Kate Beckinsale and Lily: Black Out!

12/06/2009 at 02:00 PM ET

She’s hitting the premiere circuit!

After stepping out with dad Michael Sheen for his New Moon premiere last month, Lily Mo, 10 ½, accompanied mom Kate Beckinsale to her own red carpet event on Thursday evening in New York City.

The film, Everybody’s Fine, stars Kate and features Lily in a small role, playing her mother as a child in flashbacks.

Everybody’s Fine is in theaters now.

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Cassandra on

WOW, Lily is really starting to look a lot like her mom. Gorgeous!

Natasha on

Lily looks beautiful although a dress with a bare shoulder doesn’t really suit a child.

Rye on

Kate looks GORGEOUS! Am I the only one that thinks that Lilly’s dress is a little bit age-inappropriate? I feel like an old fogie even commenting that, but it was the first thing I thought!

Molly on

Lily is just beautiful!!!

Kimberlee Chrisman on

Aww, she’s so pretty!! She seems really small for a 10yr old. Maybe because Kate is really small? Anyway, how fun it must be to go on the red carpet with your parents, all dolled up. Love her!!

Kelly on

Both look beautiful! Lily is such a great combo of mom and dad! Such a sweet face!

Stella Bella on

You’re not alone Rye!
They do look beautiful.

Lily on

I don’t get the name Mo. Does it mean something?

Anyway, they are both lovely!

Colleen on

Lily probably wanted a dress similar to her mom, and Kate probably said “Let’s compromise, instead of strapless, you must have one strap, but I won’t make you have 2.” She’s wearing tights, the dress is not tight or short. I think this is a very appropriate dress for a 10 year old while still being very stylish.

Alice on

Who above the age of 12 or 13 would wear that dress, it’s all frilly and childish! It looks great and cute on Lily!
They are a sweet pair.

Milla on

i think the dress is fine, she looks very pretty 🙂

Electra on

I think she looks fine, the bottom kinda makes up for the top.

amandamay on

as for lily looking small – remember, kate has on 4 inch heels with what looks like a sizable (2″?) platform making her much taller than she normally is. lily probably comes up to kate’s chin normally lol

i think lily’s dress is adorable and not “too much” for an almost 11 year old. it’s not form-fitting and the ruffles are cute 🙂

Danielle on

I don’t think I have ever come into a post and there isn’t something negative to say. We have seen so many pictures of Lily and she is dressed “appropriate”. Give the girl a break, she’s with her mother at an event and wants to dress up.

Jessica on

I like Lily’s dress very cute.

Emily on

Lily, Mo is not an uncommon name, among older people usually, in England as it is often short for Maureen so it may be a family thing perhaps or maybe they just liked it.

alice jane on

Lily looks gorgeous and I think that dress is fine. Mom and daughter both look beautiful!

mik on

So beautiful! Overall, I agree, I think Lily’s outfit is fine. I’m a teenager and I know my mom’s style influences me, so I like/wear some more mature clothes I might be a little young for. I’m sure it’s the same for Lily, especially since Kate Beckinsale has great taste–I think she did a good job making sure to tone down Lily’s outfit, and keep her looking cute.

Stephany on

This is such a beautiful picture of the two of them!

Natasha on

Danielle, that’s YOUR opinion.

Micheley on

Rye I thought the same thing. Im not bashing, becuase I think they both look gorgeous, and the dress really isn’t that bad, just the top part through me off a little. And I don’t even know if I would say it was inappropriate but a little ‘mature’ for a girl her age (if that makes since).

Jenn on

I love the dress! Lily is adorable too and I think she looks a lot like her dad.

Catca on

I don’t see a thing wrong with that dress. I ditto that is perfectly age appropriate. The first thing I thought when seeing the pic was how polished and elegant Lily looks! I think she looks alot like her dad, although she definitely has some of her mom in her too.

Lily on

Thanks Emily. I wondered if it was something like that. . .

Milla on

and Natasha, thats YOUR opinion.

christina on

I think she looks lovely and age appropriate. I agree that the bottom half more than makes up for the half.

