Maddox Jolie-Pitt's Big Night Out

12/04/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie treat their eldest child, stylish son Maddox Chivan, 8, to a special event Thursday night: The premiere of Invictus in Beverly Hills.

But that’s not all they’ve done for the little guy lately: It was recently reported that last year, the couple donated $1 million to various causes in his home country of Cambodia.

The actors are also parents to Pax Thien, 6, Zahara Marley, 4 ½, Shiloh Nouvel, 3 ½, and 16-month-old twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline.

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Natasha on

Maddox is so adorable but not liking Brad’s beard so much!

Jessica on

I’m liking Maddox’s ensemble.

mamabear on

That’s a rather heavy hitting and emotional movie to take a child too, but I’m sure he was well prepped prior to going to see it. I think it’s great and important to introduce children to subjects such as this…you may not think they will understand…but they do. 🙂

Well done, Angelina and Brad!

Liliana on

Maddox is such a handsome little boy. I can’t believe he’s eight, already.

Mallory on

Maddox is so handsome! I almost feel weird calling him adorable because he doesn’t look like a little kid anymore. So yes, he’s handsome. 🙂

Forever Moore on

I have been to Cambodia several times to work in orphanages and a piece of my heart is always there…I loved hearing that Angie adopted from there and to see Mad flourishing!

Forever Moore on

Also so great that she is helping to sustain the Khmer (Cambodian) people in so many ways!

(LOVE- aJ ) on

Love this family!

jj on

Maddox is so grown up looking, and Angelina really looks like her mother there.
I love Brad Pitt but that beard makes him look like Satan.

Lisa on

Mad looks great, he looks happy and healthy. His parents however are looking a little shabby lately – like the look they are going for is somewhere in the range of homless Adamms Family.

danica on

Just love that all the pics has Mad holding on to mom’s finger!
Big Boy or not, he is still a momma’s boy 🙂

Amanda on

Haha, look at Maddox go! Outshining his parents at the grand old age of 8. How awesome to take him along to see Invictus. It should be a great film with a really important message and I can’t wait to see it.

Lauren E on

I love this couple so much, and I think that they are doing a wonderful job with their children. I don’t see a problem at all in taking Maddox to see this movie. Both of them are such huge humanitarians, so it’s pretty cool to see them passing that onto their son.

These are two people who have absolutely beautiful souls, and I for one hope they have a very long life together filled with every happiness.

Go Jolie-Pitts!!!

Lauren E on

P.S. I might be one of the few here, but I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE Brad Pitt’s goatee! I think it looks pretty awesome, and I love that he’s not sticking to the Hollywood perception of “beauty” and that whole “golden boy” image. I love the beads, and the dread-boggan…

Basically the whole look equals gorgeous for me!

And Angelina is beautiful and gracefull as always. It’s hard to top her beauty.

electra on

Brad looks like a billy coat and angie looks like a grandma from boca raton. Maddox outshines em both!

Annie on

Maddox looks very handsome. His parents look worn down and tired. I gues six kids will do that to you ;).

Rye on

My first thought was that Brad’s beard was creepy and gross. My second was why has Angelina been rummaging through the Golden girls wardrobe. But, my third was that Maddox looks sooooooooooooo cool and grown up! Love his outfit!

electra on

billy goat*

crimpe on

I have always thought that child was gorgeous. He is just achingly beautiful. As for his folks, well…Electra hit the nail on the head with the Boca Grandma…and Brad’s got some major hideosity happening. But hey, they can look however they want! More power to ’em! Even on their best day they couldn’t compete with that kid.

I♥CBB on

Maddox is becoming such a handsome young man. Brad and Angie have done a wonderful job with all their children. I think Angie looks wonderful. This is probably one of the best pictures I’ve seen of her in a while. She looks totally healthy and happy. Brad is handsome as always but the beard has to go! Lol! 🙂

me on

brad looks delicious. it took me a while to notice angelina and maddox were in the picture too LOL

cassie on

mad is getting big!! he’s a cutie

Lady on

They all look great, I love Mad’s outfit!!

brannon on

Stunning boy! Fantastic outfit!

