnant twice and I was on birth control both times. I had an ectopic and then I’m pregnant now. So it isn’t always about failure to be on birth control. My daughter was born and passed in December of last year.

Mags on

Good for her! I loved her on Idol, but I am soooo over any name ending in -ayden or -aden or the like. Almost every variation has been tried. Well, almost. Maybe I’ll name my next child Xaden or Phayden or Maiden (for a boy, of course).

Nikki on

Good luck to her.

Jessi on

Mags: I agree! Brayden, Kayden, Rayden, Cayden, Ayden, Zayden, Xayden and all of the variants of spellings or other names are so popular!! Another reason I wouldn’t name a girl Kaidyn.

Jenna on

I hope she manages to stay sober, and make a great life for her son. It will be hard as a single mom, and this can add a lot of stress in her life. So many kids born to single parents nowadays, I can’t imaging this is an easy road to go down. Kinda sad, really.
Best of luck to her and congrats on a healthy baby.

Jessi on

Jenna: I agree. But alot of women do it everyday without the support of the father, which is evident in the comment that he is a very good friend so I bet he will still be in Kayden’s life. My baby’s father will not be in the baby’s life and I would like it to stay that way. He was not a good person and still is not a good person.

fuzibuni on

aw, jessi… so sorry you lost your daughter last year. that is heartbreaking ): Best wishes for your new pregnancy. here’s hoping you have loads of joy and happiness in your future.

celia on

awww…i love the name my cousin is kade and call him kade…

it is very hard to be a single son father is not in the picture and like jessi said thank goodness….i have the sopport of my wonderful family and wonderful bf that toke the role as daddy!!!!

Jessi on

fuzibuni: Thank you so very much! I appreciate it so much!

Jessi on

Celia: I’m glad that you have found a man that will take the role of fatherhood!

Ashandra on

I am not really sure why celebrities choose to reveal that their children were “unplanned”. In 16 years or less, the child could google her mom’s pregnancy and find out this information. I would be heartbroken. Why can’t she just say ” Kayden’s father and I are going to be committed parents” and that’s it. No one needs to hear about how they are having unprotected sex and didn’t plan for a baby.

Unless you are abstinent, having sex means the possibility of pregnancy. Even if you are on birth control. So if you want to have sex, be ready for mommyhood!

Paula on

I’m so happy for Jessica. I absolutely LOVED her on American Idol, and my heart broke after her previous brushes with the law because of drugs & alcohol. She’s been through a lot, and it’s great that she now has her son to put some of her energy on. I’m confident that she’ll stay sober for him. Congratulations to Jessica! 🙂

Jessi on

Ashandra: I agree that it isn’t something that celebrities should be saying alot.

christina on

Ashanda, I agree; and unfortunately the child could be googlind in more like 6 years!

Ashleigh on

Unplanned doesn’t mean unwanted. My parents were teens when I was born so they definitely weren’t planning on becoming parents, at the time, but I’ve never felt unloved or unwanted just because I was unexpected.

shalay on

What’s wrong with saying a baby was unplanned? My parents were in their early 20s and barely married a year when they found out they were expecting me. My mom says it definitely was not planned, but am I devastated over that fact? No way! I actually think it’s funny! I mean, there’s that John Lennon quote, “Life’s what happens while your busy making other plans.” I personally believe the best things in life are sometimes the most unexpected.

The majority of babies aren’t pre-planned, but it doesn’t mean they were ever unwanted. And why would anyone be offended that their parents didn’t deliberate over their conception, prior to it taking place?

As for Jessica, who is only 24, unmarried, and a recovering alcoholic, why WOULD she have planned to get pregnant? I’m sure her child will someday be mature enough to understand that his mother wasn’t in the ideal situation when she conceived him, but that he has now become her biggest blessing. Yes, an UNPLANNED blessing.

