'Impatient' Amy Adams Wants to Know Sex of Baby

12/07/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Lucas Jackson/Landov

“Careful ladies, it’s in the water!” That’s Amy Adams‘ take on the baby boom occurring in her group of friends — and the actress has found herself the latest addition to the pool.

Due this spring with her first child with fiancé Darren Le Gallo, the Leap Year star tells Entertainment Tonight in an interview airing Monday evening that she’s too “impatient” to wait for a surprise in the delivery room.

“We’ll probably find out. I thought about waiting and I just don’t think that’s really my personality,” notes the actress, 35. “It’s not about planning a nursery, it’s more about I just want to know. I want to be able to relate in that way. That’s what works for me, but I totally believe in whatever works for the individual.”

As for walking down the aisle with Darren, whom she’s been dating for seven years and became engaged to in July 2008, it will have to wait a bit longer.

“We actually had a date, and then we had to push it because I took a part,” she explains. “I actually had to get permission and I called him and said, ‘We’re actually going to have to push the date.’ Now that I have the time off we’ll definitely be planning it.”

Leap Year arrives in theaters January 8th.

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Forever Moore on

I can relate with Amy…I’m due in June and can’t wait to find out! It’s my first child and I’ll probably wait, as nature intended, with my next child.

Sonya on

I’ve never understood the whole ‘we don’t have time to get married’ thing. If you really want to get married you do it. There are ways to work around having little time, like hiring a wedding planer, having family members and your fiancee help or simply doing a simple ceremony that doesn’t require a lot of planing.

LLG on

My money is on a little baby girl! 😀 She is so adorable, I love Amy!

iz on

i think its a boy

Mandy on

I hope she has a girl but either way as long as the baby is healthy its not a big deal.

Cheryl on

I can totally relate to her. I’ve heard people say that a delivery surprise is the best surprise you could ever get, but for me, it’s more of wanting to be able to think of my baby as a person and to know who it is that’s inside of me, making our bond even stronger. I know that it is strong no matter who you are and what choice you make, but there’s something about being able to name the baby and call him or her by a real, proper name like a person rather than a stranger. For some people, it’s just like that.

Bailey on

I adore Amy, and I hope that her baby brings her and Darren infinite joy. I know that the health of the baby is the most important thing, but I’m kind of hoping that they’ll have a girl. I just think it’d be really cute to have a little girl who could watch her Mama’s princess movie and the fact that she played a princess makes me want to see her child in a cute little dress. Either way, it’s going to be a wonderful, happy child.

Holly on

I couldnt wait either! With my first I found out at 16 weeks girl, then I had a lil boy and found out last week my 3rd and last baby is a girl. I couldnt wait I am just too much of a planner.

Lauren on

I definitely agree with Amy and Cheryl about finding out the sex to bond with the baby due to knowing such an integral part of who they are and will be beforehand as opposed to not even referring to the baby as a human (ie, “it”). And a healthy baby’s most important, but I’d love to see her with a girl too. Either way though, that kid is going to get a kick out of watching Enchanted in a few years!

Lis on

I have 12 weeks to go, and we haven’t found out what we are having. It is SO fun!!!! I honestly don’t care one way or another, and as it gets closer to my due date, the more excited I have become wondering about the little person inside of me!!! It’s so fun to hear everyone’s guesses too 🙂 I have no problem with anyone who finds out beforehand, but for me, it is just going to be such a fun surprise!!! I can’t wait for the, “It’s a …” moment 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lis on

Oh, and I want to add that I already feel 100% completely bonded to my baby even though I don’t know the gender! How could you not? 😉

Jessicad on

I had to find out the gender, I would’ve been disappointed if I had a boy and wanted to prepare myself. I know a healthy baby is most important, but that’s just how I feel. Next time it doesn’t matter as much because I have the girl I always wanted!

Amy on

I didn’t find out the sex until delivery with both of my kids. The adrenaline rush is out of this world when they call out, “it’s a boy!” or “it’s a girl!” I was completely surprised both times (boy, then girl). I can understand wanting to find out ahead of time but for me it was nine months of fun guessing and wondering. The suspense was so fun for my whole family. And I did bond just as strongly with my babies. 🙂 Amy Adams is one of my favorite actresses, I’m excited for her!

Devon on

I’m really torn on whether or not to find out when that time comes. I am a planner and I want to have everything completely and utterly organized, but I think it would be the best thing ever to hear, at the moment of delivery, either “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” My husband said that when we have kids, he wants to know so maybe we’ll find out with the first and wait for the second.

As for waiting to get married, perhaps Amy wants to wait until after the baby is born. I don’t blame her. I was petrified that I would get pregnant before my wedding and no way in hell would I walk down the aisle with a bump. Not to say that it’s not wrong, but for me that was something I didn’t want. When someone gets married while pregnant, it can sometimes look like they are getting married because of the baby, which was something I didn’t want, and I am way to vain. I didn’t want to look back at my wedding photos and see me pregnant. If we had gotten pregnant before the wedding, I would have pushed the date back until the baby could be apart of the wedding rather than speed everything up in order to have the wedding before the baby. To each their own. I have friends who got engaged, then got pregnant and got married before the baby came and that is completely their decision, but it wasn’t something that I wanted.