Molly on

I love how they don’t drag their kids along in a herd to everything they do, and instead make time to do appropriate things with the differently aged kids.

Mad is so big! I remember when he was just a chubby little baby with a mohawk.

Jamie on

I think they all look fine and individual. Love Brad’s dimples and Angelina’s gorgeous hair. Maddox looks cute imitating his father’s look with the ring, hat and scarf. The looks of pride on their faces when Maddox met Clint Eastwood were beyond precious and shows how much their son means to them. I also applaud them for not taking him through the gautlet of paparrazi outside like other parents have done and only being inside the theater with their son and a couple of photographers from legit photo services.

Stephany on

Maddox is such a handsome boy! But I’m definitely not liking Brad and Angelina’s style. It makes them look old and ragged. (Although, I’m guessing chasing around six kids will do that to you!)

mom to 3 boys on

Brad: get rid of that thing on your chin.

Daisy1 on

Hmmm….not enough here to criticise their parenting so people jump on how suposedley bad they look? I like the beard, and Angelina looks beautiful.
Maddox is such a handsome lil fella.

Shaya on

Thanks Rye, now I have the Golden Girls theme song in my head. 😉

JMO on

Maddox so grown up! Gonna have girls lined up soon enough!

Sara on

I’m thinking Brad and Angie have aged A LOT in the last year or so. Could it be all of those kids, or is their relationship on the rocks?? Brad needs to shave the beard and Angie needs to gain a few pounds. Maddox is getting big!

Sophia on

Maddox is growing into such a handsome boy! I still remember those chubby cheeks and wispy hair from when Angelina first became his mommy. He looks so grown-up now! Angelina looks so much like her mom…

lana on

ok im sorry, but just because you’re fans of some people doesn’t mean that they look nice. brad looks OLD, angelina has never been pretty to me [im def. not jealous, i honestly dont get the hype about her – i know many people who look much better sans the make-up. she looks fake IMO] maddox looks very different. cute outfit – but i preferred him when he was little.

ritter on

Maddox is adorable, but wow angelina is looking different! not bad though.

ritter on

I feel like Lauren E was hired by Brad and Angie

CelebBabyLover on

I prefer Brad without the beard, but as long as he, Angie, and the kids are happy with it, that’s all that matters to me. Anyway, Maddox is adorable! 🙂

Kati on

OMG! Maddox lokos soooo cute in these pics! He looks so grown-up and very fashionable. It seems that he has adapted his dad´s love for hats. That fedora is just adorable. Both Brad and Angie seem to be so proud of their eldest child. And I don´t blame them. They´ve raised all their six children well and it´s easy to see that Mad is raised well. He loves to stand next to his parents and doesn´t run around. Especially the look on Brad´s face tells more than a thousand words. He really loves this 8-year-old boy very much and is very proud of him. Angelina is starting to remind her late mother Marcheline more and more the older she gets. Her beauty is beyond words. It´s wonderful that Brad and Angie took Mad to this premiere. Maybe the next time they´ll take Pax or one of the older girls. Miss Knox and Viv! God bless this beautiful family!

sat on

The angle of the photo is more flattering to Maddox than the ‘rents, that’s all! Great proud family shot!

Bancie1031 on

mom to 3 boys – I completely agree!!!!

Brad’s beard has got to go! But Maddox is so adorable!

emma on

I don’t understand some of the comments re: Angelina looking anything less than stunning! She is the same age as me & has 6 children. OK, so they have nannies but I would LOVE to look as wonderful as her! Maddox looks lovely too, how great to see that, even with 5 younger siblings, there is still time for alone time with Mum & Dad 🙂 Oh, and I hope Brad’s beard is just for a part he is playing? He always looks gorgeous but that beard doesn’t suit him so well.