Susan on

You can debate the fact that she isn’t married all you want…..babies come in to our lives when they are supposed to..after 2 miscarriages in 2 years I wasn’t planning on my daughter and she is the biggest joy in my life…as for the name…get over it….she made the choice not any of you……

Kirsty on

It really bugs me when women give children their surname. Kids should have their dads surname.

Chris on

Kayden Cash? What a name! Maybe they will call him Kade.

Basil on

Jessi, I like how he’s not a good person but you still slept with him and got pregnant by him. I admire your candid nature. As for Nylah with her amazing ability to get pregnant on multiple birth control – sure whatever lie you need to tell yourself. Personally I like it when women just blame taking an antibiotic for why they got pregnant on birth control. That one at least seems believable.

I have no idea who this “celebrity” is but her statement seems very positive and I wish her the best.

Ashleigh on

Kirsty, there’s no law stating that children must have the same surname as their father. It’s up to the parent or parents to decide.

Wow, Basil. Be a little more judgemental. You have no idea about other people’s situations. As I said, no contraceptive, except absistenence, is 100% effective therefore it’s really not shocking that various forms of birth control can fail.

Making assumptions and rude comments about people you don’t even know is stupid.

Nylah on

Basil, you must know me SO well, at least enough to say that I’m lying to myself.
Even those who are most religious about birth control, can become pregnant.
As I did – and it wasn’t because I was lax in my routine, as a physician – I know better, or because of an antibiotic.
As Ashleigh stated, and as we all should know by now, birth control isn’t 100% effective, even if you use multiple forms, as I did.

Jessi on

Kristy: I won’t be because he won’t be in the baby’s life at all.

Basil: Way to judge my situation when you don’t know anything about me or my life! Good job! Maybe I found out AFTERWARDS that he isn’t a good person? Ever thought of that?

Patrice on

Of course I understand that no form of birth contriol is 100%, but are we REALLY implying that pregnancy is now something like the flu and just unwittingly “happens” to us?! C’mon ladies! Sure it can happen sometimes with prevention in place, but I have to say that I found Kourtney Kardashian’s admission that she was slacking on taking the pill when she concieved her son to be refreshing. I have many friends who have gotten pregnant in the past few years, and all of them (who ALL admittedly weren’t using anything) had the the audacity to claim the they “had no idea” how they got pregnant!! That’s where I’m coming from.

MP on

I’m not a native English speaker, but doesn’t “cash” mean money? Why on earth would someone want to name their child “Money”? Sounds a bit tacky.

Jessi on

Patrice: I see your point also! Birth control can and does fail, but alot of the time people aren’t using it correctly.

Jessi on

MP: Yes Cash means money. I wouldn’t use it…

Terri on

Didn’t she announce a pregnancy once before then a few months later she was no longer pregnant? Or was that another American Idol contestant?

I wish her luck with her baby boy and her struggles with sobriety.

Sandy on

@ MP my son’s name is Hayden Cash. “Cash” is slang for money, but my son was named after Johnny Cash. I’m willing to bet this child was to.

Best of luck to her and her little one.

Sam and Freya's mum on

is it just me or does the baby’s name unfortunately sound a bit like ‘paid-in-cash’ if said quickly – it rhymes with it anyhow, lol, poor kid@! Congrats on his arrival.

Jessi on

Terri: I researched it and yes that was her. She announced the pregnancy in December of 2007 and then in Feb of 2008 they announced that she was no longer pregnant. But no other information was given out as far as I can tell.

MP on

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for the explanation. That “Johnny Cash” option didn’t even occur to me because in my home country it’s not possible to use an established surname as someone’s first (or second) name; we keep given names and surnames separate. 🙂

Julie on

I’m so relieved not to see any negative comments about her addictions. A new baby WILL challenge her sobriety, and she needs all the support and good wishes that can be given. Congratulations and good luck!!!

jacob black lover on

cute name! tho i prefer my way of spelling it k-a-e-d-a-n.