Gwen Stefani and Zuma's Seesaw Smiles

12/07/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Gotcha Images/Splash News Online


Gwen Stefani and youngest son Zuma Nesta Rock, 15 months, enjoying a ride on the seesaw opposite Gavin Rossdale and Kingston James McGregor, 3 ½ (not pictured), on Saturday in Primrose Hill, London.

The family, who are in the UK for the holidays, have been spotted making the most of their time abroad, visiting Hyde Park for a trip to their Winter Wonderland.

See a photo of Gwen and Kingston in the extended post!


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Forever Moore on

Lovin’ Zuma’s little rasta hat

Mari on

Absolutely charming.

Maeve on

i love this family :] theyre so humble and adorable they dont complain and just live life to the fulliest :]

Anna on

Does anyone else think Gwen looks like Cyndi Lauper in that first photo? Or am I just losing it? Anyway, Zuma’s jeans are so cool.

mina on

I just love Gwen and her family! Anyone have info on the sweater Gwen is wearing? It is gorgeous and looks so comfy and warm!

Nikki on

I love Zuma’s little face in that first photo. He’s so cute!

Erin on

I think Gwen looks like Marilyn Monroe in the first pi. Same laugh/smile

carrie on

i still can’t get over them dying his hair…
Obviously it was the parents doing. Again, funky haircut are one thing. I can see a kid saying i want a mohawk, pigtails, etc. I just find it hard to imagine a 3 year old saying i want to bleach my hair mom…

Lydia on

carrie, do you think about what you’re saying? You can’t picture Kingston saying mom I want to bleach my hair. Okay, that’s really just a more sophisticated way of saying mommy, I want to make my hair lighter. I’m sick of hearing people judge this family for no good reason other than ‘oh, Gwen Stefani bleaches her son’s hair. I bet she’s a bad parent.’ Maybe you didn’t mean it to be like that, but can’t you just enjoy seeing these two happy children have a good time with their mother. They’re happy, isn’t that what’s really important? Sorry that I seem judgemental, but do you really know what’s going on with Kingston’s hair. There are alternative methods, and sometimes, in extremely rare occasions, hair comes out looking like its been dyed. When I was seven, my hair had stripes of light brown over dark brown in almost ruler-straight lines, each exactly 1mm apart from the next and I can tell you for a fact that nobody put a drop of anything or did anything aside from a trim to my hair. Believe me, it’s possible.

True on

i love Zuma’s jeans, he’s too cute for words.

Bumbles on

The park next to the house where I grew up had that see-saw that Gwen and Zuma are on – memories! maybe Kingston saw his mum doing her hair and asked if he could do it to his? Jeez some people just always have to judge on something!!

Jenn on

I also find it hard to imagine a 3 year old saying Mommy I want to bleach my hair. HOWEVER, I find it very easy to imagine a 3 year old saying Mommy I want my hair to look like yours does. And if you’ve ever had your hair colored then you know it’s is a pretty time consuming process and I can’t imagine any 3 year old sitting through that if he didn’t want it done! Kingston seems to have a very strong personality and I think his hair looks great.

Elizabeth on

I love the hat. Too cute.

mazzie on

marilyn monroe!!

James on

Gwen Stefani and her gorgeous family are great. As said above, so humble! They have as much fun as they possibly can-Enjoying every day! Gwen is so, so pretty aswell! They’re a very fashionable, pretty family……..and…In todays society, Why would Kingston not dye his hair? I think It’s great that in todays society, people of any age can do stuff to make their appearance as they want it!

James on

Just to add, I just checked out the photos clearly…It is extremely likley Kingston asked for hair like Gwen’s concidering It’s the same colour-God some people are so opinionated!

Elle on

Kingston and Zuma look like such cool little boys! Very cute that Kingston and mom have matching hair! Love her sweater, she always looks so glamorous, even when she’s just hanging at the playground.

karlee on

her kids are adorable! they always look so happy. people need to stop saying she is a bad parent. i get that Kingston is a little young to have his hair dyed but its not bad for him. and the whole pacifier thing with Zuma, honestly think about all that moms that let there kids have pacifiers.

maggie on

i love this family! so what if they dye k’s hair, it’s really cute and it fits his personality. some people are just so judgmental.