Angel on

I have never understood what people see when they call this couple gorgeous and I especially don’t understand it now. Brad looks like a homeless guy who needs to shower and shave. Definitely not my cup of tea.

Sheila on

I love this family. I still think of Jennifer Aniston when I look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie I can’t help it but I still think this is a a beautiful family.

Electra on

Not saying that brad isn’t CLEARLY handsome here and Angie isn’t obviously stunning. They could wearing burlap sacks and it’d be still apparent. However, beautiful people can do things to downplay their natural attractivness and lately angelina has been picking some really really matronly get ups and Brads beards have been gnarly.

Rachelsun on

Lovely family! They look happy. Brad looks his age. I guess all of you are young ageist since Brad looks like a healthy man in his mid-forties. Angie is 34 and looks like a 34 y/o woman. If she dressed in something else then the same commenters would say she was inappropriately dressed to be out w/ her son. I am glad they can live above the scrutiny, I don’t think I could, because money can insulate you only so much. Maddox is old enough to learn about apartheid/Mandellas’ story from a movie. My father took me at that age to protest in front of the South African Embassy at the time right before Mandella was released.

Yoco on

I apreciate that Brad and Angie are more concerned w/ their kids being well read( Angie says Mad was reading @ 3), being multilingual, well traveled, knowledgeable on issues like Refugees and World Poverty and kind, polite and genorous people than being well dressed. OT I just read that Bill Gates won’t let his kids have IPods and they can only use the computer 45 mins/day

lee on

There’s only one person’s opinion Brad should take into consideration when it comes to how he looks and She does not seem to mind the goatee. I hope he keeps it for a long while just because it’s funny reading how women get so worked up about it. Maddox is a cutie. It’s nice to see him holding his mom’s hand.

All Women Stalker on

This is the 5th time I’ve seen this photo and I just realized that Mad is dressing like Brad does sometimes. SOOOOOO CUTE! 😀


CelebBabyLover on

Rachelsun- I agree! The reason Angie and Brad look older is because they ARE older! We can’t expect them to look like they did ten or even five years ago. I DO think the beard maybe ages Brad a little bit, but other than that, I think both he and Angie look their ages.

As for the comment about Angie needing to gain a few pounds….She looks perfectly healthy to me. She has just always been a tall, slender girl (apart from when she was pregnant and when she beefed up for the Tomb Raider films, that is). Some people are just, for lack of a better word, beanpoles! 🙂

emma- Very good point! Brad’s beard could very well be for a movie role. For example, the character he is playing in Lost City of Z sports quite a bushy beard (I’ve seen pictures). Oh, and I don’t get how having a beard makes him look like hasn’t bathed. He doesn’t look dirty at all to me. In fact, he looks very clean. 🙂

Akira on

Being Cambodian I am so honored that Brad and Angelina help out my country! Before when I say that I’m Cambodian people don’t even know where it is, and now I dare say that ever since Brad and Angelina’s connections with Cambodia more people recognize Cambodia. So no matter what I love them to death. They are beautiful on the inside and out. They’re my peoples heroes as well as mine.

Traci on

Angelina looks so much like her mother in that picture….

Shannon on

Wow! It seems like just yesterday we were seeing all the pics snapped of Angelina carrying around her adorable little mohawked baby boy, and now look at him! He is such a cool and handsome little man now! Loving the outfit. I personally think Angie looks beautiful and elegant. And I could definitely overlook the thing on Brad’d beard, because, well- he’s Brad Pitt!

Kate on

Whatever comments you have about Brangelina, all I see is a happy kid with two proud beaming parents standing behind him. Lovely family.

mermaids614 on

LOL @ Brad’s geautee! I’m tempted to part it down the middle and put two plants with curls on the bottom! Maddox looks too cool! Look at his eyes. He’s definitely going to be handsome when he grows up.

Cherilyn on

Maddox is a really cute kid but Brad and Angelina look like they’re wearing each other down.