Christina Aguilera and Max Pick Tree and Trimmings!

12/07/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
MAP/Splash News Online

Tis the season to be jolly!

Max Liron Bratman was all smiles while shopping for a Christmas tree with mom Christina Aguilera on Sunday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 22-month-old, who is the first child for the songtress and husband Jordan Bratman, also looked at ornaments with Christina and pet a pal’s dog on the outing.

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Megan on

Oh, he looks just like his dad. Cute outfit.

Deadra on

Max is adorable!!

acorrado on

Max got big, he looks like a toddler now!

french gigi on

almost thought it was gwen until i saw max….looks just like papa! very sweet pic.

Sheila on

Excuse me folks! That little boy looks nothing like his Dad, thank goodness! He looks exactly like his Mom. Absolutely nothing like Jordan, let’s just leave it at that.

crimpe on

Hmm, not agreeing with you Sheila. But who cares, that kid looks happy and cute! Killer outfit!!

JM on

😀 😀 sheila you seem quite upset by the idea that he might look like his dad, as if you have the last word on it. i think he looks a lot like his dad, certainly nothing like xtina. that’s my opinion and i’m sure xtina loves the fact that she can see her partner in her little boy.

lori on

That little boy “DOES” look like his DAD! he looks like his mom also. he is a cutie a mix of both of them! so Sheila…lets just leave it at that! some people on here can be so judgemental. we all do have the right to our “opinion” i know that, but why post it at all if it isnt “positive”?does it make you feel better saying something “negative” about some child’s parents? just curious….

sat on

Love this pic!!! They both look adorable. Congrats to a beautiful family.

CTBmom on

Max is adorable! Shelia, I don’t understand why you were so vehement about him looking nothing like his dad? Everyone is entitled to their opinions. That said, whenever I see comments about how Max looks JUST like his dad and NOTHING like Christina, I do kind of smile, because in my opinon, Max look ALOT like Christina did a little girl. Here is a pic I found of her online…I hope the link works:

Sheila on

Oh I sure do agree with Sheila on this one! He looks nothing like his Dad at all. He is cute like his Mom as his Dad is not a good looking guy.

Basil on

Wow, Sheila, you agree with yourself, huh? So weird.

Max looks like Jordan to me, but others in the past have said he looks like Christina’s brother so who knows? I think it’s in the eye of the beholder really.

Stephany on

I love when people agree with themselves. Can’t you sign in with a different name, at least? LOL!

I think Max is a perfect mixture of both his parents but I do see more of a resemblance towards Jordan.

And this photo is way too cute! They are such a stylish pair!

Jane on

I think Max looks exactly like Christina and her little brother. He even has their light hair and eyes. He’s a cutie.

me on

lmao @ sheila. sweetie, use a different name if you want to fool people into believing someone actually believes your nonsense.

max is obviously 50% mom & 50% dad and he is GORGEOUS.

JMO on

aww nice to see a picture of Max smiling!

Jessicad on

What is with the negativity on this site lately? My goodness. It seems like every post starts an argument. Max is precious either way, I hope she has more soon! Would love to see her with a little girl.

Mariel on

hahahahhaahahahahahahaha that was really fun!!!!!!!! (Sheila thing) haha But i also think Max looks exactly like his daddy, but Max is cutter.

g!na on

aaw, cute pic of Max! i think he totally looks like his dad Jordan!

Lauren on

Max looks so cute smiling, and his outfit is awesome. He definitely takes after Christina’s side of the family imo.

christina on

Cute — and yes, he looks just like his dad!

Bailey on

Okay, Sheila I’m just gonna say it, that little boy looks like…a human being. I’m going to leave it at that.

True on

hahhaahhahaah LMAO @Sheila hahahahaahahahahahaahaha

Mari on

Christina and Jordan seem like wonderful parents to Max. I love how it appears that she has stepped back somewhat – but not totally – from her career in the past year or so to be a real hands on Mom. I understand Jordon is at terrific husband and father too.

As much as one can know these things, they seem a lovely little family, who have figured out what is really important in life.

CelebBabyLover on

People, how do we know it wasn’t two different Sheila’s? Last time I checked, more than one person can have the same name!

Anyway, Max is a cutie!

Dazzle on

OMG!max is adorable.i love his style :)))

Milla on

wow sheila :S max is cute.

Isabella on

Me- I agree 100% lmao

Isabella on

In my opinion max looks like christina wen she was younger but every 1 has there own opinion

Kathleen on

Max looks just like both Christina and his dad…he looks like a happy well adjusted little boy

Jennifer on

Oh gosh, he has gotten so big, I can’t believe it. Even from pics in the spread in InStyle magazine a few months ago, it looks like he’s grown a ton since then! Wow!

crimpe on

Christina was a cute, goofy looking kid – but I still think Max looks like his Pops.

Lady on

Cutie, I love how he is ALWAYS wearing Jordans =]

All Women Stalker on

I love the color-coordinated outfits. 🙂 Very cute photos.


Elle on

I think he looks so much like Christina as a child, but also a lot like his dad. I’m not sure what the problem is with Jordan – he’s not a bad looking guy. Christina Aguilera obviously finds him attractive, so it shouldn’t really matter what everyone else thinks. Max is a cutie pie either way. They need to hurry up and give Max a little brother or sister!!!

sad on

I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but does anyone else think that Max resembles Adam Rich? I’m just sayin…..

Mary-Helen on

Wow, LOVES Christina’s haircut!

Max is just a doll, he’s got his Momma’s eyes alright! As for who he looks like, he looks like Max Bratman. That’s why my MIL says when relatives bicker about who my daughters look like more “she looks like ______”. Max looks like Max and is a beautiful child.

luciana on

I think he looks just like his dad, same chin, nose, smile. The only thing I see of christina is his blue eyes and his light hair but his facial features are all his dad. And it doesn’t matter if jordan is an ugly guy,christina chose to have a child with him, so of course there was a chance he could look like his dad.

nonsinger3 on

What a cute picture! I’m loving the smile and the hats. Oh, and his jacket is cool.

Layla on

He looks SOOOOOOOO much like X-tina’s side of the family. Max actually looks A LOT like her younger brother.

Terri on

I used to only see Christina in Max’s eye color, but I think he’s looking more like his mom now.

CelebBabyLover on

Jessicad- Well, obviously people can’t complain about Max not smiling in pictures, so of course they had to move on to arguing over which parent he looks most like. LOL!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and for the record, I was trying to be humerous with my above comment. I’m not trying to criticize people for arguing/debating which parent Max looks most like. 🙂

Elizabeth on

Cute outfit! Love the hat!

Amanda on

I think that Max looks like his daddy. He’s a cute child and obviously a happy one.

Sarah on

Max is so cute in that hat!

Ally on

Christina looks great! I can’t wait for her new movie and album to come out. Max is an adorable baby too. I agree with whoever said he looks a bit like Christina’s brother. I can’t believe people are making comments about her husband being ugly. That word has to be the most overused on the internet. He’s not a bad looking guy at all. 🙂

luis robledo on

max is so beautiful, christina is SOOOOOO BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLL WOW!!!! 🙂

Megan on

I am waiting for the day when I can read a post that is free of arguments in the comments…

Chloe on

wow in his first baby pics he was Jordan ALL over, now he is starting to look a lil like his mama 😀 he is one of my fave celeb babies….we need to see more of him…he is too cute!

Chloe on

and i think Jordan is a good looking man!

FC on

He’s so cute, and I love that leather jacket and hat he’s wearing. Max is stylin’! 🙂

Lilly on

Sheila bwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!