She’s definitely not pulling a Noah Cyrus…you know, Miley’s little sister who dressed up as a “working woman.” Now that was inappropriate.

meghan on

It’s up to parents to decide what is appropriate for their own child. I think Lily looks beautiful. I’m sure this premeire was particularly exciting for her.

Shawna on

Well, her mother can decide what her daughter wears but all I’ll say is there is NO way my daughters would be wearing a dress like that at that age. There are so many beautiful dresses out there that are completely age appropriately. A little girl does not need to be sexualized.

Danielle on

Way to point out the obvious Natasha.

Liliana on

A great picture of Kate and Lily.

The dress doesn’t even register as sexual to me.

Nella on

They both look gorgeous! I think the dress is appropriate for her age, there’s honestly nothing provocative about her outfit in my opinion, she looks happy to be at a movie premiere and wanted to dress up, nothing wrong with that.

Anna on

I don’t see anything sexual or inappropriate about her dress. Since when are children’s shoulders sexual?

They both look great, Lily always looks like a normal kid in the every day photos.

JM on

how is the dress sexualising her? i think that element is only there if you WANT to see it. if you’re paranoid about these sorts of things. i think it’s just a smart dress she is wearing for a formal event. it’s not like the dress is really short, or she is showing too much skin…nothing. i really wish that people who were saying they thought this dress is too suggestive would explain how exactly. she looks fine to me…

Lara on

Like that line isn’t overused here Milla…

Shannon on

I hate to sound like I’m bashing, and obviously it’s Kate’s decision as to what her child wears, but I know I personally would never let my 10 year old out of the house wearing a one-shouldered dress. I don’t think it’s age appropriate. This isn’t even something I would call “one-shoulder”. It looks more like strapless with a bit of fluff on one side. To me, one-shoudler would imply that the fabric comes from under one armpit and up across the chest to the other shoulder, keeping the chest still mostly covered. Something like that might be one thing. I think the dress itself is really, really cute, and Lily looks beautiful, of course, but I personally think the dress is a little too “mature” for her age.

Patricia on

Lily is such a pretty girl! And Kate looks stunning.

It must have been so fun and exciting for Lily to get all dolled up to go to an event with her Mom 🙂

Brianne on

Why is everyone making such a big deal about her dress? its not exactly sexually suggestive is it!

cali on

Oh brother…. It is a cute dress. It looks nice on her, and if someone sees it as “sexual” well, than that person has issues, and it is their problem, not hers.
Get over it people. What is wrong with a shoulder?

Chan on

i knew as soon as i saw this picture that people would be saying Lily’s dress is inappropriate..yes maybe you wouldnt dress your child that way BUT Lily is NOT your child i think if she wants to doll up and dress up for an event then so what?

Brandi on

I like the dress and don’t see an issue with it. She’s completely covered up other wise.

Milly on

What? I think the dress is just fine. I actually find it quite worrying that people would look at this picture and conjure up the word sexualized. Really, i honestly couldn’t see a 22 year old wearing this to a club. Please people slight over reaction, just because she’s under the age of 18 doesn’t mean she has to be wrapped up from head to toe.

She looks cute in a AGE APPROPIRATE outfit and Kate looks stunning 🙂

Alice on

It’s not even the shoulder that bothers you (I guess spaghetti strap would be okay) it’s the shape… you are so strange… not letting your child out of the house like that okay but to a premiere? What is the wrong? If you think she looks sexualised I’m concerned about the way you think.

kalen on

I see nothing wrong with Lily’s dress. My 10-year-old daughter’s ballet recital dress had 2 straps made of less material than her Lily’s single strap.

Brownsugar1313 on

The dress is fine, both are beautiful. Get over it people!!!

Molly on

I don’t think Lily’s dress is inappropriate. If it were pink everyone would think it was a cute dress for a little girl. It looks like a dance costume. It’s not my personal style; I like simpler clothes, but Lily strikes me as a fashion-forward kid, what with having Kate for a mum!

Lily looks a lot like both her parents! I can’t believe she’s ten already. So grown-up! I remember when she was just a little toddler.

Molly on

I also find it disturbing that people think a kid showing ONE SHOULDER is sexualized somehow.