Ply on

Cheryl, I agree. That’s how I have always felt as well. And I don’t think the “surprise” during delivery is that great. There are only two things the baby can be, afterall.

Ply on

I would want to look good in my wedding dress, so yes, I would definitely push my wedding off until after the baby was born.

Elle on

I can understand the excitement and anticipation of keeping it a delivery surprise, but I just couldn’t wait! I always thought I would have a girl (which I did), but I was equally excited by the thought of having a boy! When I found out I was pregnant, the gender no longer mattered. I knew I was in love with my baby and that was it! It is upsetting to hear people say they wanted to prepare themselves because they would be disappointed if they were having a boy. Babies bring so much joy and I can’t even imagine having any negative thoughts about mine.

Mary-Helen on

I couldn’t find out with my first and LOVED knowing with my other two (of course I knew my first was a girl lol). I could talk to them by name and pick out clothes for them to wear home and picture them in it and call them “she” not “it”. It’s really up to personal preference, but I prefered to know.

Jessicad on

Some people may not have a preference, I do and I know a ton of women who do too but they don’t admit it to everyone. I would’ve loved a boy just as much, I just would’ve needed time to prepare myself for it. I’ve had this dream of having a daugher my entire life, that dream would’ve changed if I had a boy. I don’t see it as being any different than any other dreams or goals you have for your life, or preferring the color black to white, or liking country music rather than pop. It’s just a personal preference for some people. Nothing against boys! I love boys too, hope that makes sense.

Alice on

Jessicad, I am just like you – at an earlier stage. Hopefully I’ll have a daughter as well at some point. Speaking of which, I hope Amy has one too! But boy or girl, that child will be adorable!!

There are ways to get married with a little time but if you know you want a “big”, beautiful ceremony, why rush it and cram it in some little free slot on your schedule? It’s not like it’s an emergency or they need to make sure the other is committed. Baby came first and their wedding day will be even better with their little one 🙂

Mrs. L on

WOW Jessicad…Maybe it’s just the way you are saying it but it doesn’t come off right at all. Maybe you are just really young and that’s the reason for it. I don’t know…to everyone their own but your comment made me feel uncomfortable. I’m glad you got your girl but you should never feel disapointed because of a babies sex!…when there are so many couples out there that can’t even have babies.


momofthree on

I think amy should be joyed at the arrival to find out the sex. Her Mom will be a grandma for the first time I beleive.

carol on

I found out what I was having purely cause I hate surprises and I am rather impatient, I knew from the start it was a girl and when I got my scan at 24 weeks it confirmed it. I had already picked a boy/girls mame and even when my beautiful girl arrived I still asked the midwife what I had! As long as the baby is healthy that is all the matters – I had a really problamatic pregnancy with pre-eclampsia at 24 weeks and baby didnt get proper blood supply and growth was very slow and to say the least I was very poorly which really puts everything into perspective and makes you appreciate that your beautiful baby arrived safe into the world

Jessicad on

What made you uncomfortable? I stated before I said anything that some people have a preference, some don’t, and that I would’ve loved a boy just as much, after I got used to the idea. Which is why I said I wanted to find out the gender in the first place. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a certain gender. I read an article on gender disappointment the other day and it’s very common but women are afraid to talk about it because people will bash them and make them feel as if they are ungrateful for the child, which is not the case. I was told I couldn’t have kids over 9 years ago, and it didn’t change the fact that I wanted a girl. Bringing in couples who can’t have children doesn’t apply to this conversation, my post was about why I chose to find out what I was having, not about infertility.

jordyn on

Mrs. L,
I don’t feel that Jessicad said anything wrong at all. The point was, she CAN have kids and wanted to know. Couples not being able to have children has nothing at all to do with finding out the sex of your own child. She is not the first person to hope for a girl lol.

Sophia on

I’m so torn on this topic (finding out the baby’s sex prior to birth). I mean, of course I’m more than happy for other couples to do it, but I can’t decide whether for myself, one day, I really want to find out or really don’t want to find out. On one hand I feel like it’s one of those big things in life that were meant to be a surprise, and what an amazing surprise it’ll be when you’ve just been through labour and delivery. But on the other hand I kind of would want to know so I can think of my baby as either a little boy or a little girl, and can make its room to suit, buy clothes to suit, etc. But I’m only 17 so I still have a long time to decide haha!
I’m so excited for Amy and Darren, I’m thinking a boy for them, but either would be delicious. I’m sure she’ll be a wonderful mama!

Elle on

Jessicad, thank you for clarifying your first post. I had no idea there was an actual term “gender disappointment”. The more aware people are of this issue, the more understanding (and less judgemental) we can be. Like you said, it doesn’t mean they are ungrateful for their child or that they love the child less.

CelebBabyLover on

Here’s something I’ve been wondering about for awhile in regards to finding out the gender of a baby before s/he is born: What if the ultrasound turns out to be wrong? Wouldn’t it kind of throw you for a loop if, say, you had been thinking of the baby as a girl for all those months because that’s what the ultrasound said…and then you ended up giving birth to a boy instead?

I’m not trying to bash anyone who chooses to find out the gender of their baby before birth. This something I am honestly just curious about!

As for the issue of getting married or not before getting pregnant and/or giving birth, I agree with Alice. Not everyone wants or is comfortable with a courthouse ceremony. For example, if I ever get married, I know it would not feel right to me if the ceremony did not take place at a church.

For me (notice I said FOR ME, I fully realize that not everyone thinks this way), a wedding is as much about spirtual commitment as it is about legal commitment. In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing two people proclaiming their love and commitment to each other to God as well as to their friends and family (and naturally the minister or priest officiating!).

Again, that is just my opinion, and I realize that not everyone is religious, and that, religious or not, not everyone wants to have a church wedding. I’m just explaining why some people don’t want to just get married quickly at a courthouse!

ms. jaQ on

i am with lis! i am due in ten weeks, and i am not the least bit tempted to know. we only found out for baby #1 but had the privilege of an i’m-not-telling daughter, second time around. i feel this is a girl, but have been wrong with both… i can’t imagine wanting to find out, and the few people who do now the gender already, also now that they will be killed, if they let it slip. 😀

ms. jaQ on

and an afterthought, i have never been comfortable calling a fetus by a name. even when we new our first was a boy, and had a name, i called him the baby… he then spent his entire first year gong by “bub”. in my mind timmy just didn’t fit him, when he was that small.

ms. jaQ on

as far as gender disappointment… it does make me sad that we are put to shame for it, sometimes.
i wanted a girl for me first, very badly. i had my boy ultrasound, and i cried. my son is 6, and my pride and joym of course, and it took no more than a week or two to adjust to the news. but come on, having a boy vs. having a girl DOES make a bg difference in how your life goes.
i actually ended up so n love with my son, that i was hoping for a second boy, when his sister came along. lol we get what we get, and sometimes people just need a moment to accept that a dream they’ve had will be put on hold.

Brownsugar1313 on

Im due in June and hubby and I dont want to know. It drives our families nuts but ah well…lol

I’m happy for Amy she is lovely 🙂

buggs on

i say – find out the gender every time! having an ACTUAL baby put into your arms is surprise enough! Seriously, looking into your babies eyes, cuddling your baby, having them stare back at you as if they were memorising your face… all of that is so incredibly huge that the gender just disappears in those moments. My personal experience anyway…. also, finding out the gender was kind of my half-way there prize which was sorely needed after 20 weeks of vomiting my guts up.

Jessicad on

Thanks Jordyn and Ella! I have a few friends who experienced the disappointment and they felt comfortable telling me the truth when they had to put on a happy face for everyone else.

I’m just trying to be honest about how I felt, my reasons for wanting a daughter are very personal and I’m beyond grateful that my wish came true.

I really didn’t mean to offend anyone, sorry if I did.

celebBabyLover, I know a girl who was told she was having a girl and it was actually a boy. She said she was so surprised she didn’t have time to be upset, she loved him just the same and it was a fun story to tell!

Jessi on

I won’t be finding out, but to each their own! It is never 100% unless you have an amino done!

Sarah on

I did not know she was pregnant! That’s great news!!

I can relate to her; for my 2 children I simply couldn’t wait either and found out so I could start naming them and talking to them in utero.

carol on

Hey, dont get me wrong I am all for finding out the sex of your baby helps you to prepare and I agree I also dreamed of having a little girl and was soo happy when I got my scan and said it was a girl because I did have a preference and I think most people do even if they dont say. I suppose what I am saying is after the 9 months and after birth you are just so overwhelmed that you dont really care and are just thankful that you have a healthy baby cause this little person is the person you will love most in the world. I would love another and again would love a girl cause I would love my little girl to have the same friendship and bond that I share with my sister. So I dont think there is anything wrong with having a preferrence

Molly on

I would want to find out too – I’m just impatient that way! And I’d want to know for things like clothes and decorations. Yes, I know you can go gender neutral, but I’d like to at least know if I should buy any dresses! 😉 I definitely have a preference as well – I’d love for my first to be a girl. Oh well, that’s if kids even happen for me anyway.

I’m feeling that Amy’s having a boy, but either way, this kid is going to be SO CUTE, his or her mother is the world’s most adorable lady!

allen on

I’m not a dad,but hope 2 be someday & I think it’s up to the couple. I don’t think I could wait 2 find out b/c i like the idea of planning ahead. But even if the dr tells u u can’t be 100%
sure b/c my sister was told at 4 months with her 2nd child it was another girl,but then at 8 months found out it was a boy. A month later my nephew was born.
As for people w/ a preference I understand that almost everyone I know wants a certain gender but I only know 1 person that’s been mad when they didnt get what they wanted & tht bothers me b/c i think u should consider any baby a blessing.
As for me I’ve always wanted 3 kids and would like either 2 boys and a girl or 2 girls and a boy but i wouldn’t be upset if i ended up w/ all 3 the same gender b/c in the end all that matters is if they’re healthy or not.